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All the music that I listened to throughout the last 12 months enough to make me sick but somehow didn’t. The fields of music brought a bountiful yield in 2013 which allowed listeners like me to tune into more genres and artists than I could ever imagine. In order to cover all my necessary bases, I’ve drafted quite a comprehensive list (or two) missing prety much only anything Jennifer Lawrence related although if all the things she said this year were songs then they would 100% have made it on my list as well.

So, let the countdown, BEGIN!

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If you hang out with me enough, the tracks that made it on my top 13 (yeah I snuck in those extra 3 for you cuz I love y’all that much) should be no surprise to you. I think I covered all the fundamental bases, from Drake to Mr. Carmack and Penthouse Penthouse to that killer Vanderway Daft Punk edit and Ellie Goulding’s out-of-this-world sexy cover of Alt J’s “Tesselate.” These were my go to tracks throughout the year that, for the most part, I could put on in any situation and it would satisfy every person in the room. Namely that Branchez Rihanna remix, I mean if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me for an ID of that track! Branchez really nailed it with that one. But the number one slot has long been reserved for my favorite British duo, Snakehips, every since they released “Make It” back over the summer. Hands down my favorite track of the whole year, and definitely in the ranks for top tracks of all time.


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There are many things that should be left in 2013, mostly trends found predominately while scrolling through your Vine feed including but not limited to the over usage of “turn up” and interpretive dancing (twerking) to rap songs with repetitive and catchy one-liners. But there’s no denying that thanks to the explosion of trap music and getting #turnt, so to speak, 2013 was one of the loudest, most rowdy years to date. So here are my picks for my favorite tracks that got my blood rushing and head shaking throughout the never-ending party this year has been, starting off with the unanimous banger that was always the peak of any live set or party – you guessed it, DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What.”

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And even with the highest of highs comes the lowest of lows. 2013 was incredible not only because of the amount of great music that was released but also for the incredible range of genres and styles that blossomed and developed. For every hard-hitting chart topper that came out, there was a more poetic or emotionally charged track to balance it out. Taking my first pick, Disclosure, for example. While practically every song on Settle was a hit, it’s hard to deny that “Help Me Lose My Mind” might have been the most beautiful all around (looking closer at my list now it seems London Grammar knows how to hit that tender spot). But sometimes we can cry when we’re happy or when it feels good even if we can’t explain why. Sometimes *sniff* life is just *sniff* so beautiful! So if you haven’t shed a tear at a concert yet when “Bootleg Fireworks” comes on then I encourage you to learn to let your guard down in 2014.


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Yes, I’ve decided to dedicate the last award category entirely to everyone’s favorite Australian producer, Flume. Excuse me for beating a dead horse here but can we just reflect on the phenomenon that was the rise of amazing music coming from down under this year? What I love about most producers involved in the movement, including Flume and his collab with Emoh Instead, What So Not, was the variety and the audacity, testing out new genres, maintaing a fresh sound and presenting the world with something new. They really switched up the game this year. So without further ado, here are the Flume tracks that I connected with most the past twelve months, in no specific order other than the first, because in accordance with the genius himself –

Well? On to the next one! xx

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