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All the music that I listened to throughout the last 12 months enough to make me sick but somehow didn’t. The fields of music brought a bountiful yield in 2013 which allowed listeners like me to tune into more genres and artists than I could ever imagine. In order to cover all my necessary bases, I’ve drafted quite a comprehensive list (or two) missing prety much only anything Jennifer Lawrence related although if all the things she said this year were songs then they would 100% have made it on my list as well.

So, let the countdown, BEGIN!


Electro | Mord Fustang – If You Want (Original Mix)

Posted by on September 2, 2013


Mimada here, broadcasting to you live from Sweden for the next few months. After sorting out the internet situation abroad, I could not be MOAR excited to make my first return post about anyone but Mord Fustang. Throughout the entirety of my experience with Mord he has remained one of my all time favorite artists. His style, so engaging and vivacious, is really unlike anything else out there right now yet is consistent enough to never disappoint. His latest track, “If You Want,” has all the standard Mord Fustang characteristics (slow build, bubbly repetitive what-sounds-like vocals, epic and totally satisfying conclusion) but has subtle elements of experimentation (see: 2:25). As soon as I heard this, I seriously signed up for Beatport account just so I could download it (yes, I’m a little behind).

Mord Fustang is like your favorite flavor of ice cream that you love to overindulge in. And when you start to think you’ve had enough of it, he drops a track that’s the same flavor, just with a new topping. And it’s even better than before.

As we say our final goodbyes to summer, we raise our Klondike bars, Swirled froyo cones and Drumsticks to you, Mord.


Beatport: Mord Fustang, “If You Want”

Electro-House | Mord Fustang – Something Right Meow

Posted by on August 5, 2013


I’ve been needing some new Mord Fustang in my life for a while now, and happily enough the music gods decided to deliver today. “Something Right Meow” is textbook Mord — I think we can all agree that no one does kaleidoscopic soundscapes and driving basslines quite like the young Estonian producer. For your own sake, download this one right meow.

Beatport: Something Right Meow


Glitch | Mord Fustang – Champloo

Posted by on September 25, 2012

Calling all fans of KOAN Sound and Pretty Lights: this is a must listen. Estonian producer extraordinaire Mord Fustang test drives a new sound in his latest release, “Champloo,” which delivers the funked-out vibe that comes from dropping the tempo to 100 BPM but doesn’t dial down the synthwork. Mord is known for his lush, dazzling soundscapes, and they’re on full display here — and work surprisingly well with that groovy glitch-hop sound. This track definitely has a clear KOAN Sound vibe, but I think that Mord’s distinctive space-disco touch sets it apart from the rest. Overall? Awesome and a must download.

DJ-Set, Events, House | Electric Zoo Sets: Day 2

Posted by on September 5, 2012

Here are sets from day two with some outstanding stuff from the Bingo Players, Mord Fustang, Axwell and more. This is selection of not only the MainStage, but also Riverside and Hilltop, though it is a bit disappointing that none of the Sunday School sets were recorded. Anyway there a lot of these sets so get to listening if you haven’t finished up on Day 1 yet.


Events, Featured | Electric Zoo: A How-To Guide (Day Two)

Posted by on August 24, 2012

Middy and I are back with our picks for Day 2 of the whirlwind parade of awesomeness that is Electric Zoo. There’s no clear theme to Day 2 (it’s not the “dubstep” day or the “trance” day), but there is a wide variety of excellent talent to look forward to and spectacles that are sure to astound and delight. Without further adieu, let’s Aoki-jump right in — fun, excitement, and madness await…


Electro | Mord Fustang- Welcome To The Future (EP)

Posted by on March 19, 2012

Mord Fustang is back with a celestial EP of epic proportions that seemed to have materialized out of thin air. It’s everything you’d expect from the rising “Like The Rainbow” artist more. Transport yourself to an alternate universe by purchasing the EP via Beatport below. Plasma gun and space pod not included.

PURCHASE: Mord Fustang- Welcome To The Future (EP)