Trance | Above & Beyond – We Are All We Need (Ronski Speed Intro Outo Mash)

Posted by on November 15, 2014

We Are All We Need Ronski Speed edit 500x500 Above & Beyond   We Are All We Need (Ronski Speed Intro Outo Mash)

For all those DJ’s who have been on the lookout for that perfect remix to Above & Beyond’s ‘We Are All We Need’ stop your search because we’ve found you a better alternative. Ronski Speed is no stranger to the Trance world, known for his hard hitting sounds and inspirational melodic beatservice. He’s added a little spice to the track by inserting a bass-heavy intro so unexpected its sure to drop jaws left right and center. On top of it, he’s got so much respect for the original that he left it untouched, increasing energy levels once again following its breath-taking melodic progression. This Mash hasn’t lost its Anjunabeat’s touch so for those of you looking to keep Group Therapy vibes consistent throughout your sets, here’s a new addition.


Trance | Monoverse Live At PACHA NYC 11-08-2014

Posted by on November 11, 2014

Your headliner is winding down. You consistently check your watch. Yup, it’s almost 5am. Do you stay or do you call it a night? All of a sudden it transitions to the closing DJ and he begins like this:

You take in your surroundings; it’s dark but you don’t need light for this. You start moving with the bassline, first your legs, then your arms – you’re engulfed in a sea of shufflers – the rave has begun.

Monoverse 5am 500x328 Monoverse Live At PACHA NYC 11 08 2014


Closing down one of the hottest night clubs in the Big Apple isn’t a privilege that should be taken for granted and Monoverse only adds to the calibre of talent that Pacha regularly showcases. By taking us deep into the rabbit hole, Monoverse refused to slow down this past weekend by any means and spoon fed hard hitting trance and techno to satisfy the 5am cravings of these enduring trance warriors. He couldn’t stop there – no, forgetting about his fans worldwide would just be rude, so it would only make sense that a man as humble as Monoverse would do us right and give away this set for free.

Based out of New York, Santos Torres is a producer, a DJ, and an entrepreneur as a founder of the recently established Amped Artists. While the imprint itself is still young, it has already seen success and support from powerful players such as Myon & Shane 54, Jaytech, Super8 & Tab, Tucandeo, Tom Fall, and Rank 1. He also hosts a monthly radio show, every second Monday of each month, on Afterhours.FM. He has work ethic and vision, two crucial ingredients for success.

So here it is, welcome to a night in the life of Monoverse:

Melodic Progressive, Trance | Steve Brian ft. Szen – Moringa (Original Mix)

Posted by on November 11, 2014

Steve Brian Moringa  500x500 Steve Brian ft. Szen   Moringa (Original Mix)
When I first came across Avacado I knew I was on to something. Later he released Time & Time, which rapidly elevated to a top 10 on my iTunes. Now, Steve Brian, once again, has hit it home by utilizing his unique ability to blend funk, rising emotions, epic vocals, and feel-good vibes into a 90’s-meets-2014 smoothie. This German producer has pushed his limits and demonstrates a great rapport with vocalist Szen, extending new boundaries and setting the bar even higher for everyone who follows. Indeed, he’s worked with impressive talents, from Tiesto to James Horner (freakin’ Avatar), and continues to enjoy consistent deck support from Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond and Ferry Corsten. Is it trance? Is it house? Is it trouse? We don’t really care here at FNT; what matters is getting you through the very dark, narrow tunnel of sound, safely. Here’s Moringa, our latest beacon of light to guide you forward.

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Trance | Rambacy feat. Danny Claire – New Life (Cold Rush Remix)

Posted by on November 10, 2014

Rambacy feat. Danny Claire New Life Cold Rush Remix 500x500  Rambacy feat. Danny Claire   New Life (Cold Rush Remix)
Trance enthusiasts will enjoy this one. Bringing energetic life into Rambacy’s progressive “New Life,” Cold Rush have done it again. This Estonian duo is not an unfamiliar name in the Trance scene. Indeed, they have stuck to their roots, pushing us into a state of trance with crushing bass and emotional synths as we fly at 138 BPM, consistently. This track is a pure example of what you can expect from the legendary Abora Recordings. Cold Rush have become essential additions to the toolkits of producer/DJ’s like Armin Van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Ronski Speed, Binary Finary, and Aly & Fila and 2014 shows no sign of slowing down. Close your eyes and reach out as Cold Rush extend their hand, helping you take a step off the edge of reality to a new existence.

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Trance | Ferry Tayle feat. Sarah Shields & Ludovic H – The Most Important Thing (Falcon Remix)

Posted by on November 9, 2014

The Most Important Thing Falcon Remix Ferry Tayle feat. Sarah Shields & Ludovic H    The Most Important Thing (Falcon Remix)
Calling all Trance Warriors! Fresh off the press at Always Alive Recordings, American trance producer Nate Kozlowski (Falcon) has brought us his take at Ferry Tayle’s “The Most Important Thing” and is this track fire. The guitar strings follow a transition from heart-melting vocals, stealing us away from reality. Euphoric would be an understatement. Nate has received support for his music from top trance DJs such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, Aly & Fila, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz and Roger Shah. Nate also had the opportunity to debut his DJ career at EDC Orlando in 2012 after winning Insomniac’s Discovery Project contest.

This track is a prime example of uplifting trance – to all my friend who are not afraid of 138, expect this one to become an essential tune for your favourite DJ’s toolkit.

Check out this and the other remixes:


Melodic Progressive, Trance | Blood Groove & Kikis – Silver Sand (Original Mix)

Posted by on November 6, 2014

Beach 500x375 Blood Groove & Kikis   Silver Sand (Original Mix)
Yes. Yes. Oh Yes. Blood Groove & Kikis have done it again. Due for release on Pineapple Digital on November 24, 2014, the duo captivate their audience with a musical journey that is nothing less than profound. Enjoying coverage in the past from Above & Beyond, Armin Van Buuren, Jaytech, Myon & Shane 54, Matt Darey, and Richard Durand, among many others, Blood Groove & Kikis demonstrate with their latest, “Silver Sand,” that a spiritual awakening in the dance music scene is right around the corner. With a sound this divine, one can barely fathom the limits of atomistic society; yes, “Silver Sands” tells us to wake up, spread our arms wide, and be free from the stresses of our daily lives. Grab a friend, plug this into your stereo, and drive.


Trance | Xanwow – Sonsopkoms (Original Mix)

Posted by on October 27, 2014

Xanwow Sonsopkoms 500x500 Xanwow   Sonsopkoms (Original Mix)
Meet Xan Griffin, aka Xanwow. Straight from Apple Valley, California, this 14 year old embraced his sunshine roots early and lucky for us, transferred it to this melodic chord progression that will make your jaw drop. The sound is pristine, the vibe is quality, and the transitions are absolutely captivating. Oh and did I mention, it’s a free download? Get ready for a new track to hit the top of your iTunes “most played” list.