Hip-Hop, House | OutKast – Ms. Jackson (The Golden Pony Remix)

Posted by on August 28, 2014

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Not sure if The Golden Pony jut came back from a trip to California, or they’ve just been listening to a lot of West Coast 90′s rap, cause the vibes on this Outkast “Ms. Jackson” remix scream Cali meets Brooklyn, and it’s perfect for this Sunny Thursday. Roll something up, roll your sleeves up, kick back, just 1 more day until the 3 day Labor Day weekend, so let them afro white boys from Brooklyn set the vibe! This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: OutKast – Ms. Jackson (The Golden Pony Remix)

Featured, Hip-Hop, RnB | William Bolton – Summer Breeze

Posted by on August 27, 2014

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Most of you are experiencing the summer blues right about now, heading back to school, switching out your swim suits for backpacks, iced teas for early morning coffees and leaving your summer haze behind in the dust of your newfound, everyday routine. And my guess is most of your aren’t too enthused about this reality either. Summer is the one time of year that we wished would go on for an eternity, that if we only got to lounge and day dream all day everyday..life would be perfect. Yes, it can’t go on forever and most folks don’t have to luxury of lounging their lives away, but whatever you’re doing today, you’re going to want to go to a place that takes you back to your summer memories and hang on to 37 minutes and 12 seconds of the summer that is left, graciously bestowed upon you by “Summer Breeze“.
As William Bolton‘s debut album, the end result is breathtaking. It’s been a crazy year for Bolton, but also a challenging one, which is why he wanted to channel his energy into a project that would take him away from the everyday headaches of mundane life and soar him into the fantasies of summer. Through each unique beat and meticulously written lyric, Bolton hopes to release the tension in your brain and give you back that little sensation of summer while it can still last in hopes to help you out like this project helped him.
If you’ve been update-to-date with Bolton and his music endeavors, you know that he’s been on a steady mission to release singles here and there to help ease our ears into his eclectic style, but this is the sum of all projects, the end of the beginning so to speak. Though this is only Bolton’s first album, it’s a heady project with songs for all ages, which only makes me suspect that there will be much more to come from this young artist. Until then, snap on those headphones and take a deep breath, and let your mind become released into the warm, welcoming world of summer all over again.

Electro, RnB | Sam Smith – Stay With Me (DeAf Remix)

Posted by on August 26, 2014

avatars 000095621096 8f0d4c t500x500 Sam Smith   Stay With Me (DeAf Remix)

I’m not one to normally go for slow jams, and after hearing thousands and thousands of repetitive plays of this literally EVERYWHERE I go, it is oh so nice to be able to hear a refreshing take on this Sam Smith single that’s basically exploded into peoples playlists. DeAf is 21 and based out of Canada where he is doing his own musical thing. Hopefully we will be hearing more from this one in the up and coming.

Hip-Hop, RnB | William Bolton – Fool For You

Posted by on August 26, 2014

artworks 000088955297 2vdzvz t500x500 William Bolton   Fool For You

Piano and guitar game on point, I think William Bolton is ready for his last drop before his major release tomorrow of his album “Summer Breeze”. ‘Fool for You’ is just another installment in the album, but this song takes a little different of turns than the others. With a shining piano, mellow lyrics and a hook that could lull any lady, Bolton encompassed the feel of ‘Fool for You’ somewhat perfectly. If you’ve been digging the material from Bolton so far, stay alert for his album release tomorrow morning, “Summer Breeze”.

Chill, Electro, Hip-Hop | The Fugees – Rumble In The Jungle (Beshken Remix)

Posted by on August 26, 2014

 The Fugees   Rumble In The Jungle (Beshken Remix)

When it comes to re-working classic rap music, one must treat the task with incredible caution. After all those were the days when Busta Rhymes was making non-Toyota-minivan songs. This past week, Beshken took to SoundCloud to drop his rework of Fugees’ classic “Rumble In The Jungle”.

The song gets a full 360 flip, while still retaining its New York roots from Busta and West Coast vibes of A Tribe Called Quest.

Hopefully, around the bend we’ll be able to hear some new originals from the Santa Monica native. For now, enjoy.

Hip-Hop, Videos | Tarik – Everything I Am Part 3

Posted by on August 20, 2014

Tarik just released his next single Everything I Am Part 3. His mixtape, Here To Stay will be release independently on September 22. Follow him on his social media to stay updated.

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Hip-Hop | Smoko Ono – ROAD RUNNER ft. Njomza

Posted by on August 20, 2014

artworks 000088534099 7usm3i t500x500 Smoko Ono   ROAD RUNNER ft. Njomza

So remember that dude who produced Vic Mensa’s huge track Feel That? That same dude, Smoko Ono, is now moving onto bigger and better things. Case and point with his brand new track featuring the Chicago songstress and Most Dope artist, Njomza. The track starts up slow but really gains its character with the build up. Is this is any indication on what Smoko’s upcoming EP, Slackin & Mackin, which will be released this fall, then it’s definitely going to be big. Peep the song below and get affiliated with the man crafting a lot of the beats behind Chicago hip-hop.