Electro, House | Epikker Share Electro-House Vibes In ‘Joyride’

Posted by on September 19, 2021

Epikker follows up their “Nobody Knows,” remix with a colorful original they’ve titled “Joyride.” This single bursts with positive vibes via it’s electro-house components, yet it could trigger some throwback feelings depending on how old the listener is who experiences the tune.

Thumping, synth heavy, and highly melodic, the track hits all the right pressure points to send a desire to dance through the body. The arrangement enhances the catchiness going on within, the track being easy to repeat and containing plenty to love.

Epikker has plenty of aesthetics that are easy to latch onto. Made up of Henry Strange and Suniel Fox, the two bring a balance to one another that compounds into a energy of endless possibilities.

Electro, Pop | Genderfluid Electro Pop act Emperors Shares Unique Experiences On Latest Single “We Are The Emperors”

Posted by on August 29, 2021

Expressing the “Age of Aquarius” spirit, Emperors delivers a unique worldview on their latest single “We Are The Emperors.” Drag king/queen Stephen/Cassandra is a fresh new artist in the electro art pop scene who is unafraid to push the boundaries of traditional binary ways of thinking while making catchy danceable music created in untraditional dada-esque fashion. This video & single is tons of fun and well worth the listen. Check it out above now!

Mainstream Remix, Pop | Juuku flips Olivia Rodrigo

Posted by on June 20, 2021

The more I listen to this one the more I’m liking it. Juuku beefs up Olivia Rodrigo’s massively viral single “Drivers License” by changing the overall instrumentation vibe but still sticking to the overall vibe of sad and emotional touch from the original. I’ve heard a handful of these remixes but this is easily one of the best ones to date! Take a listen to the remix above now and get ready to keep seeing Juuku’s name around, the more this artist releases music (like his Moving Castle released EP) the bigger fanbase he grows and the more quality the music gets.


Alternative, Electro, Electronic | Dittomaster Drops new Single “Ghost”

Posted by on May 13, 2021

Michael Wilson, better known as Dittomaster, is an emerging artist, multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer, and songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. His latest drop is a tight single entitled “Ghost” packed with throaty strings, commanding vocals and atmospheric melodies. Explaining the meaning behind the track, Dittomaster said: “We have a 10 month old baby and as a result have had a lot of sleepless nights the past year. Because we haven’t been sleeping well – the song is about wanting to sleep in for just one day.” Tune in above now!

Electro | Wolfgang Gartner’s New Single “Octopus Teeth” Will Have You Moving

Posted by on May 3, 2021

Put on your dancing shoes because Wolfgang Gartner is back with another burner. “Octopus Teeth” is a blast from start to finish. With a groovy beat and fun synth play, what’s not to like? Plus Wolfgang basically invented the complextro sub genre, so anything he makes it guaranteed to hit. Check out his latest offering, “Octopus Teeth” below.

Albums, Pop, Trap | Toyko Share Exciting New Hyperpop Single “Looking For Fun”

Posted by on March 26, 2021

Following their distorted trap ballad “How Do You Sleep at Night?,” as well as their massive album Body Pillow, Vol. 2, Toyko are back with a brand new hyperpop gem, sharing exciting single “Looking For Fun.” Made up of Los Angeles-based songwriters/producers Matt Wiggers and Zac White, Toyko is a collaborative effort that has seen considerable success over the past couple of years with releases on labels such as Lowly, as well as a string of boundary-pushing singles. 

“Looking For Fun” is without a doubt one of Toyko’s most exciting tracks to date: a short yet sweet single that compiles everything we love about the duo: distorted bass, attention-grabbing lyricism and playful melodies. Starting off with an atmosphere filled with bright piano and strings, “Looking For Fun” quickly transitions into an uplifting anthem, driven by groovy drums and a creative vocal arrangement. As Toyko explain: 

“When I was writing the song lyrics I was writing them from my experience of just being kinda socially awkward. It might just be my internal monologue- but sometimes I get this impression that when I first meet new people I’m extra reserved and come off as uptight/shy. But then there’s this other side of me that once I just cross the boiling point of barely knowing someone I really put my full weird/crazy self out there and maybe go a little overboard. These sorts of behaviours I have combined with a previous history with alcohol/partying are what kind of fuelled the narrative in this song.” 

Electro | Paris Hilton Makes Cameo In Electric Polar Bears Music Video ‘Melting’

Posted by on March 21, 2021

Electric Polar Bears have seriously outdone themselves in this music video. Their MV for original single, “Melting,” features none other than Paris Hilton, a pioneer of ‘being famous for being famous,’ as well as, virality altogether, giving the video a serious bump when it comes to online attention and viewership. Yet, even with a massive cameo from an A-list celebrity, Electric Polar Bears stick to their roots here, showcasing stunning visuals with a sun-kissed atmosphere and a glitzy, feel-good storyline.

The audio side of “Melting,” doesn’t get compromised here in the least. From the start a high-octane, rhythmic synth fades in and begins delivering it’s impression. By mid-way through the song, a pumped house beat and seductive vocals fill the gaps and catapults the experience to a new-found level. Plenty of moment capturing sonic elements built in here.

Electric Polar Bears clearly knows how to out-due themselves and take the vibe to the next level, “Melting,” being the next strong example of just this.