Bass | GunFight Is Back With Impressive Bass Gem “Nuclear”

Posted by on March 6, 2021

Coming back to the spotlight with his first release of the year, US-based talent GunFight has just unleashed impressive bass gem “Nuclear.” GunFight has had a truly impressive run last year, sharing 12 originals ranging from dubstep to drum & bass and electro, while receiving wide acclaim from some of the scene’s most established publications. 

“Nuclear” acts as yet another perfect showcase of GunFight’s skills in the studio, driven by mind-bending sound design and sinister melodies. Coming alongside one of his most intricate visuals yet, “Nuclear” is filled with groovy basslines, bright synths and anthemic atmospheres, making up for a mid-tempo vibe that could definitely be the soundtrack to a futuristic, post-apocalyptic video game. 

Bass | O Cinnedi Releases ‘Pride’ As 7 Deadly Sins Theme is Kicked Off

Posted by on March 3, 2021

Canadian-based female DJ/producer O Cinnedi knows how to put together a host of content to make a greater whole. Her 7 Deadly Sins saga will come equipped with music videos mixed in. Alongside visual/audio elements that are soon to be revealed, “Pride,” is just the start of a fascinating ride.

As the first single reveals, trap / bass / melodic bass are playing out to be the hallmarks of this experience.

A bass -inspired flow, plenty of wubs throughout, and her own personal zest mixed in there, this is one single to get excited about for a multitude or reasons.

Far from mainstream, coming from the heart, and stone-hold, in-your-face aesthetics intact, O Cinnedi is on to something here.

Bass | Circus Records Inks Single Deal With New-Found Artist Doctor Neiman on “What About Love”

Posted by on February 12, 2021

“What About Love,” assembles an eclectic balance of what many would consider ‘conflicting’ themes or genres. Yet, like the arena Snails! and Sullivan King relatively pioneered over the past couple of years, the single properly contributes and glorifies the space where the two competing themes can meet.

The outcome is a well transformative single.

Doctor Neiman, a fairly new alias that comes from a well-seasoned musician, is just kicking up the dust of a project that now includes the support and signing of Circus Records, but is expected to included many more releases signed by a similar vein of upper-echelon bass labels in due time.

“Let Go,” was released on Excision-owned Subsidia Records in early 2021. “What About Love,” follows soon after, showcasing a spike-of-sorts of overall activity and content from Doctor Neiman.

Clearly climbing to a pace with the goal to maintain, the thriving electronic musician with little known about him is generating plenty of buzz for all the right reasons.


Bass | O Cinnedi’s “Where am I?” Shines Light On An Underrated Female Artist

Posted by on November 3, 2020

Since roughly the mid-2010’s, the gradual rise of female DJ/producers and electronic music performers has only granted more good will, prosperity, and opportunity within the dance scene, in North American in particular.

Hailing from Canada herself, O Cinnedi is a fine example of an underrated artist on the rise, her sound and style being something curious and natural to embrace.

Her single “Where am i?” is a fascinating extension of many of these facets and more, giving fans a bit to chew on and something to think about. The compliments of bass, clever arrangement, vivid sonic soundscapes, and a bit of O Cinnedi sauce, all comes together to make something memorable.

Check out the song in full above.

Albums, Bass | GunFight Drops Explosive New Gem “Virtual Séance”

Posted by on October 30, 2020

Slowly wrapping up the most successful year in his career, GunFight has dropped yet another bass gem with “Virtual Séance.” Marking his 10th release in 2020, GunFight has undoubtedly proven himself as a powerhouse within the bass music scene, showcasing immense production skills while fleshing out a stunning, futuristic visual world. 

Virtual Séance” sees GunFight continue to experiment with various bass tempos and styles, this time bringing together industrial techno and electro house aesthetics. A sinister atmosphere and psychedelic vocals introduce the single, before the drop explodes into a menacing sequence of bass stabs and sharp drums. 

Bass | k?d Shares New Live Edit of “Sicko Mode” While He Finishes His Album

Posted by on October 15, 2020

Many of k?d’s fans have been patiently waiting for new music. Yesterday with no warning, k?d decided to give them just what they wanted in the form of a DJ tool he has been using in his sets for about a year. It’s an edit of Skrillex’s remix of “Sicko Mode” that has been energizing crowds around the globe. He put this out while he finishes up his next album “Cage Script” to quench his fans’ thirst a bit. Stay tuned for the album which is due out next year.

Albums, Bass | GunFight Returns With Powerful New Single – “Revolt”

Posted by on October 13, 2020

With a mind-bending instrumental that only escalates, and hard-hitting bass textures, GunFight bounces back with a whirlwind of a single. With prior support from industry giants like, Dancing Astronaut and Your EDM, GunFight has become known for his powerful mid-tempo bangers, and in the process found a dedicated audience over the past few months with his consistent release schedule and unique style. Following suit, his latest release is a fusion of genres sure to keep the party and club packed until the early hours of the morning.

Swaying between Dubstep, Midtempo, Industrial and experimental – each element blended together into a synthesis of expression, “Revolt” is sure to be one of many triumphs to come. Listeners should keep their eyes and ears tuned to this artist to see what he does next.