Bass, Chill | David Starfire Teams Up With Arula To Drop Fire Release “Keepsake feat. Drumspyder & Jef Stott”

Posted by on June 27, 2020

“Keepsake,” a uniquely heady and world-percussion injected downtempo vibe comes filled with mystery, personality, and so much more – all within a therapeutic tinged musical experience.

Arula and David Starfire are clearly forces to be reckoned with, the energy levels on this one are fascinating as the two are clear natural collaborating fit.

The percussion keep things chill while the brass controls the energy, the sitar and the bridge level things out as the experience comes to a close. With musical maturity built-in and a more meaningful overall directive, “Keepsake,“ is one track to save in your playlist.

Bass | DEMUR’s “Fight No Longer” Marks End Of Hiatus For LA-Based Artist

Posted by on June 26, 2020

One artist that certainly is not afraid to distance himself from PC culture is, DEMUR, a rebel-leaning based influenced DJ/producer coming out of Los Angeles.

Yet, you may have heard of his name before.

In the mid-2010s DEMUR was active as a multimedia embracing musician – doing a podcast, releasing music, shows, and focusing on brand building. With one of his social media post even getting over 1.3K likes on Facebook featuring a Billboard article.

To say people have been waiting for this guy to return is a understatement, “Fight No Longer” is just the beginning of it will be a multi year endeavor containing surprises and announcements alike.

Bass, Pop | Rubayne Drops Fresh New Gem “My Time”, Enlisting Cam James & Danny Bowens

Posted by on June 26, 2020

For his first release this summer, rising Dutch artist Rubayne taps Atlanta rapper Cam James and dynamic New England vocalist Danny Bowens for a cross-genre, summer smash. Out independently, “My Time” is tough to ignore, opening with a blazing verse from Cam James over Rubayne’s lush production. Danny takes on the extremely danceable bridge with a smooth delivery into the crashing crescendo of the hook. This mash-up of several different styles and aesthetics represents the future of international indie collaborations; the strong trio of Rubayne, Cam James and Danny Bowens is just getting started. 

“My Time” is a song created for being on the road with friends, having a pool party, enjoying the summer air, or whenever it’s your time to shine,” explained Rubayne about the song.


Bass | “Stayin Lifted” Music Video A Strong Follow Up To King Kurt & Galactik’s ‘Elements of Flow’

Posted by on June 5, 2020

With their collaborative EP now behind them, Elements of Flow, the two have released none other than a new music video as a sick follow up, “Stayin Lifted.” With Sacramento as the setting for the filming, there are plenty of positive vibes built in with this one.

With dope shots of King Kurt and Galactik Vibes and an overall classic 420 vibe built into the direction of photography here, “Stayin Lifted” is one video with serious repeat value.

Shot by Jae Synth, the video is a unique extension of lyrics and wordplay that the original audio release brought to our attention.

Check out the video in full above.

Bass | Dr. Ozi Releases Epic And Defining ‘Host’ EP On Never Say Die

Posted by on May 30, 2020

Holding nothing back on the work, HOST EP, a 5 track musical experience from fast rising DJ/producer DR. Ozi, who leans on the heavy/dark side of sounds within EDM.

It’s easy to notice one feature that seems to flip as a plus for the soloist, the absence of a distinct topliner on the tracks, instead Ozi opting for instrumental work at the centerpiece of his releases here, for the most part. This threshold was clearly small potatoes as the quality on the 5 track journey is top tier.

Released on Never Say Die, HOST EP is certain to make it’s rounds in the DJ performance circuit undoubtedly.

His reputation, built on moments like great live show performances and over a dozen Beatport #1’s, certainly keeps heads turning from a fan and industry perspective.

Bass, Chill, Electronic | Juuku Lays Vocals Down for First Time via “Seasons”

Posted by on May 29, 2020

“Seasons” is a special single for anonymous producer Juuku, it’s the first time he put his own vocals on a track. The stand cinematic and emotional production style is there and as strong as ever, but this one feels different in the best way possible thanks to the Juuku’s voice. Hoping to hear more vocal’s on future Juuku tracks, because this one sounds great. Not overbearing but just enough, just enough to fit smoothly into the mix. Check it out above now!

Bass | LICK Delivers New Remix of Doctor P – Big Boss

Posted by on May 28, 2020

You need some energy in your life today? Well hit play on the track below to inject some right into your life. LICK gives Doctor P’s “Big Boss” a massive remix that’ll make you ready to ride the rail. Unfortunately with no shows right now, it’ll be a minute until we’re able to hear this one on a proper sound system.