Bass, Trap | yetep & juuku Gave Us The Collaboration We’ve Been “Waiting” For

Posted by on November 25, 2019

yetep & juuku’s new collaboration “Waiting” is out now on Proximity (a record label that was created by the Youtube channel). L.A. based producer yetep has been steadily growing as a defining act in the upcoming electronic market, as is the mysteriously buzzing producer juuku. Listen to “Waiting” above now! This one is a massive collab.

Bass | MIDNIGHT CVLT Continues Fast Rise With Official Remix Of Valerie Lighthart’s “Mean To Me”

Posted by on November 20, 2019

After being enlisted for the task, MIDNIGHT CVLT takes a shot at Valerie Lighthart’s “Mean To Me.” Grit, pop, and a nice blend fun soundscapes interconnect within the works of the original. The end result is something that not only is easy to love again and again, but separates itself from the pack on this remix EP. To say MIDNIGHT CLVT’s submission did the original justice would be an understatement – certainly not a flip to sleep on

After the original popped off, Valerie Lighthart has been strong when it comes to selecting good remixer options, the end result is a music compilation of sorts which will stand the test of time undoubtably.

Bass, Dubstep | Sam Lamar Gets Mystical With The Divination EP

Posted by on November 8, 2019

Last time we saw Sam Lamar with Kannibalen Records he dropped his Major Arcana EP. Well, today he continues that magical endeavor with another EP, The Divination, on the Montreal label. This time around we get two bass singles, focusing in on the dubstep genre, but don’t expect the usual when it comes to Sam. He’s established a unique style and this EP sees the next step of his evolution. Not only does Sam Lamar have a signature style, but within each track he is able to take us on a ride through different sounds for a fresh experience. This is what bass music should be.


Bass | Tetrix Bass Delivers Diversity in ‘Keep It Real’ EP On MA Music

Posted by on November 8, 2019

Keep It Real EP passes on a sensible style and conveys quality bass to fans who are on the edge for new music.

Tetrix Bass puts his abilities on full display, showcasing a mult-genre, diversified experience channeled through the EP. With that said, overarching music elements connect the tracks together and highlight Tetrix Bass’s broad signature sounds.

Powerfully formed designs and sounds strike a fascinating balance between melody, grit, and imagination.

Bass | Brig Flips Agent Green’s “Sixteen” Into An Unstoppable Banger

Posted by on November 8, 2019

“Sixteen (The Brig Remix)” take the original and flips in a way bass fans will surely find jaw-dropping. A classic fusion of video game music, entralling bass drops, and a bit of zesty design to glue to Brig-factor right in, the remix completes the picture bass and Brig connoisseurs will align on.

“Sixteen (The Brig Remix)” wires the best components that are known from him with the essence of Agent Green’s “Sixteen.

The Brig’s latest work here displaying an ideal hybrid parity while conveying a something new.

Bass | Trinergy Adds Fire To Valerie Lighthart Original “Mean To Me”

Posted by on November 8, 2019

With Valerie Lighthart tapping three remixers who bring a centered balance to her themes and styles, Tringery, The Brig, & MIDNIGHT CVLT have been platformed to provide their own twist with the single “Mean To Me.”

A personal highlight of the three was Tringery’s version.

“I was just immersed in the work on it and could not stop listening to it. Valerie’s magical vocals immersed me in a beautiful time.” 

– Trinergy

Tringery mixes a bit of the sweet with sour here, adding colorful, vivid melodic elements while letting the bass drops take shape at just the right moment.

Released on N43 Records, the label is rethinking how a cutting edge non mainstream imprints makes their mark in the digital streaming age – in the midst of the advanced change of the music business.

The remix represents a synergy of talents colliding to form something that could stand the test of time.

Bass | The Brig Launches Stand-Out Bass-Driven Work Worth Hearing ‘Vindicate EP’

Posted by on November 8, 2019

Highlighting five tracks and one collab effort with LoneMoon, Vindicate EP blends music components new and veteran bass fans will be enthusiastic about. With alluring music moments and hard-to-beat drops and basslines, this EP is certain not for the faint of heart.

An assorted blend of PC gamer-esque synths and well-arranged dance music design, The Brig’s most recent multi-track experience offers a view of an epic melodic circular instrumental bass-music experience, fulfilling and dynamite creation focuses, and a generally complex feel.

The Brig has brought consistency and an improving, evolving brand to the dance music space for years, he’s not going anywhere and don’t sleep on his movement.