Bass | Jack Squire Drops “Creatures,” Shares 5 Tips To Help Other Producers With Their Craft

Posted by on March 30, 2017

In light of Jack Squire’s new single release “Creatures” and new remix of “In My Head” by Virtual Riot – two bass songs that are mind blowing, not just from sound alone, but for noticeably strong arrangement, catchiness, and creativity found within – Jack has introduced a small chronical to help other producers consistently put out music and the social media content that comes with it.

Jack Squire has been around the block for a bit, so these tips should be embraced and internalized wherever possible to help the soon-to-be-star producer be that much closer to their goals.


Bass | Crankdat Delivers Heavy Remix Of Mija’s Drum & Bass Single “Secrets”

Posted by on March 28, 2017

Man, it’s been a treat just watching Crankdat grow over the past year. The incredibly gifted Ohio native just turned 20 and is already playing at venues like Hakkasan in Vegas. Over the past couple months he’s really shown his versatility as a producer, dishing out remixes that come in the form of future bass, trap, dubstep and more. His latest release is a heavy rework of Mija’s drum & bass single “Secrets” and he brings us three different drops — all of which are impressive. You might want to carry a neck brace around after listening to this one given how much head-banging will likely go on during the course of the song. Check it out above and be sure to show this kid some love. He’s been on our radar for a while and for good reason. This remix is mint. Stay tuned for more.

Bass | Willdabeast’s Experimental Bass Album Makes “Life Worth Living”

Posted by on March 28, 2017

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Willdabeast is the fusion of the multi-talented producer Will Glazier and instrumentalist Daniel de Lisle. Mixing the old with the new, Willdabeast has been able to find that balance between instruments and experimental bass like no one has done. Inspired by Passion Pit at a young age, Will went on a roll of touring and recording, sharing the stage with such acts as Michal Menert, Monophonics, Snug Harbor, Yogoman, Late Night Radio and so many more. 2013 was a new chapter in the story, post-college with a degree in audio and video production, Willdabeast released the album Into The Wild. Soon after, Will met Michael Menert, which was another life changing moment. They teamed up forming The Michal Menert Big Band.

The year after, Glazier and Daniel de Lisle, who plays flute and trombone, met and helped bring even more live instrumentation to the table. The rest is history. Willdabeast was formed with these two at the center and have worked along side acts such as: Griz, Michal Menert, Ageless, Wet Paint, Kaptain, SwAy, Kinetik Groove and more.

Their latest work together as Willdabeast is their new album Life Worth Living, which you can hear above. These two are on a unique path that few achieve in experimental bass, don’t sleep on these guys.


Bass | Callie Reiff Drops Brand New Track, “Stimulate”, That Will Have You Speechless

Posted by on March 20, 2017

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Young bass prodigy Callie Reiff has released a new single called “Stimulate”. The 17 year old DJ has made a rhythmic, eclectic, bass-driven track that takes her sound to a whole new level of energy and intensity. The track starts out with a robotic sampled sound backed with heavy bass and drums duo that gives the track a level of enthusiasm that shows why Reiff is truly a master at her own craft. Give the track a listen if you want to have that extra boost of energy that can only be found in great music.

Bass, Trap | Spenda C & Cult Shotta Tag Team “Release”

Posted by on March 14, 2017

Well this is quite the banger. “Release” brings together emcee Cult Shotta and producer Spenda C for an upbeat jam that will surely have you grooving. The two newcomers are not to be slept on, and this song is proof of just that. I’ve had this song on repeat for atleast a week now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! Wouldn’t be surprised if i heard this spun out a ton at SXSW. Listen and enjoy above.

Bass | Superdead Counters Modern Dance Culture, Release Magna’s “Spectator”

Posted by on March 13, 2017

It’s been a while since Magna has released some new music, but the day has finally come, the rising, forward-thinking bass artists who has 550K+ plays to his name has released “Spectator.” A single that is certainly dark, but completely showcases the Magna style we have come to love.

Magna isn’t the only focus of this release, the label the solo artist released on is Superdead, a somewhat mysterious label that aims be the counter-culture within the dance music scene. Superdead doesn’t care about plays, prestige, and notoriety, their focus is releasing music that is good no matter the genre or style.

Superdead is off to a good start seeing as they’ve dropped Magna, interested to see what happens next with them.

Bass | NZN Goes Hard On Bass House With “Rave No More”

Posted by on March 1, 2017

NZN’s latest release undoutbly combines several genres into one experience with his new original “Rave No More,” yet bass house is undeniably the core experience of the single. “Rave No More” fits within a realm of bass music that is popular right now, but showcases edgy elements that truly bring out the flavor that NZN is getting known for.

By the looks of it, 2017 has been good to NZN, his branding is on point, the 3 releases he has put out are all gaining scalable attention, and the overall experience of NZN has a vibe you can latch on to. Hope this dude keeps it up.