Bass | El Diablo Drops Experimental Bass EP “The Last Upper”

Posted by on August 21, 2017

El Diablo has flown under the radar for too long nationally. The bass artist has been making leaps and bounds in San Francisco, helping found MalLabel, and laying the groundwork for the experimental bass scene to prosper like it has been these days regionally. Within a short amount of time, El Diablo has been supported by big artists already such as Excision and Liquid Stranger. This week he released the new EP called The Last Upper, centralizing the experience and culture, through music, that’s been happening in the San Francisco scene lately.

Bass | Holly and Fragz Drop Experimental Banger “Corrupt Data”

Posted by on July 5, 2017

Holly and Fragz have made a banger, but there are key elements that make these two’s latest collaboration, “Corrupt Data,” worth sharing. Mainly the uniqueness of the tempo and all-around timing of the catchy moments within. Equally a match, Holly and Fragz release their latest on MalLabel, an imprint that prides itself on showcasing a large variety of sounds as long as it’s good music. “Corrupt Data” is available on all major streaming platforms now.

Bass, Remix | Indiginis Comes Back Strong On Adventure Club Remix

Posted by on June 26, 2017

SONDAR’s vocals are so gorgeous, they may just be my favorite new duo on the scene. Today, I present to you a future bass remix of their collaboration with Adventure Club (entitled “Breathe”) via D.C. group Indiginis, and it is magical. Somewhat residence of a 90’s pop song thanks to the piano lead, this one’s got some nostalgic vibes to it and I am not mad at it. Indiginis have been on a role lately with official remix, and this one is crazy sick.


Bass | Black Tiger Sex Machine Get Ready For EDC With “Rezorecta VIP”

Posted by on June 14, 2017

Black Tiger Sex Machine are getting ready for their debut set at EDC Las Vegas. What better way to get ready than to release a free download? Not only is it just any old song, but it is a VIP of their classic hit “Rezorecta” from 2012. They revamp the song with a new makeover that brings it into the current landscape, while still showing some love to the special 2012 era. “Rezorecta VIP” will hit all digital stores this Friday, however you can get it today for free. If you’re hitting up EDC, DO NOT miss BTSM’s set. You’ll regret it if you do.

Bass | CyberPunkers Start New Project Dubbed: KenKode

Posted by on June 5, 2017

KenKode may seem like they came out of nowhere – yet are the next project of duo CYBERPUNKERS, who have 300K likes on Facebook, a host of hit songs, and enjoy touring to this day. KenKode is a much darker side of the 2 man group, featuring a creepy music video and some of the haunting productions they have ever made.

If you like modern bass music and visuals that send a chill down your spine, CYPBERPUNKERS’ new single will be right up your alley.

Bass | Jon Parra Releases Multi-Genre Bass Single “Ominous”

Posted by on June 2, 2017

Jon Parra is on the path to be a significant player in the bass music game. One thing is for certain, he has the sound. “Ominous” features two important parts, solid arrangement, and an overall enriching sound design. Jon Parra accomplishes both with this one.

Jon Parra isn’t just slaying it digitally either, he regularly plays direct support slots it in the area of West Michigan. If you travel to the region come to one of his shows, it will be an opportunity you will not regret.

This solo artist plans to drop more single with a more complex, diversified feel soon, if this is the part of Jon you dig, follow him to see what he does next.

Bass | INF1N1TE Releases Catchy Melodic Bass Original “Alone”

Posted by on June 2, 2017

There’s not much not to like with INF1N1TE, the solo producer does a little something across the board, from art, sound, live performance, and beyond, it’s the little things that make INF1N1TE tick. His new single “Alone” boasts a badass, dirty bass feel with an ironically clean, fluid sound thanks to the brilliant arrangement.

INF1N1TE has been constantly molding, tweaking, and growing this project, today he’s garnered multi-millions of plays, tens of thousands of fans, and a look few can match. All the pieces are in the right place for this guy.