Bass | DJ Krugger And Leftside’s “Everybody Dance” Leaves Listeners With Fresh Summer Feel

Posted by on June 6, 2018

Combining classical Reggae roots with a refreshing cutting edge feel, DJ Krugger pushes boundaries with his newest track “Everybody Dance.” This sizzling hot dance track has a well-balanced combination of influences you’ve come to expect of any dance single with dub influences, Krugger showing off a unique dimension within this spectrum.

This Spanish born DJ from Barcelona shows all the musical heritage of the country with this inspired and infectious single. “Everybody Dance ft. Leftside” won’t feel out of place whether you’re in a Latin Club or at your favorite party spot. DJ Krugger’s covers all the bases with exceptional production capabilities and natural born talent.

Bass, Chill, Trap | BLAISE Switches It Up on “Only Talking”

Posted by on May 31, 2018

“Only Talking” is a dope new single by L.A. rapper & singer BLAISE who is on the rise to stardom. Originally based out of the D.C. area he’s resided on the West Coast for a while now but just recently started releasing music and it’s all fire. Do yourself a favor and check out his full catalog here and listen to “Only Talking” above now. Keep your eyes on BLAISE this year!

Bass | Willis Nillis Drops Full Length EP “Analysis Paralysis” On Label Daily Earfood

Posted by on May 23, 2018

Los Angeles has received many musical backdrops from artists shouting it’s name within their music works, but no theme is more fitting than a classic sun-kissed, 808 filled pieces that truly bond common Cali-folk together. LA-based Willis Nillis taps into this aesthetics decisively through his new Daily Earfood EP Analysis Paralysis. The 4 track EP contains mainly instrumentals paired with vocal chops, with the arrangement and writing being where the majority of the EP’s heart comes from.

Music has always been a release for Nillis, as a youngster who didn’t have the generic happy high school experience, his frustrations have turned into positives as his healthy venting has lead to a quality, prosperous musical career thus far.

Something tells me this won’t be the last time we see the soloist.


Bass | Teminite Teases “Rattlesnake” Alongside Evilwave Ahead Of New Abum “Uprising”

Posted by on May 23, 2018

With his new album Uprising continuing to be dramatically revealed single by single, the hype is real regarding the large-than-life solo producer’s upcoming work. With over 100K followers on his SoundCloud alone, Teminite stands above the rest in bass with his ridiculously adventurous tracks that reliably burst with refreshing personality. “Rattlesnake,” produced alongside his companion Evilwave, finds a shockingly perfect medium between the world of bass, rock, and pop; the empowering elements of each colliding on this one single to deliver it’s edge.

Teminite has been a popular star in the melodic bass scene, “Rattlesnake” is another affirmation that his new LP Uprising is going to destroy.

Bass, House | Corrupt Drops Back-To-Back Bass House Singles On USA-based Liftoff Records

Posted by on May 12, 2018

Corrupt’s 4-year career is taking bigger and broader strides, his latest move being two back-to-back singles signed to Lift Off Records. The singles focus on a bass house feature, “Inside This Dream’s” bursting personality alongside Miami bass influence acts as an excellent juxtaposition to “Parallel,” a happy vocal/melody tune with heavy drops making up the core of the experience.

Music isn’t the only marketing widget in Corrupt’s arsenal, support from big podcasts, media outlets, solid stream numbers, and a comfortably-relatable brand harmonize to form a certain hype that is easy to see.

James Caudle aka Corrupt’s rise has been a gelling since his Ohio State University days, realizing he had a talent for DJ/producing after attaining the ability to pull a regular crowd behind the decks. These years of focus, experimentation, and learning acting as foundation of the artist we see today. From there, slots at Spin SD, La Santa Mexico, Electric Forest, #Fest and more became notches under the belt.

Regular shows being a normal part of his 2018 schedule. More content is one thing you can count on from Corrupt.

Bass | Longtime Bassnectar Collaborator Dorfex Bos Spreads His Wings With Upcoming “Opinions” EP

Posted by on May 3, 2018

You may have seen his name on a flyer or on a musical production alongside the legend Bassnectar himself, yet Dorfex’s multi-decade evolution has most recently seen revived love as Bos became more immersed and enveloped within the experimental bass sub-culture; a new chapter for him beginning several years back.

Fast forward to 2018, Opinions EP is the next pillar in the experience.

Dorfex Bos’ gradual solidification within the genre continues to fuel his shows and collaborations. Set to release on streaming channels May 4th and SoundCloud later on on May, Opinions EP shares an overall dark or mysterious theme between each piece, while the singles define themselves through a dynamic blend of far-out arrangement, rhythm, and percussion. Aside from how the EP was put together, it has folks talking.

Given his track record, multiple collaborations with Bassnectar, and an insatiable lust for quality music, Dorfex Bos’ EP is set to send ripples through it’s target market as he treks forward with the project.

Bass | Jordan Comolli & Mursa Tag-Team Bass-Fueled Original “Error”

Posted by on April 30, 2018

“Error” is the unique work of new talent aligned with established talent, thanks to Jordan Comolli and Mursa, the single showcases many aesthetics from the experimental bass scene in the intro and bridge – but doesn’t hold back when the drop comes through – throwing down some massive percussion work.

Jordan Comolli is no stranger to millions of plays and acclaimed support, time after time, from big acts including Whipped Cream and Hekler. While, Mursa, is on a strong path in 2018, clearly displaying his production quality and getting it in the right hands. Together the two have made a trap-banger with complexity and a certain metaphysical zest.