House | Ilyana Drops Touching Piano House Release In ‘Love Me Right’

Posted by on August 12, 2022

Ilyana lets it all out with “Love Me Right,” a true-to-life concept put into an electronic structure that’s catchy and timeless. Romance is not always what it seems, but we all deserve to find the person who will “Love Me Right.” That is one interpretation that can be pulled from this well-crafted production. All the elements fall together harmoniously here, top to bottom. The vocals act as one of the most attention grabbing factors going on. Colorful and melodic basslines plus piano chords flow neatly in the mix as Ilyana shares her perspective on an easy-to-connect with subject. It’s almost involuntary for one’s emotions to get swept up in the moment. As soon as “Love Me Right,” began, things fade to a close and you are left wanting more of what was had.

Ilyana has virtually had a life long entanglement with music, it eventually taking more and more of her time until it’s now become her priority passion and focus in life. Ilyana comes off as the type that leaves no stone unturned. From the branding to sound, message, and more, there is a sense of cohesiveness that inescapable with what she has put out here.

She’s worked with great artists over the years and clearly uses what’s she’s learned to grab more attention around her story and vision for this project. Ilyana shows all the hallmarks of being one to watch – and for all the right reasons too.

“I’ve fallen in love so many times, and yet the feeling of being in love always inspires me to write, and with “Love Me Right” it wasn’t any different. I wanted to create a song that  recreates that moment of falling for someone, that makes you feel good, makes you want to dance and feel yourself!”

House | Logan Garrett x Gorilla Zoe – “Kelly Rollin”

Posted by on July 1, 2022

“Kelly Rollin” by Logan Garrett, Sunrinse and Gorilla Zoe is a feel good house banger. There was a certain wave of G-house that took over Soundcloud for a year or two a while back and this song reminds me of a song that could have come out in that time frame. The bass house fueled track has Summer vibes written all over it, just in time for the long weekend. The only issue I have with this song is that it’s not longer, luckily I can always run it back from the top. Tune in above now and keep a tab on Logan Garrett.

Albums, Future House, House | Kevin Sihwan Returned With Dancefloor-Ready House Anthem “Ping Pong Flow”

Posted by on June 4, 2022

26-year-old producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Kevin Sihwan has been in music throughout his entire life, starting to learn the piano at age 6, while moving on to music production at 16. Growing up in South Korea and moving to the US at age 21 to study music composition and technology, Kevin Sihwan has seen massive success within the industry over the past years with his dancefloor-ready releases and unmatched energy on stage. 

The buzzing artist’s latest independent release comes in the form of “Ping Pong Flow,” which is a tune tailor-made for the mainstage. Filled with irresistible house percussion, groovy basslines and creative sound design, “Ping Ping Flow” is a truly monumental house tune that shouldn’t be missed. Kevin Sihwan has received support from the likes of Tiësto, KSHMR, Timmy Trumpet, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nicky Romero, Lucas & Steve and Dannic, and it’s not hard to see why. 


House | Flynninho Drops Party-Starting Single ‘Sicario Mode’ On Pharaoh Phonix

Posted by on May 18, 2022

Appearing on his label for the first time ever is Flynninho with the release of “Sicario Mode.” Inspired by the movie under the same name, the track celebrates cinematography in an unexpected manner, utilizing sounds from films in every single part of this track. With that said, this track is a banger, structured as a house tune capable of pleasure club-goers. “Sicario Mode,” has drops that sends sensations throughout the body, the design in this area making it hard to put the track down. Flynninho is a dude who has no issue going hard, as his other track’s show off, “Sicario,” fits right in when it comes to what’s safe to expect from this solo DJ/producer.

Dubbed as the ‘modern day rockstar of electronic music,’ Flynninho is building name for himself and quickly. The man keeps himself busy – throwing shows, staying regular with productions, and keeping industry heads at bay by consistently putting himself out there. A lover of rock music himself, a wide spectrum of genre influences is what he pulls from to render the beloved productions this man makes.

“Sicario Mode,” is one part of a bigger essence that is Chicago-based Flynninho.

Chill, House | ‘Veneno’ Is A Must-Watch Dance Video Thanks To Gian Varela & Steve Andreas

Posted by on May 15, 2022

“Veneno,” is a infectious song with a catchy flow from the very start all the way to the end. The track reflects a melting pot manifestation, combining multiple styles of multiple artists alongside multiple genre influences. At the root of this experience is Gian Varela pulling together the right team to bring forth a timeless sound and a video experience that tightly latches on to the senses. Although the video itself is easy to understand and is essentially smooth and seamless, the lyrics are in Spanish. With that said, no matter what language you speak, there’s so much visually and sonically that appeals with “Veneno,” that the cross-cultural aspects of this content supersedes the aspects that may not be understood.

Circling back about the audio-aspect, the tune traverses a pleasent space between Latin music, pop, and electronic. Things move easily from one measure to the next, the vocal hooks are easy to get stuck in ones head and the beat relevant and enjoyable.

“I wanted a record that could work globally as a pop-ish record, but make it unique and Latin. So I thought: What would a guaracha record sound like if it were fused with a Dance/Global Pop Record sound? I got to work and “Veneno” was born.”
– Gian Varela

Having performed at EDC Mexico, Beyond Wonderland, and dozens of other clubs, bars, and festivals around the world, Gian Varela is a gift that keeps on giving.

House | Thomas Xavier Returns With 2022 EP ‘Good Dome’

Posted by on April 1, 2022

Thomas Xavier continues his successful 2021 with an riveting addition to his catalog with Good Dome. The two tracks featured are “Good Dome,” and “Flex Yo Freak.”

The opening release “Flex Yo Freak,” is an instant party starter and continues the ride all the way through. Club-friendly house music with a dash of soul is at the center of the release, with some light influence of other electronic genres thrown in there for good measure. More than just a toe-tapper or head-bobber, the theme going on here is exceptional and hits a sweeter and sweeter spot with each passing listen. Taking in the fact that Thomas Xavier is playing a nice handful of shows throughout the year, “Flex Yo Freak,” is drafted with all the right hooks that will make a crowd pop off.

Thomas Xavier keeps the good times going with title track “Good Dome,” ascending the already fun-loving journey to a whole new level. The basslines go to a place where the rest of the world melts away, while the technical aspects act as a vehicle of expression to channel unity and love.

Thomas Xavier’s Good Dome EP released on his very own label Pharaoh Phonix and will certainly be apart of the label event’s he throws in Milwaukee, USA. April 29th is the next show, the series called Pharaoh’s Chamber, where Thomas Xavier features other talent he’s a fan of while showing off his own mixes all on one go.

House | Sintra Remixes “Control” by Jack Vice

Posted by on March 25, 2022

If you’re looking to put a little pep in your step then look no further. Sintra’s vibey new House injected remix of “Control”, originally by his buddy Jack Vice, is some of his best work to date. Straying away from his typically Tech or Bass House style and shifting his sound into a more uplfiting space, the remix shows a new side of the Nashville DJ and producer that proves he’s here to stay. Bump this remix above now, you won’t regret it!