House, Pop | Kleak & Veebu Enlist Noa Angell For Pop-Leaning Anthem “Come & Go”

Posted by on June 11, 2021

Italian talents Kleak & Veebu are undoubtedly a duo we’ll be hearing a lot more from very soon. With millions of streams under their catalog already and support from some of the scene’s biggest names, such as Lucas & Steve and Don Diablo, Kleak & Veebu are taking over dance music one uplifting track at a time, and their latest collaboration with Dutch-Indonesian singer-songwriter Noa Angell, titled “Come & Go,” is no exception. 

Out via Frenquency Music, “Come & Go” is a fascinating ride through pop leaning verses and anthemic, summery drops. Noa Angell’s lively vocal performance meets Kleak & Veebu’s exciting instrumental in a stunning way, leading into drops that explode with the help of plucky basslines and infectious vocal chops. 

Albums, House | Barron S Shares A Powerful Message With Fresh Single “Bo$$ Bitch”

Posted by on June 3, 2021

Aiming to inspire women to step into their power, speak their truth, and live their lives authentically, buzzing DJ Barron S has just released her brand new single “Bo$$ Bitch.” The highly anticipated tech house gem followed Barron S’ “The Bo$$ Bitch Project,” which saw the DJ feature a different female identifying leader on her Instagram each day for 30 days, ranging from ScarlettBoBo Canada’s Drag Race Superstar to Caroline Frolic, the only Female Sportsnet Broadcaster, and many more. 

“I wanted to write a song about being a ‘BO$$ BITCH’ because the word ‘bitch’ has been used against women so many times,” explains Barron S. “In the past we’ve really used this word as a way to knock strong & powerful women down. So when I went into the studio I was inspired to write this song as a way of reclaiming the word.”

“A lot of women that we’ve been throwing that word at are actually demonstrating qualities that if seen in a male we’d attribute them to him being a BOSS or a leader.”

Barron S has seen massive accomplishments throughout her career within the music industry, most notably touring alongside pop superstar Rihanna on her “Anti World Tour“ and being the 1st Female DJ in the NHL. With this powerful new single out now, and definitely a lot more in the works, we’re super excited to be following Barron S and see where she heads next. 

Deep House | The BreakBomb Project Joins Forces With Ryan Violet On ‘Drugs Don’t Work’

Posted by on May 22, 2021

The BreakBomb Project is something you got to watch out for and “Drugs Don’t Work,” is the latest reason why. Already climbing to the 15,000+ plays point in a short amount of time, one of many positive traits that The BreakBomb Project tends to bring forth again and again is successful music.

Since July of 2018, singles like “Breakdown,” “Fly Away,” and “Up Til’ The The Morning,” show how he’s gotten to where he is today – all catchy tunes and all fitting into his universe, The BreakBomb Project, aka Brandon Greenstein, knows what he wants and how make it come to life in his tracks.

Circling back to, “Drugs Don’t Work,” The BreakBomb Project seemingly brings together some of the best sonic variants heard in past releases and collides them together on this track. Tapping Ryan Violet for the vocal track to be mixed in with the production, a phenomenal showcasing of runs, spirited story-telling, and more all work in sync with the instrumental to give it an edgy nature.

Released on label Overdrive, which is based in NYC, this in your face experience is something to gawk at, bare none. A creative idea come to life, “Drugs Don’t Work,” hits the spot.


House | Thomas Xavier Launches Debut Original Tracks With User Friendly-Signed ‘Go To Church’ EP

Posted by on May 21, 2021

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and Thomas Xavier is bringing the heat double-time with his captivating EP titled Go To Church.

Thomas Xavier is not new to electronic music, but new to dropping his own original music under this name. His SoundCloud shares mixes that give an idea of his style, often embracing house and neighboring genres, but as of May 2021, Thomas Xavier is taking the step with things and his debut EP Go To Church.

Featuring “Go To Church,” and “G&G,” the works are as exciting as they are informative.

The frothy bassline is placed front and center to the listeners delight, G-house vocal samples give a spice that keeps your honed in mentally, while the percussion allows the entrancing, hypnotic vibrancy house music always gives to have it’s place.

“G&G,” is a mackerel of a tune, not steering too far off “Go To Church,” and not coming too close to where redundancy becomes an issue. Eerie and mischiefious, this one gets dirty in all the right ways.

Both tracks are part-in-parcel of a well-connected EP and a fitting firing off of a new phase of Thomas Xavier.

Deep House | HARBER, Michael Calfan, & NISHA Sign ‘Feelings After Dark’ To Musical Freedom

Posted by on May 14, 2021

Three talents hit the studio in “Feelings After Dark,” which has promptly been signed by Musical Freedom. The label is Tiësto founded and operated, making the trajectory of the track seriously hype and near-guarantees it’s going places. It’s no wonder it got picked up by such a big label, just one listen lands a positive impression from the get-go. Nisha’s vocal work leads as the synths and percussion follows. Sonically, the experience is confidence-inducing and empowering, the passing beats leading to a drop that triggers an instant urge to dance that’s hard to shake off. Once the track begins to close, it’s not easy to forget the earworm energy. “Feelings After Dark,” leaves your wanting more.

HARBER is no stranger to generating seriously hot tracks, his combined streams showcases songs that collectively break the 1,000,000 stream mark. On top of this, his past single “More Than You,” spent 9-weeks on the Billboard charts, peaking at #21.

Michael Calfan has hit undeniably high moments since Bobby Sinclar discovered him back in 2008. 100,000,000 streams, festival performances around the world, and rubbing shoulders with some of the top-talents in all of electronic music begins to describe the narrative of the legacy Michael Calfan has been trailing behind him.

“Feelings After Dark,” is available on all major streaming platforms.

House | ‘A Night In Tulum’ A House Experience By Funk D And Waldo Simply Not To Be Missed

Posted by on May 11, 2021

Funk D and Waldo are clearly a force to be reckoned with, as their latest house venture, “A Night In Tulum,” clearly shows off. Signed to successful Mexico based label XDM Records, the energy on this one was inevitably too good to pass on where it’s no surprises this track got picked up by a proper imprint. Trippy synthwork and class-act rhythmic percussion come together all in one outstanding experience to form a club-energy that takes the cake.

Although the captivation and overall creation would not be possible without the combination of Waldo and Funk D working together, Funk D, in particular, has a unique story to tell.

Funk D is also Mexico based and has acclaimed many achievements only a few can say are there’s. From performing alongside, (and taking pictures with,) the one and only Hardwell, to performing in over a dozen countries around the world, the multi-million streamed artist has a well-rounded balance of moments that make him a catch. Reaping the fruits of his labor, few can do like Funk D can.

Support for his music has come from some of the best in the music biz, David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike just to name a few. Sharing a discography that goes back as far as 2012, Funk D has put blood, sweat, and tears into this project with no sign of slowing down.

Bass, House | longstoryshort Drops Melancholy Bass-House Single On JustUs Titled ‘I Can Feel’

Posted by on April 29, 2021

If you are looking for a song that delivers some serious feels in a flash, look no further that longstoryshort. Shrouded in mystery and delivering production work that is as well-branded as it is powerfully distinctful. “I Can Feel,” fires up the soul with sharp percussion sample choice and emotionally impassioned vocals that are completely gripping. The combination here hits you out of the blue and puts you in a mood.

If this work stands out to you, you aren’t the only one. NGHTMRE, Slander, Jauz, Alison Wonderland, and more have all given support the artist, who currently doesn’t have a face to the name, (by choice.)

A fan of film scores, longstoryshort incorporates what inspires him in this category into the dance fold he puts out, helping add substance and originality to his music that sticks.

If this is your cup of tea, dive into his discography on Spotify where he has more where that came from – it will be a move you won’t forget.