Electro-House, House | No Funks Given Meets Up With Guy Fieri In “Flavor Town”

Posted by on April 28, 2016

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No Funks Given are quickly establishing themselves as a fresh and funny duo in the dance music scene. Their social media is nothing like I’ve ever seen, and their music, in particular, their latest single “Flavor Town,” show off their sense of humor and their high-energy sound. From the intro we get an ethereal vibe with a unique sound that flows up into a climactic drop where we meet Guy Fieri. “Let’s make bangers” is his sign on, then No Funks Given hits us with some hard bass. Instead of hanging out with guy, the California duo moves on to meet up with the Jaboody Dubs version of Guy for the rest of the track as they dish out some insane melodies and keep the bass just as gritty. The song gets better and better as time elapses. “Flavor Town” has been released for free, so all you need to do is head to the link below!

No Funks Given – Flavor Town: Free Download

House | Justin Jay Delivers A Shadowy Late Nite Dub of Justin Jay & Friends “Karma”

Posted by on April 21, 2016

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Justin Jay & Friends have been taking over airwaves with their releases like “What Do You Want,” “Can’t Complain” and more. Their songwriting-heavy gems have been a breath of fresh air for the scene, and the group seems to have a very promising future ahead of them. Although the series of releases has consisted of songs from the group, Justin Jay now goes off on his own to create a new version of their hit “Karma” that brings a perfect afterparty vibe to the tune. The Fantastic Voyage mastermind has never taken it upon himself to remix his own song, so be sure to check out the results above.

House | Wake Up To The Vibes From Klue W/ “So Good”

Posted by on April 21, 2016

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Why is it that everything you’re told to stay away from, feels so good? That’s exactly what Klue is singing about on his first single “So Good” off his upcoming EP. Currently on tour in Australia, if you’re feeling this lovely warm and sunny weather we’re getting from Spring, (although it’s Fall in Australia), let Klue provide the vibes to your days. Matter of fact, let his SoundCloud play, you won’t regret it, it’s a must listen!

Spotify: Klue – So Good


Progressive House | Trivecta Focuses On His Progressive-Trance Roots With “Into The Limelight”

Posted by on April 20, 2016

Trivecta’s “Into The Limelight (feat. Danyka Nadeau)” speaks volumes about the continuous presence of older genres, Monstercat’s curation style in 2016, and showcases Trivecta in a shell he’s quite comfortable in.

Some may say genres like progressive and trance are fading away, but as you can see from the play hits and traction of this tune, the audience is far from dispersing. “Into The Limelight (feat. Danyka Nadeau)” combines the two sounds in an epic, anthem-like way that’s the opposite of generic. It’s an engine that carries you into a universe all it’s own. This tune made my day.

Chill, House | Sandovall – Unwind (Sokko Remix)

Posted by on April 19, 2016

This is an absolute smash, I recently discovered this tune and man oh man this thing sounds like its beachside or poolside ready. It’s finally getting really nice, and this is just a tease for summer, pools, and posting up outside. Sokko is starting make a name for himself, creating a super bright and clear sound, and I can’t wait to hear more killer tunes from him in 2016!

Deep House | Bordertown Delivers Refreshing Remix of Tom & Collins – Obsessed

Posted by on April 14, 2016

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“Obsessed” could not be a more accurate representation of what comes to mind after copious spins of Bordertown’s phenomenal remix of the already enchanting Tom & Collins track, “Obsessed.” This remix is truly a cinematic experience, introducing us to its bouncing bass-lines with nothing short of what sounds like an ensemble of strings. Although still full of energy, this track calls on listeners to become entranced with every beat. Bordertown is setting the bar high with this deep house groove and we can’t wait to see what other tricks are up their sleeves.

House | Justin Jay Rocks Out With His Friends on “What Do You Want”

Posted by on April 12, 2016

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Woah. Now this isn’t something that I expected from Justin Jay, even though he promised us his debut Fantastic Voyage album was going to feature all sorts of genres across the spectrum when he officially announced the release, but there’s no doubt that I’m a huge fan. “What Do You Want” is the least dance-y record that Mr. Jay has put out, and by dance-y, we’re talking about the underground genres that Justin has dominated for so long. “What Do You Want” showcases a traditional indie rock backbone with Josh Taylor’s gravely vocals perfectly balanced by a smooth melody. Take a peep at it above.