Progressive House | Tom Staar & Ansolo – Totem

Posted by on July 22, 2014

Tom Staar Ansolo Totem Tom Staar & Ansolo   Totem
I told you the story of Ansolo and FNT in my last post so it is incredible to see him with his mentor Tom Staar releasing a tune on one of the most prestigious dance labels around, Size Records. We have seen a return to the bounce in dance music, not just what Melbourne has been doing for quite some time that is making waves across the world, but also groovier bass lines finding their way back into big time dance music. This tune has it all with an irresistible low end and a surprisingly soothing melody all wrapped up with strong tribal influences. It has already hit number 10 on the iTunes dance chart, so grab “Totem” below.

iTunes | Beatport

Exclusive, House | FNT Premiere: Grand & Warren – In The House

Posted by on July 22, 2014

grand warren 620x413 FNT Premiere: Grand & Warren   In The House

NYC duo Grand & Warren take a break from remixes to head back into the more challenging, but rewarding realm of originals. The tune is groovier than their latest productions, while still hinting at some big room energy, though the barrage of plucks are simply that, plucks. They cap it all off by intelligently sampling Glass Figure’s “I Need You” (make sure you peep the Chateau Marmont remix) and a steady groove. Grab the exclusive download only here below!

The duo are playing a handful of shows in the NYC area the rest of the summer, as well as one in Chi-city and another in LA. Get info on their website here.

Progressive House | Danzfolk – Cheyenne Indians

Posted by on July 21, 2014

Danzfolk Cheyenne Indians Danzfolk   Cheyenne IndiansYou know when you are listening to a song and you don’t really know what it is, but you are bobbing your head and grooving along anyway? I hit play on this bad boy, went to different tab and with the memory of a goldfish, totally forgot what I was listening to, but had the same reaction I always do with Danzfolk. The second installment of their “Sandcreek Massacre” series, the duo do it again with another big, bouncy, cinematic tune. Below is the story that is the backdrop for the track, which you can grab for free now.

In 1864, Colonel John Chivington and the Colorado Cavalry massacred the Cheyenne Indians at Sand Creek, Colorado. The causes of the massacre were rooted in the long conflict for control of the Great Plains. During the Civil War, tension began to rise and sporadic violence broke out between Anglos and the Native Americans. After meeting to forge a new peace treaty, the Colorado Cavalry, in what can only be considered an act of treachery, brutally attacked the unsuspecting Cheyenne Indians. Hundreds of men, women and children were murdered, and the village was set on fire. This song tells the story of the brave indians who fought to defend their sacred land.

Free Download: Danzfolk – Cheyenne Indians

Electro-House | Calvin Harris – C.U.B.A

Posted by on July 21, 2014

artworks 000083214374 c8nv8z t500x500 Calvin Harris   C.U.B.A

Initially previewed a little under a month ago on his Soundcloud, “C.U.B.A”, Calvin Harris’ newest track is finally out. This track is huge and if you have yet to hear it, you need to promptly fix that and then go download it from somewhere.

Beatport: Calvin Harris – C.U.B.A

Progressive House | Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Moiez Bootleg)

Posted by on July 20, 2014

Coldplay A Sky Full Of Stars Moiez Bootleg Coldplay   A Sky Full Of Stars (Moiez Bootleg)
The Avicii / Coldplay combo has been absolutely killer, acting as a crossover from the radio to the festival stage to TV / commercial uses. Even the slightly lackluster Hardwell remix shot up to the top of the Beatport charts*. In steps Moiez to deliver a dynamite melodic remix that adds some big reverbed synths, while still leaning on the handiwork of king veech and Coldplay. Grab this now before the labels buy up soundcloud and take down remixes like this.

Free Download: Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Moiez Bootleg)

Progressive House | Denzal Park feat. Jon Hume – One Way Home (Marcus Santoro Remix)

Posted by on July 19, 2014

avatars 000090232903 mfybsd t500x500 Denzal Park feat. Jon Hume   One Way Home (Marcus Santoro Remix)

In appreciation of the support he has gotten on his recent single, “You & I”, Marcus Santoro, my fourth best friend even though we’ve never actually met, has remixed Denzal Park’s “One Way Home” and is giving it away for free. You can expect either a harder, gritty track or a melodic one when it comes to Marcus’ releases and for this one he went the melodic route. Like always, the track is well crafted and has extremely high production quality.

Free Download: Denzal Park feat. Jon Hume – One Way Home (Marcus Santoro Remix)

Progressive House | Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Andino & Kelvin Remix)

Posted by on July 17, 2014

Rather Be Andino Kelvin 580x580 Clean Bandit   Rather Be (Andino & Kelvin Remix)

If there is one song you’re going to listen today, make it this one. Not only are these two kids 19, this is also their first release EVER. We don’t know much about this duo, but I’m sure we’re going to see a lot more from them in the near future. The FREE DOWNLOAD is linked in the SoundCloud player!