House | Chris Maze Delivers Refreshing Style In House-Single “The Eyes”

Posted by on November 3, 2019

Chris Maze, a house music artist from Pittsburgh, PA, has dropped “The Eyes,” on OFDM Records, the mark on the imprint is an irresistible, well-made house track, however at the same time grandstands the advancement of Maze aesthetically.

Exemplifying riveting states of mind and specialized ability, “The Eyes” goes further than simply the melody.

Chris Maze’s music takes motivation from many sub-sects of house, with an emphasis on making fun, fiery tunes while giving his very own one of a kind style to his creations.

House, Remix | Birthdayy Partyy Kickoff NBA Season With “Space Jam” Remix

Posted by on October 23, 2019

Birthdayy Partyy are paying homage to two of Chicago’s greatest things at once: The Bulls and House music. With the NBA season just kicking off, “Space Jam” is a real mood and the Chi-Town twins Birthdayy Partyy have really added some bass-boosted adrenaline to the original. Their remix has been teased in their sets this year, but now we get a full version, fleshed out and freely downloadable. With all the dark, spooky tracks coming out, this will be a nice shift for your Halloween playlists to really get the party, or partyy, started.

House | Judah Holiday’s ‘All That I Got Tonight’ gets the dance remix treatment

Posted by on October 11, 2019

Miami artist Judah Holiday presents a house remix by Jay Mac & Mack for ‘All That I Got Tonight,’ a song written after a stint in rehab, which made Judah realize that friends, family, and the moment of now is all that matters. The dance pop single flipped into a dance remix is already makes it ways onto radio, garnering support from mixshow DJs. Stream the video above, and check out the remix below,

Judah gives his thoughts on the remix: I’m so excited to hear this remix of a song I wrote on a balcony just a few months ago. Things are moving fast… I like it.

Kevin Rudolf who is backing Judah adds the energy on the remix is fire. I dig the fresh take on an already great record.


House | Los Padres Lands Top Spot on Confession Compilation “Alchemy V’ with “Boomerang”

Posted by on August 26, 2019

Fast rising duo Los Padres are turning heads with “Boomerang (ft. Nina Sung,)” a fascinating blend of indie, pop, and house perfectly staged for the current popular house consciousness. Fans will be feeding off this one in no time. Placed at #1 on Tchami’s 5th (V) addition of the highly-praised Confession album series Alchemy, it’s no surprise the two Florida natives are experiencing a sharp rise this year.

This single follows up an official 21 Pilots remix signed to Atlantic Records, the former and above showcasing more of their well-balanced sound that, in part, allows them to stand out. Los Padres are just getting warmed up, keep an eye out for more goodies soon.

House | Art Bastian Taps Into Progressive Trance Vibe In “Blazing Sun”

Posted by on August 26, 2019

Art Bastian’s “Blazing Sun” has been on rotation globally throughout clubs and radio shows. The progressive house moment-maker carries many elements house fans will quickly attach to.

“Being from a big city we often forget about the simplicity and beauty of nature. For this song, I like to imagine a city kid who goes on a journey into nature to find his oneness with it.”
Art Bastian

“Blazing Sun” is all about positivity and warmth, the communal aspect being one of the most engaging parts of the metaphysical experience. Released on 18th Floor Recordings, Art Bastian is a new alias with an veteran electronic artist pulling the levers behind the curtain. His singles stand out on their own and shouldn’t be missed.

House | Rat City is back and it’s ‘Deliriously Good’

Posted by on August 20, 2019

Rat City is back with the animation for their follow up to ‘Kind of Love,’ ‘Deliriously Good’, and have been making a splash on Norwegian radio with their retro pop sound. Check out their music video above, conceived by US-based animator ‘Micah Monkey’ who designed a whole world of characters for the band inspired by the Gorillaz, as the band shares, “We are all big fans of the Gorillaz and loved the idea of Rat City starting life as an animated project…telling stories of a hotbed of seedy characters who stab each other in the back at every turn.”  

House | Lo Key Flexes Versatility On House-Infused “Summer Nights”

Posted by on August 16, 2019

Inspiring and intense is the message that can be taken away from “Summer Nights,” a groovy, disco infused single bursting with live horns, soul-stirring vocal samples, and a light trance-influence that simply gets your there. “Summer Nights” second verse showcases a more hard-hitting side juxtaposition, the natural sweet to salty flow is a major highlight and a feat easier said than done. The totality of the experience gripping no matter where your dance music tastes fall.

Music has been an escape and way to overcome obstacles in the life of Lo Key, after experiencing the connectedness between others music has to offer, he plunged deeper into his passion for music and career. Lo Key is in it for the long run and the substance of his music reflects.