Chill, House | Mt. Sierra Continues Roll Out Of Ep With ‘6AM In Vegas’

Posted by on March 12, 2022

Hungry to contribute his integral ideas of house music, Mt. Sierra is riding a stream of conciseness that can’t be stopped. “6AM In Vegas,” is the most recent example of this, showcasing a nice blend of sample details, writing, and an all around charming mood. If you heard his previous tracks, you’ll recognize that this one gets a bit less somber and much more upbeat. It’s easy to envision this track being played out mid-set, setting the crowd off into a cheer as the vibe in the air brightens up. Mt. Sierra is building a thicker and thicker catalog, the works currently out showcasing a balance of diversity without straying too far away from one another in terms of connectivity.

“6AM In Vegas,” symbolizes Mt. Sierra’s consistency and dedication to the project. He’s active on socials, has more music lined up, and is on a roll that only seems to be getting better with time. The USA-based artist has years of production experience under his belt, it being clear that he can harness this at moments notice to shrink the gap between what he wants to make and what actually comes out the other end in the studio.

If you dig what’s going on here, give Mt. Sierra a follow and be apart of something special.

House | Dot Shares New Single “Fever Dream”

Posted by on March 12, 2022

In her first release of 2022, Dot has shared a new single titled “Fever Dream”. The LA based producer shines through with a tight original composition as well as her own vocals. Dot sings about wanting to go out and find something to connect with just to feel something. Check it out below and stay tuned for more music from Dot soon.

House | Chomper Makes His Pharoh Phonix Debut With House-Focused ‘Check It’ EP

Posted by on March 2, 2022

Chomper’s Check It EP is a step forward in many ways, not all of which are plainly obvious. The EP dropped on the brand new label Pharoh Phonix, which was launched at the start of this year thanks to Thomas Xavier. In terms of sound, the EP makes an awesome impression. Catchy vocal samples, joyous deep house basslines, and a generous amount of entertaining bells and whistles all collide together an organized, orderly manner to make this experience sensational.

Both tracks featured on this EP have qualities that stick with you and are overall on point, but “Peekaboo,” is particularly catchy. There’s just something about it. The “Peekaboo Peekaboo / I See You,” fits in beautifully with the classic/club house flow that is being brought to life. Pair this with intensely dirty basslines and you end up with a tune that’s hard to turn off.

Currently residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Chomper makes the music game seem easy. He’s a wiz when it comes to taking soul-stirring vocals and connecting them up with a proper beat that does them justice. His career more or less started off on the DJ side, where success took off quickly. He’s done dozens of show and even had chances to boast his stamina, performing 6 hours set that blew the lid off the audience.

Check It EP is a great next step for Chomper as he begins to focus more on the production side of his career.


House | Drops Exploratory 2-Track ‘Solar Waves’ EP On Delusional Records

Posted by on February 3, 2022 is an electronic artist who attracts the curiosity of others toward her sound with what could simply be called an allusive and nonconformist approach. Released on Delusional Records, Solar Waves EP is the latest work from her that reflects these qualities to a tee. Solar Waves EP is made up of two tracks titled “Ostara,” and “Arctic Age,” both of which work off each other to communicate an impactful soundscape.

“Ostara,” begins the adventure with with an uplifting draw. A feeling of uncertainty connecting pleasurable surprises comes out to play through the use of a house music structure and strong synth work. Without a vocal and using a somewhat vague mood, the mind is left to imagine what it all means – a refreshing aspect of Solar Waves.

“Arctic Age,” follows the opening track, but takes this musical passage to a plain that opens you up more with it’s progressive influences and dark direction. Blended with certain production parts found in “Ostara,” which allows the EP to be more connected, “Arctic Age,” shows it’s individuality with dark moments and a chilly feel. is a growing musician who knows what she is doing. She’s had labels sign her music such as Saturo Sounds, Heist Mode, and LTHM Records plus has played some highly notable venues like Avalon Hollywood, Elsewhere, Knitting Factory, and Bossa Nova Civic Club. Going beyond the decks, she is a co-founder of a promoter group known as Last Night’s Makeup, adding that much more experience to her thick resume. has kicked off her year in the right way, Solar Waves EP being a shining beacon on a hill that foreshadows more greatness to come.

House | Mt. Sierra Reveals 4th Song ‘When You Hold It Down’ Off Of Debut EP

Posted by on December 10, 2021

2021 has treated Mt. Sierra well. He’s showcased a total of 4 track, giving a multi-lateral perspective as to what he’s bringing to the table as an electronic DJ/producer. Often delivering a sense of style that’s emotive, house-oriented, and styles a handful of fun themes, Mt. Sierra is giving what the scene needs extra of and while giving house DJ’s additional ammo to win the crown over.

“When You Hold It Down,” is an example of these tracks, this time styling a happy theme versus past releases – putting out there the range of exploration he’s not afraid to execute.

Having built his skillset on aspects like previous alias, Icon Collective education, live show hands-on moments, and more, Mt. Sierra knows what he takes to do things right as a budding electronic artist.

Currently based in LA and inspired by a wide range of music genres that go outside of electronic, Mt. Sierra

Bass, House | AYOO And XPNSV TASTE Go Big On Bass House With ‘DRIPPIN NON STOP’

Posted by on November 28, 2021

“DRIPPIN NON STOP,” offer more than what the average song tackling this genre does. The magic of AYOO and XPNSV TASTE come out in this one, dazzling their fanbase and first-timers alike with their quick-acting, bass heavy style. The single symbolizes the complimentary aesthetics these guys can communicate when they put their minds to it. This track boasting some serious juice that stirs up adrenaline damn near involuntary.

Though in different locations, AYOO and XPNSV TASTE used the power of the internet to push forward on the project file until its inevitable completion. The world is a better place because of it, surprising samples catching the listener off guard, while thumping bass satisfies and the rhythm ensures the mood stays savvy.

Greatness is what is going to follow these hungry, passionate artists, “DRIPPIN NON STOP,” being one of many heaters AYOO and XPNSV TASTE are capable of.

House | Sam Allan Drops Time-Testing House Single ‘Regressive’ On Gameroom Records

Posted by on October 22, 2021

Sam Allan clearly has an intelligent world view, which his music reflects. His recent single “Regressive,” takes in many different influences all in one go to capture something moment-making and all-around impressive. Signed to Gameroom Records / Blackhole Records, the single takes the listener on an all-it’s own journey, touching on Arabic culture, underrated instruments, and a smooth house flow built on squeaky clean production. The sonic adventure at hand is one that is well-crafted and well-thought out, a vibe like this not being able to be rendered in a couple hours time. The efforts Sam Allan put in here was well worth it, the experience being easy to come back to again and again.

Sam Allan has been in the game for quite some time, over 10 years in fact. Through his music career, he’s had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such names as Zedd, Kaskade, Eric Prydz, Robin Schulz, Cash Cash, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, and W&W, playing at venues like Marquee and Lavo as well.

He’s a well-rounded guy and both his social and streaming platforms exude just this. “Regressive,” is something not to be missed.