Chill, House | Nightcall’s “Let You Go” A Fresh Approach To Chill Sound

Posted by on January 14, 2018

After aiding in the production of hundred of records as co-producers and engineers, Nick Peters and Marcel Wenzel are ready to take center stage as the production duo Nightcall. Showcasing a veteran production savvy on their debut track “Let It Go”, Nightcall weaves together acoustic guitar plucks, piano chords, and energetic, yet subtle percussion hits. Smooth female vocals further compliment the song by adding energy and texture. Having spent many years helping other artists achieve their desired sound, “Let It Go” marks the beginning of an exciting new era for Nightcall and demonstrates their readiness for the limelight.

Electro-House | ‘Funky Music’ with Corey James & Teamworx

Posted by on December 15, 2017

Liverpudlian talent Corey James has recently signed to Steve Angello’s ‘SIZE Records’ roster, and since then he has released a slew of records including a remix for Highly Sedated and his anthemic ‘Back In Time’. His latest offering, available now via SIZE is ‘Funky Music’, which many view as one of the standout tracks throughout Steve Angello’s much-admired BBC Radio 1 residency for 2016. The track is packed full of energy, a punchy bassline, and catchy vocals. This winning combination has further gained ‘Funky Music’ spins from headliners including Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Dannic and Nicky Romero!

House | Phenatiks Drops House Influenced Single “Tour Guide”

Posted by on December 7, 2017

In a world filled with excessive social media campaigns and self-promotion, the Phenatiks are an interesting anomaly. Comprised of PhilZen and jinjun, the innovative production duo prefers to let their music speak for itself by keeping a low key online profile. Enthusiasm for their new single “Tour Guide” and their previous release “Your Body” indicates that their production is more than capable of standing on its own merits. On “Your Body” the Phenatiks dive into the world of tribal house with a fierce drum track and some distinct vocal chops. Their fresh take one dance music is already generating quite a response on SoundCloud and leaving listeners eager for their next track. With a steadily growing fan base, expect to hear much more from them in the coming months.


Deep House | Rossy Adds Deep House Twist To Jauz and ROUXN’s “Meant To Love You”

Posted by on December 7, 2017

Remixing a massively successful song is no easy feat for an up and coming producer. Rossy shows that she is more than up to the challenge with a new rework of “Meant To Love You” by Jauz featuring ROUXN. Taking on the synth-heavy Jauz version with ease, Rossy makes her remix a worthy companion to the original by focusing on ROUXN’s vocals and simplifying the surrounding instrumentation. After showing great promise with her original compositions, Rossy’s first remix is likely to further boost her public profile. Her take on “Meant To Love You” is already one of her best-received tracks a mere few days after its release.

Chill, Deep House | OYO Releases Expressive Music Video For Dance Single “Powerless”

Posted by on December 7, 2017

After seeing his work featured in Anchorman 2 and other major motion pictures, OYO is no stranger to the powerful synergy of music and visuals. With his latest offering “Powerless” featuring Temple, OYO provides viewers with a rich, carefully choreographed viewing experience to match the drum ‘n bass and electro vibes of his new song. Director Tom McKenzie successfully captures Maja Kaagaard Olsen’s fluid dance moves in an ominous factory, an otherworldly white background, and a vast piece of farmland, while choreographer Jens Schyth Brøndum’s uses the settings to heighten the impact of each dance move. The “Powerless” video is yet another example of OYO’s ability to fuse movement and music together as one.

House | 7 Grams Dives Into Classic House Vibe In “Stand Back” EP

Posted by on December 7, 2017

7 Grams’ latest EP Stand Back marks his new status as an internationally recognized recording artist. The EP’s lead song “Stand Back” ushers in the exciting new phase of his career with its dynamic production while the B-side “Funky Monkey” utilizes a genre-bending, outside the box mixture of styles. “Buzzsaw” closes out the program with a thunderous bassline. As a true testament to his tireless work ethic, 7 Grams’ distinct sound is already receiving praise from highly-respected peers like Fedde Le Grand and Tommy Trash. From start to finish Stand Back proves 7 Grams’ global recognition and peer admiration is well-deserved.

Electro-House, House | Lektrique Goes 80’s Retro With Vibrant New EP

Posted by on December 1, 2017

Lektrique has had an amazing 2017. The Belgian producer toured the US for the first time and has grown Kannibalen Radio as one of the best tastemaking music podcasts on the web. Not to mention he’s released some incredible tunes, including his latest project that features two 80’s inspired hits. TURBO sees Lektrique bring his electro sound with new flash and flare, while NEON sees him breaking genre bounds and slowing down the BPMs from TURBO. Together these two tracks are magnificent, lending themselves to be easily synced for a major Hollywood sci-fi. Don’t be surprised if that ends up happening!