Indie | Guard Delivers Gripping Music Video For His New Tantalizing Single, ‘luvbomb’

Posted by on April 28, 2023

Using music as an effective tool for self-expression and introspection, Guard has cultivated an entrancing style of indie-pop over the years. Born in South Africa but mostly raised in Australia, Guard’s childhood was filled with a passion for pop culture and pop music. A diversely talented individual, Guard is also proficient in filmmaking, graphic design, songwriting, poetry.

Merging these skills, his musical influences, and pure creativity, Guard has returned with his new bewitching single, “luvbomb”. Embedding mystifying sequences of guitar and slow-tempo percussion, these elements are shaped around Guard’s dreamy vocals. Putting listeners in a trance, his seductive singing has a powerful story behind it.

The lyrics in “luvbomb” shed light on relationship toxicity, manipulation, and narcissism. He challenges his audience to think deeply and reflect on their past experiences while losing themselves in the song. Accompanying “luvbomb”, is a breathtaking music video that explores these topics as well. It is a reality-distorting display of haunting and crazy shots, such as Guard throwing up, being smeared with cake, and strapped to a chair.

If one thing is for certain, it is that Guard is an artist that has the X-factor. Keep your eye peeled for this groundbreaking visionary as he continues to deliver mind-bending auditory and visual projects.

Indie | Mattew Torres “Could Have Told You That” on New Single

Posted by on June 1, 2022

Born in Modesto, California, Matthew Torres currently works as a licensed psychotherapist, a career which he is extremely passionate about. A creative at heart, Matthew also writes screenplays for horror shorts. 

Matthew Torres writes emotionally moving and intimate music that ranges from folk to wistful pop to modern indie and captivates audiences into a journey of reflection, exploring our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with others. Matthew Torres returns at the end of May with a brand new single ‘Could Have Told You That’. The anthemic indie offering gives an edge to melodic storytelling, channeling a similar energy to fellow Californian musicians Weezer. 

Matthew Torres gives us insight into the meaning behind the track:

“This is an anthem for the dating app era. Or at least it’s an anthem for my experience – wanting romantic connection but also feeling like there is so much of me I’m still figuring out. I think a lot of people feel the same way and so we all get it. But it’s also still frustrating and painful trying to connect to someone who is at a different place in working things out for themself.”

The release of ‘Could Have Told You That’ follows on from his 2021 release ‘Ills Descent’, which has already accumulated over 150,000 streams on Spotify. 

Indie | Chaz Cardigan Releases “Rockwell” Ahead of Forthcoming Album

Posted by on March 9, 2022

“Rockwell” is the third single release on Nvak Collective by Chaz Cardigan. After being burned out from the major label machine, Chaz started secretly writing with friends, immigrant, queer and POC collaborators, with the intent to “document what it feels like right now to be an American when this country is not designed for you and refuses to make space for you in a meaningful way.” Loving this new direction, especially the music for the new track, which as always highlights his genius songwriting ability and well molded soundscapes that blend pop and indie/ alt rock. Check it out below now!


Indie | Kkami Forges a New Path on “Falling Away”

Posted by on March 1, 2022

seeyousoon producer and Orlando solo act Kkami is paving a new path on his musical journey. “Falling Away” is a step towards a new musical direction for the upcoming artist, who in the past had a more hip-hop infused production pallet, is now leaning more towards the electronica space with a hint of indie and emo influence thanks to his voice. Another new thing for him on this track is him using his own vocal on top of the track, where as he usually is just making the beat for other vocalists. Tune into “Falling Away” above now.

Indie | Dennyiah Drop Video for “Sense Of The Rain”

Posted by on January 7, 2022

Slovakian indie band Dennyiah return with one of their most captivating and hybrid releases to date, “Sense of the Rain”. This is the first piece of music I’ve heard by the band but this one is something unique and a great listen. Dennyiah, consisting of lead vocalist Denny and guitarist Lubos, the two-piece fuse pop, soul, country and blues to create their distinctive style and are known for never being limited to one sound. Tune into the visual for “Sense of the Rain” above now and read a quote from Dennyiah below on the release!

“It’s about the elusive sensation of an invincible life force coming from within. Losing the ego and idealised and pre-constructed idea of self. That’s when nothing around changes. The only thing that changes is your perception and the fact that it doesn’t have the power to go under your skin anymore because it’s always been disconnected from the true within. Bad things good things – it’s all the same – what matters is how much you let it drag you down. This song speaks about the short moment of enlightenment, about the deep connection to everything without the heaviness of reaction.”

Indie, Pop | COTTA Returns With Stunning Alt-Pop Anthem “Ghostin’”

Posted by on October 27, 2021

Three impactful singles deep into her music career, Cassidy Mackie aka COTTA is already showing signs of a mature artist who is preparing herself for a lengthy career within the industry. Based in Australia, the talented singer and songwriter has been described as “the lovechild of the late 1980s and Maggie Rogers,” having developed a tender sound that is as intricate as it is radio-ready. Detailing love, loss and the up and downs of life as she experiences it, COTTA is set to move lots of people with her personal and vulnerable lyricism, and her very first releases make up for great examples of her talent. 

Her uplifting debut single “Better” was released back in February of this year and was swiftly added to Triple J Unearthed’s radio rotation. Then came “Didn’t Call,” which was born from the trials of a long-distance relationship and produced by Oldland in Melbourne. It’s a nostalgic yet infectious cut filled with subtle percussion, smooth electric piano chords and light synth lines. Upon release it was debuted on Triple J’s show Home and Hosed, receiving great acclaim from host Declan Byrne, who commended COTTA’s ‘soulful and smart’ effort on the song.

Now, COTTA has just shared her third release, taking a jab at an ex-lover who deliberately led her on before she finally found out about their true feelings and decided to move on. It is a truly impactful story from the perspective of someone who is one the receiving end of being ghosted, driven by vocal lines that are perfectly complimented by the grandiose instrumental. Strong piano chords and hard-hitting drum work juxtapose subtle synths and effects, while COTTA’s passionate singing helps transcend the story and make it come to life. 

“The idea of ‘ghosting’ someone is ‘the practice of ending a personal relationship with someone by suddenly and without explanation withdrawing from all communication,” explains COTTA. “’Ghostin’’ pays tribute to a particular time in my life, where I was strung along by someone with no intention of a follow-through, but who knew exactly what they were doing at the time, before they bailed. This song taps into the gut-wrenching, unexplainable frustration when you’re on the receiving end of being ghosted – even if it’s drawn out and maybe not immediate – and serves as an f-you anthem to the ones that never deserved your time anyway.”

Alternative, Indie | GREYSKIES Drops Debut Album, ‘The Mind is Like the Moon’

Posted by on October 20, 2021

GREYSKIES smoothly blends together elements of alternative-rock paired with a dark-pop underbelly and it sounds great. The rising Iceland native is motivated to write meaningful songs with highly potent lyricism that transcends beyond the norm. He has finally unleashed his debut album, the 10-track-project, ‘The Mind is Like the Moon’ and it is a culmination of vulnerability and euphoria, channeled through epic, stadium-sized alt-rock songs, exposing his everyday feelings of living and residing in a country of mostly darkness. Check it out above now and keep this up-and-comer on your radars!