Indie | Austin Basham – All Is Well

Posted by on November 18, 2014

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Folks, I’ve been holding off on sharing this one, it’s just that good, and sometimes I like having my own little gems, but right about now feels like the right time to introduce Austin Basham to the world and his latest single “All Is Well,” an infectious acoustic indie-pop ditty that should not be slept on! I’m willing to bet $20, you’re going to be seeing this track take off on the blog-o-sphere, and remixes left and right pop up. I personally had tears running down my face when I first heard it, pardon my sensitivity for beautiful music icon smile Austin Basham   All Is Well This is a must listen!

Indie | Goldroom X White Cliffs – Till Sunrise

Posted by on November 13, 2014

WhiteCliffs TillSunrise 500x500 Goldroom X White Cliffs   Till Sunrise
This track right here is cooler than ice and with winter making its dark return, White Cliffs supply a warm breeze transporting us back to summer. “Till Sunrise” has been getting its fair share of remix exposure, but no one has been able to facilitate an atmosphere so nonchalant. It starts off with an ambient intro and slaps us with a funky bassline, propping those sexy vocals right to our attention. Relax, and enjoy this free download for your listening pleasure.

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Indie, Pop | La+ch – La+ch EP

Posted by on November 11, 2014

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After the steady weekly release of singles, La+ch decided the world was ready for their self-titled EP, and if I were you, I would pay close attention, this EP is sex. If I had a long walk to work, you’d probably catch me belting these tunes out in my falsetto voice at the top of my lungs on the sidewalk, straight loving life. My personal favorite off the EP is “Hunter,” if you like Passion Pit, than this one is for you, besides, who doesn’t like Passion Pit? This is a must listen and support by purchasing the EP on iTunes!

iTunes: La+ch – La+ch EP


Indie | The Blancos – Lemon Garden (Official Video)

Posted by on November 10, 2014

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The Blancos have been on my radar for a good few months now, and for the first time we can finally put a face to the voices with their latest music video for “Lemon Garden” , and it gets even more raw for these 2 as their voices fit the look, bearded grungy dudes who probably don’t have a care in the world. It’s Monday afternoon, so here’s a 1:30 ditty with visuals to accompany of The Blancos’ “Lemon Garden.” This is a must watch and a must listen!

Indie | La+ch – Lolita

Posted by on November 4, 2014

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This might be the most awesomely weird record I’ve heard in a long time, and La+ch is behind it with “Lolita,” a raw record with so much emotion, you can hear it in the production, and you can hear it in the Passion Pit like vocals that resonate in my sensitive heart and ears. I’m all about the emotion, the non-processed, the organic, and La+ch gets it, this might be today’s version of what rock-n-roll used to be when the Eagles were around. Give this one a listen and look out for their EP which releases November 10th! This is a must listen!

Hip-Hop, Indie | Sunkissed (Vol. 1)

Posted by on November 3, 2014

shemce.sunkissed.vol1  500x500 Sunkissed (Vol. 1) There are very few producers who can claim to have elevated to the top in 4 short months and cop a record deal with Sony Records. Coming out of studio hibernation-mode, David Youssef (Shèmce) has released hit after hit, many of which he showcases in the first of his Sunkissed series. He has embraced Tropical House as his religion and is well on his way to shaping the future direction of this genre.
David Youssef Stages 500x281 Sunkissed (Vol. 1)
Volume 1 begins with a fresh, tropical squeeze of Notorious BIG’s “Juicy,” a re-fix that would have the king of flow himself vibing. Think of your favourite beach, because that’s where Shèmce wants to take you. He’s no stranger to giving a crowd what it wants; before becoming captain of the Tropical House ship, he pioneered his way into the industry as resident DJ of a small-town club. Think twice, this is the same venue that saw Skrillex, Avicii, Zedd, Dada Life, Porter Robinson, Rusko, and Benny Benassi (to name a few) bless its decks (this was also when tickets were $20 … the good ol’ days). It only makes rational sense that a producer/DJ of David’s calibre has risen through the haze of heavy bass, broken glowsticks, half-empty water bottles, and endless streams of stage-rages. He lives two lives, prescribing the right dosage of feel-good therapy during the day, and heavy dancefloor beats during the night.

Expect the unexpected, ladies and gentleman – let him take you to church. In Shèmce’s heart, its always summer and this series is a testament to his philosophy. Thanks to David for this bit of “Free Sunshine.” – we here at FNT are very excited to watch Shèmce grow in the coming months and years.


Chill, Indie | Tom Misch & Carmody – So Close

Posted by on November 3, 2014

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World, have you heard the 19 year old talent that is Tom Misch? If you haven’t it’s alright, but you better get familiar with him ASAP, because he’s next to blow, and if you’re not convinced, his latest single with Carmody “So Close” carries vibes, that warrants a fireplace, a snuggie, and some hot cacao, ya’ll feel me? If you’re more the candles, and warm bath type, that’s cool too, do your thing, just make this sure ditty plays on, it’ll bring you at peace! This is a must listen!

iTunes: Tom Misch & Carmody – So Close