Alternative, Chill, Indie | Outasight Premiere’s Latest Single ‘Boogie’ On FNT

Posted by on October 8, 2015

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There is nothing better than good music. The type of music that just grabs your soul and makes you want to share it with the world. The type of music we will still be listening to in 40 years. Richard Andrew, a Yonkers, NY native, better known by his stage name Outasight is making exactly that type of music.

Boogie is the most recent single off his forthcoming album’Big Trouble‘ which is his first project since parting ways with WMG and going independent. Despite the lack of funding and resources of being independent, Outasight has created a much more vibrant sound full of amazing instrumentation. With his previous singles from the new album having more of a funk feel to it, Boogie comes in heavy with rock influence but still has those good vibes that previous singles ‘Big Trouble‘ and ‘The Wild Life‘ have made us accustomed to.

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Indie, Throwbacks | Earth, Wind, & Fire make a comeback thanks to Taylor Wise

Posted by on October 1, 2015

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New York producer Taylor Wise has been stirring up buzz with his past three releases all taking the #1 spot on Hypem. Spreading the ‘feel good’ vibes, Taylor Wise allows the listener to revisit the Earth, Wind & Fire classic, “September”. I promise you, this will have you singing, dancing, and best of all – acting like you’re an R&B soul artist. Combining live instrumentation, Taylor is breaking the stereotype of the laptop producer – using live guitars, drums, and other instruments in his remixes. Check out the track now and start jammin’!

Electronic, Indie | Stereoshock challenges the boundaries of Electronic Music with “What Grows Within”

Posted by on September 23, 2015

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As an artist, we have come to know Stereoshock as one who truly challenges what can be defined as electronic music. With his signature combination of organic instruments, combined with synths and atmosphere elements – his latest release, “What Grows Within”, continues to impress. Having already gone #1 on one of the Soundcloud trending charts, Stereoshock is gaining a wide following for his unique Cinematic-Indie sound. Stereoshock is definitely a producer to be on the lookout for, so be sure to check out “What Grows Within” and grab the free download now!


Chill, Indie | Sam Feldt Keeps The Melodic Remixes Flowing With “Mistaken”

Posted by on September 16, 2015

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Currently on tour promoting his latest single “Show Me Love,” which if you listen to the radio you should’ve heard by now, Sam Feldt generously gives away his latest remix for Belgian artist Milow “Mistakes.” Opting for a more mature house vibe, which lends itself perfectly to Milow’s indie flow,  Sam is taking us into Fall, but not losing his tropical touch, the sun goes wherever Mr Feldt goes. Get your tickets for the Show Me Love tour here, and catch him at TomorrowWorld!

Free Download: Milow “Mistakes (Sam Feldt Remix)”

Indie | Mexico City Blondes Release “First Cut” + New EP

Posted by on September 16, 2015

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My West Coast bros are always keeping me in the loop with what’s happening on their side of the world, and today they hit me with “First Cut” by Mexico City Blondes, off their just released EP. The duo is made up of Allie Thompson and Greg Doscher, who blend their folk influences with trip hop vocals, making for the winning combination of organic with electronic for the ultimate feels. Check their new single above, and stream their EP below, it’s hump day, and this should get you in the mood, it’s a must listen, and give them a <3 on Hypem!

Indie | “Damage” By Fours Is A Must Listen!

Posted by on September 13, 2015

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This music world makes no sense at times, so much crap gets hyped up, and the good music gets missed on. Let’s change that, “Damage” by Fours is a timeless indie track that you’re going to love at first listen. It makes for the perfect song to transition us from Summer to Fall, just think the closing scene of an action film, where the man and woman drive off in a convertible as the sun sets, cue credits, cue “Damage.” I’m sold, this song is AWESOME! It’s a MUST listen!

House, Indie | Moks And James Arthur Bring In Autumn With “Otherwise”

Posted by on September 11, 2015


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Friday means new music, and digging through Spotify in their latest uploads, this chill indie tune from MOKS featuring UK singer/songwriter James Arthur “Otherwise” popped up in my headphones, and it’s one of those ‘whistle as you go’ ditties to get you through the work day. Reminiscent of that Kill Bill track that was played in a Mercedes commercial, “Otherwise” has elegance and universal written all over it, all while maintaining a folky sound for authenticity. Stream it on Spotify below!