Electronic, Pop | Kindur Follows Up BBC Support With Release Of Upbeat Single’Loner’

Posted by on October 27, 2023

Kindur, the pseudonym of Chris Durkin, an artist who seems to understand the zeitgeist of the current age, translating it into a sound that’s as old as Manchester’s cobblestones yet as fresh as morning dew.

While Durkin’s earlier tracks found a rightful home on platforms like BBC Introducing Manchester, it’s “Loner” that truly positions him on the cultural map. On the surface, it might come across as just another dark pop track with electronic undertones. But, as one dives deeper, there’s an intimacy to the narrative that calls back to the personal anthems of a bygone era.

What’s immediately captivating about “Loner” is its authenticity. Culled from the marrow of personal experiences with manipulative relationships, Durkin chooses to voice his own lyrics. The result is a sonic tale of vulnerability, authenticity, and catharsis. The track seamlessly melds a haunting melodic passage with fiery guitars and propulsive synth lines, creating a sonic landscape that’s both evocative and entrancing.

In an age where music often feels commodified, Kindur’s “Loner” reminds us of the transformative power of a genuine narrative. It’s shows Manchester’s age-old tradition of producing sounds that aren’t just heard but felt. And as Kindur charts this new course, one can’t help but feel that he’s not only telling his story but, in many ways, echoing the whispers of his roots.

Chill, Pop | Dive into the Sounds of Summer with Orang Utan and West Rose’s ‘Summer Simmer’

Posted by on June 29, 2023

With the advent of summer comes a fresh, sun-kissed track, “Summer Simmer” – an invigorating collaboration between the dynamic DJ/producer duo, Orang Utan, and the eclectic indie-pop artist, West Rose. Released on June 29th under the Position Music label, the single is a vibrant amalgamation of new-wave pop, dance music, and house influences.

Imbibing the light-hearted spirit of summer, “Summer Simmer” effuses an energy that is carefree yet captivating. It brilliantly blends upbeat rhythms and catchy melodies that evoke nostalgia for dreamy, sun-dappled days. The unique blending of various genres results in a sound that is simultaneously soothing and energizing.

Orang Utan, revered globally within the electronic music scene, brings their rich experience of performing in cities like Berlin and Los Angeles and infuses their music with these life-experiences. Their influence is noticeable in the track’s pulsating rhythms and infectious energy. West Rose, a Montreal-born artist who gained significant recognition after her 2022 EP, adds her distinct indie-pop flavor to the mix. Her previous hit “Next Big Thing” garnered over 100,000 plays in less than a year.

“Summer Simmer,” with its delightful fusion and summer-fun vibe, is set to become the quintessential soundtrack for all the summer pool parties this season. So, let the rhythm of “Summer Simmer” transport you to your most cherished summer memories and create new ones along the way.

Pop | NYC’s BRKN BLVD Drops Latest Bop “Better”

Posted by on July 22, 2022

There are not many things in life that can suddenly change everything quite like having a kid.  For BRKN BLVD, being a dad has been the coolest, most entertaining, fulfilling and utterly incredible thing he has ever done – and he has certainly done some really cool, entertaining, incredible things.  In 2016, he welcomed his first (and only) child, Dexter, into the world, and since that day, everything else has seemingly become less important.  Hoping to write a song that Dexter could listen to long after he is gone, BRKN BLVD poured his heart and soul into this one and the raw love and emotion is hard to overlook. 

About the song, BRKN BLVD says, “This is hands down my favorite thing I have ever written.  While all of my songs mean a lot to me, “Better”, is the only one that has made me cry.  Simply inspired by the love I have for my son, and completely aware of how fickle life can be, I wanted to create a song for him that would last forever, long after I am gone.  While it was difficult to write, I am super proud of how it came out and the sentiment hidden within the words and melodies is the most raw, honest and vulnerable I have ever been.  While the plan was to write a song that would remind him how much I love him, the more I listen, the more I realize that this is more of an apology than anything else.  Just like you, I am flawed, but despite all that is wrong with me, I try my hardest every day to give him my best version of myself.  All I can hope for is that he continues to be the amazing human that he has been since day one and that when I am gone he knows without a doubt I did the very best I can for him.


Chill, Pop | 16-Year Old Donatella Launches First Song Via Deep House Release ‘What Do I Do Now?’

Posted by on June 28, 2022

Donatella is here and isn’t going anywhere from now. At only 16-years-old she is tackling milestones with ferociousness. It hasn’t been a week and the release has already hit 250,000+ views on YouTube alone and gained the support of other press outlets such as YourEDM. It’s no surprise, from the look of the video and the sound that’s within, there are plenty of winning traits happening all at once that give this tune some serious legs. A blissful temperament is near-immediate when the experience unfolds, the vocals of Donatella being the centerpiece of the journey. The deep house melodies thump with power and grace as the various sample pieces fall into a harmony that beautifully supports the verses.

On top of a multi-media roll out that is happening here, Donatella has a NFT collection that is in the works, a long-term content idea that will pay off both in the short and long term for this artist.

Inspired by genres like alt-pop, deep house, and electronic, she knows how to create an original piece with these sounds in mind.

Donatella has signed the release to Create Music Group and is supported by Above Music Group – from a 360-perspective she has thought everything through and is executing in a strategic manner – which is a great thing.

Expect more from her in good time “What Do I Do Now?” is the start of something epic.

Electro, Pop | Yamato Drops Joyous & Dynamic Electronic ‘Essentials’ EP

Posted by on May 26, 2022

Essentials EP is a must her jam from the Japanese artist known as Yamato. Yamato has been in the game for years and has accomplished so much in a short amount of time. His most popular piece of content would have to be his recorded-in-detail DJ sets. This is where he places himself on-sight at a location that is typically very eye catching. From there he shreds on the DJ hardware- showing just how deep and vast his skill set is behind the decks are.

Yamato is top class when it comes to DJing, so much so that he was actually a technical developer of the Pioneer CDJ’s. This is an accomplishment few can say they have done and speaks volumes about the passion hard-work that Yamato brings to the table.

Reverting back to the EP, Yamato can clearly kill the game when it comes to his production skill as well. Essentials EP features 4 tracks that, in all, are starkly different from each other, but no so different that they don’t fit in the wheelhouse of what he know and love from the artist. Exceptional songwriting and well-selected collaboration partners were parts of the positive process that played a roll in this EP being a success.

Yamato is always up to something new, check out his YouTube channel and his social/streaming platforms to see what he bring to the table next.

Pop | “Stay” by Ari Abdul

Posted by on May 18, 2022

Really loving the vibes on this one. New York based up-and-comer Ari Abdul has released a new single recently called “Stay” and it’s catchy as hell. Only her second public release to date after gathering as large following on tik-tok, she isn’t a household name as of yet but if she continues to release indie pop music with as much replay value as this track has she is in for a good amount of success in her future! Keep a tab on Ari Abdul and enjoy “Stay” above now!

Pop | Ariel Rose’s New Track “Let Me Go”

Posted by on April 26, 2022

Ariel Rose – Let Me Go

Ariel Rose is a Miami based up and coming singer/songwriter who was influenced by many genres, ranging from pop to salsa and everything in between. “Let Me Go” is her latest offering that blends elements of trap and salsa music while still showcasing her melodic pop vocals, good vibes all around. Tune in above now and keep her on your radar!