Pop, Videos | Timeflies’ Debut “Worse Things Than Love” Video in Times Square

Posted by on July 21, 2015

On the verge of infecting radio stations all across the nation, Timeflies make a fashionable video debut with their lead single, “Worst Things Than Love”. On Monday, Cal, Rez, and hundreds of the Timeflies army congregated in the heart of NYC for the premier of this video on the Times Square big screen. For those not fortunate enough to catch the live acoustic performance and video debut, you’ll have to settle for the HD version which landed on Youtube earlier today. From dog chases, to awkward encounters with street clowns, to stumbling into the beautiful Natalie La Rose in the park, this record has all the ingredients for success. To complete the Timeflies trifecta, grab the single on iTunes, share the video, and scoop up tour tickets while they’re still available – Cal and Rez hit the road October 1st so don’t wait!

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Freestyle, Pop | Timeflies Rap Their Rendition of Don McLean’s “American Pie”

Posted by on July 15, 2015

Staying true to the theme of their upcoming Tour, Timeflies spin Don McLean’s classic jam, American Pie, just for fun. While Rez did his thing sampling the original, Cal borrows verses from Em & Jay then strings together a free verse of his own to complete the track. The tour will kick off on October 1st in North Hampton, MA and touch down in a total of 22 cities across the nation. It’s no question you’ll experience a one of a kind live performance, but will we see a cameo from Natalie La Rose anywhere along the way? Either way, cop their newest single featuring Natalie below & your tour tickets HERE!

Purchase on iTunes: Timeflies – Worse Things Than Love ft. Natalie La Rose

Pop | RAC Takes ZZ Ward’s “LOVE 3X” to the Dance Floor

Posted by on July 8, 2015

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ZZ Ward is a pop starlet who is just awaiting the release of her new album This Means War that is due out this September. A single off the LP, “LOVE 3X,” is seeing itself get the remix treatment from a number of producers, and the first of the bunch is indie-pop remixing champion RAC. Not in his usual commercial house style, RAC lets ZZ Ward’s vocals stay in its sing-a-long demeanor while he puts a fluttering bass, hiccup percussion, and spiced up vocal chops to give it that electronic-tinge. RAC never fails to impress and neither does ZZ Ward.


Mashups, Pop | DOSVEC – BBHMM

Posted by on July 2, 2015

We have all heard numerous versions of “BBHMM” but DOSVEC delivers a out of the box mashup that take the tough, hard grit of the original and makes it into POP GOLD. It is always refreshing when an artist tries something and delivers (isn’t that what DJ’s / Producers are suppose to do)


Pop | Timeflies take it all the way pop with their newest release “Worse Things Than Love”

Posted by on June 25, 2015

Timeflies has always towed the line of pop and rap carefully. Much of their early following can be attributed to rap renditions of famous pop songs in their “Timeflies Tuesday” series. However, with “Worse Things Than Love” they go all the way pop and don’t look back.

“Worse Things Than Love” comes right as the summer begins to heat up, and the hook is so catchy you’ll likely have it in your head until the summer cools down. To top it all off Natalie La Rose lays down a bridge that gives the song enough flare to really put it over the top.

While there may be a few begrudging fans out there, Timeflies took a step in the right direction with this one and because of that will hopefully get many more ears and eyes on them in the coming months.

Chill, House, Pop | Little Giants Release Visuals For The Summer Anthem “Lately (Love, Love, Love)”

Posted by on June 22, 2015

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If you missed the audio stream, here’s your second chance to hear and see, one of the top 10 songs of 2015 in my opinion, by the trio Little Giants and their debut single “Lately (Love, Love, Love).” If catchy songs are easily stuck in your head, don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing “it’s only love, love, love, that’s what say” over and over again in your head, this topline is killer and infectious. Much like the music video, this has feel good written all over it, it’s Monday, but we’ll get through it, press play, this is a must listen!

Abstract Hip-Hop, Albums, Artists, Chill, Freestyle, Pop | Leah Haxhi Hits Hard with Summer Single- “Fade”

Posted by on June 21, 2015

You’ve seen Leah’s unique covers here on Fresh New Tracks before, but this time NYC singer/songwriter Leah Haxhi drops her first single “Fade,” with music produced in Brooklyn by Mike Irish. The track mixes minimalistic piano with jam-sesh vibes to create a natural, catchy feel that blends pop, R&B, hip-hop, and even subtle jazz elements into a chilled groove, ready for the hot city summer. With a June 21st release date, “Fade” is the perfect summer anthem, setting the tone for “driving down the highway” and blasting music while “everybody sings along.” The single is paired with high quality visuals from the hands of Matt Phipps, filmmaker and creator of SkatersAtlas.com.

Leah says “I wrote this song last year on my birthday. I was in the studio free-styling and picturing myself flying down the highway with my boyfriend at the time just listening to music on the way to the beach, fading away into that moment of complete contentment and happiness. This song is an expression of that feeling, no matter what you’re doing in life.” Be on the lookout for more tunes from Leah, as she continues the countdown to her debut album release later this year. Be sure to follow her on Soundcloud as well as @LeahHaxhi on social media for info on her latest shows, music, and releases.

press release photo with name 500x213 Leah Haxhi Hits Hard with Summer Single  Fade