Pop | MisterWives – Reflections

Posted by on August 29, 2014

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One of my homies put me on to the band MisterWives, and I can’t deny their track “Reflections” is super catchy! Late to the party as for a change, as word on the street they’re already selling out shows cross country, but it’s never too late to discover a band that will for sure have their radio hit in no time, if it’s not this one! This is a must listen and check out their EP Reflections on iTunes. The band will be performing at Webster Hall September 4th, so make sure you get your tickets and go check them out if you’re in the area! This is a must listen!

House, Pop | Oasis – Wonderwall (Sava&Razz Remix)

Posted by on August 22, 2014

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Pretty sure we all know the words to Oasis’ “Wonderwall,” that track’ll never get old, so when Sava & Razz sent over their latest remix of the record, they brought the 90′s back, with a fun, bouncy, saxo-piano-infused remix, that almost had me wondering if there was a harmonica on the track, and if it is, I wouldn’t mind! It’s also safe to say these two got their Stevie Wonder’s on when they were producing, cause the soul and feel on this track have me reminiscing on his track with 98 Degrees “True To Your Heart,” and I love that track! I’m really digging this remix, this is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Oasis – Wonderwall (Sava&Razz Remix)

Hip-Hop, Pop, Videos | It’s a #VMGSummer and There’s Nothing You Can Do About It.

Posted by on August 13, 2014

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The artists over at Visionary Music Group have been delivering consistent heat this summer – to the point where the Grubeats of old would even have trouble keeping up with blog posts.  QuESt, Jon Bellion, & producer 6ix have been carrying the load thus far while Logic puts the finishing touches on his debut album – release date and title TBD.    Fortunately for Logic, Mr. QuESt and Mr. Bellion have diverted the spotlight from the young hip-hop don by dropping highlight reel material of their own.

The video above is the latest release from the VMG squad; a cinematic performance by Jon Bellion himself titled “Simple and Sweet”.  You might see the parallels between the song title and the structure of the record.  It’s very, well, ‘Bellion-ny’.  The lyrics say it all – “You won’t need no big production, the synth and just my voice is fine”…then all of a sudden Jon channels his inner Kanye and breaks out with a tremendous production.   Like that time Kanye broke out with his live rendition of “Runaway” at the 2010 VMA’s – that kind of g.o.o.d..  Anyway, prior to this single, Jon dropped “Munny Right” in which he illustrates past vs. present emotions.  I highly suggest watching the behind the scenes making of video.  Bellion’s junior album, The Definition, will be available for free on 9.23.14.

On to QuESt.  The honest, riveting rhyme-sayer unavailing his story one track at a time.  Deep into the promotion of his new free album, Searching Sylvan, we as fans stay on our toes eager to hear the next chapter in Q’s journey.  It’s real, it’s dark, it’s bright, it’s raw, it’s numbing, it’s inspiring, it’s just the beginning.  Four singles in and many of you are finally taking an ear to the Miami native.  He’s battled adversity but he’s visibly hungry and determined which is why he will be successful.  He’s passionate and we hear something new in every single.  Did I mention that snake 6ix has produced or co-produced every new song thus far?  Listen through the singles below and prepare for his VMG debut project being released on 9.2.14.

Ambient, Electro-House, Electronic, Pop | Mansions on the Moon – Somwhere Else Tonight

Posted by on August 9, 2014

artworks 000087238946 kt0g93 t500x500 Mansions on the Moon   Somwhere Else Tonight

For anyone who has been a follower of Mansions on the Moon, it is a very exciting time. Though they’ve had solid releases in the past, nothing has been quite as epic as what is about to happen. They’ve teased us with the collaborative mix they did with DJ Benzi and taunted us with their EP released almost a year ago now, but for the very first time ever Mansions on the Moon is releasing an ALBUM. They’ve let us get a little glimpse for the rest to come with the release of “Don’t Tell“, and now “Somewhere Else Tonight”. Though the songs take completely different turns, the album as a whole is to be nothing less of an accomplishment. For now you can sit on these two singles, but make sure to catch the release of their self-titled album because its gonna be BIG.

Electronic, Indie, Pop | Kavalier – Better (ft. Elias)

Posted by on August 7, 2014

 Kavalier   Better (ft. Elias)

After a beautiful cover for the summer smash “Rather Be”, the boys of Kavalier have returned with their first original, “Better”. The song is another upbeat and radio-ready single. However, despite the feeling that this song could fit perfectly in Top 40s music, it deviates from the all-to-familiar formula that clogs the airwaves nowadays.

The track features vocal help from Elias, a friend and previous collaborator of Kavalier. Just two songs deep, the duo is sure to make some splashes these coming months, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Indie, Pop | Young Kato – Sunshine

Posted by on August 4, 2014

Sunshine Young Kato   SunshineFacebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

UK band Young Kato might be one of the most exciting acts I’ve featured on FNT, and although I’m not quite sure where they came from,  I fell on their latest single “Sunshine” by accident, and I’m glad I did, these guys have the potential to be huge with their indie-pop sound, and if this track doesn’t do it for them, I guarantee you their EP will make heads turn. Granted the wave will be gin in the UK before the hype makes it way into the US, make sure you let them know where you heard if first. This is a must listen and a must download!

iTunes: Young Kato – Sunshine

Pop | The Chainsmokers ft. Siren – Kanye

Posted by on August 4, 2014

artworks 000086857605 81hbaq t500x500 The Chainsmokers ft. Siren   Kanye

This song is incredible. I can’t say enough about the Chainsmokers. This is going to be a monster.

Oh, be sure you take the Kanye quiz. How Kanye are you? Find out here.

Purchase: The Chainsmokers f. Siren – Kanye