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If you’ve thought you have had a rough night out in the past, allow Ameria’s new music video to put that into perspective for you. Watch as a guy gets thrown out of a bar for being too drunk, and the Hungarian songstress steals a cop car, gets in a car chase, has a drug deal go wrong, and a minor shootout with the police. And if that isn’t really enough of a selling point for you, maybe her stealing a dog and tossing it in the back seat of the cop car will win you over. Maybe not? Either way, though, her lush vocals alone are enough to win anyone over. Just to be safe, let’s just say that you should not try any of this at home.

Electronic, Pop | BiGGiE SMiLES & Mylen Team Up For “We Wanted Love”

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Nothing like some feel good House music to kick off your week in the best way possible. Biggie Smiles is a new school Los Angeles group who have already turned some heads with their prior releases. Their last release to date is “We Wanted Love” featuring Mylen that came out last week and it will have you nodding your head along to it. Aside from the silky instrumental made by BS, the vocals sung by Mylen remind me of a laid back, R&B heavy Drake song. Give “We Wanted Love” a spin, it’s an impressive introduction to their music.

Pop | Go Mental With Tigermonkey’s “Zooby Doo”

Posted by on April 7, 2016

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Life isn’t meant to be taken seriously, sometimes you gotta just scroll through your Instagram, or your Facebook timeline for that matter, and have a laugh at all those ridiculous memes. So why not wrap it all up into one, and make a catchy tune out of it, so not only you get the visuals, but also the sounds, and that’s what you get with Tigermonkey’s “Zooby Doo” straight out of the Ribena ad campaign from the UK. Take a minute out of your day, and be amused, this song will be stuck in your head for the remainder of your week. Press play, you will be infected by the first listen. 😛


Pop | Adam Tell Is Back With Refreshing Vocal-Infused EP “Purpose”

Posted by on March 29, 2016

So much is changing in dance music, but one thing you still don’t see alot of is singer + DJ + producer all in one package – and you should! Adam Tell is a vibrant example of the benefits of choosing such a route. The balance of his vocal and the beat transcends genres, making it a refreshing take on what many artists are doing now. Yes, everyone is featuring singers on their tracks, but Adam is different, and the music feels more connected because of this all-in-one authenticity Adam Tell projects.

We also posted his last EP here, so check it out if you haven’t.

Pop | Discover Luem And Her Debut Single “Wait”

Posted by on March 22, 2016


By way of Seattle, Washington, emerging artist Luem has unveiled her debut single “Wait”. Lying somewhere in between indie, pop and electronic music “Wait” puts Luem on the map as one to watch out for. She is currently based in Los Angeles on collaborations and new music, this isn’t the first you’ll be hearing of Luem.

Alternative, Chill, Pop | Summer Vibes Delivered by ACADEMY & Jackson Breit with ‘Panoramic’

Posted by on March 16, 2016

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The last time we heard from the kings of good vibes ACADEMY it was about 9 months ago when they dropped their sophomore EP The Beat Generation. While The Beat Generation was a phenomenal seven track EP, none of that collective project can begin to touch the masterpiece that is Panoramic. The Los Angeles based duo teamed up with Jackson Breit for a record that has all the vibes of Summer and all the feels of a radio hit. Stay tuned as ACADEMY and Jackson are hitting the road this Spring with William Bolton and Dylan Reese.

4.19 New York, NY // smarturl.it/ACADEMYNYC
4.20 Philadephia, PA // smarturl.it/ACADEMYPHILLY
4.21 Boston, MA // smarturl.it/ACADEMYBoston
4.23 Portsmouth, NH // smarturl.it/ACADEMYPortsmouth

Albums, Artists, Pop | Leah Haxhi Drops Emotional Single, FOREVER

Posted by on March 15, 2016

Forever is an original song written by NYC Singer/Songwriter Leah Haxhi, produced & mixed by Mike Irish in Brookyln, NY. This is a pop smash with flares of r&B and hip-hop elements, written for anyone who’s doubted the longevity of love. Forever is a very long time away….

Photo Credit: @freshgorestudios

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