Pop | Jake Schafer’s EP The Space Between Is Blissfully Soulful Pop

Posted by on January 20, 2021

Indie-tronica and funk smoothly blend together on Nashville based rising artist Jake Schafer’s new EP ‘The Space Between’. The project’s stand out single “Over and Over” is my favorite track on the EP but this one is worth diving in to front to back. Brimming with electrifying textures make for an absorbing listen that is worth diving into. Check out Jake Schafer’s ‘The Space Between’ EP above now and keep him on your radar.

Pop, R&B | Watch The Fierce New Visual for Mulay’s “Antracyte”

Posted by on January 19, 2021

Rising Berlin-based alternative R&B singer-songwriter/producer/artist Mulay just dropped this enticing new music video for her song “Antracyte” ahead of her forthcoming EP that is dropping via Groenland Records. Tune into the sassy single above now and keep your eyes on Mulay, she’s got something special going on here. Read a quote from her after the jump!

“ANTRACYTE is the intro and title track to my debut EP. It’s the soundtrack to the birth of a villain and captures the moment of complete honesty to yourself about the awareness of doing wrong by the ones you love while feeling the inability to turn around. It’s about the desire to taste forbidden fruits, to cross and explore what lies beyond the line and the self-empowering feeling of playing by your own rules defeating the fear of consequences and the power of moral concepts. ANTRACYTE tells a story of contradicting emotions, a story of love, lust, pain and a longing for more. It’s about facing your own darkness and sins, about self-revelation, emancipation and about paying its price, resigning to your fate.”

Alternative, Pop | Chaz Cardigan Drops Final Song of 2020

Posted by on December 28, 2020

Nashville, TN based singer/songwriter Chaz Cardigan is back again with a new single called “Haircut” after the successful release of his Holograma’ EP via Capitol Records and Loud Robot (the record label brought to you by J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot). Tune in to the track above now and keep an eye on Chaz in 2021!


Electro, Pop | ‘Hooked’ By Danny Spade Releases A Colorful Dance-Pop Vibe Easy To Replay

Posted by on December 14, 2020

Danny Spade hits all the high moments and more, capturing an essence all his own while nailing a cute escapade in the story itself, with this single. The blend is some-what refreshing on that note in particular – collectively benefiting the emotional and pro-production backing up the work.

“Hooked,” has serious replay value that won’t be soon forgotten.

With a story of experience and curiosity himself, Danny Spade is far from novice in the career hierarchy. The Graduate of Berklee School of Music struck relative gold with his first single – garnering over 100K quickly once released.

The draw of the sound and a personable window into his world through socials, Danny Spade blends much to offer those who take the time to listen.

Spade is set to release more in the future, his sound and brand clearly developed and on an incline.

Listen to “Hooked” above and click through if you enjoy what is heard.

Check out the Danny Spade discography here as well.

Abstract Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Pop | Cody Bolan releases new single “DWM”

Posted by on December 13, 2020

Seamlessly mixing melodic rap with both introspective and boastful lyricism, Cody Bolan brings together the edge of alternative hip-hop while maintaining melodic hooks and an effortless, storytelling flow. The rising Chicago bred, L.A. based artist’s new single “DWM” is his 5th release of the year and thanks to it’s hybrid appeal, it’s a bop. Tune in above now!

Chill, Pop | BETSIE GØLD Releases “Birthday Sadness”

Posted by on December 11, 2020

Rising UK based singer and songwriter BETSIE GØLD is back once again with her self-described ‘BITCH PØP’ vibe on a more emotional single “Birthday Sadness”. Capturing more of that same textured and sweeping aesthetic, this new offering sees her in a more intimate light as she swoons and serenades us through this wistful pop stunner. Check out a quote from her on the release below and stream “Birthday Sadness” above now!

I wrote ‘Birthday Sadness’ with Kaity Rae in our first session since lockdown. The track originally started off pretty upbeat with completely different production, but we couldn’t seem to get anything down. The more we spoke about how this year has made having a birthday even more scary because it’s like we’ve had the entire year taken from us with nothing to show for it, the more the lyrics poured out. Kaity re-did the production and the rest came together. We’re constantly led to believe that time is running out and that everything has to be figured out so young. It’s an impossible ideal. Every year (especially one like this) birthdays make you face everything that has or hasn’t changed, good or bad. I miss the years of not being able to sleep because I was so excited for my birthday, because the only thing that mattered was the party, presents and cake.” – BETSIE GØLD

Alternative, Pop | Jordan Astra drops “Finer Things” ahead of his upcoming LP ‘Hourglass’

Posted by on December 10, 2020

Jordan Astra delivers ‘Finer Things’ the lead single off his upcoming album Hourglass. On his latest release, “Finer Things”, the beat shifts complement Jordan Astra’s silky vocals; the two are a perfect match that all listeners crave. Watch the video above now and read a quote from Jordan Astra below!

“The ‘finer things’ in life are always worth waiting for. It’s about taking your time with the people you love, with the life you live and the passions that get you up everyday. Finer Things was a record I produced because I found myself diving deeper into blending Hip-Hop with Disco and Funk sounds. I wanted to blend my favorite genres and continue to make feel-good music.”