Alternative, Pop | Mirror Talk Brings Us Back To “1997”

Posted by on May 19, 2015

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Progressive/stadium rock is in,  and I’m glad it is, there’s nothing more epic than that synth-pop sound à la Kenny Loggins, and Mirror Talk gets it, properly titled “1997” the guys bring it back, and I’m genuinely loving it. Let the music play, this is the music that makes us all miss our CDs, you’d pop one of these in your CD player, and just drive! Sign me up, I’m there next show! I’ll let you pick your favorite track, “Danger” might be mine, this is a must listen!

Pop | Phil Kahan Makes FNT Debut With Powerful Single ‘All I Need’

Posted by on May 15, 2015

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FNT Newcomer Phil Kahan impresses with his latest offering ‘All I Need’. With vocals reminiscent of Ryan Tedder and some original production from the Boston, MA native ‘All I Need’ delivers a powerful sound that catches the ear. From the symphonic synths to the tribal drums integrated in the production Phil is able to give this song that radio quality feel.

Hip-Hop, Pop | TJ Hickey Tells You To ‘Do It For The Story’ With His New Summer Party Anthem

Posted by on May 12, 2015

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I always love it when a song brings me back to a place in time that makes me smile and the latest offering from TJ Hickey does just that. With a sound reminiscent of Chiddy Bang’sOpposite of Adults‘, TJ has a Summer party anthem on his hands. This is the latest release to make the airwaves prior to the release of his forthcoming album ‘Undeniable‘. ‘Do It For The Story‘ was a collaborative effort between TJ and Los Angeles artist/producer Kavalier who has worked on multiple tracks on the upcoming project. Stay connected with TJ on Twitter and Facebook!


Free Download TJ Hickey – Do It For The Story


Alternative, Ambient, Pop | Zella Day prepares for festival season and shares her new single “High”

Posted by on May 7, 2015

artworks 000115697657 vmd29l t500x500 Zella Day prepares for festival season and shares her new single High

These past few weeks have been busy for Los Angeles based songstress Zella Day. She is wrapping up her US tour with Coasts and preparing for a busy summer full of playing festivals and the June 2nd release of her album KICKER.

This new single follows up a video for the standout hit, “Hypnotic”, and adds another phenomenal song to the catalogue.

“High” is a massive and orchestral piece of work that manages to entice listeners while not conforming to a typical pop sound. It’s artists like Zella Day that continue to push the boundaries of music and make songs equally experimental and enjoyable.

While she comes from humble beginnings in her small Arizona town of 7,000, Zella clearly has her sights set on the world.

Pop | Tove Styrke translates the success of “Borderline” and “Ego” to her live show

Posted by on May 7, 2015

ToveStyrke 01 Credit Hedvig Jenning Tove Styrke translates the success of Borderline and Ego to her live show

This past Monday in Washington D.C., the rising Swedish pop star known as Tove Styrke took the stage in front of about 100 people and performed as if it were her last show on earth. However, this is just the first stop of her first ever North American headlining tour.

Tove (pronounced too-vay) has been in and around music for the better part of her life, and it’s evident in her live show. The intimate crowd is beckoned in closer to the stage as she starts her second song and standout hit, “Borderline”.

Despite playing her, arguably, most popular song right off the bat, Styrke keeps the fans engaged throughout the rest of the night. She dances around the stage playfully donning an all-red Adidas track suit that makes you feel like you’re back in a 90’s hip-hop music video.

While clearly soft-spoken and mild-mannered Styrke remarks to fans about how she is so excited to be in the US and playing for us. It’s impossible to believe that she is being anything but authentic. Especially since after closing out the night on her grungy, high-energy “Even If I’m Loud It Doesn’t Mean I’m Talking to You”, she hung out after the set taking pictures and talking to fans.

Tove Styrke has just begun her journey to pop-stardom, but is clearly on the right path. Be sure to catch her on tour.

Cover, Pop | Leah Haxhi Drops Video for LunchMoney Lewis Bills Cover with Live Violin

Posted by on May 5, 2015

LH 8 500x333 Leah Haxhi Drops Video for LunchMoney Lewis Bills Cover with Live Violin
Leah Haxhi, an up-and-coming singer songwriter out of NYC, dropped a video today to go along with her LunchMoney Lewis “Bills” Cover that was posted here on FNT a few weeks ago. She kept the piano generally the same as the original song to stay with the bright, gospel feel of the tune, but replaced the trumpet solo in the original with a live violin. The video is a fun, amateur, home grown project featuring her younger cousin as her “mini-me” to juxtapose the freedom of childhood with the responsibility of being an adult and having “bills” to pay. This shows a quirky, childlike side to Leah that is different from her usual serious, sultry tone. She is brewing up a lot of original music so be sure to follow her social media at LahLahLandMusic on Twitter, IG, and Facebook to get the latest on releases.

Pop | Cheat Codes Enlist Lostboyscrow To Release “Senses”

Posted by on May 5, 2015

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Nothing makes me more happy than an uplifting sunny tune, and that’s exactly what you get with Cheat Codes’s latest release “Senses” featuring Lostboyscrow, an indie pop ditty with electronic vibes. I have to make a confession, I’ve had a soft spot for these boy band like releases lately, not in the 90’s boy band sense, but rather that Disclosure vibe, where we play instruments, and are able to make commercial hits while still staying edgy, if you’re catching my drift. I thoroughly enjoy this tune, and I think you will too, this is a must listen!