Pop | Milos teams up with Ima Sobé for “One More Night”

Posted by on March 20, 2020

Norwegian producer Milos brings us this latin influenced dance pop single featuring Ima Sobé “One More Night,” to keep us dreaming about exotic nights while we wait for the world to heal. Wherever you are, break a little dance, grab your partner, tell you love them, it’s all going to be ok, one more night baby!

Electro, Pop | Conan Mac’s “Slo Mo” A Fun Scene To Share For Dance Fans

Posted by on February 27, 2020

Directed by the stunning work of Jack Robinson, Conan Mac has delivered more sunkissed goodness that hits the spot on multiple levels – one of may highlight points being the vivid color scheme built into the lively personality of Conan Mac. With effective execution and a creative direction that stands out, this is one video you dont’ want to miss.

Substance and time-testing musicianship seemingly at a crossroads, the combination of the cooperation and creative flow between the director and producer here certainly has paid off in this experience.

Keep an eye out as Conan Mac releases more work this year!

Pop | Rico & Miella – ‘Good Girl’

Posted by on February 25, 2020

Dive into summery sounds early with Rico & Miella’s “Good Girl.” The track is out today via Artist Intelligence Agency, a lovely home for the lush sound. Glistening with buoyant vocals, the light-as-air track serves as a sweet, twinkling symphony from the heart. Soft croons carry the track as catchy percussive elements and poignant synths keep time.

“We really wanted to challenge ourselves and step outside of our comfort zone when we started working on ‘Good Girl.’ We’ve always loved writing complex and deeply emotional lyrics, and it can be a challenge to simplify without losing quality. In the end, we think we struck the right balance between catchy, clever, and memorable. On the production side, we just kept pushing the record to fill all of the sonic space until we created a wall of sound that was not only melodic but also equally impactful. Since this was one of only a handful of our solo releases, we really wanted to show off some of our skills in the studio.” Rico & Miella

Listen below!


Pop | Max Leone releases his debut single “First Grade”

Posted by on January 21, 2020

20-year-old songwriter-producer Max Leone, the latest artist to sign to The Darkroom, the reputed label behind Billie Eilish, releases his debut single “First Grade” off his forthcoming EP.

Max shares “First Grade” was written and recorded in 1 day, and it deals with disappointment, accepting people as they are all while realizing perfection is an impossible feat. Check out the visuals above, and follow Max on Spotify to keep up with new music!

Electronic, Pop | CHYLD and Drowsy Team Up for ‘Bedtime’

Posted by on January 17, 2020

After teaming up with Tommy Boy during the second half of 2019 for a string of well-received singles, Worchester based producer/multi-instrumentalist CHYLD is ready to kick off 2020 with his latest jam, titled, “Bedtime”. 

Featuring Las Vegas based vocalist Drowsy, the duo crafts a moody and emotional tune that feels perfect for the mid-winter months.  Opening up with some muted guitar and somber vocals, the track quickly opens up with the introduction of vibrant, pumping synths – an aspect of the tune that is quickly becoming part of CHYLD’s signature sound.  Throughout the track, vocals from both CHYLD and Drowsy interplay with each other, creating a smooth and hypnotic duet that is sure to hit you in the feels.  With a whole lot more in the pipeline, CHYLD is preparing for a stand out year in 2020.

Future Trap, Pop | D3Z & RILL0 x RADHA ‘In Your Arms’

Posted by on November 15, 2019

Hailing from LA, duo D3Z & RILL0 have had an impressive year so far, at it seems they aren’t yet ready to let up. Today, they dropped their latest tune, “In Your Arms’, featuring vocals from The Voice favorite RADHA. With a future bass leaning production and a powerful vocal, the new collaboration is a high-energy tune that brings uplifting vibes, bright synths and big drops. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

Dance, Pop | Kai Straw Inspires With Crossover Single “Light Speed”

Posted by on November 8, 2019

Kai Straw is someone we’ve been posting about for quite a while. Through the years he’s managed to keep things extremely fresh with a wide array of sounds that seem to ensnare everyone who listens to him. Lately, he’s dipped his toes into the dance pop world with a couple of smash hit singles and now he’s added a third with “Light Speed.” I have to say, this may be his best crossover single to date and one of his top records out of his full discography. Although, that’s a tough call with so many great singles. Have a listen to “Light Speed” and the rest of his tracks to see just where it sits with you.