NYC’s BRKN BLVD Drops Latest Bop “Better”

Posted by on July 22, 2022

There are not many things in life that can suddenly change everything quite like having a kid.  For BRKN BLVD, being a dad has been the coolest, most entertaining, fulfilling and utterly incredible thing he has ever done – and he has certainly done some really cool, entertaining, incredible things.  In 2016, he welcomed his first (and only) child, Dexter, into the world, and since that day, everything else has seemingly become less important.  Hoping to write a song that Dexter could listen to long after he is gone, BRKN BLVD poured his heart and soul into this one and the raw love and emotion is hard to overlook. 

About the song, BRKN BLVD says, “This is hands down my favorite thing I have ever written.  While all of my songs mean a lot to me, “Better”, is the only one that has made me cry.  Simply inspired by the love I have for my son, and completely aware of how fickle life can be, I wanted to create a song for him that would last forever, long after I am gone.  While it was difficult to write, I am super proud of how it came out and the sentiment hidden within the words and melodies is the most raw, honest and vulnerable I have ever been.  While the plan was to write a song that would remind him how much I love him, the more I listen, the more I realize that this is more of an apology than anything else.  Just like you, I am flawed, but despite all that is wrong with me, I try my hardest every day to give him my best version of myself.  All I can hope for is that he continues to be the amazing human that he has been since day one and that when I am gone he knows without a doubt I did the very best I can for him.

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