Electro-House | Live City – Slingshot

Posted by on March 31, 2014

Live City Slingshot Live City   Slingshot

Live City have been on tear lately and it culimates in the release of “Slingshot” via Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Recordings. Their relationship with Tommie goes well beyond a few signed records, they have done a ton of tracks together and Tommie has been a sensei to them. This acid influenced fireball has been supported by some bug names like Marcus Schossow, Sander van Doorn and Benny Benassi all supporting in person. Grab this tune and head out to see them at Slake on the 18th if you are in NYC.

Beatport: Live City – Slingshot

Electro-House | Riggi & Piros – WOW

Posted by on March 24, 2014

artworks 000074408565 ij082r t500x500 Riggi & Piros   WOW

When Lizzie McGuire kissed Gordo on top of that hotel roof in Rome in the Lizzie McGuire movie I just lost it. It was so obvious he was crushing hard and to see him finally toss it in there made my bros and I all very happy. The feeling of surprise Gordo must have felt in that moment is what I feel right now as I write a post for a big room track. Riggi & Piros are among the upper echelon of the (thankfully dying) big room sound and have decided to give away a track for free. It is titled “WOW” and has the worst cover art I have ever seen. I don’t know what they were going for but it is not erotic in the slightest. As far as the song goes, it’s largely typical big room stuff. It is also good though. I dislike big room but Riggi & Piros have managed to momentarily convince me otherwise.

Free Download: Riggi & Piros – WOW

Electro-House | Afrojack ft.Wrabel – Ten Feet Tall (Elephante Remix)

Posted by on March 14, 2014

artworks 000073425840 cqvh5g t500x500 Afrojack ft.Wrabel – Ten Feet Tall (Elephante Remix)

Elephante doesn’t disappoint with his most recent remix of “Ten Feet Tall”, which could possibly be better than the original. With consistent productions and a signature “PHANTE” glitchhouse sound, 2014 is looking massive for this rising star.

Free Download: Afrojack ft.Wrabel – Ten Feet Tall (Elephante Remix)

Electro-House, Melbourne Bounce | TJR ft. Benji Madden – Come Back Down

Posted by on March 7, 2014

TJR featuring Benji Madden Come Back Down TJR ft. Benji Madden   Come Back Down

Melbourne bounce has hit the mainstream of dance music and you can put a lot of the blame or credit on TJR’s shoulders. It is obviously more nuanced than that, but as the sound continues to evolve, TJR’s tracks have been some of the most played in festival sets around the world for the past 12-18 months and it is from a weird, niche genre. His latest sure-fire hit single “Come Back Down” adds male vocals for a bit of a harder rock vibe to the bouncy, agressive bass line that comes with a TJR tune. Expect to hear a lot of this in Miami and beyond.

Beatport: TJR featuring Benji Madden – Come Back Down

Electro-House | Ivan Gough & Jebu – Noxu

Posted by on February 24, 2014

Ivan Gough Jebu Noxu Ivan Gough & Jebu   Noxu
The team who brought you “Kukatu” last year on Size are back with an even bigger tune to follow up that 2013 festival hit. Just in time for Miami, “Noxu” packs the powerful punch needed for tunes as the weather warms up in the Northern Hemisphere and shows move outdoors. The two Australian producers have been pounding out this tune during the Aussie festival season that is in full swing right now, but expect to hear a lot more of this in the coming months with its thumping bass line and chunky stabs. Size is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year, with parties and cool releases to come next month, so consider this a warmup.

Beatport: Ivan Gough & Jebu – Noxu

Electro-House | Maddix – Send Us Some Bottles

Posted by on February 17, 2014

Maddix Send Us Some Bottles 500x500 Maddix   Send Us Some BottlesOne of the byproducts of his studio sessions during the past few months in South Africa, Pablo Rindt, or Maddix, has released another barnstormer of a tune, “Send Us Some Bottles”. He hits us again with riveting builds and powerful, grinding saws grounded by a thumping bass line. Another freebee from the young Dutchman, he continues to impress with his high-octane electro house tunes.

Free Download: Maddix – Send Us Some Bottles

Electro-House | FNT Premiere: Twenty One Pilots – House Of Gold (Bimbo Jones Remix)

Posted by on February 11, 2014

FNT Premiere Twenty One Pilots – House Of Gold Bimbo Jones Remix 500x500 FNT Premiere: Twenty One Pilots – House Of Gold (Bimbo Jones Remix)

UK electro / pop trio Bimbo Jones have gotten a stellar reputation for their remixes. This time they have been tabbed by Fueled By Ramen to take on twenty one pilots latest tune “House Of Gold” that is now top 10 on the alt radio in the US. The trio work their magic on “House Of Gold”, keeping much of the vocals, and then adding poppy synth chords with intermittent beefy low end growls that give the tune an aggressiveness not found in the original. Other remixes are to come from Denzal Park, Maor Levi & Mike Hawkins. No release date, but stay tuned for that.