Remix | Nate Mars Releases ‘In Time’ EP Follow Up Featuring Excellent Diverse Remixes Liondub, Tim Reaper, Starkey

Posted by on January 26, 2024

Nate Mars is shaking things up in the electronic music world with his latest release, In Time (Remixes). Following up on his In Time EP, this remix collection is a cool blend of new takes on his tunes by artists like Liondub, Tim Reaper, and Starkey, topped off with Mars’ own new track, “Parallelogram.”

The remix journey starts with Liondub’s spin on “In Time.” He’s got this knack for mixing up styles, and it really shines here with a drum and bass rhythm that’s both smooth and engaging. It’s a great opener that sets the tone for what’s to come.

Next up, Tim Reaper brings his remix magic to “Starting Over.” He’s a pro at jungle and breakbeat hardcore. His version is all about clever breaks and subtle vocal touches, really capturing the classic jungle vibe in a modern way.

Then there’s Starkey’s remix of “To Kill A DJ.” This one’s a mix of dub/reggae and UKG elements, creating a sound that’s both clever and a bit edgy. Starkey’s remix is a perfect example of how he blends different genres to make something totally new.

Last but not least, Mars drops “Parallelogram” – metallic percussion, quick breaks, and deep basslines that keep you hooked. It’s a great finish to a collection that’s all about exploring new sounds and remixes, while still keeping the vibe of the original tracks alive.

There’s a certain connective tissue that threads each of these diverse remixes together, with Nate Mars as the spearhead of this experience and each talent putting their all into this work – In Time (Remixes) is something special not to be skipped over.

Remix | Black Box teams up with Valy Mo and drops hard-hitting remix of his EDM single “Weekend”

Posted by on June 13, 2022

Black Box is an up-and-coming German producer and DJ who blends between traditional house, techno and electronic music and is currently signed to the imprint Mugatunes. His single “Weekend” is a summer anthem that got a new face-lift via Valy Mo that is both hard-hitting and euphoric. Tune in above now and see what Black Box had to say on the flip below now!

“This song is about being in the moment and enjoying live. Of course, it is also meant to get you in the mood to party on the weekend.” – Black Box

Cover, Remix | Producer/multi-instrumentalist Marvel Years unveils Pink Floyd tribute Have A Cigar EP 

Posted by on May 26, 2022

Shape-shifting producer and multi-instrumentalist Marvel Years has dedicated his career to redefining electronic music’s traditional genre boundaries. Melding guitar instrumentation with studio beatmaking, the Vermont-born, New York-based artist fuels his productions with soul and blues to create the raw, bass-heavy signature sound that’s landed him multiple performances at Red Rocks alongside ZHU, STS9, and Pretty Lights.

Marvel Years puts his hybrid instrumentation-production prowess on full display in his new Pink Floyd tribute EP Have A Cigar, inspired by childhood years spent listening to classic rock.

The two-track EP sees Marvel Years recontextualize an iconic record that soundtracked his adolescence – through both a collaborative cover alongside venerable musicians, as well as a self-produced remix.

The “Have A Cigar” cover showcases virtuosic guitar work from Marvel Years himself alongside sweeping vocals from trumpeter/singer Jennifer Hartswick (who has graced the stage with legends such as Herbie Hancock, Phish, and Tom Petty), emphatic drumming from Grammy-nominated drummer/producer Adam Deitch (from the band Lettuce), and lively synths from RAQ keyboardist Todd Stoops.

The cover pays careful homage to the psychedelic blues of its source material, mixing twangy guitar riffs and soulful vocal performances into a faithful adaptation of the original song.

Marvel Years’ own “Have A Cigar (Remix)” maintains the general structure of the cover but imbues its surface with a bevy of bass music elements. Bruising dubstep growls and drum patterns swirl around Hartswick’s voice and Marvel Year’s grand guitar solos, further filtering the Pink Floyd classic through a modern electronic edge.

The Have A Cigar EP allows Marvel Years to have it both ways: enamored equally by retro and futuristic aesthetics, this two-track project spotlights the artist’s production chops alongside his first musical love: the guitar.

Have A Cigar follows up this year’s Hidden Groove, Vol. IV, the latest installment in Marvel Years’ long-standing project series revolving around live loops. No stranger to the stage, Marvel Years has toured with electro-funk producer GRiZ and played at respected festivals such as Camp Bisco, Hulaween, and Electric Forest.

Marvel Years will radiate his spectral electronic soul sound across the country this summer, with performances at Knitting Factory Brooklyn and Thornville’s Secret Dreams Festival.


Remix | Nu Pilgrims Remixes True Religion

Posted by on August 19, 2021

Nu Pilgrims aka DJ Samir (Sam Totolee), Peter ‘O and Chan of Monophunk fame are a collective of DJ/producers who have been hosting underground parties in Ibiza and London for over 25 years. Their sound is influenced from disco, jazz, boogie to early NYC Detroit Chicago house. Their new remix of “Que Bonita” by True Religion is a feel good flip that is well worth tuning in to. Tap in above now!

Electronic, Remix | Juuku Flips Porter Robinson

Posted by on May 13, 2021

Taking Porter Robinson’s track “Mother” and shape-shifting it into his own lane, Juuku returns on the scene with another powerful flip on the heels of releasing his successful debut EP through indie imprint, Moving Castle. When speaking on the track juuku noted that the song was dedicated to his Mom and how thankful he is for everything she’s done for him and this coming out days before Mother’s Day is just the icing on the cake. The production has his usual flair of emotion-evoking synths and bombtastic drums. Check out juuku’s flip of “Mother” by Porter Robinson above.

Remix | Tommie Sunshine and BreikThru Put Deep Spin on dEVOLVE’s ‘Golden’

Posted by on March 31, 2021

The one and only Tommie Sunshine and rising artist Breikthru have teamed up to re-arrange an original formed by dEVOLVE and vocalist Saint Wade. “Golden (Tommie Sunshine & Breikthru Remix)”, boasts a plethora of names on one track, the blend of positives all on one work in unison near-guarantees success of the path of this one.

While the original certainly stands on it’s own and has plenty of strongpoints embedded, the flip Tommie Sunshine and Breikthru showcase here puts a fun bump and and empowering twist on the vibe. The lyrics alone share a somber, emotional story and an upper-class club-friendly melody on the topline. The piano-house essence and deep house layer adds to the winning aspects the remix has.

“Golden (Tommie Sunshine & Breikthru Remix)” builds on the momentum of the original, which climbed to 5K Shazams and heavy terrestrial radio-play nationwide as well Sirius XM programming. Pair this with dEVOLVE having his own Insomniac show ‘The Launch,’ airing weekly, and you have a well suited trajectory for all involved.

Check out the remix above in full.

Mainstream Remix, Remix | Juuku Flips G Jones’ “Immortal Light”

Posted by on November 22, 2020

The buzzing and incognito DJ/producer juuku dropped another remix recently – making it his tenth of the year. Following up on his original single “endless” with Bafu, he’s back with a flip of G Jones’ 2019 original, “Immortal Light”. Citing G Jones as one of his biggest musical influences, juuku understandably stepped it up this time around. Check out the epic (juuku created) animated visual for the remix above now!