Chill, Electronic | Obeson – Control Me (Feat. Sakima)

Posted by on August 19, 2014

 Obeson   Control Me (Feat. Sakima)

Obeson has put out a new original track for our ears yesterday called “Control Me” with vocals from the talented Sakima. This track is ambient and smooth. It’s one of those tunes that can really carry your mind away. The progression of this track is unique and the sax that pops up towards the middle of the song is a nice surprise as well. You can grab it for free on Facebook if it’s your style!

Soundcloud | Facebook

Free Download: Obeson – Control Me (Feat. Sakima)

Electronic | No Limits – Body Full Of Lightning

Posted by on August 16, 2014

artworks 000088172398 p3pqm0 t500x500 No Limits   Body Full Of Lightning

Think about the first time a sweet little something special graced the inside of your mouth. They come in a variety of colors and even flavors, but we all know that there is clearly one better than the rest. That’s right, the latest song by No Limits is comparable in quality to an orange Starburst. While not the best flavor, it still holds its own and makes for a pleasurable experience if you feel like chewing something for a minute and a half. If for some reason this metaphor isn’t doing it for you, I’ll word it in a way that’s not stupid. This is probably not their best song but it is still good and worthy of a listen. Even when they make something that doesn’t top their previous release, it is still of a high enough quality that it deserves to be heard.

Free Download: No Limits – Body Full Of Lightning

Chill, Electronic | Jeremih – “Late Nights” (Runaway Redux)

Posted by on August 14, 2014

 Jeremih   Late Nights (Runaway Redux)

Here’s something chill for your Thursday evening. The Runaway “Redux” of Jeremih’s “Late Nights” is smooth and emotional. I could hear the passion in the first minute. This remix is relaxing, with ambient electronic synths underneath the vocals and R&B style beats. Overall this track is very sexy, and a good one to add to any chill collection. You can grab it for free in .wav or 320.

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Free Download: Jeremih – “Late Nights” (Runaway Redux)

Chill, Electronic | Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Gryffin Remix)

Posted by on August 12, 2014

artworks 000087778300 r50w97 t500x500 Nico & Vinz   Am I Wrong (Gryffin Remix)

I can’t quite remember how I first came across Gryffin or how the heck that sesame seed got in my washroom, but ever since I first heard this song yesterday, I’ve been thinking about it sometimes. The vocals are great and the production is much better than the original. It has a chill, yet uplifting feel to it. It is pretty much the musical equivalent of driving around late at night in residential areas way too fast and with a sick exhaust, but in a good way. Free download of course.

Free Download: Nico & Vinz – Am I Wrong (Gryffin Remix)

Ambient, Electro-House, Electronic, Pop | Mansions on the Moon – Somwhere Else Tonight

Posted by on August 9, 2014

artworks 000087238946 kt0g93 t500x500 Mansions on the Moon   Somwhere Else Tonight

For anyone who has been a follower of Mansions on the Moon, it is a very exciting time. Though they’ve had solid releases in the past, nothing has been quite as epic as what is about to happen. They’ve teased us with the collaborative mix they did with DJ Benzi and taunted us with their EP released almost a year ago now, but for the very first time ever Mansions on the Moon is releasing an ALBUM. They’ve let us get a little glimpse for the rest to come with the release of “Don’t Tell“, and now “Somewhere Else Tonight”. Though the songs take completely different turns, the album as a whole is to be nothing less of an accomplishment. For now you can sit on these two singles, but make sure to catch the release of their self-titled album because its gonna be BIG.

Electronic, Indie, Pop | Kavalier – Better (ft. Elias)

Posted by on August 7, 2014

 Kavalier   Better (ft. Elias)

After a beautiful cover for the summer smash “Rather Be”, the boys of Kavalier have returned with their first original, “Better”. The song is another upbeat and radio-ready single. However, despite the feeling that this song could fit perfectly in Top 40s music, it deviates from the all-to-familiar formula that clogs the airwaves nowadays.

The track features vocal help from Elias, a friend and previous collaborator of Kavalier. Just two songs deep, the duo is sure to make some splashes these coming months, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Electronic | Porter Robison Worlds Stream

Posted by on August 4, 2014

porter robinson 2013 650 430 620x410 Porter Robison Worlds Stream

I have listened through 3 times and it is stunning. I don’t say that lightly because of all of the hype it has gotten in past few months leading up to its August 12th release date. However, my words won’t really do it true justice, just go listen to it yourself on NPR now. Pre-order the album on iTunes here.