Electronic, Hip-Hop | Daytrip – The Escape (ft. Treez Lowkey, Daye Jack, Kidepo)

Posted by on September 15, 2014

day escape8 400x400 Daytrip   The Escape (ft. Treez Lowkey, Daye Jack, Kidepo)

The journey forges on as the Daytrip boys stop off in Port-au-Prince with fellow rising stars, Treez Lowkey, Daye Jack, and Kidepo. The song is ferocious, you can almost see these artists sprinting through the tropical Port-au-Prince landscape. The question is did they make it out alive?

Treez Lowkey busts out of the gate and kicks things off with his verse, followed by the croon of Daye Jack. However, it has to be the vocalist Kidepo who steals the show. His silky outro calms the storm and makes you think that whatever it was Daytrip was escaping from, they did successfully.

Electronic | Dirty South – With You + Tunnel Vision

Posted by on September 14, 2014

dirty south with you Dirty South   With You + Tunnel Vision

With his album coming out on November 4th, Dirty South has previewed two more tunes from the album, in addition to “Unbreakable” last month. There aren’t any drops on these tracks, especially “With You” that has more of an orchestral sound to it, with a slow, progressing arrangement as soft male vocals compliment the strings and steady chords. “Tunnel Vision” is much darker than what we have heard from Dirty South in many years with brooding, rolling synth chords and the haunting vocals of SomeKindaWonderful.

Both tunes feature bands on the ATM band roster, which Dirty South is a part of with his duo Ruben Haze, so it is no surprise to see them on these tracks and also nice to see him turn to bands for features. It is just another step in the new direction of Dirty South’s music. You can get “Tunnel Vision” now if you are in the US, so head to iTunes to grab it.

Chill, Electronic | Sebell – Promiseland (Stint Remix)

Posted by on September 10, 2014

Sebell Promiseland Stint Remix Sebell   Promiseland (Stint Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Sexy people do I have tune for you, a remix so good, they might as well call it an original, because Stint did his thing on Sebell’s “Promiseland” and if you’re up right now enjoying your night, this should make you feel some kind of way.  On that alternative R&B sound, reminiscent of the Weeknd meets Jason Mraz, I love the modern take with hints of crossover appeal. Is this the music of the future? I think so! Stint has produced for many super succesful artists, and you don’t even know it! This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Sebell – Promiseland (Stint Remix)

Electronic, Trap | Coldplay – Midnight (TIGERBLOOD Remix)

Posted by on September 5, 2014

 Coldplay   Midnight (TIGERBLOOD Remix)

If you’ve been following Tigerblood, you’ll see that there’s been a consistent pattern of bangers released one after another. This Coldplay remix keeps a little bit of the original’s vibe, with a whole new twist. Horns and trap beats deck out this chill remix with style. I’m usually not a fan of the typical trap horns, but in Tigerblood’s case I’m willing to make an exception seeing as how they were used in a unique way. Dreamy and floaty, this remix is a another to reason to keep an eye on Tigerblood. You can grab this one for free on Facebook.

Soundcloud | Facebook

Free Download: Coldplay – Midnight (TIGERBLOOD Remix)

Electronic | Evangelia – Hourglass (Prod. Iron Giant)

Posted by on August 27, 2014

 Evangelia   Hourglass (Prod. Iron Giant)Facebook | SoundCloud

FNT, ya’ll know this girl, if you’ve been a fan of the site for a few years now, you’ve heard her voice before, and I’ve been waiting for her to drop a single since I heard her voice on the I.O.U. single “Bottled Emotions” and after 3 years of waiting, she finally blesses us with a glorious electronic track produced by Iron Giant titled “Hourglass,” and it’s a gem. Both stemming from Central Jersey, I wouldn’t sleep on this sound, it’s too good not to press play. This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Evangelia – Hourglass (Prod. Iron Giant)

Electronic | Fei-Fei – Little White Lies

Posted by on August 26, 2014

Little White Lies Fei Fei    Little White LiesFacebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

LA producer Fei-Fei just sent over the perfect track to clear that mid-afternoon caffeine headache, it’s so fluid, that’s it’s legit a stream of feels. The only feedback that I have for “Little White Lies” is that it needs to be longer, or SoundCloud needs a repeat button, because these vibes should be never ending. All you emo-trap, bass lovers, get lost to this new one by Fei-Fei and look out for her monthly mixshow Feided on her SounCloud channel. This is a must listen and a must download!

iTunes: Fei-Fei  – Little White Lies

Electronic | Bastille – Oblivion (Slinger Remix)

Posted by on August 26, 2014

Bastille Oblivion Slinger Remix Bastille   Oblivion (Slinger Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud  | Twitter

UK producer Slinger hits us with an official remix of Bastille’s “Oblivion” and it’s bound to take you to space with trance, electronic, and atmospheric vibes for this Summer Tuesday. Get lost in the melody, and the soothing voice of Bastille’s lead singer: you’re bound to be brought into oblivion. And for those who don’t know what oblivion means, it’s “the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening,” so there, 2 birds with one stone, you learn a word, and you can add this track to your playlist of feels. This is a must listen and a must download, so cop that on iTunes.

iTunes: Bastille – Oblivion (Slinger Remix)