Electronic, Hip-Hop | CHYLD & Ronnie Lott Team Up for ‘ur a puzzle’

Posted by on August 12, 2020

I’m tempted to make this entire post one very long pun about CHYLD and Ronnie Lott’s new song “ur a puzzle” being the missing puzzle piece that I needed, but don’t worry, I won’t. Instead, I’ll just say that CHYLD is back with what is in my opinion his best release to date.  The Boston based producer and multi-instrumentalist welcomed San Antonio raised MC, Ronnie Lott, onto this song, and boy am I glad he did! Lott’s confident flow paired with his cheeky lines like “We go together like schoolwork and students at Princeton” makes for a perfect topline for CHYLD’s synth-filled track.

Both of these artists are on the rise, CHYLD leaning a bit more into the Electronic lane and Ronnie Lott into Hip-Hop. I was previously unfamiliar with Ronnie Lott’s work, but I have been a frequent listener of CHYLD’s for a bit, so I expected to hear more melancholy, contemplative lyrics. However, I was pleasantly surprised to hear them sing about the fun and upbeat topic of meeting a new crush. This Hip-Hop jam has buzzy synths, a groove fit for dancing, and flirty lyrics perfect for the summer time.

Alternative, Chill, Electronic | MESSY is “Out For Blood” on His Latest Drop

Posted by on August 3, 2020

L.A. based upcoming artist MESSY creates music which blurs theboundaries of contemporary pop. Blending hip-hop infused beats and rich dancehall rhythms, his latest single “Out For Blood” is packed with mesmerizing synth lines and a chorus that is bound to get stuck in your head. This is a great introduction to MESSY’s music, so check it out above now and read a quote from him on the song below.

“‘Out For Blood’ is about a partnership that ended badly. The other person had a hard time letting it go and everything I said in the song is exactly what happened. They were pissed and had it out for me after that.”

Drum & Bass, Electronic | WE R OK Enlist CHYLD for Official Remix

Posted by on July 14, 2020

Since making their debut in June, New York based dysfunctional duo WE R OK have vowed to keep the heat coming. With their debut single, “Ghosts” racking up over 20k streams in its first month, they have recently sweetened the pot with an official remix from Boston based mad man CHYLD.

With their debut setting the tone for what’s to come, WE R OK deliver a pumping Alt-Rock jam that is as chill as it is haunting. While both parties battle their own demons, the new project is serving as an outlet to get some things off their chest while also exercising their undeniable creative sides.

With the official remix, CHYLD flips the chilled out tune into an energetic, electronic, Drum n Bass inspired jam the speeds up the tempo and helps to kick things up a notch while exposing the brand new group to a much wider audience. Holding onto what made the original so catchy, CHYLD brings in his signature sound design and impressive synth work to warp the tune into something entirely different and fresh.

With another remix and their second single on the horizon, make sure you keep an eye on WE R OK through the rest of the year.


Electronic | MUZANA’s “Light” Puts A Well-Fed Dance Energy Into Your Speakers

Posted by on July 12, 2020

“Light” highlights more than just an additional single from rising artist MUZANA, taking his past experience and his present focus to complete something energized and seemingly all his own.

Infusing the forward thinking releases alongside a neatly balanced assembly of samples and a rhythmic flow to get down to, MUZANA brings his A-game on the music front.

With plenty of labels under his belt – such as Dim Mak and Musical Freedom – and performances being commonplace pre-pandemic, this soloist has plenty of momentum built and production prowess to spare, check out the single above and know MUZANA isn’t going anywhere.

Electronic, Pop | CHYLD Hits with Latest Bop ‘Headache’

Posted by on July 7, 2020

            Following his breakout release “ANTIDOTE” with Mickey Darling, CHYLD is back with another genre-bending tune that is truly meant for all music lovers. “Headache” is a multi-faceted banger that brings about intense feelings of both hopelessness and reenergizing resolution, a dichotomy that only the most talented of virtuosos can portray.

The Boston-based multi-instrumentalist/producer utilizes touching guitar licks and buzzy synths for the first half of the song, allowing the sounds to constantly deconstruct one another but nevertheless falling into cadence without missing a beat. CHYLD’s emotive vocals complement the confusing but eerily familiar vibes of “Headache” and supply a much needed comfort that makes the track inescapable intimate.

Almost without warning, the syncopated guitar-based song transforms into a flutter of revitalizing synths that are complemented by an angelic voice that proclaims “It’s over my head”. The song then de-escalates into near-silence with the lyrics echoing in another voice, and before the dust can settle another wave of synths hit. The listener finds themself in a newly-constructed soundscape of crashing synths and it feels as though a tension has been lifted. The sentiments of hopelessness and loss are recycled and repurposed into a vivacious state of feeling. “Headache” truly is unique in that it really is a musical journey, developing and veering in different directions.

Electronic | Mel Ody And Like Lions Unleash Ominous New Gem “Living With Ghosts”

Posted by on July 3, 2020

Greek talent Mel Ody is back on tastemaker label Lacuna, enlisting frequent collaborator Like Lions for ominous cut “Living With Ghosts”. The two artists linked for the second time back in January to create “Oizys”, another dark gem that was named after the ancient Greek goddess of grief, anxiety and depression. 

Their new collaboration undoubtedly displays a similarly dark theme. “Living With Ghosts” sees Mel Ody fully embrace his ability to incorporate orchestral elements into his music, creating a menacing instrumental that is as captivating as it is sinister. Electric guitar melodies, lively strings and massive brass stabs are brought together to create a truly dystopian soundscape, that is perfectly topped off by Like Lions’ distorted vocal lines; with his songwriting the Seattle-based singer and songwriter chooses to reflect on the long-lasting impacts of global crises and conflicts. 

“Earlier this year, before the pandemic, there were other global tensions happening that had me looking back at some of the major crises that have been playing out around the world in my lifetime,” revealed Like Lions. “When I sat down to write lyrics for “Living With Ghosts”, the horns and the drums felt like a battle call and I wanted to use that energy and power to try and amplify some of the stories and sentiments about the effects of war and conflict that have been passed onto me by friends who spent time on front lines.”

Electronic | Limbic Void Drops Catchy Original “Arrival Of A Ghost”

Posted by on June 26, 2020

The Alternate Life, the latest EP from up and comer Limbic Void, has been followed up by another new single, teased from the artist himself.

“Arrival Of A Ghost” captures a fascinating space between old school soft rock, pop, and modern sound effects acting as glue to the core written experience.

The single is well crafted, denying the listener a chance to lose interest in what is a well-themed aspect following up era-defining EP.

Dive into the single above and decide for yourself if what Limbic Void delivers is for you.