Electronic | Egzod & Sinego Tap Into Latin Vibes In Bass-Influenced Single “Patience”

Posted by on August 11, 2019

Two friends and two electronic artist who have decades of experience collectively between them have fused styles on “Patience.” The single features a Spanish verse which ties right into the narrative presented by the lyrics. In terms of the instrumental, the beat has a well-structured flow to it that enhances the sing-along nature of the gritty beat underlying the topline. The bass acts as a power center while the melody enchants the ears. “Patience” fits many settings, potentially please folks ranging from music discovery nerds to music-dependent gym-addicts. With that said, Egzod and Sinego nailed multiple pleasure centers with this one.

Sinego built his fanbase on Latin-leaning dance songs bursting with originality and spirit. After quickly garnering multi-millions of streams over the course of several months, his effort in areas such as brand identity and video content made him a serious personality with social currency to spare today, in particular within Hispanic/Latino audiences.

Egzod continues to grow in fanbase of cinematic melodic bass fans, with over 40 million plays, festival/club dates under his belt, substantial licensing deals, and averaging around 1 release a month year-round, Egzod is more often in your feed than not.

Electronic | Corporate Slackrs Tease Upcoming EP Through Debut Single “S.M.S”

Posted by on August 10, 2019

Corporate Slackrs have their own trails and triumphs story about how making the move to LA to pursue electronic artists careers impacted them. Their upcoming EP Highs & Lows, and now the first single “S.M.S,” along with it, articulates different moments Devin and AJ literally or figuratively went through or came to realize after the start of their new life. The beat that ties around the lyrics, sang by co-member Devin himself, strikes an eclectic balance between rock, trap, and general modern dance music effects and atmospheres.

The end result is something new feeling with a dash of familiarity built in. Highs & Lows EP is set to release in October with one additional single dropping next month.

Chill, Electronic | KDL Hits A Home Run With Rising Vocalist Ferras In “777”

Posted by on August 10, 2019

KDL and Ferras have teamed up on a single that is a slow-song, yet has swing. “777” comes packed with meaning, emotional, and sad-ish beat, yet maintains a certain feeling of club-friendly 100%. The crossover nature of the single is certain to help it reach and stick to great number of folks as it gets in the public consciousness. Aside from this, the overall originality and feeling of “777” is a major highlight, from the silent, echo-induced bridge to the sing-along nature of the chorus, KDL and Ferras knocked this one out of the park.

Eddie Timmons and BPM are the names behind KDL – plenty of producing, songwriting, and networking experience is found between these two. With a wise sense of sound as well as strong collaborator selection methods, KDL will be rising fast in no time.


Chill, Electronic | RYOKER And Nino Lucarelli’s “Close To Me” Collaberation A Single That Sticks

Posted by on August 5, 2019

RYOKER and Nino Lucarelli have experimented in the space between modern western electronic music and global Latin music, the crafted result, titled “Close To Me,” bursts with groove and swing, while showcasing a sensual, care-free spirit that listeners of all ages can identify with. Infectious production, moving vocals, and a general collaborative spirit make “Close To Me” easy to sing-along with and attach memories to.

RYOKER shares a vibe of a balanced life. He’s already 200K deep in the streaming game, yet his relaxed approach not only seems desirable but fuels a creative advantage for the soloist perhaps. This is certainly not the last single we will hear from RYOKER.

Dance, Hip-Hop, Trap | MKSMTH Aligns With Prominent Bay-Area Artist P-LO On “H&M”

Posted by on August 5, 2019

MKSMTH and P-LO put their hard side on full display with “H&M,” showcasing confidence and a direct message on the vocal side, while the production provides an 808-inspired beat laced with sprinkled hi-hats, thick instrumental bridges, and a weird-bubbly dark-trap drop that hits the spot. The festival or club friendly mood of the single makes it the party-ready go-to that listeners will thrive on.

MKSMTH and P-LO are both Bay-area artists with an extensive and successful history regionally. The two have aligned their talents and fan-bases on this latest endeavor – fans and industry folk alike hope it won’t be the last time.

Check out the power of “H&M” in full above.

Electronic, Hip-Hop | Zeal Draws Attention With Meaningful Multi-Genre Single “Tomorrow”

Posted by on August 5, 2019

Most new singles are a hybrid of modern genres elements of the now, “Tomorrow” harnesses the power and groove of hip-hop while supplying the warmth of Porter Robinson and Madeon-inspired electronic. The result is a song with many genres, tempos, and moods stitched together, Zeal’s implementation of production and arrangement talents being the cohesive glue that stitches the parts together, allowing a organic flow to be heard.

21 year old Australian artist Zeal draws from a near-decade of music experience. Today, his works build upon the foundation a wide-spectrum of talents from different music cultures. In “Tomorrow,” Zeal calls upon rapper Paintriip and vocalist Yohanna to capture the electronic-hip hop zest that’s on display here, an element he certainly nailed.

However you describe his style, Zeal has several attractive and different elements that will surely be a lure to fans who see him.

Electronic | Bass artist kineption’s Experimental-Tinged ‘Squid Season’ EP A Turning Point For Panhandle Artist

Posted by on July 30, 2019

Based out of the panhandle of Florida, experimental bass-leaning DJ/producer kineption dropped Squid Season. The three-track EP showcases and journey’s through Ian Scroggin aka kineption’s vision of the genre he’s embedded in – the tracks having their own original moments to take in, while individually carry commonalities between as a ‘traditional’ EP should. Great wubs and weird moments aside, these tunes have a swing to them, the rhythmic percussion giving the EP flow and danceability. How the weird and the rhythm came together on the EP is where I found some of the most enjoy. Squid Season has much to offer.

kineption is active IRL within his genre as well, himself and fellow DJ’s bringing hype and heady shows to the greater Destin, FL area. The group presence locally, collectively labeled “Positive Collaborations,” continues to grow and solidify as the vacuum for grass-roots fun in the panhandle region becomes satisfied. People are sleeping on the gulf coast, don’t let Squid Season go under the radar.