Electronic, RnB | Dan Bravo Teams Up With Jarrod Michael Cooke on Their Latest “Closure”

Posted by on April 3, 2017

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Out on Sony’s disco:wax label, Dan Bravo has continued providing fans of this new r&b inspired future sounds with hot record after record. His latest production, “Closure” is the definition of swag… I feel like I need to suit and boot every time it comes on. Jarrod Michael Cooke doesn’t hold back either and together the two have composed a solid record as we roll into the summer season. Keep your eyes on this one.

Electronic | WITHOUT break silence with ‘Wanta Be’

Posted by on March 30, 2017

UK based duo, WITHOUT have been quite over the past year, working in the studio gearing up for their new music and new EP. The time has come and the pair are revealing their first single ‘Wanta Be’ from their newly formed label “The Peace”. The guys share, “The track itself is an important transition for us, there are less organic instruments than in our previous work, but at the same time we’ve been able to incorporate more interesting field recordings and sample textures that fill the space where previously we might have just picked up a guitar and done something that felt familiar to us.” With UK vibes to the core, ‘Wanta Be’ is a dance floor mover and it now has an equally entertaining video to match.

Chill, Electronic | LA-based vocalist MOONZz returns with “Navigator”

Posted by on March 29, 2017

You might have seen or heard MOONZz name last year, as she landed herself in a pretty big sync placement with Victoria Secret and her debut single “Satisfy”. The LA-based vocalist returns today with her first single of 2017 and it’s just as worthy as the past releases. “Navigator is about jumping head and heart first into the journey of love– not knowing where it’ll take you, but trusting that if it’s real, it doesn’t matter where you end up as long as you end up there together” shares MOONNZz. We like the sound of that and think you will as well, give it a listen below!


Electronic | Lucky Rose wants you to feel like a “Wild One”

Posted by on March 28, 2017

Canadian producer Lucky Rose is still fairly new to the scene, but his latest collaboration with the chart-topping fellow Canadian artist is bound to take him to the next level. “Wild One,” out now on Ultra Music, brings together guitar led instrumentation with a funky melody to create a vibey, fun indie-dance single.

Electronic, Interviews | Q&A with Up and Coming Producer Duo MEDZ From Down Under

Posted by on March 21, 2017

How did you come up with the artist name MEDZ?

The first time we worked together i’d just had 2 wisdom teeth out and i was off my head on painkiller meds!

How did the “Unforgettable” collaboration come about?

We’ve known Kings for a couple of years and did some production on one of his early house tracks, we wrote this track before his single “Don’t worry about it” blew up. it started off very different at 140bpm and somehow ended up more chilled.

How did you guys connect with Be Rich Records?

I’ve worked with Be Rich as Magik J for years and always had a great A&R relationship with Guy and John, so when we started this new project we went to them first.

What is your dream collaboration & why?

We are loving all Jon Hopkins stuff at the moment, everything he does is unique and production is incredible. Would also love to work with Bjork.

When did you guys start getting into creating music?

I started making music around the late 90’s and ran a label called Shaboom in the UK releasing my own tracks, Jack has been making music for the last 4 years and is already way better than me!

Who are some of your main influences? On your latest single a Flume inspired sound is what came to mind for us.

Yes we love Flume and the sound he’s created. Again Jon Hopkins on the production side of things is a big influence but also older bands like Massive Attack and Portishead, we’re big fans of 90’s trip hop.

What is the music scene like in NZ?

Really strong at the moment there’s loads of great international acts coming over to play and more cool local events popping up all the time.

Favorite musicians outside of the Electronic market?

Been listening to loads of Sigur Rós, it’s really amazing stuff.

What is your favorite release to date and why?

This is only our second release so I guess this one as it’s our latest.

Are you guys working on any new projects?

We have lots of new material lined up and working with different vocalists both here in NZ and overseas. We’re still finding our sound and its great just experimenting with new ideas each day.

What software do you guys produce in?

Both Logic and Ableton live through UAD Apollo. We’re also amassing lots of old analogue gear which our next few releases will feature.

Do you guys prefer to be doing live shows DJing or in the studio creating new music?

We haven’t done too many MEDZ live shoes yet but we can’t wait to get out there. Studio is the main focus for now and then hopefully the touring will follow. We have some cool ideas for the live show and it’d definitely involve some of our analogue gear .

Electronic | MSTR ROGERS has returned with his latest single “Sooner Or Later”

Posted by on March 20, 2017

Following the release of his debut hit “I’ll Take You,” which hit #1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart and #6 on the US Viral Chart, MSTR ROGERS has returned with his latest single “Sooner Or Later,” out today on Ultra Music. He’s also got a colorful music video to accompany which you can check out here. Get ready for the ride as Rogers incorporates a cheeky melody with sharp instrumentals and beautiful vocals to create a bouncy pop hit.

Electronic | Check out “Gone” by Kap Slap

Posted by on March 17, 2017

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Mashup king turned DJ/producer Kap Slap released his energetic new single “Gone”. Even at 100 bpm, Kap Slap flawlessly delivers his unmistakable production, mixing dance, pop, and rhythmic elements. “Gone” is the first non-3LAU release off his not-for-profit label, BLUME. 3LAU founded the label in April 2016 with the mission to unite music listeners worldwide around philanthropic causes and initiatives. Last year, 3LAU and BLUME reached their goal of raising $200,000 for Pencils of Promise. BLUME’s current objective is to raise $30,000 for the ACLU, and the profits from Kap Slap’s single “Gone” will go toward reaching the goal. Check out “Gone” now!