Henry Strange Drops Catchy West Coast Anthem Featuring Kittrix & Acafool In ‘B!tch I’m So LA’

Posted by on August 29, 2022

Henry Strange is a master of many skills. The multi-talented audio engineer, producer, and DJ is renowned as the inventor of the setlist playback system for Ableton live. Additionally, Henry has collaborated with the music industry’s top artists on multiple large-scale projects. His newest project is “B!tch I’m So LA” an independently released single and music video that has been captivating its listeners on a massive scale.

Prior to this project, Henry was amongst the first to introduce the use of Ableton Live, a live performance software, on large-scale tours. His innovation in music technology has unlocked a world of possibilities for custom control of playback music and effects for live vocals and instruments. His well-respected reputation in the live touring industry landed him roles as Music Director, Music Programmer, and DJ on tours with famed artists such as Drake, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, and Mike Posner. While working on expanding the application of music, Henry still allocates time to constructing masterpieces like his most recent song.

“B!tch I’m So LA” is a mesmerizing track inspired by classics such as “California Love”, carrying the torch of the traditional west coast sound while weaving in a New Orleans funk vibe as well. The song features vocalist Kittrix who heavily delivers the LA atmosphere with her enticing lyrics. Miami-born rapper Acafool shares a vital role in the track too. His groovy rhymes and soulful voice is guaranteed to have music fans subconsciously nodding their heads. The inclusion of these two gifted artists merged with Henry Strange’s genius in sound design and production is a recipe for success.

Opening with a bouncy beat composed of modular synthesizers, the intro is topped off with collaborator Divinci’s talkbox vocals that contribute a vintage funk element. As the track continues, appearances are made by show-stopping trumpet solos and catchy key progressions, created by expert instrumentalist Ben Hovey. Altogether, this foundation forges a unique genre that Henry has personally referred to as “futuristic old school”.

As a veteran in the music industry, Henry Strange knows that nothing brings a track to life as effectively as a music video. Henry’s comical and visually creative animated rendition of “B!tch I’m So LA” dynamically illustrates what it truly means to be an Angeleno. Through animated versions of Henry Strange and Kittrix, viewers get an inside look at Los Angeles culture.

The video takes a journey from the red carpet to the paparazzi and even to the traffic on the 405 freeway, humorously displaying what makes LA stand out. A powerful representation of the lyrics is showcased by exotic fashion and flashy pool parties, strategically placed at different times in the music video. Combining these aspects, Henry Strange has forged a viral-worthy visual portrayal of the summer anthem.

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