Albums | Flight Facilities – Down To Earth

Posted by on August 29, 2014

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All my Flight Facilities fans, Hugo and Jimmy have announced the release of their debut album October 27th, out via Glassnote Records and Win Music, and the Australian electronic duo just put out a trailer announcing take off! They’re def pushing boundaries with this one, with collaborations with acts such as Reggie Watts,  Bishop Nehru, Emma Louise and plenty more! You can check out their tour dates on their website, with performances at Webster Hall in NYC, and the Regent in Los Angeles!

Albums | Sizzy Rocket – Morrissey

Posted by on August 22, 2014

In are day and age where it seems like pop stars are as easily interchangeable as bed sheets, it’s a rare occurrence to find an artist with poise, talent, and originality all wrapped in to one. Sizzy Rocket is a straight shooter, her writing ability evidencing that.

TV out the window, late night like a talk show, rich cunt at The Standard.

However, despite the brash and borderline-crude lyrics, Sizzy manages to seamlessly transition from her dark rapping abilities to a bubbly-sounding rendition of The Smith’s on the chorus. Don’t let the sound fool you, as the case with “Morrissey”, as well as previous release, “GIRLS“, the lines are oozing with playful sarcasm that begs for a second listen.

Enjoy the genre-bending song, and get introduced to pop music’s next rule breaker.

Albums | Trippy Turtle – Trippy’s Theme (Official Video)

Posted by on July 11, 2014

If you’re new to the whole Jersey club scene and are curious about why Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, as well as confused as to what the phrase “Turtle on that booty” means, have no fear, it’s just who Trippy Turtle is. Voyaging away from the usual R&B remix, Trippy decides to give us his theme song, which is produced so cleanly and smooth. Along side the Pokemon characters, we see cameos made by Cashmere Cat, RiFF RAFF, Pink Panther, Booty Beaver, Drippy Dolphin, and more. A lot of weirdness in the video, but it works. In order to get the most out of your Trippy Turtle experience, make sure to watch the video. Also, TWRK decided to do a little remix of this fine track as well which will be for your listening enjoyment below so check both out. FOFOFADi

Albums, Interviews | Just Blaze DjCityTV Interview

Posted by on July 9, 2014

DJCity | YouTube

Shout out to DJCity for sending over their latest interview with Just Blaze! Having met the veteran legendary producer a few weeks ago, and hearing the man speak the truth on the current state of the music scene, and his transition into the DJ realm, I felt the need to share this. I had a chance to catch him live in Miami, as he filled in for a set after Kaytranada, and I can tell you for a fact the man does more than push buttons, going as far as beatboxing on the mic when the sound system accidentally shut off, to keep the party going! Respect to DJCity, and respect to Just Blaze! This is a must watch interview!

Albums | Icona Pop – Just Another Night (Solidisco Remix)

Posted by on June 25, 2014

Icona Pop Just Another Night Solidisco Remix Icona Pop   Just Another Night (Solidisco Remix)

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Is it me or does Icona Pop sound like Abba? Well if it that’s not the case, then Solidisco took it back to the “Dancing Queen” days minus the 2 dudes, and brought it forward to 2014. blending disco-house and electro-house for our dancefloor needs. I’m really digging the production on this one, and for some reason I hear some cool mashups with the intro alone, this is def one you’re going to want to dance to. Icona Pop and Solidisco might want to consider working together, I think they’d make a great collab. Make sure you give this one a listen and support by purchasing it on iTunes!

iTunes: Icona Pop – Just Another Night (Solidisco Remix)

Albums | Axwell /\ Ingrosso Takeover NYC

Posted by on June 4, 2014

 Axwell /\ Ingrosso Takeover NYC

The streets of New York are singing. Axwell /\ Ingrosso have debuted the sounds of a new song and have hit the streets of Manhattan to partake in the world’s first silent song premiere. The duo, set to co-headline Governor’s Ball this Sunday alongside Outkast, Vamipre Weekend and The Strokes, have cloaked the city in lyric lines from a forthcoming single, a mix & match scavenger hunt for all to take part in. On discovery fans have been posting the lyrics via Twitter and Instagram to reveal a lyric map for all to follow online.

BpLwfeTCIAAwY4u 2 580x580 Axwell /\ Ingrosso Takeover NYC

As for the rest of the world, we await the postman. 5,000 fortunate fans will receive a first look into the dawn of Axwell /\ Ingrosso. Personalized letters, sheet music, and scratch-off lottery cards with the chance to win a fly-away trip are on route to the homes of fans in more than 30 countries worldwide. A select very few will receive limited edition poster prints and t-shirts.

Follow the story as it develops:

Albums | DJ Dan – Nothing But A Party

Posted by on May 15, 2014

DJ Dan Nothing But A Party Album DJ Dan   Nothing But A PartyFacebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

It’s Thursday night, I’m thirsty, I got paid, I’m waiting on some exciting news, and I’m ready to party, so thank you mr DJ Dan for providing the funk, and the beat to get me pumped for the night that’s to come with your latest album “Nothing But A Party,” and in case you didn’t know who DJ Dan is, he’s an OG in the Dance scene, so respect your elders and educate yourself, but don’t focus too hard, let yourself be taken away by the funk and enjoy yourselves! This ain’t nothing but a party! This is a must listen and support by purchasing the album on Beatport.

Beatport: DJ Dan – Nothing But A Party