Albums | Heath240 and Daniel Price Connect on “Chirp”

Posted by on December 12, 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, the clash of genres and influences in music gets bigger by the second. Take “Chirp” by Boston-based-artist Heath240 for example: seamlessly blending elements of hip-hop and bedroom pop into one cohesive sound that sounds like the future of pop music. Check out “Chirp” by Heath240 featuring Daniel Price above now!

Albums | EXCLUSIVE: Shuz’s EP Finale “Reborn,” A Nostalgic Throwback On ‘Paradox’ EP

Posted by on December 11, 2020

From the mysterious yet clear-cutting “Abyss,” to the nostalgic and reminiscent “Reborn,” Shuz has now unleashed a music journey that won’t soon be forgotten.

Bass and trap intersect with the many-mooded Paradox EP.

The flow of music stitched-here capturing something comfortable – if neck-breaking beats fitting for festival events tends to be your thing.

Music can be melded and re-formed an infinite positions, Shuz’s choice to give depth and meaning to his work through word-play, and by extension, sound-play, is something genuine and refreshing.

In particular, “Reborn,” ends up being a unique choice as a closer, off of Paradox EP, for these types of reasons; drawing many parallels that new fans and first-day homies alike can relate to.

“Reborn,” was originally released in 2018, but now stands re-inclusion as the closing track on the Dec. 11th, 2020 EP heard above, the final track.

Including a past original and bringing it into the forefront is a catchy gesture – Shuz discography comes equipped with other audible goodies that do not escape those who often delve-in to their music.

This type of cleverness doesn’t go unnoticed in 2020, with the need for an ‘it’ factor being a key part to every single or EP/album as things move forward in music/music streaming.

Releasing with labels in the past that have distinct establishment and developing a sound that becomes ever-more defined and sweeping, Shuz hits many high points across the board, not leaving things to chance when it comes to his social presence.

Hear for yourself what Shuz has to offer.

Albums | whatshisface Is a Rising Talent to Keep an Eye On

Posted by on December 7, 2020

Alternative R&b and Bedroom Pop are two sub-genres that thrived in 2020. On his second ever release to date, whatshisface (great name), proves to new listeners that he may just be a name to keep an eye on via “Magic Disaster”. The emotion filled single is spellbinding and catchy as hell thanks to wonderfully rich and textured vibe. Brimming with dense and warming aesthetics, a sweeping atmosphere, and his own soaring vocals at the helm, this new offering cements as an enticing emerging talent worth keeping an eye on. Tune in above now!


Albums | Mahalo Returns with “Not Watching Anymore” Out Now Via TNT Records

Posted by on December 7, 2020

Hawaii born and Los Angeles based producer and DJ Mahalo, coming off of another huge year marks his debut on TNT Records unleashing his newest infectious anthemic melodic bass driven single, “Not Watching Anymore” with an anticipated release date of December 4th.  Mahalo’s much anticipated single tells the story of a complicated one sided relationship where one person is completely fed up and won’t stand for it anymore, “Keep acting like you’re so hurt, you’re crying but I know it’s fake…I show you how much I care but you could give a damn.” 

“Not Watching Anymore” is a catchy energizing track with an anthemic beat driven melody. The bouncy melodic beats are accompanied by an uplifting drop while the emotive vocals and upbeat lyrics are a perfect match to the beats cooked up by Mahalo and act as a cherry on top and really drives the track home. Mahalo once again showcases his exceptional production skills, attention to detail and his signature bass sounds with his latest single. ‘Not Watching Anymore” is a sure anthem that will have you longing for the dancefloor! 

 “Originally, I began working on this track with another one of my close producer friends in New York, I was really drawn to the vocal melodies and the lyrics from the singer. I ultimately took the record over and added my signature bass sounds and production. I am really happy with how the final product came out, and I hope the listener enjoys it too!” 

About Mahalo: 

Hailing from the shores of Hawai’i and setting up shop in Southern California, Mahalo has quickly made a name for himself as one of the newest rising stars of the global dance music machine. By blurring the lines sonically and creating cutting edge material branded as his signature sound “liquid house”, this young producer has managed to gain the support of an impressive amount of many of the world’s biggest DJs, producers and tastemakers while also performing at some of the most coveted festivals in North America such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Groove Cruise, Nocturnal Wonderland and Countdown. 

Mahalo’s 2019 breakout single ‘So Cold’ set a benchmark for future success journeying 15 weeks on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart eventually rising to #1, while also taking the top spot on the Mediabase US Dance Radio chart. With releases on labels like Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS Records, Mark Knight’s Toolroom Records, Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music and various other taste making labels such as Perfect Havoc, Enormous Tunes, Bunny Tiger, and Insomniac Records – it’s no wonder why the world is starting to take notice of this promising talent whose future looks more than bright. 

Connect with Mahalo: 

Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Spotify 

Albums | “Rikiki” is a colorful Afro-fusion ode to the motherland of Africa by Shopé

Posted by on December 6, 2020

Toronto, Canada based up-and-coming artist Shopé dropped his music video for his single, “Rikiki” recently and it’s a vibe! The son of Nigerian parents, Shopé was born and raised in Lagos till age eleven when he and his family emigrated to Canada to seek out a fresh start and new opportunities, leaving the comfort of their home, friends, family and culture behind. As is the story of many immigrants in the West, his family were often met with hardship and unwelcoming arms when trying to assimilate to their new surroundings. It was only after facing some harsh truths that Shopé’s perspective gradually began to shift, it took him seeing and experiencing the disparity in treatment between white people and people of color first hand for him to rethink his position.  It was a sobering realization to find that the land he now proudly called his home was the same land which bullied him into gradually denouncing his heritage and turning his back on his culture, the very same culture that once brought him so much joy and comfort. Watch the video for “Rikiki” above now!

Albums, House | EQRIC Drops House Gem “Turn The Lights Off” Alongside VADDS And Lonnel

Posted by on December 4, 2020

Arguably closing out the most successful year of his career so far, EQRIC has definitely set himself up for even more success in 2021. Hitting 956k Spotify monthly listeners in August (140th artist amongst all Canadian musicians), seeing his remix of “The Box” by Roddy Ricch go viral on TikTok with over 100 million views and being featured on SLAM! Radio – as well as numerous other radios around Europe – have been long time coming achievements for the talented artist.

Having dropped more than a dozen of singles this year, EQRIC is keeping up the pace with his latest, groovy release “Turn The Lights Off.” Teaming up with fellow artists VADDS and Lonnel, EQRIC is able to craft a captivating house tune, filled with groovy basslines and infectious vocals. 

“‘Turn The Lights Off’ is mysterious, using elements of deep house with a hypnotizing, catchy vocal chop melody that, alongside the bass rhythms, puts the listener in a trance. When I was making it, I felt as though I was experiencing one of those night drives, where you get lost in your thoughts as you drive into the darkness with ‘the lights off,” explains EQRIC. 

Albums | SPLENDORE Asks Himself ‘OMG, am I really feeling these feelings I’m feeling right now?’ on New EP

Posted by on November 28, 2020

Hyper-pop is taking a massive stake in the end of the 2020 music landscape. Rising Italian DJ / producer SPLENDORE recently released his highly-anticipated new EP ‘OMG, am I really feeling these feelings I’m feeling right now?’ and it’s the perfect blend of various styles of music and influences, all of which bring it under the hyper-pop umbrella. While asked about the project SPLENDORE said, “Life is a summer love. It doesn’t last forever but we act like we don’t care. The bittersweet memory and the harsh reality. This song, as this record, is about that adolescent idealization. Coping with depression, loss, anxiety. That’s the reason why this track has this peculiar sound narrative as we’re moving from the ideal past to the complexity of adulthood.” Tune into the new EP above now!