Albums | Mokita Gets Real on “Over You”

Posted by on May 26, 2020

Nashville singer/songwriter Mokita is back with a new single via “Over You”. His unrelentingly honest, deeply personal, unwaveringly confessional form of expression is a breathe of fresh air that is also an outlet to tackle the sincerest of subjects many songwriters are all-too-often afraid to address. His Electro-Pop style is the perfect cross over between of Pop and Electronic music. Check out “Over You” above.

Albums | Aslove – ‘Boom Boom’ ft. Franky

Posted by on May 15, 2020

Ready for summer? Want something new to bump in your headphones? Aslove has just that for you today with his brand new “Boom Boom” ft. Franky. A perfectly poppy electronic treat, the French producer is at his best in “Boom Boom.”

An effervescent blend of danceable synths and pop-driven vocals, Aslove and Franky are a seeming match made in heavy in “Boom Boom.” Accompanied by a super fun lyric video, this release is sure to be played over and over again throughout 2020.

Albums | Sam Doll Reflects on her inner turmoils with “Bad Like Me”

Posted by on May 15, 2020

Sam Doll is a Toronto based artist with a knack for songwriting and melodies. This time around in her latest offering “Bad Like Me” Sam creates her own audio world and divulges her inner turmoils. We are astounded by her range and dynamics which really give the whole record a lot of uniqueness. More on the song via Sam Doll: “I’m a writer, and I realized that writing is what I’m best at and meant to do, but often times you write alone. And I like having a lot of people around all the time. So with music, I get to write something, and then bring it to my producer, go to the studio, do a show, etc – it’s much more social.”


Albums | Marcos G – “Dancefloor” (music video)

Posted by on May 14, 2020

Marcos G’s music is a beautifully hybrid concoction of Dreamy lo-fi influenced R&b that also dabbles in pop-prowess with clean-cut hooks and a commercial attitude. His new single “Dancefloor” comes with a fun video that makes me miss shows and reminds me of my High School prom band (in the best way possible). Loving this one. Watch the video for “Dancefloor” by Marcos G above now.

Albums | Tonner’s “Train to Paris” Cuts Deep

Posted by on May 11, 2020

“Train To Paris is inspired by a true story of losing everything, running all the way across the pond to get away from an old life, and finding myself stronger than ever. This song took me years to write, and after that I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it with anyone. When I play it, I’m mentally revisiting a transformational time in my life. I have to get into that space to really give the vocals the right energy. Kind of like saying ‘fuck you, I’m doing this on my own.’ Success is the best revenge, after all.” Says Tonner regarding his newest single “Train To Paris”. The funky indie pop release shows off the Orlando singer/songwriter’s keen ability to dabble in various sub-genres. Really into this one’s vibe, check it out above now!

Albums, Trap | Mel Ody Displays His Potential Once Again With Explosive Single “Falling Down”

Posted by on May 9, 2020

Mel Ody is continuing to release quality music this year, following up the hot streak of dark vibe “Oizys” featuring Like Lions and pop anthem “Flying” with another release on Suit of Bullets, coming out with one of his most energetic tracks to date, “Falling Down”. 

“Falling Down” is a perfect combination of electronic and hip-hop vibes, all laced with Mel Ody’s unique orchestral hints of production. The rap vocals on the verses are mangled and pitch-shifted, while the drop explodes into a series of brass stabs and vocal chops, showcasing Mel Ody’s ear for tasteful production and hard-hitting sounds.

Albums, Bass, House | black a.m. and Matsu Release Epic Collaboration Titled “Eerie”

Posted by on May 3, 2020

black a.m. shows no sign of slowing in 2020 as he continues his near-monthly release schedule after finishing up ‘The Portal Tour’ with NGHTMRE. Now having broke the 100K mark across releases collectively, black a.m. expands his movement by branching out with a Matsu collaboration released on Slow Roast Recs.

As a nationally recognized DJ champion, Matsu can turn heads with releases that will certainly be shared beyond the internet and into DJ sets globally.

Marking his debut on the label, this single surely combines the best parts of both acts on this one.