Rap | “Who Am I” See’s an Introspective New Tune via JJ Doze

Posted by on September 26, 2021

New York based rapper JJ Doze is clearly stating he means business in latest deep cut, “Who Am I”. The energetic number with a hard-hitting message is expressive and speaks upon themes the world needs to hear. This one is well worth the listen and was a great introduction to the rising emcee. Check out a thorough quote on the release below and watch the visual above now!

“In the song ‘Who Am I’, I talk about my ability to fail on knowing my purpose as I try to find the answers I’m seeking for. However, that would be the problem. As I fail to realize that there aren’t any answers, I kept ignoring the fact that there are choices. A choice to be patient with myself. A choice to understand myself. A choice to accept myself. But, that was difficult to do as I kept trying to help everyone around me that I completely forgot about myself. So, whenever I would feel frustrated, angry, drained, &/or other feelings, I wouldn’t necessarily know what to do… so that’s when I try to brush it off, which diminishes my path to understand myself, & to know who I am & how I react to certain things during a certain situation. In the song, I bring up other situations that also block that path I deeply want to find. This song means a lot to me. It’s a song that can get you feeling hyped (mainly from the chorus) while also leaving you thinking deeply if you listen closely to the lyrics. It surely expresses my vulnerability, & that is exciting to me but also nerve-wracking”

Rap | Hei$enberg Drops “Bald Headed”

Posted by on September 20, 2021

Texas-based artist Hei$enberg releases new track Bald Headed. When speaking about the meaning of the track, he states, “I wanted to bring a trap/street sound with this record. It also gives the listener a little bit of my background. This record means a lot to me. It is proof that I have real talent, and I feel like I haven’t missed any of my releases yet. The quote would be, please don’t call my phone if you not talking about cutting a check.” Rapping changed his life after being released from federal prison on drug trafficking charges in 2012. Hei$enberg used rapping as escapism; he uses it to express his emotions, thoughts and feelings. Bald Headed is a chill flex track; the trap beat coasts smoothly. Be sure to check out ‘Bald headed’ and Hei$enberg’s other tracks.


Posted by on September 15, 2021

Dr. B-Bay possesses a story unlike most. Hailing from Houston, Texas as a doctor of dental surgery which was first and foremost in his life, he inherited a passion for music from a very young age that has always been a part of him. Now at a stage in his life where he feels he can combine the two with a relentless pursuit, B-Bay has since released a plethora of music over the recent years, heavily influenced by T.I., Tupac, and Lil Wayne to name but a few. His new single “Checks” is a confident new track with a fresh, upbeat and melodically catchy vibe. Tune in above now!


Rap | M!NT makes his label debut with new single and video “90 Degrees” (ft. Nas Leber)

Posted by on September 22, 2020

If you’re already missing the warm Summer days like we are, we’ve got the song for you. Brooklyn-based producer M!NT has released his melodic and introspective new single “90 Degrees”. The collaboration with Bronx-raised artist Nas Leber is an emotive track brought to life with heavy 808s, piano, and smooth vocal production. According to the press release, the nostalgic lyricism (via Leber) illustrates themes of overcoming challenges and and gratitude for the man he’s become as a result. Those feels are doubled down thanks to the songs relatable “end of Summer” retrospect.

Directed by Sasha Nitze, the highly cinematic video is one of the best we’ve seen in 2020. In the visual, we find Leber rapping against the backdrop of a typical Bronx streetscape (filmed in City Island, to be precise). With it’s stunning creative direction and melancholy tone, the visual takes viewers on a nostalgic trip into memories of a Summer gone by, with a totally New York feel.

The visual premiered on producer and YouTuber Ryan Celsius’ platform and is already making a buzz. Celsius oversees M!NT’s A&R on Stockholm-based record label Amuse, who M!NT recently inked a deal with. Prior to signing his label deal, M!NT had an extensive career as an independent artist, producer, and sound engineer having worked with the likes of Cautious Clay, Ooah from Glitch Mob and NAO, as well as touring around the electric festival circuit, performing at Electric Forest, Mysteryland, and Lightning in a Bottle. If “90 Degrees” is anything to go by, we’re expecting great things from this rising producer. Be sure to stay up to date with all things M!NT by following him on Instagram and checking out the video for “90 Degrees” below!

Hip-Hop, Rap | Read Up: Trizz – Book of Life

Posted by on January 10, 2020

Kicking off 2020, West Coast Hip Hop favorite Trizz is back on Tommy Boy with his latest track, “Book of Life“.  Never one to pump the brakes, Trizz has built a die hard fan base while racking up millions of streams since officially launching his solo career in 2016.  

Championed by legends like Brother Lynch Hung and Tech N9ne, Trizz has been cranking out projects, churning out videos and dropping quality verses on features non-stop over the last several years.  Recognized by tastemakers around the country for his flawless flow and hard-hitting lyricism, he has continued to impress fans with both his catalog and high-energy live performances around the country.  With a stash of singles primed and ready to go in 2020, it’s shaping up to be a major year for the already prolific MC.

Hip-Hop, Rap | Tef Poe Drops Off New Single ‘Believe Me’

Posted by on October 4, 2019

Tef Poe, an author, educator, award-winning journalist, social revolutionary and lifelong MC, is ready to make some waves with his new single, “Believe Me”. Fresh off of a month-long journey to Jordan where he represented the United States Hip Hop community as part of a fellowship with Next Level USA and after going through some personal hardships, Tef Poe’s new single is a heartfelt banger.

Now back with a new hunger and a stash of insane tracks, Tef Poe is ready to close out 2019 on a high note, starting with his new single.  Fast fire flows, deep hitting bars and an unmatched energy carry the track, sure to give longtime fans something to be excited about and new fans something fresh for their playlists.

Hip-Hop, Rap | Dandelot Releases New Single and Video “Tutu”

Posted by on September 30, 2019

Genre defying artist and producer, Dandelot returns with his sophomore single and video for “Tutu”. The track follows his well received debut “David”. Fusing an eclectic Hip-Hop beat over a classically influenced piano loop, “Tutu” catches you on first listen with its catchy flows. As the title hints, his background as a ballet pianist plays a big part in the song’s inspiration and theme. Shot in a ballet studio, the stunning, self-directed visual is a work of art in its own right. Featuring a trio of synchronized ballerinas and immersive close ups, it’s a visual feast. With influences ranging from Kanye West to Bon Iver, Dandelot the real deal when it comes to artistry. Evident from this latest drop, this rising NY-based talent is certainly someone to keep on your radar.