Chill | Alive Act – Gonna Be Alright (Original Mix)

Posted by on September 30, 2014

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DJ Raffael De Luca put me on to this super group Alive Act he started with DJ Joel Jungell on the production and Marcus Miller on the saxophone. The basis of the music is to recreate melodic deep house with live instruments, because in all honesty, that’s the future. There’s nothing more exciting to see someone rocking out, and jamming out on an instrument for that full blown live experience. “Gonna Be Alright” is the trio’s first original release, and just like the title says, everyone’s going to be alright. If you like Klingande, Naxxos, or Thomas Jack, Alive Act is for you! This is a must listen!

Chill | Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic ft. Collin McLouglin – Here Tonight (Acoustic Music Video)

Posted by on September 29, 2014

Dash Berlin and Collin drop their “Here Tonight” acoustic video re-produced by Collin McLoughlin. Dash Berlin’s “We Are, Pt. 1″ is available on iTunes now. Go pick that up.

iTunes: Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic ft. Collin McLouglin – Here Tonight (Acoustic Music Video)

Beatport: Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic ft. Collin McLouglin – Here Tonight (Acoustic Music Video)

Chill, Review | Kygo at Music Hall Of Williamsburg + EXCLUSIVE ORIGINAL

Posted by on September 29, 2014

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The Norwegian God descended upon Brooklyn at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and took everyone to church, leaving everyone in awe, dropping a flawless set which took us all back in time, from his Ed Sheeran remix, to my personal favorite his Seinabo Sey remix, no remix was spared. Interestingly enough his remix of Passenger’s “Let Her Go” was not included in the mix, though we were properly served with the man’s “No Diggity vs Thrift Shop” remix, and his sensual “Sexual Healing” remix which had everyone going into a trance. The best part of the night for me though, was the last track he played, an original, which the world has been waiting for, and you can now listen to exclusively via the SoundCloud above. I’m not sure who the vocalist is though it sounds like Sam Smith to me. Give it a listen, it’s a must, and check the tour dates to catch Kygo in your city!  Also a quick shout out to Amtrac who opened the night with a nice blend of tropical bass/tropical deep house, and got everyone warmed up!



Chill, Electronic | Odesza – Say My Name Remixes

Posted by on September 28, 2014

 Odesza   Say My Name Remixes

As if an Odesza song isn’t cool enough on it’s own, here are six fantastic remixes of “Say My Name”. Most of the remixes on this album keep the upbeat vibes, and added their own flare. My personal favorite is the Emancipator remix because of they way the vocals were used and the rhythm. One remix that stands out from the others is the Ganz remix. It has more of an upfront feel to it, and more pronounced synths. All of these remixes are free on Soundcloud, and if you haven’t already, you can get Odesza’s album “In Return” on Itunes.

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Chill | Sam Smith – Moments (prod. by Freddy Verano)

Posted by on September 25, 2014

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It’s not everyday you find Sam Smith records laying around dating back from 2010, but props goes to Kosmo Records, who picked up Sam way before his success with Disclosure, and actually signed his album to their label. Fast forward to 2014, Sam Smith’s voice is heard by all, and there’s no better time to release “Moments” which was produced by Freddy Verano, serving as the follow up single to “Stay With Me.” Calling this genre “sunshine house,” it’s clear that Sam’s melancholic vocals are uplifted by Freddy’s dynamic production filled with piano, snaps, and a warm bass for full sensation. This is a must listen!

Chill | Vianney – Je Te Deteste (Glastrophobie Remix)

Posted by on September 25, 2014

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My favorite producer of the moment Glastrophobie is back with another dope remix, this time going French sticking to his guns of being different, and standing out from the lot of remixers out there, by reworking the French record “Je Te Deteste” by Parisian singer/songwriter Vianney. Incorporating his dose of deep house over a playful original record about love and heartbreak, Glastro brings out the feels, and uses the universal language of music to make the lyrics irrelevant, but rather focused on the vibe and energy. If you speak French you’d know that “Je Te Deteste” literally translate to “I Hate You” but at the sound of things, it sounds like love to me! This is a must listen!

Chill, Trap | Nylo – Someone Like You (SKULS RIP)

Posted by on September 24, 2014

SKULS put on with this rip of Nylo’s “Someone Like You” on that trap R&B flavor, and it’s so fluid and so smooth, this genre might replace my Saturday morning brunch music, cause it sounds like sex, and it sounds like the future. Having hit #1 on Hypem with their Childish Gambino “3005” remix a few weeks back, there’s no doubt these guys lived up to the hype with their follow up, I’m completely in trance by this latest, the vocals really resonate, and the bay trap vibes takes it all deeper. Def give this track a listen, and get that free download!