Chill | The Aston Shuffle – Tear it Down (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)

Posted by on April 19, 2014

artworks 000076620625 xk8qk5 t500x500 The Aston Shuffle   Tear it Down (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud

Good morning, VMan’s got you covered with your Saturday morning tune with this remix by Gamper & Dadoni of The Aston Shuffle’s “Tear It Down,” a soulful deep house gem layered with a hell of a saxophone solo breakdown and a funky bass outro. Ya’ll have a great weekend, if you’re up early, get cooking in the kitchen, start cleaning, smoke something, the vibes caused by this record should get you motivated. This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: The Aston Shuffle – Tear it Down (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)

Chill, Electronic | Tom Misch – Soulection White Label: 008

Posted by on April 17, 2014

 Tom Misch   Soulection White Label: 008

The methods of which Soulection uses to discover its vast spectrum of artists is as impressive and mysterious to me as the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights, yet they’ve got it down to a science and are doing the world a great justice by sharing their findings gratuitously and by the plenty. Soulection features countless artists from each and every genre, but their White Label selections are something extra special, showcasing newcomers who are really bringing something to the table. I found this past week’s pick, Tom Misch, to be probably one of my favorites out of the series so far. This *free* White Label release features three tracks, all of which are incredibly executed and in my opinion, really represent the characteristic sound of Soulection (which as you can hear almost always has its roots in Dilla).

By the way, did you know Tom Misch is only 18 years old? Slayin’ em, Soulection, just slayin’ em.


Chill, Deep House | Benjamin Francis Leftwich – 1904 (Manila Killa Remix)

Posted by on April 15, 2014

artworks 000076558905 ozqxrq t500x500 Benjamin Francis Leftwich   1904 (Manila Killa Remix)

The unique brand of music that Kygo and Thomas Jack have made popular is what Manila Killa has tried to replicate in his latest remix and he definitely succeeded in doing so. The only reason you could tell Kygo didn’t make this is because it doesn’t have the same main lead that pretty much all of his songs have. Other than that though, this is spot on. If by the off chance you were looking for more tropical house themed music, this should fit alongside your Kygo collection nicely.

Free Download: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – 1904 (Manila Killa Remix)

Chill | Salt Ashes – Somebody (Cruelty Remix)

Posted by on April 15, 2014

Salt Ashes Somebody1 Salt Ashes   Somebody (Cruelty Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Last week I featured Satin Jackets’ latest remix of Salt Ashes’ “Somebody,” a nu-disco rendition of the synth-pop record, well this week having that tune on repeat on my SoundCloud, I couldn’t help but love the Cruelty remix  of “Somebody” as well, which adds a funky touch to the original. I know I’m a month late with this one, but this track is by far underrated, and with the current exposure “Somebody” is getting, there’s no doubt this record deserves a revisit and a feature! This is a must listen and a must download!

iTunes: Salt Ashes – Somebody (Cruelty Remix)

Chill, Deep House | Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine (Kygo Remix)

Posted by on April 14, 2014

artworks 000076519552 ascyq8 t500x500 Benjamin Francis Leftwich   Shine (Kygo Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Fresh off a sold out show in London, Kygo isn’t wasting any time releasing his remix of Benjamin Francis Leftwich’ “Shine,” and after my first listen this might be one of my top 3 favorite remixes from the Norwegian producer. If you’ve been keeping up with the young producer, and would like to catch him on tour, rest assure, he’s coming to America this Summer! Click here to see if he’ll be coming to a city near you! This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine (Kygo Remix)

Chill, Electronic | Mitch Murder – Mirage (SevnthWonder Remix)

Posted by on April 13, 2014

 Mitch Murder   Mirage (SevnthWonder Remix)

SevnthSundays are always excellent! The release this week is a little different though, since it’s lacking the normal heavy R&B influence. SevnthWonder’s remix of “Mirage” by Mitch Murder is fresh and light. SevnthWonder stated that the influences for this remix were Wave Racer and Cashmere Cat. Featuring heavily altered vocals and an airy melody, this track will take your mind away. Grab this floaty track for free straight from Soundcloud as a part of SevnthSundays and keep an eye out every weekend for more!

Soundcloud | Facebook

Chill, Electronic | Kamandi & Polo – AASB EP

Posted by on April 12, 2014

 Kamandi & Polo   AASB EP

This EP is just too cool to pass up. Kamandi and Polo have created a seven day gradual release program for the “AASB” EP. Followers get one track (on Bandcamp) and the corresponding video (on Youtube) released per day until it’s all out for sale! We are on day six now, but I couldn’t wait until day seven to post this because it caught my attention so quickly. Each track, named by a different symbol, has a unique atmosphere to it. The bass in these tracks is mind-blowing if you’ve got the right system. All the tracks are smooth, ambient, and mysterious. The vibes in this EP are hard to describe, but may be somewhere along the lines of dark, emotional, and chill. I’ve attached two tracks from Soundcloud. Click on the Bandcamp link to hear the rest and purchase the whole EP!

Kamandi | Polo

Bandcamp: Kamandi & Polo – AASB EP