Apparel, Chill | Falls – Everything Different, Everything Same

Posted by on August 27, 2014

 Falls   Everything Different, Everything Same

This new track from Falls is absolutely beautiful. “Everything Different, Everything Same” is smooth and chill. The emotional vibes in this song can instantly get me lost in my head. If you need some thinking music, or even music for a long drive, this track is top notch. With a long intro blending into soft percussion, this track will have you mesmerized. Falls has a unique atmosphere in his tracks that I just can’t get enough of. This track is free to download right from Soundcloud.


Chill, Electro, Hip-Hop | The Fugees – Rumble In The Jungle (Beshken Remix)

Posted by on August 26, 2014

 The Fugees   Rumble In The Jungle (Beshken Remix)

When it comes to re-working classic rap music, one must treat the task with incredible caution. After all those were the days when Busta Rhymes was making non-Toyota-minivan songs. This past week, Beshken took to SoundCloud to drop his rework of Fugees’ classic “Rumble In The Jungle”.

The song gets a full 360 flip, while still retaining its New York roots from Busta and West Coast vibes of A Tribe Called Quest.

Hopefully, around the bend we’ll be able to hear some new originals from the Santa Monica native. For now, enjoy.

Bass, Chill, Trap | Royal – Royal’s Theme

Posted by on August 25, 2014

royal Royal   Royals Theme

Talk about a game changer. Royal has been on a grind lately, and with his newest release, “Royals Theme,” it doesn’t seem like he’ll be stopping anytime soon. As a teaser of his upcoming EP, the dude Royal just dropped this upbeat, fresh, and smooth future tune to get ya’ll psyched up, and I think he delivered pretty strong. Stay on the lookout for the full tracklist - I don’t think “disappointment” is a word this guy even knows.

Royal: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


Posted by on August 24, 2014

Sam Smith Stay With Me Cole Plante Remix SAM SMITH   STAY WITH ME (COLE PLANTE REMIX)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Here is the finest remix of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” that I’ve come across. Cole Plante, born and raised in LA reppin’ the west coast, ventures outside of his headline big room sound and delivers a high quality lush, chilled out, soulful M83-esque version that will make your ears very happy. See Cole perform this Friday (8/24) in Montreal at New Gas City and Saturday (8/25) in San Diego at Tramps Like Us.

Chill, Electronic | JACKSON B – I Said I Loved You

Posted by on August 22, 2014

 JACKSON B   I Said I Loved You

It’s a stormy night here in Chicago, so this new track from Jackson B, of Brighton, UK, fits the mood quite well. “I Said I Loved You” is peaceful and ambient. It has a unique set of sounds in the percussion and a mellow progression throughout. This is Jackson B’s first track out on Cream Collective, and I seem to like every artist they sign so I’m very excited to hear what more is to come! You can grab it for free right off the player!

Soundcloud | Facebook

Chill | Bebe Rexha – I Cant Stop Drinking About You (Eric Gitau Remix)

Posted by on August 21, 2014

 Bebe Rexha   I Cant Stop Drinking About You (Eric Gitau Remix)SoundCloud | Twitter

You’ve probably never heard of Eric Gitau, but that’s ok because neither had I until the past 20 minutes, and to show you how fresh this producer is, I’m his only follower on SoundCloud at the moment, but that’s sure to change soon! Sent over in my submission box, the message was short “I’m a house producer from Nairobi, Kenya, and here is my remix of Bebe Rexha’s “I Can’t Stop Drinking About You,” and considering it’s not every day I get a submission from Africa, I had to press play, and boy can you feel those African sunny vibes on this record! Eric, keep these coming, your sound is awesome! This is a must listen!

Chill | Johnny Green ft. Mammals – Oneiro

Posted by on August 20, 2014

Oneiro feat Mammals Johnny Green ft. Mammals   OneiroFacebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Johnny Green and Mammals just stole my afternoon, because nothing else matters when I’m listening to their latest track “Oneiro,” which means dream in ancient Greek, and once I get to the end of this far too short track for the vibes it brings to the table, all I want to do is run it right back, because bitch don’t kill my vibe, and I’m not even saying that to be funny. Reminiscent of Sigur Ros learns English, I’m completely captivated by this soothing sound, and you will be too! Released via Love F.A.M.E. Records, this is a must listen and support by purchasing it on Beatport!

Beatport: Johnny Green ft. Mammals – Oneiro