Alternative, Chill, Indie | Outasight Premiere’s Latest Single ‘Boogie’ On FNT

Posted by on October 8, 2015

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There is nothing better than good music. The type of music that just grabs your soul and makes you want to share it with the world. The type of music we will still be listening to in 40 years. Richard Andrew, a Yonkers, NY native, better known by his stage name Outasight is making exactly that type of music.

Boogie is the most recent single off his forthcoming album’Big Trouble‘ which is his first project since parting ways with WMG and going independent. Despite the lack of funding and resources of being independent, Outasight has created a much more vibrant sound full of amazing instrumentation. With his previous singles from the new album having more of a funk feel to it, Boogie comes in heavy with rock influence but still has those good vibes that previous singles ‘Big Trouble‘ and ‘The Wild Life‘ have made us accustomed to.

Support good independent music and Pre-Order ‘Big Trouble’ –>

Chill | Dear David’s “Hypnotized” Remix Package Keeps On Giving

Posted by on October 8, 2015

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Dear David’s “Hypnotized” only gets better with time, and the fine folks at PRMD put together a killer remix package, cause this remix by Anevo is the right jam to wake up to, lead by a sweeping guitar, into a subtle drop of ecstasy. If you’re feeling that void from festival season, you might shed a tear, this has “I miss Summer” written all over it. Props to all of the other remixers on this track, this one takes it for me! This is a must listen!

Beatport: Dear David – Hypnotized (Anevo Remix)

Chill, Future Funk | Kaptain & GRiZ Collaborator Carly Jaquier Get Cosmic With New Single

Posted by on October 7, 2015

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Kaptain is one of those smaller artists who puts out nothing but quality music. If you’re into chiller stuff, and you don’t know of this San Francisco artist, then you are missing out. Luckily, he released a new free original today called “Yesterday Will Float Away.” For fans of Kaptain, you’ll recognize the guitar from his long time partner Brizzy who’s been featured on several tracks, but you may not be familiar with the vocalist Carly Jaquier; unless you were at GRiZ’s Red Rocks show, where she performed with the future funk king. She flexes her pipes in this song, which is one for the record books. Kaptain’s laid-back production is just the perfect thing to melt away your pains of the week. Press play, and prepare to be absorbed into its cosmic vibrations.

Kaptain – Yesterday Will Float Away (feat. Carly Jaquier): Free Download


Chill | Kids At Midnight’s “Electrified” Is A Must Hear!

Posted by on October 3, 2015

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Oh wow, this track “Electrified” is a gem of a track by the solo project of Jane Elizabeth, Kids At Midnight, I just gave it it’s first spin just a few minutes, and I already know I’ll have this on repeat for the rest of the night. A resonating piano line mixed with stunning vocals, I’m sold, this track is gold. Currently in the South Of France, after making my way out here from London to be with family, this song is making me at peace, this is the kind of music that I love, so much emotion, and vibes. This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Kids At Midnight – Electrified

Chill | DIME$, A Small Artist With A Not-So-Small Sound

Posted by on September 29, 2015

I stumbled upon DIMES recently and I couldn’t believe what I heard. An artist who has grabbed the attention of the likes of The Chainsmokers, and more, yet his following and plays are so small.

Let’s change that. DIMES is the most exquisite fusion of all the best chill house elements that have been floating around in 2015. If you like anything ranging from Gryffin, Hotel Garuda, BANKS, or Cignature. You will fall completely in love with DIMES.

From “Galantis – Runaway [U&I] (DIMES Remix)” to “The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (DIMES Remix)” and now “Kaskade – Disarm You (DIMES Remix,)” this act knows how to make hit tracks. Listen to his upload on SoundCloud above, it’ll be the best move you make all day.

Learn more about this small anonymous artist here.

Chill, Electronic | Chill Out to “Fundamentalism” by Archy Stranger

Posted by on September 25, 2015

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Archy Stranger is seriously someone to keep an eye on! His debut release “Fundamentalism” has a powerfully uplifting demeanor to it, right in time to pump you up for the weekend. This song will have you feeling like you can take on the world, and you can! Good vibes all around thanks to Archy Stranger.

Chill | Jon Bonus & Kid Astro Go Sub Tropical For Cadence & Cause

Posted by on September 24, 2015

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You know what’s cool? Making music for more than just a free download to follow on SoundCloud, but actually helping someone, by donating to provide clean drinking water to people in Kenya, Uganda, India and Haiti, now that’s cool. And you know what’s even cooler? This track by Kid Astro and Jon Bonus “The One,” a sub tropical chill house infectious little ditty, which I’ve had on repeat for the past hour, and I can’t get enough of it. I’m the kind of guy to burn 1 track CDs and listen to them on repeat, so just for that there goes my donation, every $1 provides 1 filter for clean water for 1 person for 1 year.

Donate: Jon Bonus x Kid Astro “The One”