Chill | Dulsae’s “Wishing Seed” Remix Provides Perfect Pop-Nostalgia Vibe

Posted by on February 27, 2017

RYNO, based out of New York, just dropped a new remix on his SoundCloud “Wishing Seed (Dulsae Remix)”. Ryan Jacob Doyle a.k.a RYNO has an impressive history of being involved in all things music. The singer-songwriter and producer based in New York City is better known as lead singer in The Doyle Brothers. Leading up to this engagement, Doyle was front man for the band More Than Me, which in 2010 was named the Ambassador of Rock at the Hard Rock Cafe International Battle of Bands. After winning this worldwide competition, Doyle opened for Sir Paul McCartney at the Main Stage of the Hard Rock Calling Festival. Since then, Doyle’s photographed image has been used in the global advertising campaign for the Hard Rock Rising contest from 2011-2013, and is currently still in use in select markets.

Having composed for and collaborated with major international networks, Doyle penned the winning Rock-Category hit, “Unconditional Truth,” for the VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s competition in 2008. Currently, Doyle is finishing production on his studio album RYNO: The Pervade. The first song released was “Stars In The Sky” in February 2016, shortly followed up with a Multilingual Lyric Video that ended up catching viral traction in Europe. Can’t wait so hear more from this guy.

Chill, Featured, Pop | Henry Land’s “Tainted” Is One For The Repeat Button!

Posted by on February 24, 2017

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I overheard some epic sounds coming from my colleagues’ speakers this AM, layered with gorgeous soulful vocals, I had to add ask what it was, and it comes to us courtesy of Norway from Henry Land. Off the top of my head, and I’ve had this track on repeat all day, “Tainted” is a future- bass 80’s inspired pop ballad, that could only come from the Scandinavians. If you’re a fan of melody, and really want to discover a gem, press play, you won’t be disappointed, this record deserves more shine!

Spotify: Henry Land ft Jenny – Tainted

Chill, Electronic | Thalab drop debut EP ‘A Good Swim’

Posted by on February 23, 2017

We’ve finally got our hands on London-based duo Thalab’s debut EP. The guys share “A Good Swim was written and recorded last year in a room in London, by the two of us. All of the four songs came into their own in an intriguing way for us, we followed them rather than the other way around. There’s some second-rate psychoanalysis in there, some mythology, idealized kitsch landscapes and gardening problems. Both sound and words were the result of loosening up the way we approach making music.” We’re excited about what the future holds for this pair and if you’re not familiar yet, dive into the EP which is out now on Juicebox Recordings.


Alternative, Chill, Pop | Young Hearts by NoMBe is a Banger

Posted by on February 16, 2017

This is just another reason why NoMBe is the best indie act out now. Just listen to the amazing drums, the horns, and the level of detail in this record. This is an absolute smash, the flow on this, the production, literally the best thing on the internet. Make sure you checkout the rest of NoMBe here, and watch this become a household name in 2017!

Chill, Pop | LA powerhouse duo Dana & The Wolf want you to know about “Another Friend”

Posted by on February 8, 2017

Spunky, sassy and confident, LA’s newest alt-pop powerhouse duo will sing about whatever the heck they feel like singing about. Perhaps it’s their polarizing music tastes, unconventional standpoint on relationships, their refusal to go with the status quo, or Dana’s roaring voice. Either way, they’ve got something new to bring to the table and are artists to watch in 2017 in our books.

“Another Friend” explores their dark side, with Dana putting it as “This song is about quitting someone who wouldn’t put enough eggs in my basket.” We’ll let you determine the meaning of that…

For now, stream the single below!

Chill, Electronic | Niko? Blank Flips Coyote Kisses Into Future Bass Gold

Posted by on January 6, 2017

I hadn’t heard any prior releases by the up and coming producer Niko Blank, but this was a really great first impression. Putting a huge future bass take on Coyote Kisses collaborative single “Waiting For You“ featuring Madison Love, this record is unmistakably a hit. Don’t sleep on Mr. Blank!

Chill, Future Trap | Mickey Valen – Meet Me (SEMLR Remix) ft Noé

Posted by on January 5, 2017

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I loved the original of this Mickey Valen song, but SEMLR put a interesting twist on it that really stood out too me. Help this artist out by heading over to his soundcloud and giving him a vote for the remix contest.