Chill | Kaskade’s Arkade Records Releases Massive Compilation “Destination Tulum”

Posted by on August 12, 2018

Arkade Records has released an 18-track compilation album, a journey labeled “Destination Tulum.” This release marks a shift from the labels normal pattern of single releases seen throughout a year, embarking on a new and deliberate musical journey that has chapters, moods, and vivid soundscapes that appeal. There is certainly a therapeutic element within, but listen for yourself to receive to full scope of what this is about.

With the revival of dance music in the states nearing it’s 10th anniversary, many have come and gone during those years, but one soloist who’s remained constantly relevant and on top, while continuing to evolve as a natural artist, is Kaskade. Like many, Kaskade started small, touring and releasing; fast forward years later, with record deals and festivals under his belt, the Arkade Records seed was planted and the rest is history. The label has hosted acts from Brohug to Fairchild, always remaining tethered as an expansion of Kaskade’s world and vision.

Bass, Chill | Mel G’s The Light Remixed by Deep Shoq, FreshtillDef & others

Posted by on August 4, 2018

Mel G’s multi genre EP The Light came out a few months back, and now there is a remix compilation/mix out that features a smorgasbord of new takes on the original single. The Light’s 7 new takes are all in their own lane, sound wise, and they’re all pretty rad. Black Marble Collective unleashed the debut and now have released this remix project too. Check it out above now!

Chill | Showtek, MOTi, and Starley Team Up On Feel-Good Original “Down Easy”

Posted by on August 2, 2018

Showtek continues to showcase a new side of the alias, highlighting a more laid-back, chill vibe versus the big-room sounds his beginnings were built on. Alongside MOTi and Starley, Showtek has created a feel-good dance song with a highly infectious drop. The melody and stand-out sound in this particular area allows the single to breathe, while the cadence of fresh voice on top forms a distinct relevancy storm that easily sweeps listeners off their feet – a unique collision of culture and originality.

One can hope this won’t be the last time these three work together again.


Chill | Altvater Brings Calm Vibes on “Moonbird”

Posted by on July 19, 2018

“Moonbird” is a brilliant new record by Altvater. The trippy and trapped out original single sounds like something that could have been made in outerspaced. Laced with hazey piano and synth chords on top of a simple yet fully potent drum section, this song continues to build up and change as frequently as a chameleon. Listen to the relaxed new track “Moonbird” above now. Keep your eyes peeled for more new music by Altvater coming soon.

Chill, Pop | DJ Kiki Showcases Deep Dance-Pop Feel In New Single “Runaway”

Posted by on July 19, 2018

Las Vegas’s own DJ Kiki is getting into the production game, dishing out positive, upbeat feel-good tunes that are truly enjoyable on repeat and within many life activities. The hook followed by the spacious whistling forms an enchanting experience that’s that makes the moment warm. Kiki has built her career behind the decks, landing several residencies as dance music grew and dominated as a world-wide genre. Today, she’s diversifying, and it’s looking like “Runaway” is just the beginning.

For more info about upcoming dates and new music, click through the link above and dive into DJ Kiki.

Bass, Chill | Synymata Puts His Take On Hit Single “Dreamer” In New Remix

Posted by on July 19, 2018

There isn’t a load that separate’s one producer from another. A constant flood of a singles that always seems to be growing and only separate themselves by the whim of whomever may keep the gate is the model of music today. Yet, Synymata is relying on creativity and intuitiveness to help bring forth a intense ride to fans and curators alike. His live shows boast a far-from-novice helmet that hides the face of the DJ/producer, slamming everything from bangers to infectious dance-pop singles that some how string together in a workable manner.

Synymata’s new remix of “Dreamer” seems to be a middle ground of sorts between the two sounds he puts out there, the remix including a sharp heaviness in the drop but douses the surrounding song structure with some serious fire. As time passes, there becomes more that seperates Synymata.

Chill | Miami Acts Gaby G, Savannah Cristina and Kaixen Come Together on “Addict”

Posted by on July 18, 2018

On my first listen through I am time warped back into the 1990’s. Gaby G’s new single “Addict” featuring Savannah Cristina on vocals and production help via Kaixen sounds like a sexy and smooth R&b record from the 90’s that has a modern future pop influence. This one is addicting, so give it a spin now above and keep these three Floridian on your map! Check it out.