Bass, Chill, Trap | DOGSSS & Squadda B Get Wavy For “On My Feet”

Posted by on March 12, 2018

Cloud rap kind of died down over the past couple years, but DOGSSS are helping bring it back. The new duo, made up of Skywlkr (Danny Brown affiliate) and Dream Beach, have just dropped their first ever single with “On My Feet” that features a guest verse from Squadda B. Squadda B is an innovator to the whole cloud rap scene, initially starting off in rap group Main Attrakionz and now releasing solo music from time to time. His calm yet also confident flow helps spruce up the ambient, hazy instrumental crafted by DOGSSS. Keep these guys on your radar, they’re debut EP is coming out very soon on their new Detroit based imprint, Detroit Lines. Check out “On My Feet” above now!

Chill | Richard Judge Electro-Pop Song Officially Releases “Lonely”

Posted by on March 12, 2018

Richard Judge shows off his talents this month with the release of “Lonely.” Featuring a spectacular contrast between somber lyrics and a bounce happy bassline, “Lonely” has all the makings of fast-streamed track. Experience a soulful journey as Judge himself explains that the piece was created from his experiences traveling as well as the ups and downs of fame. Coupled with this insightful story, the track is supported with strong rhythmic elements and vocals performed by the man himself transform itself to a powerful electronic dance track that blends and defies the genre. This balanced track is sure to find its way into your next party with its crisp vocals and addictive rhythm.

Chill | Refeci’s “Die Hard” A New Turn For The Solo Artist

Posted by on March 10, 2018

Another newcomer but with all the talent and skill of a longtime producer, Refeci released his most recent track “Die Hard,” featuring vocals by the soulful Emelie Cyreus. With elements of acoustic guitar blended with dance elements and catchy synth work, “Die Hard” is promised to be a huge success for the year of 2018.
With his first record signing at the age of 17, this Danish DJ and producer has shown tremendous growth and skill in the span of only a year with highly anticipated work to come in the near future. Refeci’s work is sure to grace everyone’s playlists and eagerly await his next masterpiece.


Chill | FNT Premiere: Josefine Pairs With Grammy-Winning Producer On New Dance Track “Where Do We Go”

Posted by on March 6, 2018

Singer/songwriter Josefine, who is currently on her sophomore release under this alias, has tapped Justin Trugman to help out on this single. Having a background in pop, Trugman plugs right in, bringing out the pop elements in this single and making the song explode with infectiousness. Josefine’s decades of practicing music with her family has blossomed into a fast-paced career with huge potential behind it.

“Where Do We Go” ends with tricky drum work, an anthemic bridge, and a final chorus that gives the single a unique full-circle felling. Josefine is on to strong things in 2018.

Ambient, Bass, Chill | SNOWMASS Breaks New Sound Barriers via New Single

Posted by on February 24, 2018

The Chainsmokers and Sam Feldt are just two of the bigger acts to co-sign SNOWMASS’ style and sound, but with signs of approval from artists at that level of success he is clearly on the right path! SNOWMASS came out with a new single called “Breaking” recently and simply put it is epic, it is a slow cooker, though. Slowly but surely “Breaking” evolves into something epic as hell. At first it starts off a little slow but once the mix of layered synths, bass, and drums come in the track skyrockets into a new soundscape and it is memorizing.

Chill | Solstis Return With Chill Trap Debut Album “Nowhere”

Posted by on February 24, 2018

If I had to use one word to describe Solstis’s brand new album Nowhere, the term would be warm. Each track I feel is almost laced with rising and expanding heat signatures, as if you can feel it in your skin when you listen. Even darker and more forceful sounding tracks like “Open Your Eyes” have a warmth, if not a raging fire, to them. The albums songs wave back and forth, as if the warmth grows to a fire, again and again. This also even mimics the patterns that the songs themselves have, of a build-up, drop, coast, and resolution. A parallel one finds while experiencing the album.

Old, yet familiar emotions creep up on you throughout the album, a unique journey to say the least.

Chill | Kav Verhouzer & Lawrie Martin Pair Up On Cloudy “Love Into Gold”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

Kav Verhouzer, an artist having partially got his start on Spotify, has dropped “Love into Gold” featuring Lawrie Martin. The track is smooth and mesmerizing as it follows a natural stream of relaxed conscienceness. The vocals by Lawrie Martin, enthralls the listener with a silky and subtle feel. The song reflects a solemn positivity that elevates the entire listening experience.

Kav Verhouzer has made a name for himself by creating some amazing tracks with inspirations from jazz, deep house and tech-house. The use of acoustics in his tracks combined with the melodic breaks create a very warming effect. On the other hand, Lawrie Martin is an established vocalist, hailing from Glasgow. His penchant for showcasing his versatility through melodies have become a trademark.