Chill | Ben Attic Debut’s Music Video “Walk” Off Of “01 EP”

Posted by on January 11, 2019

Directed by Mattias Streicher, Ben Attic drops a music video for “Walk” which carries as much artistic expression as it does touching emotionalism. The video, as depicted through abstract symmetry and evocative body language, showcases a sense of romantic discord, aptly coinciding with the musical content and emotional tension of the track. Through the passionate nature of its lyrics, musical composition, and visual aesthetics, “Walk” and its accompanying video will generate considerable buzz around the artist.

Ben Attic, otherwise known as Christof Ritz and his work with the band Takeaway Sound, draws influence from acts such as Petit Biscuit, Flume, and Rudimental to form a unique approach to mixing organic and electronic elements. “Walk” is the lead single off of his forthcoming 01 EP in which the artist features a number of artists in his hometown of Graz, Austria, thoroughly displaying his support of the local music scene.

Chill | TRXD’s Sony Norway Release “Vice” Delivers Smooth Atmosphere

Posted by on January 11, 2019

TRXD return with “Vice,” an emotionally relatable future-pop track featuring the writing-work of Caroline Ailin. Musically, the track features elements such as organic instrumentation, lush synth layers, and evocative rhythms. These aspects are solidified by the release’s lyrical counterpart. Describing an endless cycle of relationships doomed to fail, “Vice” present this unfortunate narrative in aptly infectious fashion.

Truls Drystad and David Atarodiyan, better known as the Norwegian duo TRXD, have been making music together since 2016. The journey into their music career took a massive leap seemingly overnight, going from performing for friends to dropping performances for thousands of people in just over a year. With well over 30 million streams on Spotify alone, TRXD aim to further expand their reach.

Chill, Compilation | Liquid Bloom Releases Extensive and Experimental Remix EP For “Whispers Of Our Ancestors”

Posted by on December 19, 2018

Desert Dwellers’ record label, Desert Trax, releases “Whispers Of Our Ancestors [Remixes,]” a collection of nine different versions of the original spanning a plethora of genres and vibes. From the downtempo atmospheres provided by Moon Frog to the world-influenced tech-house provided by Drumspyder, the release offers an eclectic assortment of production styles but still adheres to the spiritual nature of the original.

The single “Whispers of Our Ancestors” originally dropped on the first Liquid Bloom (Amani Friend, one half of Desert Dwellers) album, Shaman’s Eye, in 2006. Desert Trax has had a steady stream of releases in 2018 with a rich discography of deep chill, psychedelic bass, and world beat releases from the likes of Random Rab, Luke Mandala, and Living Light.


Chill, Electronic | R3HAB & Mokita Connect on “All Into Nothing”

Posted by on December 13, 2018

The more I run through “All Into Nothing” the more I enjoy it. Amsterdamn native R3HAB connects with Nashville vocalist Mokita for their new Electro-Pop anthem that I could easily see on the radio sometime 2019, and without a doubt at all the festivals this spring. Stream their new collaboration “All Into Nothing” above now! R3HAB has been on a roll lately and somehow still pumping out quality every freaking releases, so kudos to him.

Bass, Chill | Chris Grey Releases Dark R&B And Dance Influenced EP “The Beginning”

Posted by on December 7, 2018


Chris Grey’s debut EP, The Beginning, is a collection of four tracks displaying dark and brooding vibes. Adding to its interest, the release possesses a cohesive story, cataloging the familiar journey of pursuing a love destined to burn out. Drawing influence from genres such as pop, trap, electronic, and rock, as well as featuring organic instrumentation and ethereal vocals, The Beginning sets a solid bar for Chris Grey.

Toronto’s Chris Grey, only at the age of seventeen, has displayed multi-faceted talent. The producer/vocalist/graphic designer/photographer obtained his love for music at childhood and naturally sought a career in the industry. Chris began to learn to produce beats and explore a sound he would eventually call his own. Drawing influence from his music idol, The Weeknd, Grey aims to set himself apart in what he considers a landscape of generic pop and overdone trap music.

Chill, Indie | Watch Savannah Conley Perform “Same Old Eyes” (Live)

Posted by on December 4, 2018

Nashville based emerging singer/songwriter Savannah Conley released a beautiful live performance video for her recent single “Same Old Eyes” off her debut EP, Twenty-Twenty, and it really shows off her guitar and singing skills. Conley is currently out on a nationwide tour, for more information on dates and ticketing head to her website by clicking here. Check out the dreamy video above and keep a tab on her future, she has a flawless look, sound and style. Enjoy!

Chill | Codeko Enlists The Talents Of Trevor Jackson On Upbeat Original “All Night”

Posted by on December 3, 2018

Beginning with atmospheric arpeggios, Codeko’s “All Night” kicks off with melancholic vibes further compounded by the lyrics delivered by Trevor Jackson. However, through the use of powerful synths and energetic percussion, Codeko sonically characterizes the strength to fight against the negativity. From start to finish, “All Night” possesses a rich array of emotions, igniting audiences all the same.

Codeko, also known as the classically trained, Cambridge graduate, Ed Clark, accumulated tens of millions of streams, topped several notable charts, and has performed at countless high-profile events. With the completion of his Masters of Science program behind him, the artist has focused all his energy on his craft, aiming to dominate in 2019.