Chill | TRXD Taps Nico D For Uplifting “Knock Knock” Collaboration

Posted by on August 16, 2019

With a swing and groove that contains natural swagger, the alignment of TRXD and Nico D, on “Knock Knock,” is unstoppable. Fierce and catchy pop production power in the beat takes hold of the Latin-tinged drums and rhythmic vocals, the blending of elements thus creating an infectious earbug hard to tear away from.

TRXD, a duo with years of experience and industry connections, have been in no short supply of singles in 2019. With millions of streams garnered under their name in a short amount of time and plenty of personality to offer to fans, this is one group to keep a eye on.

Bass, Chill | Bosa’s “Sakura Samurai” a strong follow up to latest EP

Posted by on August 15, 2019

Bosa’s “Sakura Samurai” put more of that world culture infused experimental bass sound on display, surely more meat for the wolves of fans that Bosa can’t seem to keep off of their last EP or away from festival spots. Facetiousness aside, this single acts as a fitting and natural follow-up to the blessings bestowed via Eyes of the Jaguar. From the wooden percussion sounds to the fast and loose use of a variety of well cultured instruments, “Sakura Samurai” is packed full of chill, therapy-inducing moments.

Stephan Jacobs and Sunev Lovechild make up the duo Bosa, with decades of experience between them and tens of thousands of fans touched via their musical footprint. The Bosa legacy is more well known than one would think.

Chill, Electronic | KDL Hits A Home Run With Rising Vocalist Ferras In “777”

Posted by on August 10, 2019

KDL and Ferras have teamed up on a single that is a slow-song, yet has swing. “777” comes packed with meaning, emotional, and sad-ish beat, yet maintains a certain feeling of club-friendly 100%. The crossover nature of the single is certain to help it reach and stick to great number of folks as it gets in the public consciousness. Aside from this, the overall originality and feeling of “777” is a major highlight, from the silent, echo-induced bridge to the sing-along nature of the chorus, KDL and Ferras knocked this one out of the park.

Eddie Timmons and BPM are the names behind KDL – plenty of producing, songwriting, and networking experience is found between these two. With a wise sense of sound as well as strong collaborator selection methods, KDL will be rising fast in no time.


Chill, House | HARBER And Axel Align On Jazz-Infused Deep-House Single “Savior”

Posted by on August 10, 2019

Successful rising artist HARBER has teamed up with Axel to form an emotional melodic journey that has a bit of something all can enjoy. With strong sing-along ability and squeaky clean production, the single is a clear winner and just meant to be. Alot has been leading up to HARBER’s strong 2019, and “Savior” alongside Axel, is like icing on the cake given the soloists story.

HARBER’s single “More Than You” spent more than nine weeks on the Billboard Dance Chart, catching major attention and play-count during the period in particular, he has many advantages and talents leaning his way currently, only time will tell how unique things will play out with all this momentum.

Chill, Electronic | RYOKER And Nino Lucarelli’s “Close To Me” Collaberation A Single That Sticks

Posted by on August 5, 2019

RYOKER and Nino Lucarelli have experimented in the space between modern western electronic music and global Latin music, the crafted result, titled “Close To Me,” bursts with groove and swing, while showcasing a sensual, care-free spirit that listeners of all ages can identify with. Infectious production, moving vocals, and a general collaborative spirit make “Close To Me” easy to sing-along with and attach memories to.

RYOKER shares a vibe of a balanced life. He’s already 200K deep in the streaming game, yet his relaxed approach not only seems desirable but fuels a creative advantage for the soloist perhaps. This is certainly not the last single we will hear from RYOKER.

Chill | KIIRA Kills IT With Sensual Single “Four Letter Word”

Posted by on July 16, 2019

With sing-along ability and a relatable, modern deep influenced chill beat, KIIRA’s “ Four Letter Word” comes attached with many highlights that play into why this single sticks so well. Atmospheric affects and reverb/delay layered on the vocals sedate the listener from start to finish. The single is a strong follow-up to the recent success “Worry“ which has acclaimed well over 1 million streams. KIIRA is laying some interesting groundwork to say the least.

KIIRA seems to be one who’s crafted works sure come together organically and in good time. She’s worked with Grammy winning producers and writers who have written along side A-list names such as Odesza. KIIRA has much figured out already and it’s going to be a fascination to see were things go.

Albums, Chill, Pop | VOLO’s Versatile New Album “Live Free” Has Something For Everyone

Posted by on July 12, 2019

VOLO’s latest work, an extensive album he has labeled Live Free, carries themes in which almost everyone can resonate with, whether it be a favorite single or an appreciation of the album as a whole. VOLO’s Live Free, audibly is much to unpack. From metaphysical, chill ambient singles to upbeat world-influenced pop instrumentals, the album is just a fun, very original blast to go through.

With collaborations with artists like CloZee, a personal deep desire to immerse himself in the music, and a consistency with songs and content under the VOLO alias has led the soloist to harness his own fan-base. Now equipped with plenty of audio, VOLO will surely continue to rise in 2019.