Chill | The Mysterious Brynäs Follows Up With Euphoric Sophomore Release, “Timmermansgatan”

Posted by on April 15, 2018

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While not much is known about the mysterious alt project, Brynäs has been gaining some traction with their off-center, electronic-tinged alternative releases. First releasing “Trigger,” the astronaut-branded artist follows up with the second piece to their catalog with “Timmermansgatan.” Pulling together a fusion of eclectic elements, “Timmermansgatan” brings together influences from their contempories like alt-J, MGMT, Nick Murphy, and Cut Copy to create a euphoric experience. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come from Brynäs after hitting the mark with the last two releases.

Chill | Fazli Drops Official Music Video For New Single “Get Away”

Posted by on April 10, 2018

Fazli is an Afghani born musician, who tells his story through his music. When he was growing up, he had to flee his home country because of the war, and he found himself in between Russia and Scandinavia. Fazli draws upon all of his experiences to feed into his music, and his single “Get Away” is proof of that. The title alone is a tribute to his past, and the overall uplifting vibe suggests hope and renewal for the future. Others seem to agree as the video already as 40K views. The way that Fazli sings so passionately alongside uplifting atmosphere is something that’s worth experiencing, putting anyone in a spring season mood. The video for “Get Away” speaks for itself and can be viewed in full above.

Chill | Jay Warren Drops Multi-Genre Dance Single “Amaze Me (feat. JTM)”

Posted by on April 9, 2018

“Amaze Me’s” mixture of multiple easy-listening elements may be what is pushing Jay Warrens follower count up. The single features a blend of soulful vocals, pleasing hip-hop verses, and both house and trap-like percussion – depending on what part of the song you have fallen on.

The multi-personality angle built into the single track is what makes this one a keeper, various shades of emotion coming toward the ears, measure after measure, but not without strong arrangement present, an element that keeps the progression of the song natural feeling.

“Amaze Me” isn’t the first of Warren’s recognized work, him and Restless Modern previously teamed up on a 400K garnering remix while, on another release, Spotify official playlisting curators included his work in New Music Friday Deutschland, Switzerland, Italy, as well as Soul n the City and Sanfter Pop.

With a sound that sticks out and a track-record quickly building, it should be interesting to see how Warren leverages this new-found groundwork in 2018.


Chill | OTR Enlists Kai Straw For Magical “Close”

Posted by on April 6, 2018

Kai Straw just released his album GUN in February, but now he’s back with a collaboration via the producer OTR. OTR is known for his chilled out R&B infused beats, which is no wonder why he enlisted Kai Straw to hop on a track. “Close” is a magical piece of music around love and the first moments that could potentially bring it about. It’s a deep, emotional track that also has some swing and dance-ability to it. This dynamic record has been on repeat for me and likely will be for you too over the weekend!

Chill | Dan Bravo, Nakala, PVCIFY Pair Up On Melodic Dance Single “Reminds Me”

Posted by on April 5, 2018

Continuing their growing success with #1 Spots on iTunes and Spotify, Dan Bravo, Nakala, PVCIFY team up with Em Applegren for their newest track “Reminds Me.” This smoothly composed track has elements of groove and deep bass accents that keep the rhythm of the track at top levels while giving it a unique flair to keep it interesting. With exceptional vocal work by the Scandinavian singer, “Reminds Me,” the track contains all the features to become a favorite.

With recent big collaborations, Dan Bravo, Nakala, PVCIFY  are working hard on their upward trend. Ccontinued releases of expertly crafted music like “Reminds Me,” joining their prodigious arsenal of songs, it makes easy to imagine what new heights of success the duo will reach.

Chill, House | Fairchild Continues String Of Arkade Releases With “Lost In Time”

Posted by on April 2, 2018

With classic Arkade feeling and enchanting house / deep house / tech house aesthetics, Fairchild sign yet another single to Kaskade’s own label Arkade. “Lost In Time” is a gradual rise to some seriously dirty synths, delivering power of emotional complexity dance music can deliver all in a single track. Fairchild’s newest single showcases the he has completely sunk into their signature sound, and keeps giving us bits of his new-found stream of conscienceness.

Fairchild has had a strong 2017, between the non-stop singles and the action poppin’ on his socials – you can bet this house artist will continue to rise.

Chill | A&G & Luvi Team Up On Deep House-Inspired Original “2 Much”

Posted by on April 2, 2018

Miami raised, LA based duo A&G have teamed up with the fast-rising artist Luvi to produce a good-feeling dancing track that fits more than one setting. The two styles merging together end up forming a fluid, natural feeling dance-pop / deep-tropical feel that hits the nail right on the head.

A&G plan to continue their string of releases, with more music planned for the near future and shows in the works. The duo have been at it since 2012, having Musical Freedom, Ultra Music, and other labels under their belt. The combination of experience, skill, and talent seems to converging at a crossroads for A&G this year.