Chill | Codeko Enlists The Talents Of Trevor Jackson On Upbeat Original “All Night”

Posted by on December 3, 2018

Beginning with atmospheric arpeggios, Codeko’s “All Night” kicks off with melancholic vibes further compounded by the lyrics delivered by Trevor Jackson. However, through the use of powerful synths and energetic percussion, Codeko sonically characterizes the strength to fight against the negativity. From start to finish, “All Night” possesses a rich array of emotions, igniting audiences all the same.

Codeko, also known as the classically trained, Cambridge graduate, Ed Clark, accumulated tens of millions of streams, topped several notable charts, and has performed at countless high-profile events. With the completion of his Masters of Science program behind him, the artist has focused all his energy on his craft, aiming to dominate in 2019.

Chill, Remix | Travis Scott’s “Stargazing” Gets Flipped by MOTH MAN

Posted by on November 29, 2018

This remix is out of control. Astroworld was one of my favorite albums of the year and so was the opening track “Stargazing”, so at first I was a little hesitant to listen to this remix. but luckily the mysterious and anonymous MOTH MAN seriously killed this one! Putting his own flair on it is hard to do with such an already well produced original instrumental, but he got the job done.

Chill, Electronic, Pop | Spazz Cardigan Let’s Loose on “DOIDOIT”

Posted by on November 28, 2018

Spazz Cardigan was raised ‘on a diet of Nsync and Michael Jackson before discovering Queen at age 10 sparked a religious determination to create and perform’.. according to his bio and that is vividly accurate to his sound. Starting off in Louisville, KY and currently residing in Nashville, TN Cardigan is starting to make a name for himself in the local scene by bringing together sounds of pop electronic and rock music. His latest drop is “DOIDOIT” and it’s an upgrade from some of his prior work. Leaning a little bit more in the radio pop market “DOIDOIT” feels as warm as a hug from someone you love. Enjoy it above!


Chill | MOWE Release Therapeutic Chill Cover “Down By The River”

Posted by on November 27, 2018

The chill and tropical vibes of Mowe’s latest, “Down By The River,” are characterized by infectious melody and warm lyrical content. Unique vocals, courtesy of Emy Perez, breathe life into the track, exemplifying the release’s uplifting nature with appropriate flavor. “Down By The River,” with each subtle nuance and sonic theme, sticks with listeners long after its over.

The duo known as Mowe hails from the country of Austria and are known for their signature sound comprised of deep house and indie-pop. The artists have amassed over 100 million multi-platform streams and have released via labels such as Universal Music, Atlantic Records, Ministry of Sound, Big Beat, Armada Music, Ultra Music, Spinnin’ Records, and many others.

Chill | FNT Premiere: BLV Drops Tongue-In-Cheek Original “Sexplanations” On Club Rivera

Posted by on November 23, 2018

BLV’s “Sexplanations” hits audiences with slow, sensual vibes accentuated by hip-hop-inflected beats and motile bass lines. Smooth vocals and detailed lyricism, courtesy of Jay Novus, tell of trying to overcome one’s ego in an effort to communicate his feelings to his lover. With a blend of new and old-school sounds, “Sexplanations” emits carnally melodic vibes with party-starting energy.

Having produced a certified triple-diamond release with Nekfeu’s “On Verra,” the French artist known as BLV is no stranger to success. Initially creeping into the spotlight with remixes for the likes of Nelly Furtado, Tupac, and Rihanna, the artist has gone on to become an award-winning producer, racking up tens of millions of streams across streaming platforms.

Chill | Maesic Shares Chill Moving Dance Original “Like An Animal”

Posted by on November 16, 2018

Maesic’s “Like An Animal” nails the space between future-pop and hip-hop with moody lyricism, catchy melodies, and chill yet uplifting rhythm. The release possesses a level of organic sensuality as personified by Donato’s smooth vocals and the emotional melodies of the chopped violin samples. Displaying a variety of influences, “Like An Animal” exemplifies Maesic’s versatility as a producer.

London’s Maesic, currently resides in the South of France and draws from multicultural and familial blends to forge his signature sound. With his remixes for the likes of The Chainsmokers, Sia, Krewella, and Calvin Harris, the artist was able to make waves on SoundCloud and YouTube. Now Maesic has accumulated over 5 million streams and caught the attention of Universal Music France division Club Riviera.

Chill, Cover | Apashe & Cherry Lena Cover Classic “Feeling Good”

Posted by on November 16, 2018

“Feeling Good” was made popular by Nina Simone back in the mid 1960’s, but came out before that via a musical. Since those days it’s been covered by countless talents, but this newly released take by Apashe and Cherry Lena sticks out above the rest. Apashe’s tasteful interpretation of the composition matches the next level performance by Cherry Lena. Some might not think to put these artists with such names as Michael Buble, John Coltrane, MUSE and of course Nina Simone, but that’s just where they belong. So, click play and start feeling good!