Chill | RAINDEAR Releases “Your Vibe” Delivering Unique & Memorable Sound

Posted by on June 20, 2019

With “Grace” being the debut, a single more euphoric and atmospheric-based, and “Your Vibe” now acting as a follow up, Skies To My Name is proving to be something to genuinely be looking forward to. RAINDEAR has been teasing various singles off the upcoming album. The single is a shift from the more euphoric and eased direction of “Grace,” “Your Vibe” going bigger and harder than expected.

RAINDEAR can be summed up into many things, one of them is: refreshing. The look and sound of RAINDEAR presents a mood not quite heard before but features sounds and samples one wouldn’t call foreign. The ‘hard to place why this is so good’ nature of the single will surely strike a chord in music lovers who come across it.

Chill | TriOrca borrow a dash of soul from a generation past on “Ghost”

Posted by on June 13, 2019

Trading New York for Los Angeles, TriOrca are the Wu-Tang Clan of musicians. Comprised of multi-instrumentalist and producer Phil Simmonds, drummer and producer David Diaz and writer/vocalist Whitney Meyer, TriOrca are a unique ensemble of creatives who meet at the nexus of artistic intent and musicianship. They recently released their debut single “Ghost” alongside a funky new music video. It’s sweet, soulful, and an awesome introduction to the trio. We look forward to more and think this one is a must watch!

Chill | Your song of Summer is here thanks to Tyzo Bloom and Gigi

Posted by on June 3, 2019

Summer’s here thanks to Tyzo Bloom and GiGi. The song may be four months old, but it’s perfect for a drive with the windows down. It’s chilled out beat and memorable chorus make this a song you’ll want to sing along to. Check it out below and pick up your copy here.


Chill | Too Heavy Crew Unleash Memorable House EP ‘Satisfy’

Posted by on May 24, 2019

Too Heavy Crew have a bunch of different elements that make them stand out. From the look, to the spin they put on house music – even down to their album art, it all puts together a picture of professional artists who care. Their latest EP Satisfy contains everything from disco, tech, and classic house vibes, showing off their style in full color.

Influenced by some of the greatest like Carl Cox and Green Velvet, this Orlando-based duo started as a friendship almost 10 years ago and recently developed into a music project. These boys have been making waves quickly, keep your eye on them as their career keeps taking positive turns.

Chill, House | TRXD Release Fresh & Empowering Single “Someone Else”

Posted by on May 24, 2019

What’s not to love about “Someone Else?” The single takes full advantage of how house can not only give you an empowering energetic feeling, but shows how it can simultaneously deliver a semi nostalgic or a bittersweet aura as well. Explosive piano and smooth percussion forms the 128 tempo as the soulful vocal gives the single that classic feel. The single closes with you feeling better than you started off.

TRXD are no stranger to hit tracks, hundreds of thousands of plays are under their belt with plenty of writing credits between them. These two talents will surely be gracing us with new music soon as they always seem busy releasing content or making new music.

Chill | Trove Impresses With Infectious New Single “GTFO”

Posted by on May 24, 2019

Trove has been climbing the ranks in the dance-pop / indie-electronic world. His warm feeling brand and continuous string of singles and larger music projects makes it no wonder his monthly plays are in the hundreds of thousands. Trove has now released “GTFO,” the single marks another teaser of what the soloist is up to with more sure to come.

“GTFO” surrounds the listener with a proper vocal alongside lush sounds in true Trove passion. The single satisfies with a professional structure and plenty of infectious moments built it.

Trove has found in space with the online dance world and is slowly taking markets. He’s roster of music features a bit of something everyone can love. Check out his music above and enjoy.

Chill | FNT PREMIERE: Joy Releases Silky Smooth Single Titled “Soft Whisper”

Posted by on May 23, 2019

“Soft Whipser” showcases a bit of everything, Trotting along with a steady chill tempo, artist JOY paints a world for us filled with exotic vibes, the music playing out like chapter in a book. The introverted, intellectual, and eased theme of the single have is memorable. This is far from JOY’s first release and it shows, a quality production standing strong here, in “Soft Whispher,” through and through.

There’s plenty of personality that comes with the character seen before us. JOY is a one of a kind act and his music shows. Writing an astonishing 50 songs before the age of 14, to say he’s put the time in and shown he’s committed is an understatement. Joy is inspired by sexy and soft atmospheres, much of which is built into his music. The soloist certainly has a style of his own and won’t be departing us anytime soon. “Soft Whisper” is one to hold on to.