Chill | CASPR and RAMI Get Tropical With Colton Avery In “Fireproof”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

CASPR and RAMI have collaborated with Colton Avery for their new single “Fireproof”. The song envisages the synergy between the two music producers as they use blends of tropical and chill house sounds to create an amazing piece of music. While, Colton Avery the folk singer hailing from Phoenix, provides very subtle vocals that diffuses in elegantly with the tropical house theme of the song. Overall, the track is very serene, soothing and relaxing to the ears.

Given the amount of years these genres have been around, it’s amazing to see the movement still push forward and evolve over time. Cheers to the folks keeping it alive!

Chill | Michael Push Drops Sqeaky Clean Music Video For “Tell Me Why”

Posted by on February 23, 2018

Michael Push, the singer and DJ from London is back with his latest single “Tell Me Why”. The song boasts of an artful house track filled with whiskers of tropical sounds. The use of synth riff combined with eloquent vocals elevates the listeners to a higher realm.

As per Michael, the song is a reflection of his real-life experiences. The inspiration for the tropical theme of the song has been from his travels to Miami, Maldives, and Palma De Mallorca. The mingling of tropical sounds into a romantic pop tune provides a very catchy effect to the song.

Michael Push isn’t planning the slow of releases anytime soon!

Chill, Electronic | Listen To Spotovsky’s New EP The Weekend & Remixes

Posted by on February 22, 2018

Spotovsky isn’t the biggest name in the Soundcloud scene, nor is the imprint he represents Black Marble Collective, but they’re both making very impressive tunes that deserve your attention. The Weekend EP has versatile remixes that span not only across genres but across the globe. Ase Manuel resides in NYC while DJ Sideswipe is in Philly, whereas Xadrez from across the pond in Brussels, where STVY RVRE lives in California. Their global sounds and influences range from all styles and sub-genres, making this new EP all over the electronic spectrum.. Listen to the new project via the stream above.


Chill | Cape Lion produced, wrote and released a new EP on “Week One”

Posted by on February 17, 2018

What happens when you give yourself one week to write, produce, and release an EP? Well Sweden’s very own Cape Lion has taken on that task. His new EP X is out now and features 4 tracks that he worked on over the course of 1 week. Music sometimes takes months and years to make, however, Cape Lion, busted this out in a week and it’s quite impressive. Upon first listen we got the feeling of James Blake meets LCD Soundsystem. It’s worth a listen and an applause for the the project concept as a whole.

Chill, Electronic, Hip-Hop | VenessaMichaels Huge New Collab “Real One” Is Glamorous

Posted by on February 17, 2018

This one is straight up sexy! Valentines Day may be over (barely) but this one will put things in the perfect mood for you and your bae. “Real One” is a fresh new track by VenessaMichaels, Effy, Holly & Outlaw The Artist that is as relaxing and calming as it is motivating. It’s laid back thanks to the future beats style production, and it’s motivating because it makes me want to get down to business with my significant other ASAP! Check out “Real One” above now, and get ready for major feels.

Chill | Triarchy Bumps In Most Recent Release “Bad Habit”

Posted by on February 13, 2018

With his previous single being the BPM Breaker and one of Dance Radio’s top tracks of 2017, Miami Based DJ/Producer, Triarchy is starting the new year off right with the release of his latest single, “Bad Habit.” The Miami native utilizes a blend of driving synths and hip-hop inspired kicks to give this track a fresh laid-back vibe. Skela’s hauntingly smooth vocals compliment Triarchy’s sturdy bassline in a moving tale of contradictory love. Make sure to stream this one on Spotify and Apple Music starting February 9th. You may have made your new years resolutions, but Triarchy is here to make sure you carry at least one Bad Habit into 2018.

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Chill | Don’t “Fake It”, Listen to LMBO

Posted by on February 9, 2018

Classically trained multi-instrumentalist and singer duo LMBO releases debut single “Fake It”. In this vibrant bass tune, the group tip toes the line between the light and the dark. From the melodies to the mixing, the record was an internal work and even features the groups own vocals. Music personally helps them find solace in indeterminacy and they aim to provide that outlet for others. The single is the first in a string of releases coming in the next couple of months. We can wait to hear more material.