Ambient, Chill | “Kinda Nice” Is Delia Dane’s Best Work to Date

Posted by on October 19, 2018

New York based POP&B artist Delia Dane’s luscious record “Kinda Nice” is a hip-hop injected original single that is worth giving a spin. Dane’s artistic journey began early, harmonizing right alongside the likes of Aaliyah and Michael Jackson in car rides to and from school growing up. After learning piano, she found herself in a proper band by the age of 11. Years later, she continues to connect with Miami producer/songwriter Kaixen, like on this one. Check it out above now. Hoping to see more stuff like “Kinda Nice” pop up around the scene, it’s got such a chill vibe to it, it’s basically impossible to not enjoy.

Chill, Future Trap | 10Digits “Rebirth” Album Marks A Year Of Solo Success

Posted by on October 17, 2018

Canadian artist 10Digits, who masks his identity behind a visually inspiring layer of digitized art, has been on a single releasing spree in 2018. He has followed the new tunes up with a full-fledged album, packed with multiple genres and singers on almost every song – the album feeling more like a complete work and less like a string of singles stitched together.

10Digits has had a gradual rise over the last several months, one of the most notable elements being his music video for “Fool For Love” which went on to reach well-over 1 million streams. The dude crafts his pieces until they genuinely stand out and reaps the benefits. This surely isn’t the last time we will see 10Digits, perhaps his true name and face being revealed by himself or a determined journalist in the near future, keep an out for him.

Alternative, Chill, RnB | R.LUM.R Drops “With My Words” Ahead of Tour Next Month

Posted by on October 15, 2018

This single just feels good. “With My Words” is the type of record you may secretively play for a crush or new gf/bf if you are too shy to tell them exactly how you feel. The upbeat tune has acoustic and electronic elements laced through out it from top to bottom, which is honestly a breathe of fresh air. Certain times this one has a nostalgic feels to it while during others it sounds like the future of R&b music. All I know is, you guys better keep your eyes on R.LUM.R, this song is something really special. Check it out above now!


Chill, RnB | Temgazi Drops Saucy New Single ‘Bunsen Burner

Posted by on October 5, 2018

It is no mystery that Australia seems to be a hot bed for talent these days when it comes to music.  From Indie Rock, to Hip Hop, to Electronic, there seems to be no shortage of jams coming from the land down under.  Adding to the hype is Sydney based artist Temgazi.

The singer/songwriter/MC has  just released a new single titled, “Bunsen Burner”, and it is a smooth, sexy R&B gem.  From her signature tone to her original swag and saucy attitude, Temgazi flexes hard on her latest release.  Over a minimal, acoustic guitar driven production, she lays down a sensual and captivating performance that is sure to get things heating up.

With a promise of more tunes on the horizon, there is no doubt that Temgazi has a lot more in store.  While she may just be getting started, Temgazi is coming out of the gate in prime fashion on, “Bunsen Burner’.

Chill | Pardi Release Remix Of DVBBS & CMC$’s “Not Going Home”

Posted by on October 4, 2018

Pardi’s take on “Not Going Home,” increases the positivity of an already uplifting track. The rhythmic chords exude warmth, coalescing with infectious vocal melodies, and evoke a dance-all-night feeling. That fact is compounded by the carefree nature of the lyrical message. While holding true to the original, the duo has clearly created a distinct and memorable track.

Patrick Breslin and Jacob Silverstein, the Chicago natives known as Pardi, have accumulated over half a million streams worldwide and placed three albums on the iTunes Top 100. Their latest album, which includes their hit single, “Long Way Down,” reached #6 on the US Dance Charts. With dozens of shows under their belt, Pardi is carving a path for themselves toward acclaim.

Chill | OLWIK, Dance Cartel & Terri B! Align For Uplifting Dance Single “You Got Me”

Posted by on October 2, 2018

A trio of talent collide on a serious mood-lifter entitled “You Got Me.” Squeaky clean production elements collide with influences of pop, deep house, and a general dance feel that sets a positive mood in motion. OLWIK sought out talented and fitting acts for this release with Dance Cartel & Terri B!, whom each bring a noticeable flavor to the table.

OWLIK’s has a unique history within the global dance scene, a quick search into SoundCloud showcases a slew of releases each with well over a million plays, some of which are on the massive global label NoCopyrightSounds. Given his history and consistency, it’s safe to say “You Got Me” is going places.

Chill | Somaphiq & CVTRIN Take Park In Sinego’s Remix Pack For “Sofia”

Posted by on October 2, 2018

Somaphiq & CVTRIN are two acts in their beginnings but given their recent alliance with Sinego, things may be taking off quicker than previously thought. Sinego has been in the game for a few years, releasing a handful of singles that achieved the multi-million mark, including releases with singer Leo The Kind and producer Egzod. As for his single “Sofia,” months after the release, it has crossed the 100K mark on Spotify alone and continues to grow, making sense to expand the vision more so. Somaphiq and CVTRIN provide a noble service in this regard, taking “Sofia” and flipping it in a way that represent their own style.

“Sofia (Somaphiq Remix)” adds a slow-motion future-bass vibe to the original, while CVTRIN goes in a heavier direction, showcasing much more grime, grit, and even hard-rock work in the background – Sinego accompanies CVTRIN on his remix. Sinego, Somaphiq, and CVTRIN all have audible commonalities between them which makes this remix pack even more righteous and organic. Click through above to learn more about each artist.