Bass, Chill, Future Trap, Trap | Juelz, juuku, Stay Loose and Others Team Up For “Renegade”

Posted by on July 6, 2020

I’m not sure how this many collaborators were able to pull off creating 1 single song together, but “Renegade (A Collaboration for Black Lives)” is something special and somehow does not sound like there are too many chefs in the kitchen, even if 10+ artists are all featured throughout this track! The flexibility on this song is impressive, constantly bouncing into one sound and then flawlessly into another with still sounding on point. Tune in above now!

Chill | Wizzay & Rachel Woznow Have Us “Hooked”

Posted by on July 3, 2020

Up and coming French producer Wizzay has returned to the Tipsy Records release boards with his new tune “Hooked”. Teaming up with the dazzling vocalist Rachel Woznow, “Hooked” is a powerful single you must hear. Wizzay has formulated a unique soundscape in this single which traverses pop, chill, future bass, and in a way that compliments almost any tastemakers genre preference. Simultaneously, beautifully supporting the effortless top line from Woznow.

Available on all platforms, be sure to go check out the pair’s latest installment below and follow them on Spotify for updates on future releases.

Alternative, Chill | Cristina Soto Revisits Seven Lions’s Remix of Her + Tritonal’s Breakout Hit “Still With Me”

Posted by on June 30, 2020

Cristina Soto was the original vocalist for power-duo Tritonal. Outside of her killer joint discography with Tritonal, Cristina has collaborated with artists such as CloZee, Illenium, Said The Sky, and Psymbionic. Her “One Thing” collab with Psymbionic went big on Bassnectar‘s “Into The Sun” mixtape, where Bassnectar remixed the track. This acoustic mix pulls from the driving remix vibes of the original Seven Lions while taking on its very own shape through the open and epic guitars played by Cristina’s brother, Rob Soto. Strings from Haydn Vitera and bass from Omar Vallejo (two Austin music legends) breathe new life into a classic approaching its 10-year release anniversary. This one had the perfect vibe for me today, tune in above now and if you have not already be sure to check out the original!

Bass, Chill | David Starfire Teams Up With Arula To Drop Fire Release “Keepsake feat. Drumspyder & Jef Stott”

Posted by on June 27, 2020

“Keepsake,” a uniquely heady and world-percussion injected downtempo vibe comes filled with mystery, personality, and so much more – all within a therapeutic tinged musical experience.

Arula and David Starfire are clearly forces to be reckoned with, the energy levels on this one are fascinating as the two are clear natural collaborating fit.

The percussion keep things chill while the brass controls the energy, the sitar and the bridge level things out as the experience comes to a close. With musical maturity built-in and a more meaningful overall directive, “Keepsake,“ is one track to save in your playlist.

Chill | Remixing Duo SweetLick On The Rise Post Poppy ‘SPF’ Release Drop

Posted by on June 23, 2020

More could be know about SweetLick, a duo who collectively have achieved everything from dope direct support spots to official Dim Mak releases, and then some. SPF , their latest, defines a new chapter for SweetLick, the 2-parter continuing their curated remixing style that swoops in fans on an uninterrupted bases. SPF contains a remix of “Nick Elliot – All I Want” and a flip of “Ezra Jordan – In Case,” well-placed pop moments intersecting with full vocal moments. ‘SPF’s replay value is high as the group continues to define themselves in 2020. The a quality level is at a very recognizable style and a ample collection of tracks set to release from SweetLick. The duo is hitting many high points turning heads.

Personality and a cloudy modern dance music sound shape a stand out sound, for SweetLick.

Chill, Pop | Mokita Finishes “Bad” 3 Years Later and Turns Out Something Special

Posted by on June 20, 2020

‘I actually started bad about 3 years ago. It was a guitar riff I had played around with and then I layered a few other random things and the track kinda stayed the same over the last few years. Most of the song had been done for a while but I just never finished it. So a few months ago I was going through old demos and half finished songs and I heard it and was ‘I gotta just finish this and put it out’. So I kinda just rewrote a few parts and then barely tweaked the production. The song came together super fast and I didn’t really over think it. I did all the vocals in a day and then mixed in the next day and then it was done. I think sometimes as I writer I feel this pressure to always talk about topics that carry a lot of weight, or are going to make an impact on people. With this song I kinda had to remind myself that not everything I put out has have this super deep life altering message. I think that’s why it took me a while to put out because its super simple and lyrically its really straightforward and kinda playful. I think putting it out made me feel the freedom to put out songs I really love even if it means aren’t dealing with a heavy subject.’ – Mokita

Alternative, Chill | Hank Compton Smoothly Blends Genres on his Loser EP

Posted by on June 17, 2020

Nashville native, Hank Compton, goes for the gut with his rich storytelling, creating music that dives beyond the surface level exposing his greatest highs and lows. Compton’s music blends his influences of classic rock and 80’s pop devising a modern sound with a nostalgic feel. At 20, he has toured and opened for country legend Loretta Lynn, played at historic venues such as the Troubadour in Los Angeles and the Ryman in Nashville and signed with Warner Chappell Music in March of 2019. His sound is versatile and comes from many different influences. After releasing “Judge Me”, “Call It What It Is” and “Can’t Be Loved” he is back with the fourth and final track off of his new EP via “Loser”. The title track, like his prior releases, is a calming blend of various sub-genres. Check it out above now.