Pop | Discover Amir and his latest single “Save Me”

Posted by on February 13, 2017

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You ever ask yourself why your better half deals with your shit, and strives every day to make you a better person, even though you’re an asshole? Alright I’m being brutal here, but god bless the women in our lives who make us grow up, or as RnB UK singe Amir would say, god bless the women in our lives who “save us.” With that said cue the North Londoner’s new single “Save Me,” which comes at the heel of having toured the UK, performing for hundreds of thousands of fans. If you’re a fan of Trey Songz, Chris Brown, or Bruno Mars this one’s for you, it’s a must listen!

Spotify: AMiR – Save Me

Chill, Pop | LA powerhouse duo Dana & The Wolf want you to know about “Another Friend”

Posted by on February 8, 2017

Spunky, sassy and confident, LA’s newest alt-pop powerhouse duo will sing about whatever the heck they feel like singing about. Perhaps it’s their polarizing music tastes, unconventional standpoint on relationships, their refusal to go with the status quo, or Dana’s roaring voice. Either way, they’ve got something new to bring to the table and are artists to watch in 2017 in our books.

“Another Friend” explores their dark side, with Dana putting it as “This song is about quitting someone who wouldn’t put enough eggs in my basket.” We’ll let you determine the meaning of that…

For now, stream the single below!

Pop | Debut Single from new artist YUPPYCULT

Posted by on February 7, 2017

Not much is known about YUPPYCULT, but the mysterious new producer/DJ has just released his debut single “Girls Like”. The song features New York songstress Sizzy Rocket and is a pro-female anthem.

Listen to the song below and take a look at the wild and exciting video. There is certain to be plenty more music coming very soon.


Alternative, Indie, Pop | Indie Smash!

Posted by on November 23, 2016

This NYC indie duo I just discovered that goes by the name Satellite Mode, is absolutely amazing! This tune Wild Excuses charted all over Spotify and now is killing it across the web.

Make sure you keep an eye out for this band, I have a feeling they are gonna have a big 2017 coming up.

Pop | Discover Bearoid With His Latest Track “Enemy”

Posted by on November 17, 2016

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Well Bearoid just got on my radar, the Barcelonian producer with less than 1,000 SoundCloud followers just released a hot little disco joint, “Enemy,” a cacophony of funky bits, I guess you could call it disco, and I promise you, you won’t even know what to hit you. Listening with open ears,  submitted by one of my favorite tastemakers, I’m feeling this vibe, check out more from the Catalonian, this guy’s just waiting to be discovered by the masses, no lie. This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Bearoid – Enemy


Pop | The Odds Collab With The Bronze Whale To Release “Call Me Out”

Posted by on November 15, 2016

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You ever press play on a record, forget what you’re listening, and 1 minute in, you ask yourself “what am I listening to? This is really good!,” that’s what I’m getting right now, vibing out to the latest from The Odds and the Bronze Whale’s “Call Me Out.” If you’re a fan of electric guitars and atmospheric RnB vibes, let this one ride out, hot damn, it’s so fucking sex, matter of fact, press play on their debut single “Best” it’s equally as good, making for a solid upcoming project, if we can expect one? Press play, this one’s a must listen!

Free Download: The Odds x Bronze Whale – Call Me Out

Bass, Chill, Dubstep, Pop, Remix, Trap | John Legend – Love Me Now (SEMLR Remix)

Posted by on November 2, 2016

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Finally a solid remix of this classic Love Me Now song by John Legend. We have had a ton of remix submissions of this song but this is one that definitely stood out with its “melodic dubstep” kind of feel. This one will be on repeat.