Future Trap | JWILLI Drops Fascinating Punk-Infused Dance Single ‘Recover’

Posted by on May 4, 2021

JWILLI is a rising DJ/producer with lots of ambition and plenty of audio energy to share with the world. “Recover,” is the next step in the pathology he’s committed himself to, hammering in melodic parts, hard-hitting moments, and blending in plenty of small details all around which breathe technically-incorporated aspects into the track. Honing in a 150BPM feel into this one, “Recover,” has a giddy and quick pace feel to it that makes it easy to label as a track that’s a win. This is far from JWILLI’s first track and a listen to his streaming channels showcases healthy development and a zeroing-in of his sound that’s very much his own. This single shares a slight punk distinguishing factor in the guitar work, channels charming melody in the synth work, and scores a heavy-nature through the bass design and drum angle.

Real name John Williams, the Chicago-rising artist clearly cares about what he does. Having a certain perseverance that can be felt through the music and brand, longevity is something innately attractive in the fan-to-artist experience. John Williams, aka, JWILLI, definitely embodies this and it plays to his advantage.

Check out “Recover,” from this up and comer and give him a follow, more goodies of this caliber and more are certainly set to come from this guy.

Future Trap | Able Grey’s ‘Fall Into The Night’ An Emotional Melodic Bass Track With A Twist

Posted by on March 31, 2021

“Fall Into The Night,” by Able Grey keeps the streak of melodic bass we have heard from this guy going strong. The single kicks off right with a center-piece vocal that sets the stage of the epic melodic bass aspect soon to come.

By mid-way through, fast-paced percussion and an alluring build come to a head, thus exploding with spirit and adventure as the drop takes over from there. The energy level drops and small moment of silence acts as a mesmerizing highlight, juxtaposing the heated moments just before. These attributes reset and come through again to deliver a second drop, the aspects not feeling repetitious in nature, but fitting and give the experience a complete feel.

Based out of Chicago, Able Grey distinctively and pretty-obviously has no issue completing tracks or getting others to take a shot on his STEMS, a major plus in terms of gaining fans and staying relevant in the digital era. Alongside this, Able Grey has be able to gain the attention of massive supporters including KSHMR, Nicky Romero, Showtek, Klingande, Disco Fries, and many others.

Diverse and quite capable, Able Grey is one to keep an eye on.

Future Trap, Trap | PULLER Showcases Future Bass Twist On Cover Of “Silence”

Posted by on March 7, 2021

“Silence,” originally done by Marshmello and Khalid, had it’s moment to shine in 2017 with plenty of remixes to come. When you thought the vibe was overplayed of couldn’t be re-done any more fashionably, Italian-based DJ/producer PULLER provides the game-plan in a differentiated way with his take on “Silence.” Complete with a refreshed atmosphere and the vocal work of theajsound being a connective tissue of sorts, the sophistication built-in and maturity expressed in the bold vocal seemingly articulates something that will tether to your favorite’s playlist. The single starts off slow and steady as the key and lyrics start becoming more connected to your memory of the Marshmello version. The single soon proves it can stand on its too feet – epic future bass with a therapeutic edge slamming in at a moments notice.

Having signed to Ensis Records, CELL Recordings, and even KnightVision, PULLER has been making a name for himself since 2015. A variety of dance sounds, many of them coming equipped with a vocal or a pop-edge built in, have seeped out of the studio and into the collective conscienceness of the masses. With million of plays to his name, PULLER is certainly on to something.


Future Trap | Able Grey Collaborates With NoelleMichelle On “Not The One For Me”

Posted by on February 13, 2021

Able Grey’s collaboration with NoelleMichelle, “Not The One For Me”, takes what you know about melodic trap / future bass and steps it up at notch. A natural flow of production and vocal chops work off each other at just the right moments, channeling a captivating essence captured through the fluid flow that Able Grey has made possible here.

“When it comes to my music I try to convey an idea through the instrumentation. How the vocalists will interpret it is up to them. I usually let the vocalist take the reins with lyrics because I want them to be able to put their own emotion behind their words. For this track I wanted to make something that kept my style but focused on the darker, more epic side of things. I couldn’t be happier with how Noelle delivered on it! Expect more music from the both of us in the future.”

– Able Grey

Two remixes of his track flipped by young talents and two originals deep just this year, Able Grey is giving his fans plenty to talk about while is socials and streaming continue to go on an incline.

With several songs heading toward 100K streams on Spotify and even gaining the support from EDM A-Listers like KSHMR, Nicky Romero and Showtek, there’s many reasons fans are latching onto what Able Grey is dishing out.

Future Trap, Pop | Rubayne Drops Charismatic Remix For chillpill’s “FUCK THE CLUB” Featuring GOLDN

Posted by on December 4, 2020

Fresh off his massive release “A Little” on Magic Records, Dutch talent Rubayne is back with his first-ever official remix, showcasing his unique spin on chillpill’s “FUCK THE CLUB” featuring rising artist GOLDN, coming to digital platforms via Atlantic Records / Big Beat. A mysterious rapper and producer chillpill burst into the scene earlier this year with his debut, feel-good single “FUCK THE CLUB,” and is now enlisting a roster of up-and-coming artists to remix the single.

For his uplifting remix, Rubayne pitches down the original vocals, while infusing the single with infectious party energy. In between his hard-hitting beats, laid out beautifully within the arrangement, Rubayne showcases his sound design and vocal copping skills, crafting a stunning combination of future bass and pop that’s definitely going to be getting a lot of attention from fans and new listeners alike. 

“‘After discovering the song in the late summer, I immediately felt how to interpret my vibe and sound in it. I decided to go for an extraverted approach by making a party-trap production that gave enough room for the vocals as well as the melodic texture,” explains Rubayne

Future Trap, Trap | Juuku Connects with Upcomer Bafu on “Endless”

Posted by on November 2, 2020

Following up his latest release – a flip of the great, RL Grime’s, “I Wanna Know” juuku is back with yet another and this time it’s a flip with fellow up-and-coming artist, bafu. Now, with this being his 20th release of the year, the long-awaited collaboration is the first from the two young producers and we hope this isn’t the last. joining forces to bring to life a track that takes you on a rollercoaster. Starting out with a steady harmonic intro followed by a steady build up and leading into an explosive drop, the two have brought to life one that will go down in the books. Juuku has never strayed away from wearing his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to tell his story, no matter how raw and unfiltered it might be. “Endless” represents the endless feeling of going in and out of happiness and anguish while battling depression. Tune in above now!

Future Trap, Trap | “Tell Me” Why I Have BEXLO On Repeat

Posted by on October 23, 2020

BEXLO is a new, genre-bending, Glasgow based electronic project with a focus on creating songs that mix epic emotional breakdowns with hard-hitting drops to ‘make people cry’ (in a good way). Behind this moniker lies 20-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist, Ben Logie. Taking influence from the likes of Droeloe, Vincent and Juuku, BEXLO’s style is a bold new reimagining of the trap genre. Check out a quote from BEXLO on the debut release below and stream “Tell Me” above now!

“The song was written on one of those days in the studio where everything just kinda clicks and seems to work together. It was a few months ago when the entire world was going into lockdown and the darker moods in ‘Tell Me’ are a product of the surrounding uncertainty at that time.” – BEXLO