Electronic, Future Trap, Trap | Kalide, Outr3ach, Evix Drop “December” on Hegemon

Posted by on May 20, 2018

Outr3ach, Kalide and Evix joined forces with Bianca & Nick Summerfield for a bright new song called “December” that has some real legs to it. Chill trap is a well known and sometimes over done style of music on the scene but these guys morph their sounds together and made something fantatsic on “December.” This one is sure to make you move, and I’m sure it’ll get crowds going to if spun at the right venue(s). Stream the tune above now for a major mood shifter!

Future Trap | Greg Gatsby and CRVNTIS Team Up On Shining Future Bass Single “Back To You”

Posted by on May 20, 2018

Greg Gatsby and CRVNTIS saw the release of their track “Back To You” reach the number 8 spot on the Beatport charts for Dubstep, an intense and inspiring release already proving its place. With heaviness alongside characteristic harsh sounds, the two, each gaining unique recognition in their own rights, are able to refinine this usually over-saturated genre into a dance friendly and intensive track that’s easy for the average dance fan to latch onto.

Greg Gatsby and CRVNTIS are both seasoned producers and lovers of music whom have both been around the block before and bring together their considerable talents for this fast paced and inspired track. With what seems like a continuous cycle of homies playing shows and growing, Greg Gatsby and the extended Rorschach Music Group are going place in 2018.

Future Trap, Remix | Teddy Rose Nails Sunkissed-Dance Vibe With Recent Nostalgic Remixes

Posted by on May 8, 2018

Calfiornia’s sunkissed element has always found a medium to constantly stay relevant and genuine decade after decade within music. It’s safe to say that Teddy Rose has played a role in continuing the spread of this vibe. From his dance-pop infused remixes that seriously get his club-after movie’s rocking, to his rigid, confident look that snaps into fan engagement mode the moment his feet hit the stage. Teddy Rose has been around the block, a gradual rise that is now cementing into a fluent fan-base.

“Sex On Fire” and “Move Along” are recent highlights in the equation for Rose, adding terrifically uplifting vibes aside familiar lyrics and melodies. Yet, his discography hosts a wide array of well-marketed edits – a core component to the Teddy Rose development.

A balance of shows, popular music, and an easily recognizable look has Teddy Rose as a rising West Coast act in 2018.


Future Trap | Antics Adds New Wave/Future Bass Hyrbid “Strange Love” To Extensive Discography

Posted by on April 27, 2018

From sharing the stages with dozens of A-grade DJs to receiving support from credible outlets and artists, Antics’ music is catching the attention of many who matter. Their next single, “Strange Love,” embodies a combination of sounds displayed on past releases fused with a modern vibe, using the element of familiarity to their advantage in this case.

Tanner Dixon and Steven Pitzl have found more than one way to stand out – with nearly 100 songs to their name – it’s no wonder this experienced bunch are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

Future Trap | Bad Decisions Release Uplifting Single “Too High” On Musical Freedom

Posted by on April 25, 2018

Australia’s Bad Decisions have released their latest work as a joint project between Spinnin’ Records and Musical Freedom. “Too High” is the work in the middle, an uplifting track with a fine-tuned balance of signature sound and modern relevance blended in. Coming off a wave of content and shows: an Australian tour, Spinnin’ Records music videos, and much more, all under their belt now – the young duo are working their way to the states, playing more festivals and dropping on USA-based labels like Dim Mak. Keep your eye on these guys as their growth continues this year.

Future Trap | TWERL & Max Styler Link Up On “Wasted Time”

Posted by on March 21, 2018

99% of the time something drops on Elysian Records it is straight up fire, case in point take “Wasted Time” for example! The new Max Styler and TWERL collaboration is a insane future bass connection of sounds and influences. This one is so dope it landed a Repost from one of the kings of Soundcloud, The Chainsmokers. If that doesn’t prove you this song is dope, I don’t know what else would! Stream “Wasted Time” above now.

Future Trap | JACSIN End The Year With Epic Dance Anthem “Diamonds”

Posted by on December 5, 2017

LA’s JACSIN has a daunting and fresh dance sound bursting out of the city. Having released singles over the course of 2017, they are leaving the year with a powerful vocal single “Diamonds.” Embracing a radio-friendly beat but not leaving the single without a proper drop, the epic anthem put the listener in a sedated-groove. JACSIN’s style typically embodies some sort of catchy frame, but variety is a continuous theme they seek to include. This duo’s grind has them heading on an inclining path.