Joey Myron Releases Hybrid Single “Colorado”

Posted by on December 9, 2021

With an Instagram bio that simply reads Russian Cowboy in Nashville/LA, I was intrigued to check this one without hesitation. Joey Myron is a first generation Russian immigrant who grew up in Massachusetts learning classical piano at a young age. He perfected his craft over the course of his childhood and teenager years and eventually ended up in LA shortly after attending Berklee College of Music. Now residing in Music City, Nashville, TN he is releasing a hybrid style of music that blends all types of musical styles. Check out a quote on the song below and stream “Colorado” by Joey Myron above now!

“Colorado” relays the bitter-sweet feeling of leaving everything behind and going back “homeward” to the roots of being human; surrounded by family and amidst the natural world. The nature of Colorado is a major inspiration for the song. On one hand, the beauty of the mountains is an attractive setting for a reclusive lifestyle that taps into the essence of being human. On the other hand, the bitter cold offers a harsh reality of survival and represents the departure from comfort found in more urbanized environments. There is also a Bonnie and Clyde runaway element to the song.”

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