Alternative, Pop | Mirror Talk Brings Us Back To “1997”

Posted by on May 19, 2015

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Progressive/stadium rock is in,  and I’m glad it is, there’s nothing more epic than that synth-pop sound à la Kenny Loggins, and Mirror Talk gets it, properly titled “1997” the guys bring it back, and I’m genuinely loving it. Let the music play, this is the music that makes us all miss our CDs, you’d pop one of these in your CD player, and just drive! Sign me up, I’m there next show! I’ll let you pick your favorite track, “Danger” might be mine, this is a must listen!

Alternative, Ambient, Pop | Zella Day prepares for festival season and shares her new single “High”

Posted by on May 7, 2015

artworks 000115697657 vmd29l t500x500 Zella Day prepares for festival season and shares her new single High

These past few weeks have been busy for Los Angeles based songstress Zella Day. She is wrapping up her US tour with Coasts and preparing for a busy summer full of playing festivals and the June 2nd release of her album KICKER.

This new single follows up a video for the standout hit, “Hypnotic”, and adds another phenomenal song to the catalogue.

“High” is a massive and orchestral piece of work that manages to entice listeners while not conforming to a typical pop sound. It’s artists like Zella Day that continue to push the boundaries of music and make songs equally experimental and enjoyable.

While she comes from humble beginnings in her small Arizona town of 7,000, Zella clearly has her sights set on the world.

Alternative, Chill, Hip-Hop, Pop | William Bolton Tells You What’s ‘On His Mind’

Posted by on April 22, 2015

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Fans of Aer, Cris Cab, or Academy take notice, William Bolton is up next and is easily becoming one of my favorite artists. The Detroit native is bringing back old school Mo-Town and mixing in some Pop, Hip Hop and Summer vibes for a scintillating sound that has you playing it time and time again. On My Mind is going to be on his forthcoming project, ‘Love Supreme‘ set to drop this summer which should be one of the top projects set to drop in 2015.


Free Download William Bolton – On My Mind


Alternative, Ambient, Chill | Janelle Kroll – Numb

Posted by on April 20, 2015

artworks 000113343632 15f8zb t500x500 Janelle Kroll   Numb

Following the successful release of her single “Sunny Days”, Janelle Kroll has returned with yet another genre-bending song, titled “Numb”. It’s rare to find a sound that maintains pop sensibility while being experimental and unique. “Numb” manages to balance these polarities and has attracted a wide array of fans.

She opens up for Marian Hill this Wednesday in NYC at Rough Trade, and will be performing at Lollapalooza this Summer.

Alternative, Hip-Hop, Indie, Reggae | Summer Is Officially Here With Academy’s New Single ‘Outta State’

Posted by on April 18, 2015

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With snow continuing to fall in the Northern parts of New England as recently as ten days ago, the duo known most for their summer vibes, Academy, decided to tell Mother Nature enough is enough and it is time to heat things up. While most gravitate towards comparing Evan Walsh and John That to the likes of Aer, it would appear Academy has found their own unique sound with their newest releases.

A month ago the Los Angeles residents dropped the visuals for ‘Hold Me Down‘, which was a much funkier sound than we have come to expect and today’s release ‘Outta State’ will completely blow you away. This track completely flips the formula with John spitting some incredibly witty verses and Evan supplying the audience with an extremely catchy hook that will have all singing ‘THATS JUST HOW I FEEL!’.  With producer Matt Osenton working exclusive with the duo on the new project it is safe to say this EP is going to be one of the best in 2015.

Be sure to play this one extremely loud where ever you are and give Academy a follow on Twitter and a Like on Facebook!

Alternative, Chill, House | XYLØ – America (Vasta Remix)

Posted by on April 3, 2015

I recently heard the original of this tune and I fell in love, and then this remix came out of nowhere from unknown Miami newcomer Vasta. I spent some time trying to connect the dots and to learn some more about this artist, but still have yet to find any. The massive piano’s and the catchy house drums pair perfectly with brother and sister duo XYLØ, one of the most buzzing acts on the internet!  I think of pool parties and springtime, and just want to chant America each time I hear the melodies. I hope you dig this as much as I do, and make sure you grab the free download above!

Alternative, Hip-Hop, Pop | Mikey Mike – Cut My Hair [Video]

Posted by on March 31, 2015

You’re probably not familiar with Mikey Mike, however, the small town Maryland native turned LA city kid has already earned himself a credit producing on Rihanna’s album as well as other notable names. As he begins the journey in to his own solo work, Mikey has already made some promising first steps.

“Cut My Hair” is simple yet infectious and shows the goofy, eccentric side of Mikey’s character. However, Mikey doesn’t want it to be misinterpreted as trivial: “It’s simple and playful, but still rooted in something very real. I played it for this girl and she was like ‘aw neat! a song about getting stoned and getting a haircut’ and I was like ‘no the songs about being touched, it’s about love, woman!”

When asked about his music as a whole he replied, “I like to think my songs are kind of like having sex with a high-end escort. There’s not a lot of bullshit, small talk, or fondling, we just get right to it. But, the shit is still pretty good, ya know?”

Mikey is throwing warehouse parties throughout Los Angeles and if you’re interested in going check out the flyer below and shoot him an email. Or if you want to just talk with Mikey, shoot him an email!

Cutmyhair pic 339x500 Mikey Mike   Cut My Hair [Video]