Alternative | Reagan’s Nostalgic 90’s inspired “Do U Notice Me” is blissful gold

Posted by on May 19, 2020

“Do U Notice Me?” by rising DMV based Reagan is an indie-pop record that discusses the pitfalls of relationships, made up with guitar and grooving percussion with sporadic synth lines. The track has a major 1990’s feel to it that I frankly need more of in my life. I cannot get this one out of my head, now I just wish it was written about me!

Alternative, Pop | Chaz Cardigan Gets Real on “S.O.S.”

Posted by on May 16, 2020

Nashville based singer/songwriter Chaz Cardigan immediately gives nostalgic, anthem-like feelings in his new single “S.O.S.” Resembling The Killers, Walk The Moon, Coin and Bad Suns, he chants his song in a way that sounds so positive and powerful while talking about a pretty deep subject, overcoming what seems like the impossible. “You gotta do better, that’s what you said to me, we just can’t keep on pretending that everythings alright.” We all have a way that we deal with something that we don’t want to deal with, and in “S.O.S” Chaz makes it clear that he wants to try to do better. He wants to prevail over life’s hardships and move on forward. Throughout the whole song, simple but danceable electric guitar power chords are played “over and over again,” further emphasizing what Chaz really wants to convey in the chorus. “I want to get over it, and not pull the same old shit. I’ve got a way of getting in my way, I want to get over it.” With the craziness of COVID-19 and the beginning of summer just around the corner, this is the perfect song for those who want to make a change in this new year, regardless of the challenges yet to come. When Chaz chants “I want to get over it” over and over, he encourages himself and his listeners to power through and conquer their fears, whatever that may be. Addiction, mental health, and everyday struggles can all apply to the feelings conveyed in Chaz’s voice while singing “S.O.S”. There is possibility and positivity in the near future.

Alternative, Chill | Bishop – LIMBO EP

Posted by on May 12, 2020

Bishop Ivy brings all the alt-pop feelings in his new EP, “Limbo.” Starting off with “Ivy Dreams,” Bishop Ivy uses futuristic synth sounds and electronic textures to convey the hardships of growing up and moving on to a new chapter in life. Resembling LANY and HONNE with the sad bedroom pop sounds, many young kids going through the same transition of figuring out what to do after highschool can be felt in this song. His next song “Drag Racing” brings a whole other side of Bishop Ivy to the table. Using similar vocal effects like the greats, Frank Ocean and Bon Iver, he really breaks the boundaries of singing/rapping in this song. Using ambient sound affects and eerie background voices, this song really pushes the limits of defining genres and makes it truly his own. You hear his influence of Hip Hop and Rap in his use of different vocal affects and the hard hitting beat. “Bleeding Too” brings a sadder tone to this EP, where his main instrumental focus is using minor piano chords to convey that “heart broken” sound. He sings about summer ending and wanting to tell someone he loves how he feels. This whole EP really wraps up all the emotions of not knowing what the future holds for someone whose life is just starting, the loved ones you might have to leave behind in that process, and the harsh reality of feeling lonely in this process. “In Spring” really reminds me of a nostalgic love story being recalled by someone who lost someone who was important to them. Bringing in a light, but fun beat to follow along with his memories being sung really makes me think of The Japanese House. Reminiscing on the good memories he has with someone he loves, “In Spring.” Ending with “Clockwork,” Bishop adds acoustic guitars, keyboard pads, and layered vocals making it sound beautiful and sad all at the same time. Towards the end of the song, he uses an artistic amount of autotune and reverb to give the song that “Frank Ocean” sound.


Alternative | Hoofa Mold Genres via “Alone”

Posted by on May 10, 2020

Bridging the gap between indie, electronica and pop without any hassle, up and coming duo Hoofa (great name) really championed their new single “Alone” and got some help from an indie master and engineer, Barry Grint (Everything Everything, Foals) The cloudy swirling vibe really grew on me for this one and is well worth checking out above now. Get familiar with Hoofa!

Alternative, Chill | Saturday night is the best day to listen to Runaway Belles’ new single “The Weekend”

Posted by on May 2, 2020

“The Weekend” by Runaway Belles is a song that hit home the moment I heard it. Featuring the exquisite voices of Tash Parker and Emma Anglesey, the duo are also housemates which is convenient in these isolation times. To celebrate their first release, the girls have announced a Facebook livestream set for 8pm every Monday in May. Breathtakingly stunning vocals and flawless harmonies dominate The Weekend, as the girls’ voices unite as one – even their own mothers cannot tell who’s singing. “This song is about that person who you can’t help but be in love with despite knowing it’s never going to work out in the end,” explains Tash. Self-produced with the help of Lachlan Carrick (Sia, Lior), Becki Whitton (Tash Sultana, Huntly) and Josh Barber (Gretta Ray), The Weekend is a timeless and catchy folk pop track. The piano, cello and guitars were recorded in Wally DeBacker’s (AKA Gotye) studio just outside of Melbourne and the vocals were recorded in an 1800s bluestone cottage on the edge of Tasmania’s wilderness. “When we recorded this song we imagined we were sitting around a campfire in a forest with a guitar telling the story. We wanted to capture that intimacy in the verses. In contrast, in the choruses we imagined our voices and music carrying out into the expansive night sky and beautiful surrounding mountains – much like a weekend camping trip where you can forget about the troubles of the week,” says Emma, “and with everything that’s going on in the world right now it feels like a good time to be sharing new music and connecting with people.”

Alternative | Dania drops new single “Cardamom Tea”

Posted by on April 30, 2020

Dania is an indie-pop alternative artist based in Philadelphia. Influenced by her Syrian-Croatian heritage, Dania blends Western beats with Arab melodies. On her latest single “Cardamom Tea” she gives off a heavy Lana Del Ray inspired sound, both lyrically and audio wise. Check out the moody single above now and keep Dania on your radar!

Alternative, Pop | Gillian Gets Real on “High”

Posted by on April 29, 2020

Boston-based up and coming singer/songwriter Gillian triumphs on her new emotional single, “High.” The deep track reflects on a personal relationship and delivers a poignant message on the horrors of addiction. “The song took true emotions I was feeling in a relationship and created a story with them,” she recalls, “it’s about how addiction can affect a relationship. I see Gillian turning heads in 2020 if she keeps on pace with content this powerful. Check out the music video for “High” above now!