Alternative, Chill | WEIRDO Drops Video For “FAKIN'”

Posted by on August 13, 2020

WEIRDO portrays the dark side of Online Influencing in his new music video for “FAKIN” and it is hilariously entertaining. The dark pop gem is a catchy, ironic, simple yet rather cut-deep track that eludes prowess and sincerity throughout. WEIRDO explains and defines his past experiences lyrically and sonically. Driving drums and dirty synths push forward the lo-fi vocals which hail both sarcasm and true meaning. Check out the new video above now and keep WEIRDO on your radar. His music and visuals are always next level!

Alternative, Indie | Scott Helman Gets Emotional in “Papa” Music Video

Posted by on August 6, 2020

“Papa” is the first piece of music off of Scott Helman’s forthcoming Nonsuch Park – an album series – will be released on September 4. Papa” is a new single and music video that shows home videos of Helman and his family over the years, and also shows his emotional reactions to some of the clips. The song was dedicated to his late grandfather. Check out a quote from the rising artist below and watch his video above now. Keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming album series, Nonsuch Park, due out on September 4th!

“This album is mostly about me – my changes, my growth, my hardships, my celebrations, my fears, my courage and my love,” says Scott. “It encapsulates many of the winding roads of my life, how they’ve diverged and converged to create a tapestry, and it documents the lessons that tapestry has taught me. If each person has a sanctuary within – a place they can return to where things make sense, where the tides are kind, where colours are bright and their lives feel meaningful – I think we all have a physical destination too where those things manifest. For me that place was the large park just down the road from my Papa’s house in Sutton, UK – Nonsuch Park. It was here where we would walk and cackle at awful jokes, lean in for the stories, make peace with our busy lives and draw meaning from the lessons we had learned since our last visit (made all the more powerful by the fact that we only had a couple more days together). If my past works have been displays of discovery, this work is a declaration – a declaration of love, meaning, questions and truth, and it is all dedicated to you, Papa. Thank you for helping me piece together the fragments of my life and giving me the space to do it.”

Alternative, Indie | Millar Jukes’ New Single is “Fire”

Posted by on August 5, 2020

Millar Jukes really has a one of a kind sound. The way he’s able to utilize storytelling and dynamics tones throughout his music is above us. Definitely a lot of potential here. Built around a moody, piano driven groove and a horn section that wouldn’t sound out of place in a New Orleans bar, ‘Fire’ serves as the perfect canvas for Jukes’ entrancing gravelly croon to completely engulf you. Whilst acknowledging the Americana stylings that he has built his sound around over the past few years, Jukes has used ‘Fire’ as an opportunity to build upon his own unique blend of soul, indie rock and roots – and the result is electrifying. Loving this track.


Alternative, Chill, Electronic | MESSY is “Out For Blood” on His Latest Drop

Posted by on August 3, 2020

L.A. based upcoming artist MESSY creates music which blurs theboundaries of contemporary pop. Blending hip-hop infused beats and rich dancehall rhythms, his latest single “Out For Blood” is packed with mesmerizing synth lines and a chorus that is bound to get stuck in your head. This is a great introduction to MESSY’s music, so check it out above now and read a quote from him on the song below.

“‘Out For Blood’ is about a partnership that ended badly. The other person had a hard time letting it go and everything I said in the song is exactly what happened. They were pissed and had it out for me after that.”

Alternative, Indie | Introducing Collect Call

Posted by on August 1, 2020

“Rain:Stop” is the first song I’ve heard by Collect Call. The up and coming indie electronic artist combines sensitive songwriting with an electronic twist that sounds like nothing you’ve heard before. Driving beats, euphoric synthesizers and emotive vocals combine as Collect Call invites you to dance through it, no matter how hopeless it may seem. His influences vary from the likes of The Beatles and Talk Talk to Japan and Sakamoto. “Rain:Stop” is a great song to introduce you to this rising acts sound, and will likely have you exploring the rest of his hybrid catalog just like I did. Check out Collect Call above now!

Alternative | Savannah Conley Expresses She “Never Want To Be In Love” While Still Finding That Special Someone

Posted by on July 17, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered what the sonic lovechild of Oasis and Dolly Parton would sound like, look no further than Savannah Conley. Combining nostalgic guitar-driven musicality, unavoidable Southern charm, and a healthy dose of cross-genre inspiration, Conley has carved out a sound that feels both fresh yet timeless. Her new single “Never Want To Be In Love” is an indie Pop crooner that will resonate with most: sometimes you may not want a new lover but it comes unexpectedly and can be something great. I need someone to write a song like this about me, ASAP. The Nashville-based singer/songwriter’s catalog is not huge but is very impressive. Good luck getting this one out of your head, I know I won’t be able to anytime soon!

Alternative, Indie | Caleb Hawley – “Tell Me What it’s Like to have a Dream Come True”

Posted by on July 12, 2020

Harlem-based Caleb Hawley is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who PopDust proclaimed “is the pop star pop music has done nothing to deserve, but desperately needs”. Today, Hawley shared his latest song “Tell Me What it’s Like to Have a Dream Come True,” a self-produced throwback to the classic mid-tempo ballads of the ’80s that winds through gritty R&B, raunchy rock ‘n’ roll, and pop. Discussing the track, Caleb said, “The lyrics are some of the questions that run through my head when I witness my friends seemingly break through barriers, reaching the heights I’ve long pursued, but have yet to realize. I have an inkling that these dreams are an illusion, and are unlikely to bring the peace of mind I’m hoping for. Still can’t hurt to ask.