Not Now Norman Release Vibrant Rock Single “Save Me”

Posted by on March 3, 2022

Known for their sassy vocals, blunt delivery and their confrontational, in-your-face lyrics, Not Now Norman are back with another bold and striking single ‘Save Me. The group perform a unique brand of a punchy, intergenerational hard and alternative rock — and their latest single is a fiery fusion of it all. Each of the four musicians in Not Now Norman allow their influences to ooze into their ever-evolving sound. Despite leaving college with a degree and going for several interviews, nobody was willing to take on singer Taylor Mitchell due to her disabilities. It wasn’t until guitarist Zander Brown approached her to do lighthearted recording sessions as a confidence booster that it was discovered that Taylor had a hidden talent… and an incredible singing voice. Since then, the band has grown into a four-piece rock outfit with the talented Lara Hindhaugh on bass and Michael Brennan guest featuring on drums. Not Now Norman was born. The band’s lyrics reflect Taylor’s determination to succeed regardless and are delivered in a manner to their message.

This couldn’t be more true of their latest single ‘Save Me’. Not Now Norman has taken inspiration from the climate crisis creeping up on the world right now. After seeing events such as the wildfires in Australia and seeing the world burning around us, Not Now Norman channelled their frustration and worry into this new single. It’s bursting at the seams with vibrant rock energy. Taylor Mitchell’s vocals soar over the captivatingly chaotic background. Slick guitar lines sail throughout the soundscape, cutting through the mix and duetting with Taylor’s vocals with acrobatic air. This Evanescence-style track is a whole new style for the group, as they delve deeper into the realms of their rock sound.