Future Trap, Trap | “Tell Me” Why I Have BEXLO On Repeat

Posted by on October 23, 2020

BEXLO is a new, genre-bending, Glasgow based electronic project with a focus on creating songs that mix epic emotional breakdowns with hard-hitting drops to ‘make people cry’ (in a good way). Behind this moniker lies 20-year-old producer and multi-instrumentalist, Ben Logie. Taking influence from the likes of Droeloe, Vincent and Juuku, BEXLO’s style is a bold new reimagining of the trap genre. Check out a quote from BEXLO on the debut release below and stream “Tell Me” above now!

“The song was written on one of those days in the studio where everything just kinda clicks and seems to work together. It was a few months ago when the entire world was going into lockdown and the darker moods in ‘Tell Me’ are a product of the surrounding uncertainty at that time.” – BEXLO

Hip-Hop, Trap | Charmaine’s “BOLD” New Video & Single is Hype

Posted by on October 20, 2020

Charmaine is here to showcase her multiverse personality and captivating delivery with words that challenges the status quo of the Renaissance Woman. Talk about an impressive debut release, her new single and video for the track “BOLD” is the perfect introduction into her world. To be BOLD is to be empowered and real about what it means to be a woman, a mother, an artist, an individual. The confident release is a major red flag, in a good way, and has me excited for further drops by this up-and-comer! Check out the video above now.

Hip-Hop, Remix, Trap | “Memories” Gets Flipped by Dawg

Posted by on September 27, 2020

You more than likely have heard Dawg’s music before clicking play on his remix below. In the past he has worked on music with Scott Storch, Usher, Tyga, Lil Jon, Ludacris and more and he had a major remix of Post Malone that turned a ton of heads that went viral a few years back. Now, the rising producer who was inspired by Los Angeles’ melting pot parties (like Space Yacht and Brownies & Lemonade) is back with more chaotic, rap infused remixes this time he puts his own touch on “Memories” by David Guetta and Kid Cudi. His self-described “junkyard bass” sound is strong on this one. The premise of that sub-genre is is simple: take the club-appeal of rap beats, and put the energy on steroids. He killed that on this remix, so be sure to check it out.


Trap | Egzod “Don’t Surrender” Anticipated Arrival Mounted On Success of Past Revealed NCS-Signed ‘Revolution’ Singles

Posted by on September 22, 2020

Between the AAA gaming-like tier rendered videos taking over the creative direction, a clear positive shift in sound that’s easily more connected in many congruent ways, and a new look of sorts that shows he’s clearly putting in work that is on a new level, Egzod continues to define long term indie EDM success song right.

Energetically, the EP comes packed full with peaks and valleys beyond just the experience of the three songs individually. The order of the tracks on the EP themselves giving a clear indication that there’s something deeper to peel back with this experience.


The Revolution ft. Neoni 
Mutiny ft. Wasiu
Don’t Surrender ft. EMM

The climax is unequivocally “Don’t Surrender ft. EMM,” the third and final vtrack in The Revolution EP going public Sept. 24th.

Until then, enjoy the second single that dropped earlier this month, available for listening above

Electro | GunFight Unleashes New Banger With “Tomorrow’s Endorphins”

Posted by on August 29, 2020

Continuing to flesh out the futuristic world inside his head, GunFight has returned with yet another bass-heavy release. The US-based mastermind producer has been working effortlessly this year to establish his name within the bass music world and with support from top-tier publications like EDM.com, Your EDM and Dancing Astronaut alongside a snowballing Spotify listenership, it seems to be paying off. 

GunFight’s latest Electro gem comes in the form of “Tomorrow’s Endorphins”, an explosive electro-house banger. Continuing to build upon the artist’s post-apocalyptic aesthetic, the single is full of ominous atmospheres, cinematic hits and lively effects. A DJ-friendly intro kicks off the track with the help of a driving house beat, while the drop explodes into a unique series of glitchy arrangements, gritty sound design and massive basslines. 

“GunFight is protest music. We have to take on the issues at hand today so that we can begin to plan for a better tomorrow,” says the artist.

Drum & Bass, Electronic | WE R OK Enlist CHYLD for Official Remix

Posted by on July 14, 2020

Since making their debut in June, New York based dysfunctional duo WE R OK have vowed to keep the heat coming. With their debut single, “Ghosts” racking up over 20k streams in its first month, they have recently sweetened the pot with an official remix from Boston based mad man CHYLD.

With their debut setting the tone for what’s to come, WE R OK deliver a pumping Alt-Rock jam that is as chill as it is haunting. While both parties battle their own demons, the new project is serving as an outlet to get some things off their chest while also exercising their undeniable creative sides.

With the official remix, CHYLD flips the chilled out tune into an energetic, electronic, Drum n Bass inspired jam the speeds up the tempo and helps to kick things up a notch while exposing the brand new group to a much wider audience. Holding onto what made the original so catchy, CHYLD brings in his signature sound design and impressive synth work to warp the tune into something entirely different and fresh.

With another remix and their second single on the horizon, make sure you keep an eye on WE R OK through the rest of the year.

Bass, Chill, Future Trap, Trap | Juelz, juuku, Stay Loose and Others Team Up For “Renegade”

Posted by on July 6, 2020

I’m not sure how this many collaborators were able to pull off creating 1 single song together, but “Renegade (A Collaboration for Black Lives)” is something special and somehow does not sound like there are too many chefs in the kitchen, even if 10+ artists are all featured throughout this track! The flexibility on this song is impressive, constantly bouncing into one sound and then flawlessly into another with still sounding on point. Tune in above now!