Lux Mundi Drops Epic Drum And Bass Tune With ‘Holding On’

Posted by on April 26, 2022

Lux Mundi are clearly a force to be reckoned with. “Holding On,” is the latest example as to why with Derek de Lang and Keith Larsen being in the driver seat of this project. It’s easy to get the feeling that “Holding On,” was bought through a variety of genre-influences being taken into consideration. For example, the vocal angle seems as if it could be something heard within a Above & Beyond set, juxtaposing this is a drop that is intense and full of rhythm. Even though all of this is going on, “Holding On,” feels complete and well put together. It’s not easy to unite diverse concepts all into one track, but that the impression that Lux Mundi gives in terms of what they are able to achieve. Lux Mundi are fairly new since their Spotify profile shows they kicked things off in 2021. But, the two members are seasoned and have worked in music personally and professionally for many years.

A cascade of events is what led the Derek de Lang and Keith Larsen committing to the idea that would give way to Lux Mundi being a thing. Years ago the two were having a go at the LA local band scene. Doug Grean is the guy to credit introducing the two heads to each other. Doug Grean is a well-known songwriter who often partnered with Scott Weiland of Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots to capture time-testing jams. Going through the various hoops and hurdles of life, the two gravitated toward each other more and more, eventually making the arrangements to bring the Lux Mundi idea to life.

The future is looking awesome for Lux Mundi, “Holding On,” is a long-standing gift from these guys easy to enjoy again and again.

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