Hip-Hop | seeyousoon Get Creepy for Their “Every Time I Die” Video

Posted by on November 1, 2020

seeyousoon recently released a cypher to show off their lyrical abilities (watch the video here) and are continuing to build their buzz with a new music video. After securing a healthy amount of press on their debut album VIDÉ (with support from The Fader, Complex/Pigeons and Planes, Okayplayer, COLORS, Lyrical Lemonade + many more) the 9-piece-outfit has now unveiled a visual for their song “Every Time I Die”. The spooky video shows the gang capturing one of the members are torturing him until they have to jet from the cops. This one is short but sweet, check out the visual now above!

Hip-Hop | Long Island MC Jaeo Draftpick Refuels With His New Single “Counted Me Out”

Posted by on October 30, 2020

Jaeo Draftpick is a new wave hip hop artist from Long Island. Jaeo has been an unstoppable force over the last several years. Dead set on putting the island back on the map, he has continued to rack up streams and wow audiences with his hard-hitting bars and energetic performances. Coming from the land of Public Enemy, EPMD, De La Soul, Chuck D, Erick Sermon and more, Jaeo is devoted to achieving his goal of bringing Long Island back to the place of prominence it once held in hip hop.

With his visual and merch for his single “51631” in 2016, Jaeo went viral on Facebook, solidifying his position at forefront of the Long Island hip hop scene. Having performed with legends like T-Pain, French Montana, and Jim Jones on several tours, Jaeo has made a transcend local success and revitalized the new wave of Long Island rap.

Now, Jaeo Draftpick is back with a new single,  “Counted Me Out”. On this new track, Jaeo’s rap unveils the failures in his life and digs out the blueness of the whole year. Combining his old school influences with a new wave aesthetic, Jaeo finds the perfect balance between new wave melodies and vicious bars to deliver one of his best tracks to date. Riding high from continued spins on New York radio from DJ’s Enuff, Clue, Prostyle and more with his last single, “All I Know”, Jaeo Draftpick is ready to add more fuel to the fire with, “Counted Me Out”. Showing no sign of letting up, Jaeo Draftpick is only really just getting started and the time to pay attention is now.

Hip-Hop | danny G drops his ode to positive mental health “lose my cell phone”

Posted by on October 26, 2020

Gaining quick traction after his recent releases “reeboks” and “run it,” Nashville flow-pop artist danny G is back with a hard-hitting new single “lose my cell phone”. In “lose my cell phone”, danny embraces his vulnerability by being mindful of the ways that modern technology and the demands of our current world take a toll on mental health. In an effort to be transparent, danny prioritizes authenticity in a society that often hides behind Instagram filters and impulsive Facebook statuses. In lyrics like “Don’t wanna carry expectations in my pocket // My black mirror isn’t really being honest.” he feels like he carries the weight of the world; and with this, danny encourages a much needed break from technology in order to disconnect so that he can reconnect with himself and those around him. 

danny G’s lively music has garnered a steady flow of support since 2019. He has landed on popular YouTube channel Rap City, TIDAL editorials’ Alternative Hip Hop’ & Rising Hip Hop playlists, as well as multiple Spotify editorials. Leaning into his uniquely coined ‘flow pop’ sound, danny continues to offer fans a seamless combination of relatable pop and hip hop. Previous collaborations include Travie McCoy, Xuitcasecity, and Cam Meekins. His positive flow has also captured the attention of local outlets like No Country For New Nashville and cable TV network WSMV’s Today In Nashville. Effortlessly surpassing expectations, danny remains authentic in both his mission and his music.



Posted by on October 21, 2020

4x Billboard charting rapper Tyke T has dropped his latest banger – the ultra catchy new track and visual “Countdown”. After being challenged by his manager to write a good vibe track for the ladies, Tyke channeled inspiration from his own wife’s day to day, to write a song about counting down till the weekend. Directed by Michael Butler Jr., the playful visual depicts a woman as she gets ready for the weekend following a stressful day at work. Interspersed with shots of Tyke T rapping to her, “5…4….3…2…1.. That’s the countdown. It’s Friday afternoon – paint the town red!”. 

No stranger to the music industry, Tyke T not only appeared on the Billboard charts, but also made it to the top 10 in VH1”s hit reality show “Make a Band Famous”. With influences ranging from Kanye West to Jodeci, he combines bold production with honest lyricism to create rap music that’s both poignant and hit material. Be sure to stay up to date with all things Tyke T by following him on Instagram


Posted by on October 21, 2020

Miami-based DJ Five Venoms, best known for his work with major hip-hop festival Rolling Loud has dropped his latest track “Too Toxic” in response to the current negativity the world is facing. 

Featuring the Prettyboy Kelsey and Pressure Dommer, “Too Toxic” was written after the killing of George Floyd and in the face of major societal issues such as mass unemployment. It’s a raw and vulnerable account of their own personal journeys through the current climate, as well as a message of encouragement for fans to push through the hard times. The video was shot at an Orlando parking garage with stunning night time views of the skyline in the background. 
“Too Toxic” is the first of many releases to come from DJ Five Venoms. Be sure to follow him on Instagram to stay up to date with news on new music.

Hip-Hop | Phantum & Rwrxero’s “With Me Now” Continues Strong Growth Track For Rising Talents

Posted by on October 21, 2020

“With Me Know,” a fresh single design and rendered in-studio by Phantum & Rwrxero, is musically relevant to the genres it embraces, but distinctively pleasing and disarming to what we have been conditioned to through Phantums in particular, thus far.

On Phantum’s side, influences to his music/production background include such names as Metro Boomin, Southside, and others, while working with artists closely he saw potential with too (Ali Gatie, Jordan Solomon, ect.) came natural to him. Phantum is a striking figure in more ways than one, bringing a collective of actions together that comes into play with production as well.

For Phantum & Rwrxero, a collective garnering of millions of streams gathered through artists projects of his own and support from hype names including Jordan Solomon, AR Paisley, and many others, makes these two on a flow worth recognizing.

Hip-Hop, Trap | Charmaine’s “BOLD” New Video & Single is Hype

Posted by on October 20, 2020

Charmaine is here to showcase her multiverse personality and captivating delivery with words that challenges the status quo of the Renaissance Woman. Talk about an impressive debut release, her new single and video for the track “BOLD” is the perfect introduction into her world. To be BOLD is to be empowered and real about what it means to be a woman, a mother, an artist, an individual. The confident release is a major red flag, in a good way, and has me excited for further drops by this up-and-comer! Check out the video above now.