Hip-Hop | K. Noble Drops Deep & Real Music via “Colorism/I Got You”

Posted by on May 6, 2021

Hailing from the Southside of Chicago, K. Noble is an artist who has set out to make a change with his
discography, and his empowering track ‘Colorism/I Got You’ is a vital, vibrant dissection of America’s issues
with race. Taken from his recently released debut album ‘Life Is Pain’, the single’s beauty lies in its contrasts. Opening with dainty piano keys and Audrey Valentine’s breathtaking falsetto, the ambience swiftly switches to a rolling rhythm and punchy 808’s, with K. Noble’s hard-hitting lyricism adding a thought-provoking edge.

Exploring themes within colorism, a prevalent prejudice in the USA that can cause those of similar ethnicities
to be treated differently based on their skin color, the rapper makes a statement with his narratives, using
characters to voice his concerns for a society that so desperately needs to change. “Colorism is about the
Willie Lynch syndrome which is still prevalent amongst Africans Americans in the black community” he states,
and the single, produced by Dylan Graham, is a defiant stand against the issue and one that encompasses
K. Noble’s desire to make the world a better place. Driven by the desire to motivate, inspire, comfort and spread love, K. Noble is a self-described enigma who refuses to be boxed in. Inspired by the likes of Nas, Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar, he fuses his positive energy and outlook on life into his songwriting, producing a powerful immersive experience throughout his repertoire that reflects his unique style. Always aiming to push the boundaries of what is expected and inspire others to have important conversations through music, K. Noble is an artist that is simmering with drive, determination and immeasurable talent.

Hip-Hop | WhyKreeps to release brand new single “Bando Fever”

Posted by on May 4, 2021

Artist on the rise WhyKreeps has returned with his fourth single to date via “Bando Fever.” The up-and-coming artist is originally from South-Africa, Johannesburg. He was raised in Pretoria and migrated to the UK, London when he was 9 years old. His latest drop was created alongside producer Tonic, and their collaboration bursts with fierce energy, candid infectious bars and overall sharp production that will get you hype. Channeling the likes of Dave, Stormzy and Aitch, the wordsmith is paving his own way through the hip-hop scene with his culturally enriched brand of rap, that cultivates his influences from South Africa, the U.K and the Netherlands. This one is def a heater that’s worth checking out so tune in above and check out a quote from WhyKreeps below on the new single.

“One evening I was just scrolling through Instagram and heard a producer named Tonic. Something in me told me to hit him up. We set up a session and he was playing some sick instrumentals. About 15 seconds into this one, I knew that this was the one. The guitar, the melody and the 808’s took my attention immediately. The song came to me naturally.” – WhyKreeps

Hip-Hop | SAFETY CLUB wants you to start “feelin’ yourself” on their charismatic debut video “JUICE”

Posted by on April 30, 2021

Meet SAFETY CLUB; hailing from Australia, this rap duo takes cue from the sounds of Chicago’s hip-hop scene and the funk influenced R&B sounds of The Internet and Kaytranada. They’ve just released their debut single and video for “JUICE”, an upbeat, trap-driven banger about “feeling yourself”.

In the playful accompanying video, directed by producer Shan, we find vocalist Ronnie Sinclair rapping to the camera as he dances his way through the aisles.  Whilst “JUICE” is dripping in hip-hop flair and a subtle sense of irreverence, it’s lyrical matter is certainly poignant. Covering themes of being positive whilst sticking it to the naysayers, this is an ultra catchy track we think rap fans are going to fall in love with. 
Of the video production process, SAFETY CLUB shared that the video was “shot in approximately one hour and fifteen minutes after a series of catastrophic gear failures, finishing with a minute to spare, no time for playback and no confirmation that they actually got the shots until the next day. Once again, the classic SAFETY CLUB adage has been confirmed: perfect everything in life by practicing in your kitchen for three days in a row and nothing can stop you”.


Hip-Hop, RnB | DNIE Teams Up With Arkane Skye To Share Debut Single “Hourglass”

Posted by on April 16, 2021

Teaming up with singer and songwriter Arkane Skye, promising new talent DNIE has just released his debut single with “Hourglass,” combining alternative rock and hip-hop in a stunning way. DNIE grew up in a small town, and would quickly fall in love with music throughout his teenage years, as he saw it as a perfect escape from the world and anything that was bothersome. Realizing that the only way to express himself and his feelings was through music, DNIE decided to take the leap and start to produce, something that led to the birth “Hourglass,” and many more genre-bending singles to come.

“Hourglass” is me coming to terms with the past being something that I will keep in my heart forever, while having the future in my hands,” says DNIE. “A song with Rock, Alternative Rock, and Hip-Hop influences in the production as well as in the vocal performance, “Hourglass” is a blast from the past with a modern twist to it. The story-driven vocals and lyrics, written by myself and Arkane Skye, really portray how I was feeling for the longest time, emotions that many people can relate to. “Hourglass” is a song about time flashing in front of our eyes, and all of the memories that we have created slowly becoming more distant as we move on. As much as that can take a toll on many of us and make us wish we could turn back time to much easier and simpler times, we realize that it isn’t possible, and that life has to move on.”

“There are always going to be ups and downs in life, which was of course the case for me growing up, but the good memories definitely outweigh the bad. I feel like the more time passes, I don’t feel that same level of happiness anymore, as I face problems in life that have triggered depression and anxiety. I didn’t want this song to be just about the sadness I’ve experienced, but to also act as a reminder that there are better days ahead. There are people who enter your life and make you forget about your struggles, helping you create new memories and focus on moving forward. No matter how much it might hurt at times, you start enjoying life and looking forward to the future.”

Hip-Hop | Rising Rapper COLL gives us a reason to stay up with new track “L8 Nights”

Posted by on April 12, 2021

Norwich, UK based rising rapper, producer and songwriter COLL has released his first song of 2021 via “L8 Nights”. The highly motivating new track is the first taste of his forthcoming mixtape, Blue Magic 3. It’s clear to anyone who’s watching, COLL’s showing no signs of slowing down as he continuously topples the ever relentless release cycle, COLL takes it all in his stride, supplying fans with regular content and music. Check out his video for “L8 Nights” above now and keep your eyes peeled for his tape, which is dropping soon.

Hip-Hop | Bella Blaq teams up with producer Epikh Pro on “Booty”

Posted by on April 9, 2021

Dynamic hip-hop artist Bella Blaq is back with a playful new music video “Booty”

Shot as though you’re watching the events unfold through a TikTok lens, Bella chose to incorporate the viewpoint through which most people consume media – through their phones. The fast-paced edits pair seamlessly with her hard-hitting lyrical delivery as Bella tells fans about the trap lifestyle. From one of the most recognized cities for rap, this Atlanta-based hip-hop artist stays true to herself as she partners up with other content creators to tell her story and most importantly, to have fun with it.

A collaboration with multi-platinum producer Epikh Pro, her new music video bounces from sensual scenes, goofy dances and real-life moments of Bella with her friends, counting her money and most of all – empowering herself. The contrast of the phone footage paired with background shots of Bella paints the true versatility of her identity.

Hip-Hop | UFO Gets Spacey on “No Passengers”

Posted by on April 8, 2021

Chicago born and Houston raised upcoming rapper UFO delivers his most stand out offering yet in the form of his new single, “No Passengers”. The drowsy bass fueled beat features an array of synths and melodies for UFO to soar on top of lyrically. His flow reminded me a bit of early Future but with his own style. Tap in above now!