grey prince Drops Hip-Hop Electronic Infusion In ‘cory in ya house’

Posted by on March 18, 2022

“cory in ya house,” pieces together a satirical side with a strong hip-hop-meets-electronic music base. The combination is nothing short of infectious, solo DJ/producer grey prince bringing about an intriguing balance between all the elements at hand. This first track symbolizes a saga of sounds that are soon to come, grey prince lining up lots of tunes throughout the year which all will feel like they are from the same base. The release highlights the admiration that grey prince has for his childhood friend Cory, so much so that grey prince made a track in honor of him. Personal and relaxing in many ways, grey prince is nailing a sweet spot sonically that will keep folks coming back for more.

He’s currently residing in San Francisco and is bringing so many unique talents together within the same project. He produces, raps, and has a clear hunger to grow his music project, which will be hitting new levels in 2022.

“Inspired by the Jet Set Radio OST’s colorful synths and funky basslines, ‘Cory in Ya House’ merges together breakbeat and hip hop influence into a new, distinct sound. The inception of the hook was to namedrop my childhood best friend, Cory.”
– grey prince

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