Videos | Sapra Makes Global EDM Connection With Warm Music Video “Always On My Mind”

Posted by on February 27, 2021

Sapra has a clearly broke ground in the east, but like many electronic artists we see today, is gradually bleeding into the western stratosphere through various means and methods. With that, a welcome reception would be a reasonable dictation as to what Sapra has contributed.

Sapra’s “Always On My Mind,” never stops at the half way point by any means. From the camera choice to aspects like the vision of even the director of photography, to all the parts working together in harmony – Sapra did it right when it comes to what the pillars should be of an outstanding and well-received music video.

With fans seemingly coming back again and again, “Always On My Mind,” is sticking to listeners for a variety of reasons.

Check out Sapra’s Youtube channel for more creative and insightful uploads like this.

Videos | Beloved Trance Artist Ferry Corsten Teams Up With Point Blank On “Free” Track-Breakdown

Posted by on January 6, 2021

The single having been heard by tens of thousands and undoubtedly inserted into sets around the world, “Free,” an original trance single created by Ferry Corsten & Trance Unity, is a force for be reckoned with. In particular, given it’s track record as a single thus far. With that said – thanks to a unique partnership between Point Blank Music School and Ferry Corsten – producers and trance fans now have the in-depth scoop, at their fingertips.

14-minutes in total and paired with Ferry Corsten interview/talking points within, the experience breaks down the track while sharing a nice slice of background information around it.

The video shows there is clearly much to highlight in the rich and time-testing, “Free,” release.

Trance Unity, a unique collective of international artists who collaborate on music projects, had a healthy hand in the initial track coming to life and now thus seeing it’s success.

Ferry Corsten has certainly had his own line of high moments, a quick-look at his social/streaming channels showing an eclectic blend of moments captured alongside his fanbase and events performed, (especially pre-pandemic.)

With many heads coming together to make this a reality – don’t miss this video. Check out more on Point Blank Music School and enjoy watch above.

Chill, Videos | ilo ilo Share the Official Music Video for “Be Cool”

Posted by on July 30, 2020

The duo known as ilo ilo have shared a new music video for their latest single “Be Cool”. The video sees the artist travel across LA in search of something. It starts with them being beckoned by a mysterious voice. They then take off in their classic Cadillac scouring the city for information on where they need to go. Eventually they make it to a field in the hills where they begin to move into a new dimension/state of mind. Check it out below and stay tuned for new music from them very soon.


Videos | HERO Releases Video For “Rot In Pieces” on Fools Gold Records

Posted by on November 12, 2019

The emerging Fool’s Gold artist video for “Rot In Pieces,” off his to be released EP CRY BABY, is here. HERO will drop the work of tracks this November to much anticipation. Essentially, HERO’s is back with another banger for his fans.

His single feels like an assemblage of his feelings towards connections alongside sultry beats that give a contort to a great diverse sound. HERO broadly conveys a restless electronic sound that gives you a new-age Daft Punk feel.

With the expectation building around his unreleased EP Dirty Work, his singles teases the realm of music themes yet to come.

Videos | Harry Nathan & Odeya Rush Dream Up A New World On “Fool For Your Love” [Video]

Posted by on May 21, 2019

Coming from the mind of Actress Odeya Rush and Artist and producer Harry Nathan is the all-new short film/music video for Harry’s new single “Fool For Your Love”. We recently featured Harry mentioning his release “Rooftops” which has won him 14 independent short film awards worldwide and his follow up single “Sweet Vanilla Sky”. 

‘Fool For Your Love’, set in the same universe as “Rooftops” is a story about letting go of expectations. Expectations that our parents change or that boys/girls need to fit into a specific social norm,” says Odeya. It’s unique, fun to watch and also shares some important messaging, give it a look here!

Chill, Videos | Apollo LTD New Music Video is Like “Heaven (All Around You)”

Posted by on February 15, 2019

Apollo LTD are a bubbling band out of Nashville who released this angelic record “Heaven” fairly recently and the more I watch the video the more emotional I get. I really think these dudes have an extremely bright future ahead of themselves if they stay in this lane of alt-pop. They’re sort of like a more talented version of Imagine Dragons. Watch Apollo LTD’s video for “Heaven (All Around You)” above now.

Videos | Urbano’s Music Video For “Standing Ovation” Impresses With Impactful Theme And Style [Premiere]

Posted by on July 27, 2018

Sibling duo Urbano deliver a little of something everyone can attach to. The look, brand, and personalities all raise the overall experience which has them gradually rising in the ranks between pop and dance – seemingly taking advantage of both worlds in terms of getting music heard and supported.

“Standing Ovation” scores a slam-dunk in cinematography, personability, and being able to create a 2 minute plus music video that genuinely keeps your attention, pleasing theatrical visual shots fitting the mood of video and song.

Urbano are just warming up their musical capabilities, between Miami Music Week shows and their clear desire to invest heavy into quality content for the fans, their presence will surely be on the increase.