Future House, Glitch | Robin Hagglund – Flashback (Original Mix)

Posted by on November 3, 2014

Robin Hagglun Flashback 371x500 Robin Hagglund   Flashback (Original Mix) Whose ready for some futuristic funk because Robin Hagglund just got his Daft Punk on with his original, “Flashback.” He’s been quite busy preparing some big progressive releases on Blue Soho Recordings, and even had the privilege of being featured on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio (episode 89) earlier this year. His tracks are hitting thousands of plays regularly and every release puts you on the edge – you never know what to expect with this guy. Grab some headphones, lay back, and let this take you away.


Dubstep, Glitch, Trap | CloZee – Falcon EP

Posted by on June 18, 2014

 CloZee   Falcon EP

This EP is too cool to pass up. CloZee is always kilin’ it with glitch madness, and “Falcon” is nothing short of awesome. This track has a bit more of a dub feel to it than I’m used to from CloZee, but it came out awesome. The saucy melody is unbeatable, and the progression from slower dub into a glitch breakdown is clearly a display of CloZee’s skills. This EP also includes a bonus trap remix from Dropout Marsh that is also top notch work. Dropout Marsh’s version of “Falcon” is nostalgic and full of melancholy vibes. This EP is free to grab right off the player, so show your support and download!

CloZee | Dropout Marsh

Glitch | CloZee – Gotta Get Some Sleep

Posted by on January 6, 2014

 CloZee   Gotta Get Some Sleep

I can’t remember if I’ve ever posted a glitch track, but what better day than my birthday to try something new?  I couldn’t be happier I found it today since, as some of you know, Chicago is dangerously cold right now and we could use a distraction. “Gotta Get Some Sleep” by CloZee is fun, bouncy, and has a great mood to it. The horns and bass are funky and fresh. I’ve been following CloZee for a few years now, and she always impresses me. The slow section around 3:10 is a cool surprise so look out for that! This song is free on Bandcamp along with a lot of other sweet songs on the “Whompadelic Trip” album.


Free Download: CloZee – Gotta Get Some Sleep


Drum & Bass, Glitch | Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Hideous (Audeka Remix)

Posted by on December 12, 2013

421063 529388137101513 1943596442 n Black Sun Empire & Noisia   Hideous (Audeka Remix)The Black Sun Empire & Noisia “Hideous” remix competition is over. I would like to give a huge congrats to Haywyre for winning the competition with his unbelievable glitchy, jazzed out remix. I was sad to see that the trio Audeka didn’t place, but Haywyre is more than deserving himself. Audeka has given out the download to their neuro-hop gem so not all is lost. Happy downloading.


Free Download: Black Sun Empire & Noisia – Hideous (Audeka Remix)

Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Glitch, House | Joe Ford – Culture EP

Posted by on December 9, 2013

8667174 Joe Ford   Culture EPJoe Ford is one of the hottest names in bass music right now and the majority of the population doesn’t even know it yet. After his last successful release this year, “The Mission” EP, it comes to no surprise that he has yet again dominated with his “Culture” EP. Joe Ford kicks off this fresh EP with the title track “Culture”. This song is a behemoth, it is like Joe Ford thought to himself “Build up? Nah, I’m going to rape my fans in the face with my opening track on this release”. The waves of bass on this drop are ridiculous, I feel like my ears are being beaten to death by the lightsaber mach 1. “Distilled” tones the EP down a little… just a little. The track brings in the ever growing neuro-hop styling, bouncing you through some great kicks with the addition of that lovely flavor of reese-bass. As a gamer, this is the kind of track I’d want to be blasting my through hordes of noobs with.

I can see “Immobilise” being the theme of a fast traveling Spaceship being chased by another which is firing upon it, weaving in and out of asteroids with the occasional collision. If Michael Bay’s taste in music was worth anyone’s time, he would consider “Immobilise” for a space-flight scene in the next “Transformers” movie. Now, imagine a universe where Lex Luther kills Superman, Cell obliterates the Saiyans, and the Avengers perish at the hands of Ultron. Unopposed, “Villain” would be the track played as these cocky evil doers decimated our planet. If villains actually won, this song would be perfect, but considering they never do, we will just have to sit back and bump out to this badass tune with our imaginations.

Last, but not least we see the return of Asa on yet another EP ender with Inspected. “Real Talk” isn’t the kind of track we have been seeing throughout Joe Ford’s EP, it is the end of the story we have been listening to. “Culture” started us with the intense game changer that set the premise, “Distilled” the attempted fight through the initial bass threat, “Immobilise” the fight to the death, and “Villain” the defeat and utter destruction of what is left. Last, is the calm after the storm, with those left alive wondering what else is to come, the “Real Talk”. This is one of the best works I have heard all year, Joe Ford just set the bar.

Joe Ford

Beatport: Joe Ford – Culture EP

Chill, Drum & Bass, Glitch | Kursa – Björk

Posted by on December 5, 2013

bjork2 wide 6e4e00961e21c6e016e17d5ab3a4a090f32871a0 s6 c30 620x347 Kursa   BjörkKursa has been a big up and coming name in my book, his blended productions based around Drum & Bass have been an absolute delight to indulge on. Feels like it has been some time since he has given away a free track, so today I bring you an incredible glitched out piece of art sampling the ever famous Björk. The kick and snare continue the same throughout this, but the progression of the deep bass and vocals is where the true prize of this song lie. Just kick back and let the waves take you away.


Free Download: Kursa – Björk

Drum & Bass, Glitch | Upscale Recordings – The Collective EP (Ft. Evoke, Frequent, Masq, Audeka, Paurini, & Spectric)

Posted by on December 1, 2013

artworks 000064150889 jhg8ly t500x500 Upscale Recordings   The Collective EP (Ft. Evoke, Frequent, Masq, Audeka, Paurini, & Spectric)Damn, the sub-label of Adapted Records, Upscale Recordings with the goal of sharing strictly Neuro-Hop (Blend of Glitch-Hop and Neuro-Funk AKA Drum & Bass), drops this dirty EP of some of the top up and comers in the newly rising twisted genre. The EP kicks off with an original from Evoke. Carrying the title of the EP, “The Collective” thumps in smoothly, only to progress into that deliciously glitched out funk. Next, Spectric remixes Evoke’s original, adding a few more layers to the mix of the glitch to take you on deep stroll of bass. A commoner on FNT with his Neuro/Trap blends, Masq teams up with Frequent. Their collaboration “Firescape” starts out with a calm, slightly glitchy melodic euphoria, leaving you bumping out at a deep multi-bass layered drop. A larger name and personal favorite of Neuro-hop, come Audeka with a funky remix of Dino Safari’s Breakspeed. This remix has to be my favorite on the EP, I love how deep the bass on this track is and how it maintains the funk with the chill throughout it. Something that KOAN Sound and Asa introduced to the majority of the population on their most recent collaboration EP. Last, but certainly not least, Paurini introduces himself with a chilling original, “Lumberjack”. Paurini is a new name for me, and after hearing this original, I’m blown away. I suspect this is just the beginning of his epic Neuro journey. Neuro-Hop is a genre on the rise, while Dubstep introduces new artists by the minute and becomes more and more repetitive by the minute. “The Collective” EP is a must have, and count on Upscale recordings to introduce countless more great tracks in the future.

Upscale Recordings

Evoke | Frequent | Masq | Audeka | Paurini | Spectric

Free Download: Upscale Recordings – The Collective EP