Exclusive, Featured, House | FNT Premiere: Mason – Salamander

Posted by on August 19, 2014

mason ZOA FNT Premiere: Mason   Salamander
Dutch producers and aspiring poets, Mason are preparing to release their upcoming artist album ZOA. We are happy to present the full version of “Salamander”, the final tune on the album 2 weeks before its September 1st release. “Salamander” is carried by whimsical and playful synths that fits it right in with the atmosphere with the rest of the work and places it right at the end. You can pre-order the album on iTunes here.

Chill, Featured | Premiere: Bear Tooth – Can’t Tell Me Nothing Feat. Alex Gremer (Cover)

Posted by on August 18, 2014

 Premiere:  Bear Tooth   Cant Tell Me Nothing Feat. Alex Gremer (Cover)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

The homie Bear Tooth sent over the  illest remix/cover of Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” and I happily obliged a premiere cause this is the smoothest thing you’ll hear this Monday! Enlisting the help of Alex Gremer to cover Kayne’s verses, and utilizing the classic Kayne line “Excuse me, did you say something? Nah you can’t tell me nothing, haha!,” Bear Tooth just gave me the attitude I needed to get through today, you can’t tell me nothing, I’m out here vibing out to chilled out Kanye, say something! This is a must listen and a must listen! Great work Bear Tooth!

Free Download: Bear Tooth – Can’t Tell Me Nothing Feat. Alex Gremer (Cover)

Featured, Trap | Premiere: Telepopmusik – Breathe (Myles William X Grand&Warren Remix)

Posted by on August 13, 2014

Telepopmusik Breathe Myles.WilliamXGrandWarren Remix Premiere: Telepopmusik   Breathe (Myles William X Grand&Warren Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

The homie Myles William sent over his latest remix, collaborating with Grand & Warren, of Telepopmusik’s “Breathe” and they took the ambient record on a trip to chill trap land for soothing effects. This is one of those records you want to include in your traveling playlist, I’m not even on a plane at the moment, but I’m feeling weightless, just listening to it. There’s nothing like some good music to take all that stress off your shoulders, so just breathe to this one. With already on rotation on Sirius XM Chill, this is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Telepopmusik – Breathe (Myles William X Grand&Warren Remix)

Exclusive, Featured, News | Lollapalooza 2014 Recap

Posted by on August 11, 2014

img 8891 Lollapalooza 2014 Recap
Andre 3000 of Outkast, performing at Lollapalooza 2014

As I walked down Congress Parkway crossing the Michigan Ave. intersection, Lollapalooza became very surreal for me. Hundreds of artists, Tens of thousands of people, and the perfect view of the Chicago skyline above the stages awaited me for the next three days. The lines to enter the festival were long and frantic, with security frisking every person and checking every bag diligently. The scene past the gates was a blur due to the massive amounts of people scattering in every which way possible. At last, I had made it to the festival, ready to see some of the best artists from around the world perform in my city.

Perry’s stage was the place to be on Friday. Iggy Azalea, Above & Beyond, The Glitch Mob, and Zedd, one after another. Ms. Fancy herself started off the madness, rockin a crazy set with an even crazier crowd…as you would expect. Tight flows and kept the crowd engaged, and she looked damn good while doin it. Can’t hate on her hustle. Next was Above & Beyond and it was above and beyond all of my expectations. So funny…but actually. Glitch Mob was turnt to an 11, just like Spinal Tap. They brought a great amount of energy and the crowd was loving every second of it, myself included. After The Glitch Mob, Marshall Mathers awaited my full blown attention. I decided to split the headliners in half, seeing Eminem first then Zedd. Luckily enough for me I was able to see Rihanna make an appearance on stage with Eminem and it was definitely special. At least 50,000 people were in attendance, no lie. It was hard to find my way over to Zedd without running into another person. Zedd was everything you expected him to be and then some. Along with the catchy radio songs that you always find yourself bopping your head to, he threw down some nice remixes and made it definitely worth wile. That was it. Friday was finished and people poured out of the park. However, lucky for some, the night was still young. I hopped in an uber and next thing you know I’m in line to see Disclosure. Crazy? Yes. Amazing? Yes. Mind blowing? Obviously. My first time seeing the UK duo was life changing, to say the least. I feel bad for anyone who was not in attendance and leave it at that. My night was finished and I was as happy as a clam, anxiously awaiting the following day.


Featured, Future House | Premiere: Clipse – Mr Me Too (BnW Remix!)

Posted by on August 7, 2014

Clipse Premiere: Clipse   Mr Me Too (BnW Remix!)

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Newly formed BnW sent over a super fresh future house remix of one of my favorite hip hop tracks of all time by the Clipse “Mr. Me Too,” produced by Pharell, and I felt obliged to premiere it. If you’re wondering who these guys are, they’re producers from Vancouver who go by Blondtron and Waspy, and when they’re not living off Diet Coke and pizza locked in the studio, they’re out trying to replicate that throwback raw energy that gets asses shaking, and dance floors moving. To quote the 2 Canadians, with this ditty they “wanted to capture a retro summer vibe like if Mark Morrison and Fresh Prince had a love child that was driving a droptop Cadillac while hammered,”  you dig? This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Clipse – Mr Me Too (BnW Remix!)

Exclusive, Featured | 7 Sets You Don’t Want To Miss At TomorrowWorld 2014

Posted by on August 6, 2014


With a little less than 50 days to go before thousands attack Tomorrow World,  September 26-28th at Chattahoochee Hills just outside of Atlanta, GA, for 5 days of camping and 3 days of the finest curation of DJs the world has to offer, we figured we’d shed some spotlight on the newcomers at the TomorrowWorld stage, so here is a list we put together of 7 up and coming acts we’re excited to experience live! With an array of genres within the EDM realm, ranging from deep house to dark techno, and in no particular order, here are our 7 must see acts of Tomorrow World!


Featured, Hip-Hop, Videos | TARIK – Golden

Posted by on July 30, 2014

Tarik has finally released a new video. Golden is his new single for his upcoming mixtape. A video with girls in stormtrooper mask spraying gold on each other is definitely worth the watch. His mixtape, Here To Stay will be release independently on September 22. Follow him on his social media to stay updated.

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