Featured, Hip-Hop, Videos | TARIK – Golden

Posted by on July 30, 2014

Tarik has finally released a new video. Golden is his new single for his upcoming mixtape. A video with girls in stormtrooper mask spraying gold on each other is definitely worth the watch. His mixtape, Here To Stay will be release independently on September 22. Follow him on his social media to stay updated.

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Exclusive, Featured, Progressive House | FNT Premiere: EDX – No Excuses 178

Posted by on July 29, 2014

EDX No Xcuses FNT Premiere: EDX   No Excuses 178Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

EDX is one of my favorite producers at the moment, and I’m proud to announce this week we’ve teamed up with the Swiss producer to bring you his 178th edition of No Excuses, which includes tracks by Mark Knight, Coldplay, Marcus Schossow, Cash Cash, Zedd, Katy Tiz, David Guetta and more! Being my favorite producer/DJ, it’s only right that I encourage you guys to vote for the leader of the Helvetic Nerds on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list. If you haven’t already you can vote by clicking here. Press play,  and get lost to this week’s best progressive house music on the planet! This is a must listen, a must download, and you can catch the full tracklist after the jump!

Free Download: EDX – No Excuses 178


Featured | Premiere: Danny Darko – Butterfly (Tontario Remix)

Posted by on July 18, 2014

Danny Darko Butterfly Tontario Remix Premiere: Danny Darko   Butterfly (Tontario Remix)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Finnish producer Tontario hit me up with his latest deep house remix a few days back of Danny Darko’s “Butterfly” and I had to offer him a premiere because this track is delightfully filled with vibes, and a saxophone riff from the Saxo Kid that will resonate through out your soul, the same way it did with mine. I can’t wait to get out of the office and begin the weekend, all you need with this remix is a cold beer, and some nice Summer breeze. This is for sure a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Danny Darko – Butterfly (Tontario Remix)

Contests, Featured | Win A Pair Of Paul van Dyk’s Special Edition Toms

Posted by on July 15, 2014

PvDxToms ProductOverview1 620x436 Win A Pair Of Paul van Dyks Special Edition Toms
DJs are the new global music superstars, and this has led to all sorts of endorsement deals and brand partnerships. While high profile ones have included Tiesto & 7UP, Tiesto & Guess (he is really the king of this) and Avicii & Ralph Lauren to name a few, trance legend Paul van Dyk has not precluded himself form getting a piece of this pie. He recently announced a partnership with clothing brand Toms, where he, like many sports stars will have his own limited edition sneaker AND sunglasses line that is available right now.

We are happy to be giving away one pair of the TOMS Pasea Mids for one lucky winner to upgrade their shoe game. These kicks are fire and I am jealous of whoever wins this contest. Peep them on PVD below and enter the punchtab widget for your chance to win. If you want the sunglasses or the slip-ons, go and grab them here.

PaulvanDyk Toms Fun 386x580 Win A Pair Of Paul van Dyks Special Edition Toms

Exclusive, Featured, Hip-Hop, Mix, Trap | FNT Premiere: Star.One The Future FM Mix

Posted by on July 9, 2014

star one lowres 6633 620x413 FNT Premiere: Star.One The Future FM Mix

Sibling duo Star.One have become starlets of the UK underground scene, but that title is starting to lift as their influence begins to expand beyond the underground niche and travels across the channel to Europe and beyond. Having already gotten steady looks from British radio and some major media mags & publications, the duo are spreading their wings are making waves across the music community. The duo have created a rnb infused trap / hip hop, garage and grime sound that is quintessentially British.

We are happy to partner with The Future FM to premiere a new mix from Star.One that takes you under the hood for what type of tunes they are digging now. It also includes 3 exclusive new remixes and edits that you will be hearing here first. So stream this below and watch their new video for “Birthday” as they ready their upcoming “Elements” mixtape. Tracklist after the jump.


Alternative, Featured | Meet Great Good Fine Ok, Your Soundtrack to Summer

Posted by on June 2, 2014

20140221 Great Good Fine Ok Shoot 20 500x333 Meet Great Good Fine Ok, Your Soundtrack to Summer
By: Annie Dineen

If you’ve danced it out to a funky synth line, tested the limits of your shower’s resonance with high notes, or dabble in keytar solos, you’ll love Great Good Fine Ok. Made of creamy-smooth falsettos and hip-shaking synth beats you won’t need a degree in twerking to dance to, Great Good Fine OK is the indie-synth-pop ice cream bar dipped in R&B syrup that you’ll be craving all summer.

I spoke to the band before their show at Baby’s All Right, a colored light infused venue in Brooklyn replete with elaborate drawings spanning the walls and copper crocodiles carrying incandescent orbs in their mouths. The exuberant twenty-somethings, fresh off a few of their first shows ever at South by Southwest, were particularly excited to be opening for Tove Lo, the Swedish pop goddess whose affinity for black mesh shirts and eating dinner in bathtubs has met with massive recent success. “We’re both big fans of Tove Lo, we’ve been listening to a lot of her,” they tell me. “It’s funny cuz we actually are fans of her, we’re not just saying that.”

Great Good Fine OK is Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, two Brooklynites who, despite growing up a town apart in upstate New York, didn’t meet until moving to Brooklyn. “We worked together on a couple musical projects, and I was saying some day we should write a song together and it just like, never happened for a while. Then one day we ran into each other on the street like after months of not seeing each other and we were like let’s do this, let’s write a song. That night he sent me the music to “You’re the One for Me” and the next day I wrote the lyrics and the melody to it, kinda sent it back and forth, and we were kinda like ‘oh shit, we have something here.’”

Though they often finish each other’s sentences, Jon taking the lead as they talk and Luke filling in to expand or clarify, when it comes to songwriting, they’d rather be far apart.

“We’re rarely in the same room when we write,” Jon says. “Luke is the producer/engineer and writes. The formula we’ve been working on is…” Luke picks up the slack. “I’ll like write the music to it, the instruments, everything, and then give it to Jon and he comes up with the melody and the lyrics and then sends it back and he’ll have comments about what I did and I’ll have comments about what he did. That’s sort of the formula, that’s what’s been working for us, and it’s really awesome because we both get to focus on what we feel like we’re best at.”

“It’s cool,” they say of their hyper-2014 digital songwriting sessions. “You can sort of turn off the part of your brain that’s really critical if there’s nobody else around.”

The sound that emerges is heavily pop, often compared to artists like Passion Pit or M83. I ask them to describe their sound. “I think the most accurate things people have said is that it’s like a mix between synth pop and R&B,” they tell me. “We’re using a lot of elements that are in Passion Pit and M83 and all these comparisons we’re getting. At the same time, I feel like we’re a little more influenced by more classic 70’s and 80’s.. Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson. So any description that combines those two worlds is really cool and it is really hard to verbalize.”

“Our favorite descriptor we got was that somebody called us ‘PBR Kelly’. Isn’t that amazing? We’ve talked about it a lot. I hope the people that wrote it know that we love it.”

I ask them what they’ve been listening to lately. “I have a car so I listen to a ton of top 40 radio, so I can tell you exactly what I like in the top 40 world,” Jon says, laughing. “I like that Paramore song “Ain’t It Fun,” I like the new Justin Timberlake jam [“Not A Bad Thing”] – it’s amazing! My favorite band in the world is Steely Dan, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that from the type of music we play.”

Dreams for the future? “I always say this and I think it bothers Luke,” Jon says. “But I would love to go on tour with a big pop artist like Lady Gaga, somebody like that who does kind of artistic things within the pop. Does it bother you?” Luke retains a stoic poker face. “I always say Lady Gaga because like while she writes pop songs and she’s like on Top 40 radio, I feel like it’s how in that respect she’s kind of trying to be creative, not just in the confines of a pop machine.”

“It would be extravagant. Lights, smoke, maybe some fire. Fire mostly shooting out of Luke’s instruments.”

Luke laughs. “I’m beginning to warm to the idea. No pun intended.”

So start practicing your #bodydiamond (no, they did not explain), and get ready to fall in love with the infectious groove of Great Good Fine OK. With or without pyrotechnics, they’re lighting a spark in the pop scene.

Exclusive, Featured, House | FNT Premiere: Walker Lukens – The Night I Was Kissed By Patti Smith (Mike Z remix)

Posted by on May 26, 2014

Walker Lukens 1 620x413 FNT Premiere: Walker Lukens   The Night I Was Kissed By Patti Smith (Mike Z remix)

It’s a holiday (thank you troops), so we are hear to celebrate with not one, but two premieres. This time we have the Mike Z remix for NPR tipped Walker Lukens new tune “The Night I Was Kissed By Patti Smith” (That is quite a mouthful). If you had a long festival weekend (like me) and are hurting bad, then this is for you. It is very chill, relying on a simple, yet addictive guitar melody, with soft, soothing drums underneath that work side by side with the vocals from Mr. Lukens.

Shout-out to the homie with rocking to the FNT pinnie yesterday at EDC NY. We always love to see you guys showing support, it means a lot.

Photo Credit: Lobo Sucio Creative