Exclusive, Featured, House | FNT Premiere: Audio District – Reach For The Sky (LIFELIKE “Radio – Pop” Remix)

Posted by on October 27, 2014

unnamed1 620x411 FNT Premiere: Audio District   Reach For The Sky (LIFELIKE Radio   Pop Remix)
Danish disco, synth-pop trio Audio District have released the full EP for their new single “Reach For The Sky”. It includes not only the 80s-tinged original, but also some remixes from Rouze & Daytona and Lifelike. We are here to premiere the full stream of French producer Lifelike’s full remix. Lifelike adds some more sophistication to the tune, with airy synths that mesh impeccably with Audio District’s vocals over a simple and easy bass line. They add their french touch to the tune. Grab this remix and full package on iTunes or Beatport.

Featured, News | The Red Bulletin

Posted by on October 23, 2014

Screen Shot 2014 10 18 at 1.00.02 PM 620x304 The Red Bulletin

Check out the RedBulletin here!

Red Bull has always given you the most exciting and energizing action from the air, ground, water, and even space. With The Red Bulletin, Red Bull is going beyond just the action clips and record breaking feats to give you a wide variety of topics and behind-the-scenes material. Introducing their brand new magazine, The Red Bulletin, Red Bull offers a broad spectrum of access to the world of action, sports, music, travel, arts and more.

Since we are so nice here at FNT, we thought we would get in touch with you, our fantastic viewers, and allow you guys to try it out for free. Normally a $4.50 cover value on each magazine, through this exclusive partnership with FNT, you’ll get 12 issues completely free. No strings attached. Signing up is just as easy as getting lost in the pages, simply put your name, address, and email, and it’s all yours. This is definitely an opportunity you are not going to want to miss.

Feel free to check out the website at: RedBulletin.com, and see what the world of Red Bull has to offer. To sign up click the link below and make sure not to pass on this offer, you’ll regret it if you do. Also, below is a link to share for those who want to spread the word about it, remember sharing is caring.


URL: www.myredbulletin.com/FNT

Featured, Mix | Sightlow’s “Essential Deep House Volume 1″

Posted by on October 22, 2014

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A few weeks back, the homie Slightlow hit me on Facebook and told me to join his online live mix for all my bass and deep house needs, and that alone, was enough for me to ask him for a featured exclusive mix for FNT. Based out of Denver, and grown and raised in North Carolina, Slightlow has been steadily building his sound and fanbase, and he shouldn’t go unnoticed, as this mix will take you to church. It’s the 21st century, and if you’re not vibing out to bass and deep house music, get with the program, Slightlow’s got those essentials for you! This is a must listen!


Albums, Featured, Hip-Hop | Logic – Under Pressure [Album Reflections]

Posted by on October 21, 2014

Where do I begin?

Exactly 1,163 days I received an email.  That email just so happened to be my first official introduction to Maryland hip-hop artist, Logic.  Described as a young, talented MC known for his lyrical prowess – I couldn’t have said it better myself - and fortunately for us, that’s still the same Logic we’re looking at today.  Since that introduction, Logic has been my favorite artist, period.  To call out a few – he’s genuine, personable, tenacious, confident, well spoken, and last but certainly not least, one BEAST of a rapper.  Preaching “peace, love & positivity” since the very start, he’s one artist who has stayed true to his message, through and through.  His story has undoubtably changed hundreds if not thousands of people’s lives for the better.  The craziest part is, Under Pressure is still just the beginning.

When asked what “Under Pressure” means to him, Logic responded,

“For me, it’s the duality of who I am. Being Bobby and being Logic, being under pressure personally in all the things that I go through in my life. Just as a regular dude, ’cause outside of music, there’s people who look at me like I’m not shit. I’m just little Bobby, dealing with the pressures from my family, where I come from. All that. Also, being in the rap game and just being under pressure to sell whatever you gotta sell.” [via XXL]

He’s right though – he’s the debonair “Young Sinatra” on the street, then he steps into the booth and all previous conceptions vanish. He embodies some form of legendary lyrical machine.  That to me is what separates Logic from much of his competition.

It’s clearly been a long time coming to deliver the album and as you’ll hear on “Growing Pains III”, he has recorded over 1,700 songs in the past 10 years, only 150+ of which have been released to date.  Under Pressure is far from a grab bag of records.  Carefully crafted, Logic and team have put countless hours into this album and I hope that after listening, you’ll recognize that.  The 12 tracks (15 on the Deluxe version) collectively paint a bigger picture.  As expected, the album is a very raw, personal look into Logic’s life, and more specifically his upbringing.  From family struggles to personal and musical accomplishments, you’ll truly understand the person behind the mic after listening to this album.

As if I haven’t already giving you enough of a reason to go buy the album, legendary producer No I.D. blessed it with his executive production.  I don’t mean to jump the gun, but typically anything he touches turns gold.  Then platinum.

“Conversations with No I.D
Who made hits with Ye, got hits with Jay
Now he wanna fuck around and make hits with me
If it’s meant to be, then it’s meant to be
Can’t express what that meant for me, what it mean to me
Man, I swear the shit like a dream to me, what it seemed to be” – Till The End [Track 12]

Last but not least, I want to once again give a shout out to the whole team at Visionary Music Group.  Logic’s in house producer, 6ix stepped up and destroyed the production on half of the album.  The rest of the team is too humble to take credit, but I thank you all for the work you’ve put in.  VMG is a blueprint for organic growth, keep at it boys (& girls?).

Without further adieu I suggest you GO GRAB BOTH DIGITAL VERSIONS on iTUNES and take a trip to your local record shop (or Best Buy, Walmart, Target, etc.) and clear out the shelves (if you can beat Henry to it)!!!  100k the first week!

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Featured, Interviews | FNT Exclusive: Andrew Bayer Talks MSG, New Music & More

Posted by on October 17, 2014

Andrew Bayer 620x413 FNT Exclusive: Andrew Bayer Talks MSG, New Music & More

Many artists go dark after an album, or rely on singles and remixes from it to keep the buzz alive. Not Andrew Bayer. He has been hard at work releasing more club oriented tracks like “Once Lydian“, “Bullet Catch” and the “England” EP. With his musical training, his ability to write and produce is evident with each individual song and as a collaborator with Above & Beyond.

The last time we spoke to Andrew Bayer it was around the time of the release of his sophomore artist album “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave“. Now one and half years later, one the eve on the biggest show of his career, joining Above & Beyond for ABGT100 at Madison Square Garden, we had the chance to chat with the DC based producer about his feelings on the show, how life has been over the past year and a half and what he has coming up. Read on for the interview.


Featured, House | FNT Premiere: Loui & Scibi Feat. Beth Aggett – Believe Me

Posted by on October 13, 2014

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This track “Believe Me” was sent to my inbox by Polish duo Loui & Scibi featuring Beth Aggett, and I happily obliged for a premiere, the vibes are worldwide, and it’s hitting the spot at the moment as I’m out here trekking around Europe feeling like I’m on top of the world. Blending house music with tropical feels – but don’t call it tropical house – once you press play you’ll be taken poolside in the Hamptons, or the beaches of Ibiza, whichever is to your taste. With non-chalant sultry vocals, Beth Aggett flows right through this gem of a production by Loui & Scibi. I’m def digging this ditty, it’s a must listen!

Exclusive, Featured, Progressive House | FNT Premiere: Tom Piper – You Don’t Know (Karboncopy Remix)

Posted by on October 10, 2014

1798477 708288515913389 706865616763892355 n 500x500 FNT Premiere: Tom Piper   You Dont Know (Karboncopy Remix)

If we’re talking about two guys from Australia, Karboncopy is probably the duo who has provided me with the most pleasurable experience in the past 48 hours from a male. They have released some really good music in the past, but this one is my favorite and has been on repeat since I first heard it two days, or 48 hours ago. An official remix of Tom Piper’s “You Don’t Know” is what they were tasked with and it came out spectacularly. An understated piano carries the excellent vocals to the build where the anthemic melody takes over and climaxes powerfully at the drop. This remix is as good or better than the original, which is also below, and probably Karboncopy’s best to date. The stream can be found exclusively below and the song can be found on Beatport next Monday, October 13th.

Beatport: Tom Piper – You Don’t Know