We Chat With Martin Jensen On His Current Success & The Release Of “Solo Dance”

Posted by on November 8, 2016

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Martin Jensen might be a name familiar to some of y’all if you’re a Spotify head, but despite his millions of plays through out the platform, and a huge online following, he’s relatively unknown on the blogs, and in the US, so we figured we’d reach out, and find out a little bit more on Martin. Hot off the release of “Solo Dance” via Ultra Music, and the current success of “All I Wanna Do,” click on the jump below to hear more!

1. How did you find the singer for “Solo Dance” and how did you know she’d be the right fit?

I found this great singer, in collaboration with my team and I really loved her voice – so luckily I was able to get her in the studio and make this new track.

2. How long has “Solo Dance” been in production, can you recall how it began?

I have been working on ”Solo Dance” for a while, but things went quick when I found the right composition. I get inspired through a lot of things. I heard this beautiful voice and I just knew that I needed to make a song with her. And it happened!

3. What is it about your style appeals to mass audiences?

I am always trying to find a catchy sound in my songs. Simply because I love the hooks myself. I love to make music with a happy vibe and I guess I am lucky that these ‘mass audiences’ you are addressing, like the same things that I do.

4. How has Norway, and other regions you’ve experienced, shaped your musical style?

We have seen a strong tropical vibe coming from Scandinavia and I guess I have been a part of it. Kygo kind of put it on the map and it has inspired a lot of musicians including myself to explore the chill/ tropical feel. But again, I get inspired by a lot of things in my life. ‘All I Wanna Do’ was inspired by a minion-sound. Guess that says everything! Inspiration is everywhere to me. But right now I am moving towards something new. “Solo Dance” is neither tropical house, nor is it clean pop, I think with this track I’ve found my own sound and I’m still developing.

5. What do you have planned beyond your new single? Anything for 2017?            

Hopefully a lot of new music and there is a huge summer tour in the pipeline. I have started to get booked in Asia since the DJ Mag TOP 100 placement and hopefully I will get jobs all around the world during the 2017. Really looking forward to get out there and party with all of my fans!

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