Albums | Sara Jackson-Holman Releases “Beep Beep Bitch”

Posted by on November 3, 2020

After spending her entire career in Oregon, singer-songwriter Sara Jackson-Holman put down roots in Los Angeles, where she spent the last few years hunkered down writing, inspired by a change in scenery, weather, and new relationships. Infused with the colorful, expressive, and warm palette of LA after so many years spent in the moody green of Portland, Jackson-Holman has now returned to share her long-awaited comeback single ‘Beep Beep Bitch’.

Albums, Trap | Neovaii’s ‘Dawn’ Impresses With Visionary Blend Of Future, Trap & Originality

Posted by on October 31, 2020

The pandemic climate and fast-paced adjustments all of us have made in the last 7-10 months hit hard, yet it is a strong signal Dawn came when it did, Neovaii clearly working on the back-end to bring something new and fresh to the table no matter what is thrown his way.

Neovaii once again drops a large multi-genre album, packed with a unique blend of singles – his album Dawn featuring seven in total – all sharing a bit of what going on inside the mind of the States-based artist.

Each song can easily be characterized by its own spirit and originality – an characteristic past albums have also shared – Closure, in 2019, and both Horizon and Onward, in 2018, nailed a common look while leaving collections of tracks that stand the test of time.

Albums, Bass | GunFight Drops Explosive New Gem “Virtual Séance”

Posted by on October 30, 2020

Slowly wrapping up the most successful year in his career, GunFight has dropped yet another bass gem with “Virtual Séance.” Marking his 10th release in 2020, GunFight has undoubtedly proven himself as a powerhouse within the bass music scene, showcasing immense production skills while fleshing out a stunning, futuristic visual world. 

Virtual Séance” sees GunFight continue to experiment with various bass tempos and styles, this time bringing together industrial techno and electro house aesthetics. A sinister atmosphere and psychedelic vocals introduce the single, before the drop explodes into a menacing sequence of bass stabs and sharp drums. 


Albums | Midsplit Drops Tasteful New Album: For My Future Past

Posted by on October 28, 2020

Coming to digital platforms with his most complete work to date, Montreal-based talent Midsplit just released his debut album For My Future Past. The 22-year old musician has stayed consistently active since 2017, making sure to always surprise his fanbase with unique and tasteful electronic music, that has received support from the likes of Cheat Codes, R3HAB and The Chainsmokers, among others. 

For My Future Past, out via Trap Nation’s Lowly imprint, showcases Midsplit’s artistic progression perfectly. A 17-track journey that was teased heavily this year with viral singles such as “Suicide Love“ with No-One and A-SHO and “Late Night Love” with ILY, it doesn’t disappoint, bringing together elements of pop, indie and future bass production under infectious toplines and songwriting. 

Albums, Bass | GunFight Returns With Powerful New Single – “Revolt”

Posted by on October 13, 2020

With a mind-bending instrumental that only escalates, and hard-hitting bass textures, GunFight bounces back with a whirlwind of a single. With prior support from industry giants like, Dancing Astronaut and Your EDM, GunFight has become known for his powerful mid-tempo bangers, and in the process found a dedicated audience over the past few months with his consistent release schedule and unique style. Following suit, his latest release is a fusion of genres sure to keep the party and club packed until the early hours of the morning.

Swaying between Dubstep, Midtempo, Industrial and experimental – each element blended together into a synthesis of expression, “Revolt” is sure to be one of many triumphs to come. Listeners should keep their eyes and ears tuned to this artist to see what he does next.

Albums | Watch Conrad Ashton “Celebrate Life”

Posted by on October 3, 2020

Following on from the huge reception he received for his latest EP ‘No Post On Sundays’ in August, which found itself supported on Clash Magazine, GigSoup, Music Crowns and many more, singer and songwriter Conrad Ashton now returns with his latest uplifting delight ‘Celebrate Life’. Returning to his full-band aesthetic, ‘Celebrate Life’ sees the frontman deliver more of that bright and uplifting direction his most recent collection was loved for. Filled with soaring guitars, uplifting vocals, and a heavy nod to the early Britpop sound, this new gem will have your toes tapping and hips shaking within no time. Speaking about the new release, Conrad describes it as, “A song about enjoying life and being thankful for what you have got, celebrating your uniqueness and individuality, being the best version of yourself and most importantly being happy!” Conrad was 9 years old when he witnessed Pete Townshend’s exhilarating stage presence at Live 8, changing his life forever. He knew he wanted to make music and soon after picked up a guitar. By the age of 11, he was writing his own songs and beginning to develop his own unique style. As Conrad got older, music became an outlet for his struggles with depression and anxiety and an escape from the 9 to 5 grind. Infusing his music with sincerity and remarkable passion, Conrad has an undying belief in himself and his music, and hopes to inspire and entertain.

Albums | Gillian Heidi releases “Fray”

Posted by on October 2, 2020

This reminds me of Female lead indie rock / pop from the 1990’s or early 2000’s era by the likes of Michelle Branch, Sara Bareilles, etc. Returning with another ballad, Boston based up and coming talent Gillian Heidi released her new single “Fray”. A gorgeous piano-lined ballad steeped in emotion, the song examines a relationship that is slowly falling apart or, as Gillian astutely puts it, “fraying at the edges.” Her voice bristles with raw vulnerability as she savors the final moments of the relationship. “I really tried to convey the feeling of when something is just beginning to fall apart, but it hasn’t gone down in flames yet,” she writes. “The song is emotional and raw, but not angry.” Listen to the song now above and keep an eye out for Gillian’s forthcoming album ‘3AM‘, which is coming soon!