Albums | Cloudkid releases “Born To Die” by Besomorph & Coopex

Posted by on March 20, 2020

German producer Besomorph collaborates with Coopex with Ethan Uno for “Born to Die,” as they bring out the guitar riffs, and hard bass drops. If you’re in panic right now, not sure where it’s all going, and want to get a hold of your nerves. Press play, tomorrow isn’t promised. Once you’ve accepted this, you can live in peace. Go big or go home!

Ethan, the vocalist shares with us:

The lyrical story portrayed relates to my own experience with past failed relationships. The idea of being “Born To Die” was inspired by the original demo title by Besomorph and Coopex. I felt that that phrase was captivating and perfectly described the atmosphere of the production. I built the song’s story off of that phrase, developing it into the idea that the connection that my ex and I had was “Born To Die.”

Albums | Mickey Kojak’s New Single Will Have You Feeling “Strange”

Posted by on March 12, 2020

Mickey Kojak has been on a tear the past year. With his singles “All That Acid” and “Video Games” taking off on Triple J, his new single “Strange” is destined to do the same. Have a listen to it below and on your favorite platform here.

Albums | ALIGN Drops “Second Thoughts” via Lowly Palace

Posted by on March 9, 2020

In his first offering of 2020, Chicago-based ALIGN follows up his lush debut EP Intertwine with an effervescent new single, “Second Thoughts” ft. Becca Krueger. “Second Thoughts” is out now on Lowly Palace.

A vibrant amalgamation of ALIGN’s pop and electronic styles, “Second Thoughts” ft. Becca Krueger is a shining display of the producers’ many talents. Sumptuous synths set the stage from the get go, as Becca Krueger’s sultry smooth voice coaxes listeners into sweet serenity. A backsound riddled with luminous production and whirring melodies, ALIGN’s composition serves as a lovely testament to the producers strengths. Featuring infectious percussive elements reminiscent of ODESZA and Louis The Child, ALIGN’s newest is one to keep coming back to.

“’Second Thoughts’ is something I wrote with the intention of having an overall uplifting atmosphere and vibe. I loved where the track was going instrumentally, and felt like Becca was the missing voice the song needed. Becca’s lyrics provide a really cool balance as she’s narrating something relatable to all of us. I feel that the content of her story and the music itself meet in the middle to provide a nice degree of harmony together.” ALIGN


Albums, Dance, Electronic, House, Summer House | MKJ, No ExpressioN, and Spinner Sunny, combine forces to release “Crashing Down” via Soave Records

Posted by on March 6, 2020

At this point in his career, MKJ has established himself as a seasoned producer and Dj. He has garnered more support independently with his music than most artists could dream of in a lifetime. His song “Time” was a hit in China after becoming a viral sensation online on music platforms such as Tik Tok and Netease Cloud. MKJ is now collaborating with more artists than ever before. The platform that he’s grown for himself in China has made him more noticed amongst artists and label in the dance music community. It’s not surprising to see fresh music being released on a regular basis from him and the artists that he chooses to work with.

“Crashing Down” is the latest offering from MKJ which he has concocted together with Portuguese producer No ExpressioN and Spinner Sunny from Mumbai. The song released through dutch record label Soave Records has futuristic elements while still embracing some deep house derivatives. I’m loving the down-pitched lyrics and songwriting in combination with the unique and catchy instrumental. Not only is this a fresh fit for 2020, the song has a great structure which really compliments the vocal. MKJ’s music has always been full of melodic influences and he’s reputable for his high quality production. It’s terrific to see him joining forces with other interesting artists! With more singles and remixes on his schedule, keep your eyes and ears open regarding MKJ new music these next few months!

You can get “Crashing Down” on your preferred platform by clicking this link.

“Crashing Down” is OUT NOW on Spotify and all other platforms!

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Events | The Party Robot Shows How To Create A One-Of-A-Kind Club Experience

Posted by on February 22, 2020

Creating their own model, The Party Robot is dominating their niche and honing their skills to form an enhanced experience to the live performance DJ/producer model we know today. For any music entrepreneurs or self-starting promoters, The Party Robot represents a picture-perfect idea-to-market story showing that your vision can be taken seriously if you are driven to make it so.

The video above elegantly dictates who they are, what they do, and how they turned their passion into a career through stringing together the solutions to bring their vision to life.

The essence of what the group provides is an enhanced fashion-laced choreography experience that embodies the performing artists branding to the highest quality possible – Eric Prydz, Deadmau5, Skrillex, Diplo, Fisher, and many more have no issue letting The Party Robot’s crew join them on stage.

Albums | Chaz Cardigan Drops New EP via Loud Robot

Posted by on February 17, 2020

Chaz Cardigan, the first artist jointly signed to Capitol Records/Loud Robot, released his new EP, Vulnerabilia, recently. Loud Robot is the new record label from J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot. The five-track EP is some of Cardigan’s best work to date, smoothly combining elements of pop, rock, and electronic music into one symmetrical project that will excite all types of music consumers. Check out Vulnerabilia above now!

Albums | Chaz Cardigan is “Not OK!” in His New Gummy Bear themed Visual

Posted by on January 27, 2020

Chaz Cardigan, the first artist jointly signed to Capitol Records/Loud Robot, released his extremely catch new single “Not OK!” last week and along with that came an awesome official video. Loud Robot is the new record label from J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot, so to see a video of this high caliber was not very surprising but very entertaining. Find Chaz laying himself bare in the song – and in the music video, which he shot in a Los Angeles bathtub, joined by an astonishing number of gummy bears. Watch the video for “Not Ok!” above now and stream the single by clicking here.