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All the music that I listened to throughout the last 12 months enough to make me sick but somehow didn’t. The fields of music brought a bountiful yield in 2013 which allowed listeners like me to tune into more genres and artists than I could ever imagine. In order to cover all my necessary bases, I’ve drafted quite a comprehensive list (or two) missing prety much only anything Jennifer Lawrence related although if all the things she said this year were songs then they would 100% have made it on my list as well.

So, let the countdown, BEGIN!


Contests | Party With The Stafford Brothers @ Finale NYC 9/13/11

Posted by on September 11, 2013

Stafford Brothers FinaleWith our Bloody Beetroots Giveaway still going strong, we decided with the Stafford Brothers, hey why not do another one. For everyone in NYC, we are giving away the chance for you and a friend to be VIP at Finale with the Stafford Brothers. The added bonus is that you get hang out and party with them as well. If there is one thing these two know how to do (besides the whole music, club owning and TV thing), it is partying. So you will want to enter this contest to see if you can hang with these two. Also Kirill Was Here is going to be there camera, champagne and all, so be prepared to show your tits (female preferred, but not exclusively). I would say grab tickets here, but Finale doesn’t sell tickets, so just enter the contest as your best chance at getting in. That or paying out the ass for a table or betting on getting past the doormen. Just enter this contest. 21+ only.

Electro-House | Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Coone & Lil Jon – Madness

Posted by on January 31, 2013

This is what I would call the Showtek effect. Hardstyle has now become cool in electro house because they made some fat tracks. However that does not mean we will see hardstyle break into the mainstream because let’s be honest for most people hardstyle is like that one friend you have — you can hang out with with them in small doses, but too much and you are wondering why you liked it the first place. “Madness” involves a bit too much yelling albiet coherent yelling from Lil Jon and a ridiculous instrumental from the Belgian Djs, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and hardstyle producer Coone combining big room interludes, hardstyle kicks and powerful synth leads that embody the title of the track. Coming off of an outstanding 2012 and with “Wakanda” on the way on Axtone, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are making a push into the upper realm of the dance music elite.

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Alternative | Radical Something – Hang Out

Posted by on August 13, 2012

As everyone is getting ready to go back to school, #SummerOfRad is also coming to a close. With only two weeks remaining, next week brings the release of “Cutty Spot”. To wrap up the series, in the final week they’ll be dropping a culmination of the #SummerOfRad series that has been re-mixed & re-masted called “Naked In Venice”. Along with it will come the music video for the title track, “Naked In Venice”. Until then, just listen to this new jam and hang out.