Albums | Late Night Therapy Releases Eclectic House single, “Spinning”

Posted by on August 21, 2022

Late Night Therapy is a new project from Australian artist Harry Suttor, who is making a unique blend of electronic music with progressive House elements. If you’re a fan of RUFUS DU SOL, Claptone, and other artists who used sounds within the House space, you will likely be a fan of Late Night Therapy. It’s pretty early on in his career with only 3 releases under his belt, but his new track “Spinning” may just be his best piece of work to date. The song was written during a time of deep introspection after coming out of a long-term relationship. Check out a quote on the single by the rising Aussie talent below now and stream “Spinning” by Late Night Therapy above now!

“I was coming out of a long-term relationship and had decided to take a couple month soff work to go back to my childhood home, a small village near Yamba NSW, where I could slow down and get back to focusing on music for awhile. It turned into a time of deep introspection, looking where I wanted to take my life next. It was also a time of reaffirmed gratitude and appreciation for what music creation brings into my life and the realization that I needed to once again heed the call and make music a priority. ‘Spinning’ is the first of a handful of tracks to come from that time. It’s about the spiraling thoughts that come alongside periods of rapid growth and change.This was also the first time in my musical journey I felt ready to not only produce and mix, but also master my own music. I’ve always had the ambition to learn every aspect of the musical process and it’s finally starting to pay off. I’m starting to make the music I’ve always wanted to. Completely my own vision.” – Late Night Therapy

Albums | Collo and Dee Wolf Connect on “Burnt”

Posted by on August 17, 2022

Melbourne, Australian based artist Collo’s latest offering “Burnt” is a hard hitting alt-rock single that features Italian vocalist Dee Wolf for a potent connection of sounds. Collo’s musical journey started early on when he was given an acoustic guitar as a Christmas present when he was only 8 years old, and it’s all history from there on out. Influenced by rock icons like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and David Bowie, he has big shoes to fill but the grittiness of “Burnt” is a step in the right direction. This is the first piece of music I’ve heard by the Aussie talent but I left wanting more and plan to tune in to more of his music moving forward. Listen to their single above now and read a quote from Collo on the track below now!

“This is a song about a girl who has got into a relationship with a guy who she already had a failed relationship with previously. Unfortunately this time around it also turned out badly for her. She was “Burnt” by this guy a second time – but she is determined to fight back and move forward from this difficult experience.” – Collo

Albums | Daya Releases “Love You When You’re Gone” Ahead of New Album

Posted by on August 15, 2022

indie rock meets pop on “Love You When I’m Gone” by GRAMMY® Award-winning, multi-platinum certified singer-songwriter, Daya. Her single opens up about the fascinating duality of missing someone when they’re out of your life yet being uncertain whether you miss the actual person or merely the comfort of their presence, according to the Los Angeles based artist. Check out a quote from Daya on the release below now and stream “Love You When You’re Gone” above right now!

“I found myself romanticizing a past relationship in a way that was almost willfully forgetting the reality of why it didn’t work out in the end. I realized part of the reason I was holding on to the relationship for so long was because I was scared to face who I’d be and what my life would be like without it, and so it’s about trying to let all that go and give myself the space and freedom to grow on my own.”


Albums | Erica-Cody Drops new song “Love Like This”

Posted by on August 12, 2022

Irish singer/songwriter Erica-Cody returns with the catchy, Ariana Grande influenced single “Love Like This”. The rising artist continues to establish herself as a rising star in the Pop space with her lush vocals and feel-good production. Co-written by Richey McCourt, the song began to come to life after Erica’s stint on Dancing With The Stars, capturing intrusion into her private life as a public figure, with brilliant poise and grace.  Check out a quote from Erica-Cody on her new single below and check out “Love Like This” above!

 “Sometimes it’s hard to not listen to the outside noise and people’s opinions, especially when it comes to something I find so sacred like relationships. Love Like This was my first song I wrote coming out of a writing hiatus while taking part in ‘Dancing with the stars’. Being on such a beast of a tv show, suddenly anything I did, or anyone I spent time with was put under a microscope & assumptions grew from there.”

Albums | Rob Lea Releases “Summer In The Morning”

Posted by on July 27, 2022

Rob Lea has returned with a delightful new single out now via WBA Records called “Summer In The Morning” that is summer soaked and as feel good as it gets. The new track follows on from his debut single ‘Reflection’ earlier this year that gained him huge support from national and regional press and radio. The UK based singer/songwriter has been working on music his entire life and keeps pushing the envelope in his musical output. Check out a quote from Rob Lea on the release below now and stream “Summer in the Morning” above!

“This song is about fun, sun, love and freedom. I wanted to create a song you can let go, sing at the top of your voice, dance on the table and have a great time.” – Rob Lea

Albums | The Fur Shares New Single “The Light”

Posted by on July 6, 2022

Hailing from Stockholm, The Fur is an exciting rising indie artist/songwriter/producer who has been releasing music since 2021 but sounds like he’s been making it a lot longer. “The Light” is his latest offering and it’s only his 7th release to date, initially being one of the first demo’s he ever worked on until fully fleshing it out and updating it to it’s current format. The style of the song takes from tropical house and Nordic dance pop, with an Ariana-like flavor added by Los Angeles-based singer Ashley Alisha. Check it out above now!

“The song itself came to me in September 2020, and the first demos also stem from that time. We worked on it a bit during the winter of 2020, but it didn’t really lead to anything. Then this year I met with producer Sebastian Meyer, and we decided to work on some stuff together. This song ended up being the first thing we did, and I think it turned out really well.” 

Electronic | Tobtok Showcases New Sound On “Satellite”

Posted by on May 18, 2022

Swedish dance sensation Tobtok is back with potent new single ‘Satellite’ featuring the mesmeric vocal topline of Danish singer/songwriter Arinn. Released on 13th May via Perfect Havoc, London’s chart-topping label, this new release captures an evolution in sound for the label’s talisman as he bridges the gap between commercial and underground.

Following the impressive ‘My Carousel’ featuring renowned dance vocalist Jem Cooke on Selected, Tobtok wastes no time in sharing another slice of his refined sonic palate. ‘Satellite’ effortlessly crosses over into tougher grooves and meatier melodies whilst retaining the chirpier elements of his past productions. The singleis an instantly gripping affair, kicking off with a catchy vocal hook before diving into firm drum work, pulsating sub-bass and a gritty synth lead that carry the track forwards and bring an undeniable danceability.
Tobtok aka Tobias Karlsson, is one of the most talented artists leading the new wave of Swedish electronic music DJ / producers. He has generated over 500 million streams globally across his original work, remixes and productions for Joel Corry, Robin Schulz and Karen Harding to name a few, on such illustrious labels as Ministry of Sound, Kitsuné and of course, his home at Perfect Havoc.

Tobtok’s highlight outings include the Australian double platinum record, ‘Fast Car’; flexing his DJ skills on Toolroom Records’ ‘Miami Poolside’ compilation; and the 2020 release ‘New Levels’ which as well as being made ‘Tune of the Week’ on BBC Radio 1, picked up key DJ support from Sam Feldt, Sigala, Tiësto and many more.

Arinn (aka. Astrid Ankjær) bridges her own gap between sweet ‘n’ sour and clean ‘n’ gritty. Her productions, lyrics and versatile vocal melt together in juicy soundscapes of ‘feels’ that somehow still relate to each-other. She most recently released ‘Regret’ with Astrality on esteemed label Selected, which has been streamed close to 5 million times.

Perfect Havoc – shortlisted for Best Independent Record Label at the 2022 Music Week Awards – is one of the most successful indie dance labels of recent years. Its trademark sound of commercial dance with a smattering of the more club-focused has generated the label over 3 billion streams. It’s given rise to six UK Top 20 singles including the No.1 single ‘Head & Heart’ by four-time Brit Award nominated producer, Joel Corry.

With a talent-packed schedule for 2022 that also features releases from Just Kiddin, PS1, Varski, Charlie Hedges, Oliver Nelson and many more, Perfect Havoc is guaranteed to serve up a ton of accessible and underground house sounds from both breaking and established talent.