Hip-Hop | Logic – Two Kings ft. King Chip

Posted by on September 18, 2013


Amidst his 23 tour, performing along with Tyler the Creator, Big Sean, and Kid Cudi, XXL Freshman, Logic, lets loose a newly cut record for the fans.  Based on the feature, my guess is that Logic hit the studio with Cudi’s right hand man, King Chip before hitting the road.  Chip has a few years under his belt, while Logic is still new to many faces, but the two lesser known faces lace together a track, worthy of such a title.  Produced by C-Sick, “Two Kings” is everything from machine gun raps, to hidden metaphors, to a deep & direct hook, and a confident self preserving guest feature from Cleveland’s own, King Chip.

If you’re interested in catching Logic, Sean, Tyler, & Cudi live, check the schedule and grab tickets for a city near you.

Free Download: Logic – Two Kings ft. King Chip

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Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Marc Goone – I Am Not a Lobster Ok (Album)

Posted by on May 14, 2013


Fresh New Tracks has always supported Marc Goone. I think he has the talent, and personality, to go a long way in the music industry. His latest tape, does nothing but raises by already high regard for him. Every song is unique, and his cadence and voice are something copycat rappers should strive for. His beat selection, often courtesy of Zuxwitit and Judge, is constantly changing and adapting to his ever improving and ever changing rap style. If you find me another rapper with the same style as Marc Goone, I’ll send you to the A&R’s at Def Jam, because that’s who you should be working for. Even if Marc isn’t your cup of tea, you would have to agree that he is unique, and that’s one thing I look for in the over-satured game of internet rappers. Stream the mixtape below via soundcloud and buy it on iTunes here.

Featured, Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Logic – Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever [Mixtape]

Posted by on May 7, 2013


It’s been one hell of a year for Visionary Music Group/Def Jam crooner, Logic.  When you’re junior mixtape exceeds 500,000 downloads in a short years time, it’s not easy to maintain the same charisma, confidence, and quality and delivery it cohesively in a full bodied 20 track mixtape.  Logic is that minority statistic, disproving critics that were convinced a major deal would lead to “sell out records”.  Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever epitomizes the intersection of fluent lyricism and major mainstream production.  Yes, he signed to Def Jam, but it should be noted that his core is still VMG.  Logic has not changed. The team has not changed.  The music has not digressed.  The bank account….may have gained a few fruitful commas.

“Everybody talk about logic, no sell out
Bitch I had a deal for you before it fell out” – Logic (Tim Westwood Freestyle)

I’d give you a track by track analysis of this project, but quite honestly if I committed to that, I would be sitting here for more hours than I have.  Ultimately, I’m a fan just like you.  We share the same passion when listening to the music.  From here I can only hope those who haven’t opened their ears to Logic do just that.  Listen.  I won’t tell you to play this record or play that record because it’s all personal preference.  The substance and depth is consistent track to track.  Yes, there are some notable features, but to be quite honest, Logic outshines them all.  Enjoy the music, you’re witnesses the come up of a legendary figure.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Logic – Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever [Mixtape]

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Hip-Hop, Videos | Logic – Nasty (Prod. Don Cannon)

Posted by on April 23, 2013

Produced by none other than legend Don Cannon, Logic spits the “Nasty” on this new track. The mic killer, just having announced his signing to Def Jam, shows us that he knows his time to shine is here and nothing is going to stand in his way. As a fan, I am sure I am not the only one who has been waiting for his time to come. “Nasty” will be available for free download off his upcoming mixtape “Welcome To Forever,” set to release on May 7th.


Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Videos | XXL Freshman, Logic Signs Deal, Drops New Single & Freestyles for Tim Westwood TV

Posted by on April 20, 2013

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”vOt6NNG8RSk”/]

After landing one of the last spots in this years XXL Freshman Top 10, Maryland hot spitter Logic drops off his newest single off his highly anticipated mixtape, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever.  It’s been a glorious few weeks for Logic fans.  Showers of new content.  After wrapping up his first European tour Logic x GRVTY presented the newest episode of Just Another Day: Europe, we saw Logic’s XXL Freshman solo feature, the face of Visionary Music Group announced he had signed a major deal with Def Jam Recordings (empowered to still make the music he wants to make),  he obliterates one of Outkast’s most legendary records (paying respect to the legends) on his new single “Roll Call”, and most recently shares his studio session at Tim Westwood’s crib in London where he takes lyricism to a new level.  In a nutshell, Logic’s non-stop grind is steadily spilling out of the studio into the ears of his fans.  With his forthcoming mixtape, Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, dropping on May 7, Logic is about two months away from being “THAT DUDE” in hip-hop.

Oh, I forgot to mention he also announced another nationwide tour beginning this May.  Grab your tickets before they sell out.


Free Downloads: Logic – “Roll Call” | “Tim Westwood TV Freestyle”

Alternative, Chill, Pop | Cris Cab – If You Only Had Today

Posted by on July 24, 2012

I’ll be honest and admit I’ve never really bought into Cris Cabs music.  Despite all the buzz he triggered when he dropped  “Rihanna’s Gun” and later his “Echo Boom” mixtape, I never really understood the appeal.  While I was scrolling through Twitter just now, I saw this new track he just dropped ‘to hold us over until his next project’.  I gave it a listen thinking “What do I have to lose?”.  I don’t know if it’s the warm weather and sunshine that’s opened my ears, but this is beautiful music.  I’ve also added in Cris’ previous single off his next project featuring G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean boiii.  So to you Cris Cab, I’m sold.  Deliver me some more new tunes before late September rolls through.

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DOWNLOAD: Cris Cab – If You Only Had Today 

PURCHASE: Cris Cab – Good Girls (Don’t Grow On Trees) ft. Big Sean

Hip-Hop | HIP-HOP | Rihanna ft. J Cole “S&M (Remix)”

Posted by on January 18, 2011

I wonder how much Def Jam had to pay Rihanna to sing about S&M (ps I know the original came out in Nov so don’t chastise me in the c-box, I never listened to it then). Don’t little girls like worship this chick? How awkward is it for them to hear this? And I thought listening to DMX drop F, B, and N-bombs with my parents in the car was bad…

“Its so good being bad there’s no way I’m turning back. All the pain is for pleasure because nothing can measure… Sex in the air I don’t care I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.”

This just goes to show (like Em said in Syllables) all you need is a hot beat. I’m glad J. Cole hopped on this to make it a little more legit.

DOWNLOAD: Rihanna ft J Cole – S&M (Remix)