Drum & Bass | Spor – Silver Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)

Posted by on May 21, 2013

Spor - Silver Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)Damn, Masq has been releasing straight fire. After his incredible bootleg of Amon Tobin’s “Lost and Found”, I was extremely excited when I saw this was a bootleg of the legendary, Spor (aka Feed Me). I thought maybe this would have been more Neuro-hop considering his last few releases but I am happy to see he kept a Spor classic in good old Drum & Bass. Masq is just getting started, don’t miss out on his explosion into the music world.


Free Download: Spor – Spaceman (Masq Bootleg)

Electro-House, Trance | W&W – Thunder (Preview)

Posted by on May 6, 2013

W&W MSGThe world was still trying to come back to earth after “Lift Off“, when W&W in association with Ummet Ozcan unleashed “The Code” on the world, sparking mainstages and clubs afire. “The Code” is still heavily in circulation, but that has not stopped W&W from keeping up their nearly vertical assent to the top of the dance music world with another production destined to take them there, “Thunder“. The aptly named “Thunder” continues their recent run of high energy, booming tracks that propel their stardom higher with each passing day. Look for this on May 20th.

Events, Featured | Walden Brightness Sessions Mixify Event 5/9

Posted by on May 3, 2013

Brightness Sessions

Next Thursday, May 9th FNT and Big Beat will be hosting young Australian producer, Walden for his May Brightness Session on Mixify. Coming off of the release of his 3 track “Machine Land EP“, the burgeoning talent has lived up to the lofty expectations set for him this year so far. In this 3 hour event, you will see opening sets from rising Dutch duo Sick Individuals, whose growing catalog of remixes have become the favorites of many, and New Jersey duo, Cash Cash, whose “Alive” remix has put them squarely in the spotlight of the dance music world and catapulted them to getting signed by Big Beat Records. Below is the schedule for the event, so do not miss out on this. Don’t miss out on this, click the artist’s names to RSVP for this awesome upcoming event.

6pm ET – Cash Cash
7pm ET – Sick Individuals
8pm ET – Walden


Electro-House, Exclusive, Featured, Preview | Dido – No Freedom (Benny Benassi Remix)

Posted by on January 31, 2013

Dido - No Freedom (Benny Benassi Remix)For those who didn’t know, the legendary Dido is releasing a new album, “Girl That Got Away” March 4th. Featured on the deluxe version of the album is this sick Electro-House remix from Benny Benassi that we have been given the opportunity to premiere to our fans today. I think my favorite thing about this remix is you can see how Benny has successfully adapted his style to the styles that are becoming more and more popular. Benny and Dido have been members of the music world for a long time and the fact that they can come through with great tracks still is incredible.

Dido | Benny Benassi

Alternative, Chill, Featured, Videos | The Two Friends – Solitaire Ft. Katie Pearlman (Acoustic Cover)

Posted by on October 10, 2012

The Two Friends released “Solitaire” about 5 months ago, and since then they have continued their incredible journey together into the music world. Today, The Two Friends bring us their acoustic cover of “Solitaire,” if you have heard the original, throw away your expectations because this incredible rendition is nothing like it. Katie Pearlman, a frequently featured vocalist on The Two Friends’ tracks, delivers a massive emotional blow with her voice using the original vocals. The Two Friends transformed their great original into something completely different, but equally amazing. The video to this cover shows that they really are just two friends, two best friends. Below is this covers download link including the original track for those of you who have not heard it yet.



Videos | Josiah Hendricks- Instrumental 131

Posted by on February 7, 2012

I don’t want a job, but want I want instead is to never work a day/making money playing music/how could I not/if I didn’t I would be stupid.

Enter the RyhmeShack, where Josiah Hendricks makes his passion his profession. While most fear living an ordinary life, Josiah raps about the daily grind, detailing the highs and lows that come with chasing one’s dreams in his recent “Instrumental 131”. Straying from ordinary themes, Josiah brings a refreshing message to a hip-hop culture obsessed with mass consumption and wealth. Waiting tables by day and moonlighting as a rapper at night, the shack will soon become a home under the tutelage of MicControl’s Chris Taylor. As Josiah continues to take the blog world by storm, be sure to connect with him via Facebook here. Get-get-get-get-we-taw-ded.

Guest Post:A

Mashups | Mochipet – 10 Reasons To Love Hate Dubstep (Mashup Album)

Posted by on October 17, 2011

Anyone else remember a few months ago when the word on the street was that Mochipet left the music world because he found God….hahahaha. I feel like this mashup album makes up for Snoops terrible attempt at making a dubstep mixtape, if you haven’t listed to it yet, your lucky. Mochipet didn’t find God, and good thing to because no god would approve of this. He did a sick job on these mashups. I love how he didn’t stick with mashing in hip-hop as I thought he would. Not only did he mix it up with the genres he mashed into dubstep, but each dubstep track alone wasn’t just straight filth. Below are my top 5 tracks from the album.



B.O.B. R U Ready? (Featuring Outkast and Calvertron)

Oh Just Another Bombtrack (Featuring Rage Against the Machine)

The Battle of Dinotroplois (Featuring Wiz Khalifa)

Fourlokos Only (Featuring Hottub)

Thrillerstep (Featuring Michael Jackson)