Alternative | Alt Hip Hop Act WHO SHOT SCOTT Release “LOVE WE’LL NEVER KNOW”

Posted by on November 20, 2021

Armed with an inspiring story that lies within the upbringing and heartbreak of the man behind WHO SHOT SCOTT, the experimental hip-hop artist has certainly been through trials and turbulence. Fleeing Iraq in the arms of his mother when he was 2 years old, they were forced to journey to Moscow due to the dangers in his home country. After time in the Russian capital, they packed their belongings and travelled to New Zealand. Meeting and finding comfort in a friend at the age of 8, their shared love for hip-hop resulted in an internationally performing duo with big visions for the future. In 2019 however, his partner, citing new-found religious belief, abruptly announced he will no longer make music, moved overseas and left his closest friend with no goodbye. After some gruelling months, experimental hip-hop artist WHO SHOT SCOTT was born from the ashes of that personal and professional apocalypse. The hybrid variety of influences and vibes on their new single and video is both impressive and as eclectic as it gets. Tap in above now and read a quote from the artist below!

“Vulnerability has always been at the forefront of my creative philosophy, whether it be my lyrical content or within my music production, I always strive to be brave and express my inner emotions as accurately as possible through my music. At the time of writing this song, I was dealing with the remnants of post-traumatic stress caused by an abusive relationship from my past. I was in a seriously bad place mentally and finally came to the realisation that I wasn’t ever truly in love with this person, but instead, infatuated by the potential of the relationship getting better. I’m very blessed to say that I eventually got out of that situation safely, but the manipulation definitely had some long-lasting effects on me than I would have liked it too. For me – this song is my closure, this is me telling myself that what happened was not my fault and doesn’t define me or my future. I was just seeing a love that wasn’t truly there.”

Remix | The Weeknd Reclaims Toronto In This Dark Bass Twist

Posted by on March 7, 2016

In Markus Cole’s opinion, is the true definition of an artist. From his vocal tonality to his lyrical content, Marks feels he always brings a poetic message to areas in his life. Whether the focus is romance, heart break, partying or plain straight sex, he has something for everyone. Markus has looked to The Weekend for inspiration recently. They’re both from the same area in Canada, called Scarborough, which is located just outside of Toronto. His passion and ambition for music is something Markus can look up to and aspire to have in the future. Free download below.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Belly – Might Not Ft. The Weeknd (Markus Cole Remix)


Posted by on August 6, 2012


 6Blocc isn’t really a well known artist to most of the public, but his underground fan base is massive. His raunchy/ghetto Dubstep styling is not like any other so called crunksteppers. 6Blocc heard the original of this on Howard Stern’s show, so it is no surprise the content of this remix. The production on this remix is great, but it’s no lie when I say the attraction to this track is based mainly around its lyrical content.


Hip-Hop, Videos | Mayo – Time to Go (Video)

Posted by on May 20, 2012

Mayo drops off his newest track/video, which will be featured on his upcoming mixtape “Dream Big.” The song features much deeper and meaningful lyrics from Mayo. The beat he chose is perfect for the tone of the song, and lets him deliver his verses smoothly and soulfully. Mayo had this to say about the track,

“[t]his track is one of my personal favorites off my mixtape; not because of the heavy lyrical content of the song, but more of what I had to say in the track. I feel like it is one of my realest tracks I have made and hope everyone can really vibe out and enjoy this track it is somewhat of a different release from me, but I find different to be better in some cases. I can’t wait to release my mixtape this summer I have been putting a lot of work into but for now enjoy this new track and visual!”

Download the track below and peep the video above.

Albums, Hip-Hop, Videos | Ryan Leslie- Beautiful Life (Video)

Posted by on November 30, 2011

As promised, Ryan Leslie takes us to Paris with sidechick ladyfriend in toe. There’s been considerable debate about Ryan Leslie’s skills as a MC, but from this track alone it’s apparent that he’s stepped up his lyrical content. “Beautiful Lie” serves as the first of eight promotional visuals that Ryan will drop leading up to his “Les Is More” project. Although there’s no date yet, this is a body of work I’m excited to hear in its totality. Ryan Leslie used to be the underdog, Ralph Macchio. Now you see him stuntin’ in the club with a Versace hoe. That’s what a degree from Harvard gets you. You don’t hear me though.

DOWNLOAD: Ryan Leslie- Beautiful Lie

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Hip-Hop | XV – The Kick

Posted by on September 7, 2011


Two new XV tracks in 3 days? Hey, I ain’t complaining. This track seems a bit more personal than Monday’s track, BITSTU. Between the album art and the lyrical content, it seems as if The Kick is an Inception reference. Press play below if you’re looking for some food-for-thought.

In a game full of sharks, but there ain’t no cheat codes…


Mixtapes | P-Holla – The Introduction

Posted by on July 7, 2011

After a great reception of his previous single releases, P-Holla, is officially dropping his first solo mixtape, “The Introduction.” Over the last three months P-Holla has worked incredibly hard on this project, perfecting every last detail. Besides his impressive lyrical content, P-Holla shows off his ability to produce original and sampled beats. He also received some production assistance from good friends, TUCKbeats and Mr.Rogers. Check out a few of the highlights below and then grab the full mixtape.

P-Holla – Hit The Road (Prod. by TUCKbeats)

P-Holla – I’m Fly (Prod. by Mr. Rogers)

P-Holla – I Do it Big Ft. Skizzy Mars

FULL MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD: P-Holla – The Introduction