Ryan Leslie- Beautiful Life (Video)

Posted by on November 30, 2011

As promised, Ryan Leslie takes us to Paris with sidechick ladyfriend in toe. There’s been considerable debate about Ryan Leslie’s skills as a MC, but from this track alone it’s apparent that he’s stepped up his lyrical content. “Beautiful Lie” serves as the first of eight promotional visuals that Ryan will drop leading up to his “Les Is More” project. Although there’s no date yet, this is a body of work I’m excited to hear in its totality. Ryan Leslie used to be the underdog, Ralph Macchio. Now you see him stuntin’ in the club with a Versace hoe. That’s what a degree from Harvard gets you. You don’t hear me though.

DOWNLOAD: Ryan Leslie- Beautiful Lie

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    You could’ve thrown a warning flag that we were ‘downloading’ a 128kbps POS.. This youtube rip is trash.. Found this out when I tried bumpin it in my benz.. Nope, not happenin

  • “A”

    No mp3 has been released yet. You should be grateful I went to the effort to even create a link.