Albums | Ryan Ofei releases his most accomplished body of work to date with ‘Celebrate’

Posted by on August 25, 2023

As 2023 unfolds, Ofei presents his latest offering: the captivating EP titled ‘Celebrate.’ This four-track exploration not only showcases Ofei’s artistry but also reflects his evolving sonic direction. The EP’s empowering singles, ‘Daily’ and ‘Abba,’ are accompanied by the titular track ‘Celebrate,’ a poignant song inspired by a life-altering car accident that transpired on Ryan’s 18th birthday.

In this track, Ofei takes a departure from his renowned soul-stirring sound, venturing into the soothing realm of alternative R&B. His signature voice and melodic prowess, however, remain at the forefront, guiding listeners through a journey of reflection and liberation. The lyrics “Feels like freedom” encapsulate the essence of the song, encapsulating the joy that life embodies and the freedom found within faith.

Collaborating with a team of skilled producers including Jordon Manswell and Kofo, Ofei expands his musical horizons with ‘Celebrate.’ The song serves as a testament to his newfound peace and authenticity, encapsulating a dynamic that pushes the boundaries of Christian music. With this release, Ryan Ofei emerges as a trailblazer in the genre, skillfully weaving subtle nuances from various musical realms into a resonating sound that captures the essence of his craft.

In his own words, Ofei reflects on the genesis of ‘Celebrate’: “‘Celebrate’ is the first song we made in the sessions for my upcoming album. It was an eye-opening experience for me because the producers took me to a new space sonically. I’m singing about the freedom that I experience by walking in my faith but doing it in a way that feels raw and authentic.”

In conclusion, Ryan Ofei’s ‘Celebrate’ EP stands as a testament to his artistic evolution and unwavering faith. Through a tapestry of genres and emotions, Ofei invites listeners to join him on a journey of celebration, introspection, and the boundless possibilities of music’s transformative power. As he continues to forge a unique path in the contemporary Christian music scene, Ofei’s legacy as a spirit-led artist and captivating performer remains firmly secured.

FYI | Here’s The Problem With Afrojack’s “Gone” Single

Posted by on September 15, 2016

When I heard his brand new “Gone” single featuring Ty Dolla $ign it grabbed my attention immediately. I appreciated that he was trying to do something different despite the recent trend to meld the dance and hip-hop worlds. Afrojack stepped out of the box this time, and it was so damn close to paying off for him. I want to like this song. Ty Dolla $ign’s toplines are always sneaky good, and this one is no exception. This song had all the makings of a “hit” until you reach the 1:12 mark.

That’s when the song falls off the rails.

I’ll start wit the vocal mix. It’s bad. Really bad. How could Afrojack get the vocal mix so wrong? The production is far too loud, and drowns Ty Dolla $ign’s vocals out, making them nearly unintelligible. The verses are the best part of the song. How could you let those verses go to waste with a vocal mix (on the drop) that’s sub-par.

Even worse? The drop. The drop is a lot like going on a date. The date is going well. You’re on fire. Every thing you’re saying is making her laugh. You invite the date back to your house. You’re on the couch. She’s grinding all over you. Calling you “papi”. Gets you all worked up. All of a sudden, her friend texts her and she says he has to leave. You’re sitting there and you don’t know what the hell just happened.

This is what the drop feels like. A complete train wreck.

While I applaud Afrojack for stepping outside of his box, this one falls short.

Electronic, Videos | Elephante’s “Catching On” lyric video is sweet

Posted by on August 10, 2016

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A few weeks ago, we brought you Elephante’s newest single, “Catching On”. While being a change from the regular Phante sound, it still caught everyone’s attention and quickly became a must-add to every summer playlist. Today, Elephante and his team revealed the lyric video for the single. Created by Ajax Visuals, the video really breathes new life into the song and really allows the viewer to take in the full meaning of the track. Check out the video now and be sure to follow Elephante’s socials to stay up to date with his latest!


Ambient, Chill | Listen To DUX’s Cinematic Alien Funk

Posted by on July 1, 2016

When “Diana” by DUX hit my inbox on Tuesday night I was too busy to listen, but I finally got a minute to listen through this morning and I was blown away. Jonah McLean aka DUX is an L.A. native who only has two songs to date, and they’re getting better every listen through. While I enjoy his debut release “Responsible,” last weeks drop “Diana” is my personal favorite due to how calming it is. Staight bad ass vibes, feel like it’d fit in the soundtrack to Drive.

Chill, Future Trap | Devault Drops Emotional New Banger, “Right With You”

Posted by on May 27, 2016

Devault has been making a name for himself the past couple of months but his new track “Right With You” may be his best work to date. Already supported by Wedidit’s RL Grime and Mad Decent affiliate 4b and many others, the dreamy vocal sample is eerie and beautiful but as the drop comes into play a hard hitting future trap sound comes into play and the blend if nothing short of perfect! Keep this kid on your radar, he’s churning out the heat.

Ambient, RnB | Jack Juan Releases His First Original Single, “Alexander Wang”

Posted by on May 9, 2016

Jack Juan is an alternative R&B vocalist originally from Washington, D.C but currently residing in Orlando, Florida. He has released a handful of covers over the past couple of months but today he brings us his first original record to date, “Alexander Wang” a fashion influenced record. On the production for the new track Moxiii Double Dee and Mike 100 tag team the instrumental on an ambient, wavy beat that gives Jack Juan plenty of space to flex his vocal ability. Jack Juan is one of many talented musicians at an up and coming music studio in Central Florida called Studio 18. Check out “Alexander Wang” by Jack Juan and keep the rising artist on your map!

Hip-Hop | Wally Fattz Releases Music Video For “Gwalla” Produced By Supah Mario

Posted by on April 15, 2016

South Carolina isn’t home to many notable hip-hop acts, but Wally Fattz is bound to put SC on the map. His new music video for “Gwalla” has been gaining a lot of traction on SoundCloud, receiving well over 100,000 plays in merely six months. To capitalize on this achievement, Wally has released an official music video for the Supah Mario-produced anthem. Check out the Loud Visuals-directed clip above and make sure to follow Wally on Twitter to stay up to date with upcoming releases!

Wally Fattz – Gwalla: Purchase on iTunes