House | Kryptogram Remixes Chris Stylez

Posted by on May 29, 2015

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If you’re an FNT fan, you probably remember the last time we posted about Kryptogram as he did not disappoint! The smooth vocals of Chris Stylez combined with the soulful saxiness of Kryptogram’s signature sound is something that will leave you wondering…’Who Is'(Kryptogram). For more from this dude, pop over to his SoundCloud and snag the free download below!

Free Download: Chris Stylez – Who Is (Kryptogram Remix)

Featured, Interviews | FNT Exclusive: Andrew Bayer Talks MSG, New Music & More

Posted by on October 17, 2014

Andrew Bayer

Many artists go dark after an album, or rely on singles and remixes from it to keep the buzz alive. Not Andrew Bayer. He has been hard at work releasing more club oriented tracks like “Once Lydian“, “Bullet Catch” and the “England” EP. With his musical training, his ability to write and produce is evident with each individual song and as a collaborator with Above & Beyond.

The last time we spoke to Andrew Bayer it was around the time of the release of his sophomore artist album “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave“. Now one and half years later, one the eve on the biggest show of his career, joining Above & Beyond for ABGT100 at Madison Square Garden, we had the chance to chat with the DC based producer about his feelings on the show, how life has been over the past year and a half and what he has coming up. Read on for the interview.


Events | Rusko To Headline Bounce Boat on 5/30

Posted by on May 15, 2014

bounce boat 5:30
After kicking off the season with The Chainsmokers on a rainy April night, Bounce Boat looks forward towards a busy summer post-memorial day with a decidedly heavier lineup, headlined by Rusko. Also on board will be Infuze and Subset so don’t expect any rest for those ears as the dubstep onslaught will be relentless all night. Kirill Was Here will be there to document it all, so expect to see some ta tas. The Chainsmokers drunkenly shouted that they wanted to sink the boat, well with this bass on the 30th, they may just take it down. Same deal as last time. Boarding begins at 6:30, departure scheduled for 8pm and return at midnight to pier 40. It is 18+ and grab your tickets here.


Electronic | Akouo – Last Time

Posted by on January 21, 2014

I originally fell in love with Tasmanian producer Akouo because of his remixes, which are often derived from a variety of genres and artists and evolve into fantastic original works on their own. Today Akouo (via Die High Records) brings us a taste of his own homemade production – and vocals! “Last Time,” the first single off his upcoming EP, Mesa, is everything and more I’d expect from the artist: a combination of that trending ADM sound that us everywhere else in the world can’t get enough of, and that special Akouo flavor.

“The track is basically about people who spend too much time trying to please the ones in their work environment and no time pleasing the ones they love. It also serves as a reminder or warning to my future self, to always put family first,” explains Akouo in a recent interview with Kick Kick Snare. Oh, what a lovely reminder to listen to, over and over again.


FREE DOWNLOAD: Akouo – Last Time

Dubstep | R Rated #64

Posted by on March 1, 2013

Decided to save this weeks R Rated, and for good reason. Sick, nasty tunes have been dropping like flies. For Sev and I to keep up has been an adventure, but I hope everyone enjoys the fruits of our labor. To kick off R this week is actually a Trap tune, one of the heaviest Trap tracks that Sev & I have ever heard. Kai Wachi & Squnto must have been craving some twerkable filth because this track is insane! I am still on the fence about Trap, but if you are going to have it, this track is a must have.

Free Download: Kai Wachi & Squnto – Brain Splat

Au5 & I.Y.F.F.E (In Your Face F*ck Everything) have been bass predators as of late. The two have been feature on some the most insane Dubstep tracks. This remix they jumped on in with Auratic and Lafunkt is a behemoth, I can slowly sense myself going deaf every time I press play.

Don’t let these first tracks fool you, this is one of our biggest R Rated posts to date.


House | Popeska & Anna Yvette – As The World Falls Down

Posted by on November 29, 2012

While clicking play I thought to myself, “great, another Dubstep track released today.” Not that I’m a hater, but I mean I can only take so much. Thankfully Popeska & Anna Yvette decided to surprise fans by tossing out this incredibly random House original. Anna Yvette has always used her voice to tell an emotional story, even on all the Archie tracks she has done. Popeska on the other hand, well, when was the last time you heard him produce House?


Hip-Hop, Videos | Huey Mack ft. Vonnegutt – Last Time [Official Video]

Posted by on August 13, 2012

[do action=”youtube” videoid=”FBlyA_s_2H4″/]

Huey Mack dropped the video for “Last Time” off his mixtape, A Boy Named Hue. The song features the band Vonnegutt which includes emcee Kyle Lucas. FTS Creative knocks it out of the park with a video concept that fits this song very well, making this one of Huey’s standout videos. What makes it even better is that it features FNT’s official model, Sydney Barlette, taking both of their hearts for ransom.

Huey Mack | Vonnegutt | Sydney Barlette