FNT Exclusive: Andrew Bayer Talks MSG, New Music & More

Posted by on October 17, 2014

Andrew Bayer

Many artists go dark after an album, or rely on singles and remixes from it to keep the buzz alive. Not Andrew Bayer. He has been hard at work releasing more club oriented tracks like “Once Lydian“, “Bullet Catch” and the “England” EP. With his musical training, his ability to write and produce is evident with each individual song and as a collaborator with Above & Beyond.

The last time we spoke to Andrew Bayer it was around the time of the release of his sophomore artist album “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave“. Now one and half years later, one the eve on the biggest show of his career, joining Above & Beyond for ABGT100 at Madison Square Garden, we had the chance to chat with the DC based producer about his feelings on the show, how life has been over the past year and a half and what he has coming up. Read on for the interview.

FNT: It has been about a year and a half since you released “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave”. Looking back on that time now, how do you think everything went with the album and were your expectations met?

Andrew Bayer: I was shocked at its reception by the Anjunabeats fanbase and by my fanbase. I made an album that was totally different from my first full length, and people seemed to really enjoy it. It definitely went beyond my expectations.

FNT: Lately you have been releasing a lot of club records, do you see yourself going back soon to the glitchy, downtempo stuff on “If It Were You, We’d Never Leave”?

Andrew Bayer: I’m always working on various bits of music across a ton of different styles. I’ll be playing some new stuff on tour that hints at that, but is still a bit clubby. I don’t think I’ll do a purely glitchy downtempo album for a while, but I certainly will at some point. I really want to do a more song-based album soon, and also a post-rock record. So it will have to wait in line for a bit 🙂

FNT: You haven’t done many remixes, mostly just originals. Is there a reason for that? I am sure you get requests….

Andrew Bayer: I just prefer to do originals when I get time in the studio for myself. I’ll do a remix every once in a while but studio time is precious, and when I get it, I really want to write my own music.

FNT: When we last talked you spoke about writing with Above & Beyond on their records. Are you still working with them and are you writing with other artists?

Andrew Bayer: Yes, they are the best and are like my family. I also did a bunch of writing and production for a band project that I started a while back and that will eventually release material next year I believe.

FNT: What was your first reaction to getting the news that you were playing Madison Square Garden.

Andrew Bayer: I think I jumped up and down and clapped, then realized I was in public and tried to act macho again.

FNT: What can we expect from The “Do Androids Dream” tour? Production, new music etc…

Andrew Bayer: Great things! I have 3 new tracks that kind of encompass the entire Bayer sound spectrum. I’m SUPER excited about playing them for people 🙂

FNT: Any plans for another album?

Andrew Bayer: Yes! I’ve started compiling writing beds and a few other bits. There’s gonna be songs. That’s about all I can say!

FNT: What do you have coming up? A track with Alison May….. Anything else from Artificial?

Andrew Bayer: I’m dying to work with Alison again. We talk every day, and I definitely will be writing some material with her, as soon as we get some free time.

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