Electronic | Check out “Gone” by Kap Slap

Posted by on March 17, 2017

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Mashup king turned DJ/producer Kap Slap released his energetic new single “Gone”. Even at 100 bpm, Kap Slap flawlessly delivers his unmistakable production, mixing dance, pop, and rhythmic elements. “Gone” is the first non-3LAU release off his not-for-profit label, BLUME. 3LAU founded the label in April 2016 with the mission to unite music listeners worldwide around philanthropic causes and initiatives. Last year, 3LAU and BLUME reached their goal of raising $200,000 for Pencils of Promise. BLUME’s current objective is to raise $30,000 for the ACLU, and the profits from Kap Slap’s single “Gone” will go toward reaching the goal. Check out “Gone” now!

Deep House | All Gone Pete Tong x Tchami

Posted by on April 30, 2014

Fast becoming my favorite artist, Parisian producer Tchami releases his “All Gone Pete Tong” essential mix on the world. I’m not a big fan of essential mixes. I usually find them uninteresting. However, Tchami finds a way to bring the excitement with his signature future house sound. There’s a future house / deep house revival beginning to bubble in the states, and I can’t help but feel that Tchami and others are facilitating this process. Pete Tong. Tchami. All Gone. Essential Mix. Everything is untrue.

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Maxxx Flair — S.E.I.S. [Chapter 1]

Posted by on February 23, 2014


I’m all for self-expression, but the extent to which under-and-post-grads have begun chasing down full-time careers in hip-hop is concerning. It seems to signify the misconception that attaining a lucrative presence in the genre comes with ease; you don’t need to know music theory, don’t need to be able to play an instrument, and don’t really even need a good singing voice, though it certainly helps your versatility and is more appealing in this post-So Far Gone era of hip-hop. Thus, for those who like to write and like the idea of stardom and like the idea of feeding their egos, hip-hop seems like a relatively simple and satisfying career aspiration. It helps, too, that this is 2014 and gangsta rap is no longer the forefront of the genre. We’ve reached a time when there is no defined rapper aesthetic, when Sammy Adams is as equally recognizable as an emcee as Bun B. This is all to say that every day bloggers around the country have their inboxes stocked with thoroughly uninspired rap. Rap that at least attempts to replicate the sounds and flows of what already exists on the radio, as if recycling Big Sean’s flow from “All Me” guarantees radio placement.

This is why it’s so exciting to receive a record like S.E.I.S. It’s surprisingly easy when you listen to an album to tell if the artist enjoyed making it, and whether its sound is genuine and authentic. When that is the case, it’s that much more fun to digest, and it doesn’t make you question the artist’s goals. If the passion is there, they’re not only more likely to do the work necessary to become a success to the extent of a Macklemore or Logic or Hoodie Allen — which is really hard — but also that probably doesn’t even matter to them. It’s art, it’s their passion, and the unlikelihood of acceptance shouldn’t hold them back — the same way that the low acceptance rate at top law schools doesn’t keep hopefuls from applying in bulk. Maxxx Flair, an NYC native, was first featured on FNT in 2012 with “Forever Dope”, and while he was already a budding emcee at the time, his progression as a lyricist and technical rapper is immediately made clear from the first few bars of the intro. Fueled by a solid selection of lively, hard-hitting beats, Maxxx shines over this set of seven tracks, showcasing his finesse with cadence, wide range of flows, and strong attention-to-detail as a writer. Accompanying the mixtape is the video for the first single, “[email protected]#K !t”, produced by 52 Kings, which you can find below. If you take a chance on one new rapper this week, let it be him.

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Pop | Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone (Frank Kadillac Remix)

Posted by on May 8, 2013

Now, obviously, American Idol is the best show on television. That’s a well known fact. “Gone, Gone, Gone”, the latest single by Phillip Phillips who was the winner of the eleventh season of Idol is a great song. It really is (video above in case you haven’t heard it).  Frank Kadillac took the excellent original and added a few elements to make it a high energy, radio friendly summer track. With it being only a little over two minutes, I just wish it was longer.

Free Download:  Phillip Phillips – Gone, Gone, Gone (Frank Kadillac Remix)

Bootleg, Mashups | DJ Trademark – Good And Gone (Youngblood Hawke x Nicky Romero & Avicii x More)

Posted by on April 3, 2013


So you know how after a couple releases from ze Swedish House Mafia, whenever you saw a new song from them, you knew it was going to be absolute fire? We’ll, I think it’s safe to say DJ Trademark has achieved that status when it comes to bootlegs. As usual it’s the perfect party starter, windows down kind of track…download it.

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Elite – Awaken [Mixtape]

Posted by on November 18, 2011

A couple months back when I introduced Elite to the FNT family, I explained his journey as producer and rapper along with his relationship with other artists such as J. Cole and Voli.  Since then, Elite has released a few more singles in preparation for his first project as a solo hip-hop artist, Awaken, which he dropped just a week ago.  It’s not fair to say his progression is overly evident because quite honestly the first time I heard him I was blown away.  Everything from his voice, to the lyrics, to the hooks, to the production, to the delivery has always been on point.  Awaken is a mixtape you ABSOLUTELY DON’T WANT TO SLEEP ON.  Although it’s rooted with hip-hop, it almost has an alternative sound to it, similar to something OnCue may put together.  Speaking of which, I’d love to hear a collab from these two.

I’ve highlighted a few cuts below if you’re looking for appetizers, but I highly suggest just skipping to the main entré and downloading the tape in full.  #DreamVille

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Gone

DOWNLOAD: Elite ft. J. Cole – World Premier    DOPE

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Last Round (Same beat as Sam Adams’ “Just Love Here” off Boston’s Boy EP)

DOWNLOAD: Elite – One Night

DOWNLOAD: Elite – Awaken [Mixtape] 

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Hip-Hop, Videos | XV – Awesome (Music Video)

Posted by on November 12, 2011

Vizzy just dropped some hilarious visuals for what I believe was his best track off his Zero Heros mixtape. After hitting us with a deep, nostalgic video for When We’re Gone, XV brings out the jokes and good vibes for this one, running around with a bunch of dudes dress up like the kids from South Park. Head over iTunes to get the original version of Awesome, or you can download the remix featuring Pusha-T below.