Deep House | Tadeo Fernandez & Amber Rothschild Team Up On Enchanting Deep House Single ‘Super Wild’

Posted by on July 1, 2023

Steeped in the vibrant rhythms of Miami and Guadalajara, the chart-topping artist, Tadeo Fernandez, has delighted us once again with his latest tech-house sensation, “Super Wild.” Boasting an electrifying blend of thunderous basslines and entrancing beats, “Super Wild” a single well-fitting for the clubs, promises a euphoric jolt that courses through its listeners.

Fernandez, known for his hit tracks “Peaceful” and “Deep Lies,” has now produced another gem that beautifully integrates the soulful crooning of Amber Rothschild. The result is a pulsating track resonating with high-energy soundscapes, offering a sophisticated, club-ready experience that leaves you craving more.

Fernandez’s track record boasts not only millions of streams but also successful collaborations with esteemed brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, MLB, and Absolute Vodka. “Super Wild” confirms his place at the apex of the music scene, demonstrating the same compelling style that has dominated music charts.

Indeed, with “Super Wild,” Fernandez and Rothschild have created a harmonious symphony that glows with in-demand style and emotional depth. The release is unmissable – showing off Tadeo Fernandez at his best.

Deep House | Running Touch’s ‘Ceilings’ A Deep House Journey Not To Be Missed

Posted by on September 18, 2021

If you have not heard of Running Touch, now is the time to get acquainted. “Ceilings,” is now out and gives a sliver of understanding as to why this solo artist has been in such demand in the late 2010’s and now going forward. “Ceilings,” shares many club-friendly elements within it, from the eased- ticking of the 128 BPM house tempo to the light organ chords and notes. The aspects are certainly charming, but it’s the vocals that truly make this work stand out.

Running Touch shares more behind “Ceilings,” below:

“I thought the verses to be all the questions and problems, the chorus to be this disregard for those things and the release. It flourishes. Cycles – just like we experience. The name ‘Ceilings’ is a reference to our subconscious, all the unsolved feelings and tensions that dictate us.”
– Running Touch

As the quote shares, Running Touch clearly looks inward when it comes to the ‘why’ behind the music. His artist direction and creative output is easy to latch on to, for surface level reasons as well as very introspective reasons too.

“Ceilings,” is available to listen to in full above. If digging what is heard, he’s got a thick catalog to fall back that certainly stands the test of time.

Albums, Deep House, House | EQRIC Shares Impressive 3-Track EP “Dark Lies”

Posted by on July 10, 2021

Without a doubt one of the most exciting dance acts to watch right now, EQRIC is experiencing the strongest year in his career to date in 2021. Having just hit 1,5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and being ranked among the Top 100 Canadian musicians, the young talent has seen his name on some of the platform’s most prestigious dance playlists, among them Mainstage, Dance Brandeu, Chillige Bässe and many more. He has also been featured on SLAM! Radio and numerous other radios around Europe, particularly in high rotation in Russia with his songs “Let Me Love You” and “Love You Like A Love Song,” which has also amassed 34k Shazams.

Marking one of his biggest releases to date, EQRIC has now just unveiled his brand new EP, coming to Nightblue Music & Deep Universe to share Dark Lies. Featuring infectious vocals from Britt Lari on two songs, and Joanna on “Can’t Handle My Love,” which was included in New Music Friday Russia, New Music Friday Ukraine, and Dance Brand New Russia, Dark Lies is the perfect showcase of EQRIC’s unmatched skills within the studio, seeing him bring together dark pop and deep house in a masterful way.

“‘Dark Lies’ encapsulates a meaningful stage in my life, sharing an original body of work using the artistic styles I’ve developed throughout my musical career. I worked closely with Britt Lari and Joanna to write this collection of original songs, and designed the album artwork myself, to create a unique and cohesive EP,” says EQRIC.


Deep House | The BreakBomb Project Joins Forces With Ryan Violet On ‘Drugs Don’t Work’

Posted by on May 22, 2021

The BreakBomb Project is something you got to watch out for and “Drugs Don’t Work,” is the latest reason why. Already climbing to the 15,000+ plays point in a short amount of time, one of many positive traits that The BreakBomb Project tends to bring forth again and again is successful music.

Since July of 2018, singles like “Breakdown,” “Fly Away,” and “Up Til’ The The Morning,” show how he’s gotten to where he is today – all catchy tunes and all fitting into his universe, The BreakBomb Project, aka Brandon Greenstein, knows what he wants and how make it come to life in his tracks.

Circling back to, “Drugs Don’t Work,” The BreakBomb Project seemingly brings together some of the best sonic variants heard in past releases and collides them together on this track. Tapping Ryan Violet for the vocal track to be mixed in with the production, a phenomenal showcasing of runs, spirited story-telling, and more all work in sync with the instrumental to give it an edgy nature.

Released on label Overdrive, which is based in NYC, this in your face experience is something to gawk at, bare none. A creative idea come to life, “Drugs Don’t Work,” hits the spot.

Deep House | HARBER, Michael Calfan, & NISHA Sign ‘Feelings After Dark’ To Musical Freedom

Posted by on May 14, 2021

Three talents hit the studio in “Feelings After Dark,” which has promptly been signed by Musical Freedom. The label is Tiësto founded and operated, making the trajectory of the track seriously hype and near-guarantees it’s going places. It’s no wonder it got picked up by such a big label, just one listen lands a positive impression from the get-go. Nisha’s vocal work leads as the synths and percussion follows. Sonically, the experience is confidence-inducing and empowering, the passing beats leading to a drop that triggers an instant urge to dance that’s hard to shake off. Once the track begins to close, it’s not easy to forget the earworm energy. “Feelings After Dark,” leaves your wanting more.

HARBER is no stranger to generating seriously hot tracks, his combined streams showcases songs that collectively break the 1,000,000 stream mark. On top of this, his past single “More Than You,” spent 9-weeks on the Billboard charts, peaking at #21.

Michael Calfan has hit undeniably high moments since Bobby Sinclar discovered him back in 2008. 100,000,000 streams, festival performances around the world, and rubbing shoulders with some of the top-talents in all of electronic music begins to describe the narrative of the legacy Michael Calfan has been trailing behind him.

“Feelings After Dark,” is available on all major streaming platforms.

Deep House | NICOLAS Makes EP Debut With Self Released ‘Forget To Feel’

Posted by on March 23, 2021

“DANCING IN THE MOONLIGHT,” and “TEST DRIVE,” being personal highlights that have won over this writer and many others, now there is more to love with, FORGET TO FEEL EP, and the extra music that came out with it. The starting single, “FORGET TO FEEL,” gets the end-listener used to the expectations that come with the journey. Dotted, syncopated synth-notes covers the entire EP as the chill-nature of the 7-track can put you in an eased position. The two new works and the rest of the EP, for that matter, move the motions forward with the essences showcased on previous singles. “OBSESSION,” is a bit more mysterious-leaning, while “SILENCE,” has a sort of personal ‘ending’ feel to it.

FORGET TO FEEL’ is my first EP, the first body of work that I ever put out. I’ve been in the process of writing it for more than a year now, it’s inspired by my whole journey as a human being as well as the world of constant change that we live in. I see it as a collection of memories, of moments that I felt like I needed to share with the world. Hopefully listeners will relate to it and perhaps it can even become the soundtrack for a moment of your life.

Born into Gen Z, male, musically skilled, but not too much known about him beyond that, NICOLAS maintains a large amount of mystery about who he is, leaving the only natural category left to focus on when checking him out – the music.

Deep House | Precision & Snyder Drum Up Confident House Track In ‘Like This’ Single

Posted by on March 21, 2021

Bouncy and embracing plenty of classic house elements within, “Like This,” displays a smooth flow and a balance between what we know sonically from both artists. The tune is a quality one, delivering fun and uncanny expression all bundled into a pleasant experience. The drop makes the moment peak with thumping bass and a hot sensations that’s hard to pass up. “Like This,” is not something to sleep on.

Precision, aka Bryce Polascik, channels his life experience mostly in the USA through his alias, the solo musician is currently based in the North Carolina. Classically trained a young age and even earning the National Diploma of Music award, it’s clear this artist has serious talent.

Snyder, aka Andrew Snyder taught himself many instruments over his life simply by ear. As a 27 year old today, Snyder has acclaimed millions of plays to his name and plenty of coverage from sought-after music outlets.

“Precision reached out to me on Instagram and when we connected I immediately felt his drive and passion for all things music. It was fun to make something different than what I have been releasing recently and I’m excited to start releasing more club vibe records like this.”

– Snyder

Joining their strengths through the prism of music, specifically dance, these two artists are on a roll to say the least.