Rap | Larry June – Came Up (ft. IAMSU!) Prod. KiNG KiLO

Posted by on January 11, 2015

Really happy to be posting this one. Larry June, a dude who’s been making moves with 808Mafia and making a name for himself joins forces with IAMSU! to drop this trap banger. Produced by newcomer KiNG KiLO, its a hard Chicago drill sounding beat that works really well with the two flows. Good rhymes and a lot of bass, what more do you need? Enjoy.

Chill, Electronic | JACKSON B – I Said I Loved You

Posted by on August 22, 2014

It’s a stormy night here in Chicago, so this new track from Jackson B, of Brighton, UK, fits the mood quite well. “I Said I Loved You” is peaceful and ambient. It has a unique set of sounds in the percussion and a mellow progression throughout. This is Jackson B’s first track out on Cream Collective, and I seem to like every artist they sign so I’m very excited to hear what more is to come! You can grab it for free right off the player!

Soundcloud | Facebook

Trap | Dj Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What (Dj Snake Parisian Vision)

Posted by on June 10, 2014

Dj Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down For What (Dj Snake Parisian Vision)Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

You guys all know DJ Snake right? Well he just dropped a Parisian Vision of “Turn Down For What” for free download, and if you thought the original was turned up, this version is straight cracked out, for your festival needs. What more can I say on a record that goes hard, other then fasten your seat belt, and enjoy the ride! This is a must listen and a must download!

Free Download: Dj Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What (Dj Snake Parisian Vision)


Hip-Hop, Rap, Videos | Marc Goone – THIS IS MY $ONG 4 RADIO

Posted by on June 16, 2013

I’m not sure what’s more comical, Marc Goone satirizing the entire music industry in a song or the listeners who actually believe that he is attempting to get this song heard on the radio. The sad truth of hip-hop music is that it can be virtually (w)rapped up inside this four minute song, minus of course the few outliers.

One of those outliers being none other than Marc Goone himself. Goone defies virtually every stereotype there is about rap music all while managing to make his music intriguing and enjoyable. Marc recently released his free album I Am Not A Lobster, OK which can be downloaded here.

Now, I advise you all to take a moment to listen to Yung Marc Goone’s “$ONG 4 RADIO” before you go out to ride around and ‘get it’.

Dubstep, Moombahton | D!RTY AUD!O – Diamond Swagga

Posted by on May 28, 2012

These past few days have felt like a musical Christmas. It has just been monster release, after monster release, after monster release. We are still trying to cut through all this music, but it has been hard with so many good tracks to distract you through the process. Being a big fan of both of these artist and avid supporters of them, D!RTY AUD!O is slowly making himself more known to the EDM scene. Getting a big release through Heavy Artillery records accompanied by a remix from Phrenik as well, what more could you want from an EP? This original Moombahton track brings a new “Swagga” to the genre if I may say. This popping laser sounding synth that D!RTY AUD!O likes to incorporate, makes it difficult not to enjoy this track. Not to mention, Phrenik bringing a heavy hitting dubstep remix that is sure to punch a hole through your face (metiphorically speaking). The best part is both artist change up their seconds drops making the tracks even more interesting to listen to. Grab both of these tracks on Beatport HERE

Hip-Hop | Free The Optimus – What More

Posted by on January 18, 2012

Free The Optimus is a hip hop duo that consists of Chris Shreve (the MC) and Shep Bryan (the producer). With an emphasis on lyrical content and dope production, these guys haven’t promoted their music too much since releasing these three tracks so when I saw this submission I was pleasantly surprised. My personal favorite track listed below is Want More, but For Breakfast and Life Goes On will definitely appeal to FNT’s lyrical hip hop fans.

Free The Optimus – What More

Free The Optimus – Life Will Go On

Free The Optimus – For Breakfast